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Chapter 401: A Top Tier Black Market Dealer

Mao Fu had purchased all the herbs that Chu Yu wanted and was on his way to the rendezvous point.
He realised that he had lost contact with Chu Yu and immediately contacted a few people to get a picture of what had happened.
Even though he did not have the reach of the crown prince, he had many friends in this city.
Once he knew what had happened, he felt a sense of anger at Mao Xi Li, and at the same time, he was worried for Chu Yu and Qing Er.
He could not contact the vessel they were, but luckily, Chu Yu's communication device was contactable.
He heaved a sigh of relief as he looked at the projected image of Chu Yu.
Chu Yu laughed at this sight.
"Uncle, where are you guys? Are you all alright?" Mao Fu asked.
"We're fine, but you're not. Someone around you has betrayed us," replied Chu Yu.
Mao Fu laughed and said, "Got it, as long as you're fine, we'll meet at the rendezvous point.".
After he hung up, Mao Fu sat on his chair and closed his eyes as he thought about the situation.
One of his underlings asked, "Your highness, didn't you say they were under attack?".
Mao Fu nodded and said, "But now they're safe.".
"There's only a few people who know that we've come here, how could they have possibly found out?" questioned the guard with suspicion.
The people around all looked at one another.
Mao Fu turned around and smiled, "You have all followed me all these years, I believe in all of you.".
"But, you all know what kind of person I am, if I find out that I'm being played, I will be very angry.".
Mao Fu sounded peaceful, but a few of the guards grew nervous.
They knew his temper well.
Under that peaceful outlook lay a ferocious rage.
"Your highness," said one of the troops as he wanted to speak.
"Don't be nervous," smiled Mao Fu.
After which, Mao Fu turned and continued, "Perhaps you thought you could deliver a message out of this vessel without me realising…".
A few of the troops finally understood what was going on.
Some of them had flashes of anger on their faces, but they still did not know who the traitor was.
He continued, "Even though you have all followed me for many years, some of you may not know that I'm well versed in this sort of technology.".
He sighed and said, "When I decided against courting after the position of crown prince, I let any one of you who did not want to serve me leave. But you all swore that you would follow me, and for that I am grateful. Your positions… are probably second to only me.".
He looked at one of the men and said, "Mao Shi Li, am I right?".  
"Yes, your highness, everything you said is true," a look of panic flashed across his eyes, he knew that he had been discovered.
"Then why have you done this? What has Mao Xi Li tempted you with?".
A few of the troops stepped back and circled around Mao Shi Li with faces of disbelief.
"Has he really betrayed our prince?".
"How could he do this?".
"Have you forgotten the oath we took?".
A few of them were not angry, but disappointed.
"How did you find out?" asked Mao Shi Li.
Mao Fu replied, "This isn't hard for me at all, I just did not expect any one of you to betray me. I didn't think that my lack of caution would harm my friends.".
Mao Shi Li kneeled on the ground and begged, "I'm sorry… your highness, it's all my fault...".
Once he said this, a terrifying energy erupted from his body and charged at Mao Fu like an arrow.
"How dare you!".
"You've gone mad!".
The other troops could not react.
At this moment, a light barrier appeared in front of Mao Fu, shielding him from the energy.
Mao Fu made his move!
A soul whip lashed mercilessly on this man's soul!
There was no sound, but the attack was vicious!
Mao Shi

Li spat out a mouthful of blood as he fell to the floor. 
 Mao Fu looked at him but did not kill him immediately.
The small vessel was still on its course.
"Your highness, we cannot proceed, it isn't safe!" advised one of the troops.
Mao Fu shook his head and said, "It's fine.".
A few of them realised that they were flying to another destination.
The fallen trooper let out a shriek.
"Mao Fu, you coward! You could have done so much better, you could have done so much more! But you gave up! Those who followed you, we don't get anything, but we have to give up our lives! If you didn't go for your mother, I would not have betrayed you…".
"There's no way you can escape, the crown prince is too powerful!".
Mao Shi Li collapsed as his soul reverberated.
Although Mao Fu was gentle to his men, he was merciless to those who betrayed him.
Mao Fu looked at the other troops and smiled, "What do you guys think?".
One of those who were closer to Mao Shi Li, with tears flowing down his cheeks, said, "We have to get rid of the root of the problem…".
"You're so vicious," said Mao Shi Li as he spat another mouthful of blood.
Another angry trooper berated him, "What right do you have to speak?".
Mao Shi Li laughed, "Anything goes, I'm going to see the Mao God soon anyway. Just kill me! In the end, we all have to die!".
After he said this, he fell to the floor as the energy around him dissipated.
"You deserve it!" shouted another angry trooper.
"I'm afraid that a big problem has fallen upon us," said Mao Fu.
A few of the troopers grew nervous as they all looked at him.
He smiled and assured them, "Do not worry too much, we've been through so much together, we won't be torn apart by some traitors.".
A cold light flashed across his eyes.

Chu Yu looked at Qing Er and said, "Let's go to another place to meet him.".
"Another place?" Qing Er asked with a surprised look.
Chu Yu smiled and said, "He just told me as well.".
"Just…?" Qing Er looked suspicious, she did not see any exchange between the two.
Chu Yu smiled, "I never thought that a place like this would have a top tier underground dealer!".
The vessel proceeded onwards.
Once they arrived, Mao Fu and the rest discarded their vessel immediately and joined Chu Yu and Qing Er.
"Wow, this is amazing uncle, I never thought you knew where to buy a vessel like this. This is probably from the black market right? Incredible!" Mao Fu commended.
Mao Fu's tone grew serious as he nodded his head, "I have to thank you this time.".
Chu Yu looked at him and said, "Where's your vessel?".
"I've changed its course, come, let me steer this vessel!".
After he said this, Mao Fu took over the wheel and directed the vessel to the pinnacle of the city, where they could leave this place.
At this moment, the skies of the city were filled with the noise of warning.
"Warning, all vessels, do not leave the city, warning, closing of passages in progress!".
Countless vessels in the sky were crammed together in chaos, such situations were rare.
"Damn it!" Mao Fu cursed.
He used his mental abilities to quickly alter some designs of the vessel and said, "Actually, this sort of vessel is able to break the speed of light, we just need to tweak some of it… like this!".
A ray of light burst out of the vessel as it disappeared.
A few large battleships behind them locked on to their position as warning sirens ordered them to stop.
Mao Fu ignored the sirens and continued steering the vessel.
At the same time, a few thousand other small vessels followed suit and attempted to leave the city.
Chu Yu looked on with a shocked expression.
Mao Fu remarked casually, "Half of them are my doing, the other half… they probably know that they've done something wrong.".


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