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Chapter 402: I Thought Pills were Round?
There were thousands of vessels which were trapped!
The battleships suddenly opened fire on these thousands of vessels! It was shocking.
"They've gone mad!" yelled one of Mao Fu's troopers as he watched the other vessels blow up in smoke.
The attacks were faster than the speed of light, the small vessels had no chance of avoiding them.
Only their vessel could travel faster than the speed of light. They escaped the barrage of attacks.
Up in the sky, a giant net appeared!
The net spanned across the entire city and seemed to overlook the entire realm.
Mao Fu's face became grim as he said, "I never thought Mao Xi Li would spill innocent blood just to kill me…".
"What is this?" Chu Yu asked.
"This is the celestial protection of the entire city, once it is activated, no creatures can escape," answered Mao Fu.
"What about us then?" Chu Yu frowned.
Mao Fu replied, "Just watch.".
After this, he used his divine sense to infiltrate the net and at an unbelievable speed, he picked apart a fray in the net and created an opening.
"It's done," said Mao Fu as he drove through the net.
Chu Yu could see very clearly that this way the only weakness in the net!
No matter how small it was, the vessel could fit through.
Mao Fu's abilities were impressive.
"Even though the speed of light is very fast, it isn't beyond our comprehension. Thought can travel faster than light," remarked Mao Fu as he led the vessel out into space.
Down below, in the city.
Mao Xi Li was in disbelief.
His woman and other powerful underlings had all died, all for nothing!
He wanted to trap Mao Fu here and kill him in the celestial protection of the city.
As long as Mao Fu died, the position of the crown prince would have been his and only his.
If he could achieve that, the cost would have been negligible.
 He was after all, the crown prince.
He never expected that Mao Fu could escape from his grasp.
Mao Xi Li's expression darkened as the battleships flocked to him.
"Even though we did not accomplish our mission, you still have to pay up.".
"Mao Xi Li Crown Prince, you saw what happened, the fault doesn't lie with us.".
"Shit's getting real, I killed a grandson of a powerful man. Pay up, I have to run!".

These voices filled the mental spaces in Mao Xi Li's head.
He was on the brink of insanity.
He howled, "Mao Fu…!".
Mao Fu boarded one of his battleships and turned around to look at the city. He was not smiling, there was only a look of rage and coldness on his face.
There was a rebellion that was started in his land, a group of men wanted to kidnap his mother.
Luckily, there were necessary implementations in place to stop them, but a few hundred people died in the process.
"Mao Xi Li, you're pushing me into a corner!" he howled.
An old veteran appeared by his side and said softly, "Let go of your rage, now is not the time.".
The nerves on Mao Fu's head bulged with anger, but he suppressed his rage and said, "You're right, the Ji Clan… their power is like a mountain.".
The old veteran said softly, "We can leave the Orion Constellation, I'm sure there are other places that we can go to. When we've gathered the necessary firepower, we can come back for revenge.".
There were tears in Mao Fu's eyes as he looked at Chu Yu.
"Uncle, back at the Emperor Star, there's a saying that revenge never comes too late… am I right?".
Chu Yu nodded his head and smiled, "This is a recent saying.".
Mao Fu smiled back, "My mum once said that the world refreshes itself on reincarnation.".
Reincarnation? Perhaps.
The battleship broke through the speed of light and disappeared from this place.
Once Mao Fu, Chu Yu and the rest came back to Mao Fu's la

nd, peace had resumed.
There was nothing abnormal on the surface. If they had not received news of what had happened, it would have been hard to imagine that a rebellion had been staged.
Mao Fu and his men could tell something was wrong at one glance.
"There's much less people now," Mao Fu sighed.
"How do we deal with the families of those traitors?" asked one of the troops.
Mao Fu remained silent as the old veteran waved his hands.
The trooper sighed and bowed down.
Mao FU brought Qing Er and Chu Yu to where his mother was.
Seeing that nothing had happened to his mother, Mao Fu heaved a sigh of relief.
He took out the medical herbs and smiled, "Uncle, once my mother awakens, I might really need to shift this place out of the Orion Constellation. But I'll definitely go with you to the land of soul suppression. No matter what, we have to obtain the flying immortal grass. As for the other three ingredients, I'll think of way, I won't leave you two behind!".
Chu Yu looked at him and said, "How certain are you?".
Mao Fu shook his head and said, "The Ji Royalty is not easy to infiltrate, we have to come up with a thorough plan. The place where they store the Spectral jade and the hallucination stone is definitely the most secret place they have. The security there will definitely be of the highest order.".
"Can we infiltrate?" Chu Yu asked.
Mao Fu nodded his head, "It is possible, but I believe that once we enter, it won't be long before they react.".
Chu Yu said, "Can you drive a vessel from afar? If something happens, can you escape?".
Mao Fu thought about it and replied, "It's very difficult, I can't guarantee that I can do it.".
"Alright, let's save my sister first," Chu Yu said.
The herbs that Mao Fu bought were of a distinguished grade, Chu Yu was impressed.
"Within the Orion Constellation, there aren't many cultivators, so there isn't as high a demand. The treasured items here are gold and other minerals of the highest grade," Mao Fu commented.
Chu Yu began refining the pill.
Using the instructions on the Immortal Crane Scripture, one could refine a decent poison repelling pill.
No matter how badly one was affected, the effects were miraculous.
Chu Yu did not use the Immortal Crane Furnace as he Butterfly Dance was still trapped within.
Even though there was no harm to letting her out now, Chu Yu was afraid that another accident might happen.
He used the flame of lava, which had been harnessed in his Dan Tian for a long time, to refine the pill.
When he encountered the white flames at the City of Struggle, Chu Yu could feel that the flame of lava wanted to escape.
But under those circumstances, he had to suppress its desires.
If he had the chance to, he would return and see if he could capture the white flames.
Chu Yu's skill in pill refinement was already formidable, he had become a master.
This was why the process was rather smooth.
The only thing was that once the pill was refined, its appearance surprised Qing Er.
She looked at him weirdly and asked, "I thought pills were round?".


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