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Strong? What a joke!

Chu Yu slashed his sword and the sword Qi burst forth to the limits of horizon, shining brilliantly throughout the sky.

The Sword rose into the sky!

The void split open with a strike.

Turbulent energy surged up.

The bells vibrated in the Butterfly Dance's hand.

The space that was split open shattered into a thousand pieces.

They turned into countless sharpened weapons, raining down onto Chu Yu.

Chu Yu punched his fist into the air, calling upon a surge of energy, turning those weapons into dust.

The fight escalated instantly, reaching its climax!

Every known move was unleashed.

Chu Yu's power was still constantly rising, his energy shrouded the sky, as his blood boiled.

He was like a human sun.

Beneath him, The Pitiful City's defensive magical formations were crumbling to a point where they were barely holding on.

A hoard of cultivators of similar cultivation levels rushed out, collectively supporting the defensive magical formations.

They looked like they just saw a ghost as their faces contorted in fear.

The desperate individuals that did not fear death used this opportunity to loot and pillage the city.

Below the intense battle in the sky, the city was slipping into chaos.

This was the land of trapped beasts; there was no law and order to speak of.

The city was instantly flooded with blood.

Even the cultivators who were supporting the magical formation were ruthlessly attacked.

"Are you f***ing crazy?" A cultivator roared as he received the attack.


A sword pierced through his chest.

In a blink of an eye, all that was worth a dime on him were gone.

"When the city turns into ruins, no one will survive. Why are you still robbing?!" another cultivator roared as he suffered a blow.

Among the men that were attacking him, one of them laughed bitterly, "F*** you, my whole family perished under your hand. You even stole my family's treasure, I live for revenge…".

A burly guy chopped the cultivator's head off even before he had a chance to finish.

The burly guy roared, "My family was killed by you too!".

It was a mess.

It was a total mess.

The whole city was turned into an irreversible mess.

Within the city, the hatred was intricate, no one could understand what was happening.

The peace in the city was kept on a perilous balance as everyone was fearful of one another. Now that the balance was disturbed, all hell broke loose.

Some were frantically running towards the walls of the city. Everyone could see that this city was totally ruined.

Up in the sky.

The Butterfly Dance's power was also constantly rising, a terrifying aura radiated around her as bright white light burst out from her body.

The white light kept on shining upon Chu Yu, trying its best to weaken him.

Although they were miles apart, their auras were intertwined, constantly battling each other.

Chu Yu wielded his sword, attacking the Butterfly Dance with hysterical rage.

When the Butterfly Dance's power reached its peak, she made her move.

With a slap, the space in front of her started to crumble.

A wave of energy surged towards Chu Yu.

The attack was too terrifying, the magical formation that was no longer withheld by the cultivators crumbled under the might of the attack.

The whole city was reduced to dust within moments!

The powerful beings that survived were scattering in all directions, running for their lives.

The Butterfly Dance had shown her true capabilities. She had gone completely insane.

Even though the city was hers, she could not afford to care, not at this moment.

She was driven mad a long time ago, all because of Chu Yu, who stood in front of her.


All the buildings in The Pitiful city collapsed, even the humongous city wall was falling into pieces.

A mushroom cloud of dust rose into the sky.

"Chu Yu, you destroyed my city, I will have your life!" the Butterfly Dance's divine sense rippled with immense fury.

Chu Yu did not say a word. With the Immortal Crane Furnace on his head and the sword in his hand, he fought with everything he had learned.

There was no holding back!

The Butterfly Dance's power was too horrifying.

She had broken free of the shackles of the Legendary Emperor realm and was nearing Sainthood.

Fortunately, she did not reach there yet, otherwise, no matter how powerful Chu Yu was, he would not have been able to battle a saint.

Even so, Chu Yu had a hard time fighting.

The Butterfly Dance had left many after measures for herself. She had fought countless battles, allowing her to possess a wealth of experience, more than what Chu Yu had.

Although Chu Yu had other favorable factors on his side, triumphing over the Butterfly Dance in many aspects, he was still weaker than she was.

He was getting suppressed.

On the other hand, the Butterfly Dance fought with increasing rigor, causing Chu Yu to suffer great setbacks.

Within moments, Chu Yu's body was filled with wounds; blood flowed all over him, his bones were visible at several spots.

However, his bones were too tough. As much as she wanted to crush them, she could not.

Chu Yu unleashed the Thirty Six Heavenly Generals along with The Seventy Two Shapeshifters. The Butterfly Dance was stunned. If he had a higher level of cultivation, these moves would have been thoroughly unleashed and she would not stand a chance.

She could not believe that Chu Yu had so many tricks up his sleeve, she wanted them all.

Her gaze was full of greed as she looked at the Immortal Crane Furnace on top of his head.

That was her ultimate goal!


Chu Yu was blasted away by yet another explosion, a huge hole appeared in his chest.

Blood flowed ceaselessly from the wound, the clothes that he was wearing turned black.

His energy level did not seem to have weakened.

This was due to the fact that his vertical eye had been feeding energy into his body continuously all this while.

The Butterfly Dance was also stunned at this sight; it was hard to believe such a tremendous amount of energy could be condensed into a man.

This was way above the capabilities of Legendary Emperor. If he achieved Sainthood, his potential was limitless.

The consequences of her forcefully breaking through into the Saint Realm were dire, and the problems that would arise would not be solved in the near future. But in order to suppress Chu Yu, she was forced to do it. At this stage, she was incredibly worried- if things continued, Chu Yu might break into the Saint Realm himself and force her back.

"I will suppress you now!" the Butterfly Dance cried.

She waved her lush jade hand, shooting out a horrifying aura, slashing it onto Chu Yu as if it was a whip. Chu Yu's body flew from the impact.

Chu Yu spat a mouthful of blood into space, but his gaze incomparably bright.

Wielding his sword once again, he charged at The Butterfly Dance, "Butterfly Dance, I will kill you today!".


Chu Yu flew back once again, but in the blink of an eye, he was charging at her.

He was like a cockroach. He was getting thrown back repeatedly; the hits he suffered seemed fatal every time. But he stood up and charged time after time again.

Under these circumstances, the power within him showed no signs of weakening, it was still unbelievably strong. Even though he had lost an immense amount of blood, his body was still raging furiously.

At this moment, The Butterfly Dance realized that although she was halfway into the Saint realm, she still could not get rid of Chu Yu.

She started to get anxious. She thought of defeating Chu Yu with a Magical Formation.

Her ability to conjure Magical Formations was tremendous. Around Chu Yu, she conjured countless magical formations.

Naturally, her attack on Chu Yu weakened.

Chu Yu got a hard-fought respite and he stopped his attack to catch his breath.

However, the Butterfly Dance was not happy with what was happening, his power was still constantly increasing.

"Oh no, he is about to rise through the realms!".

The Butterfly Dance was halfway through casting her magical formations. She could not waste any more time. Activating all her magical formations, she charged towards Chu Yu.

She was about to completely suppress Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was battered and bruised. He looked distraught.

If it were an ordinary person in his place, he would be dead by now. Who could survive that onslaught?

The energy from his vertical eye was still flowing into him, the Killing Days Heart Technique was furiously ongoing.

Within him, a throb was felt.

All of his wounds were healing in a flash.


The power from the magical formations hit him with a bang, tossing him into the air.

But with his strong body and the protection from the Immortal Crane Furnace, he was able to block the attack.

Only a few of his ribs were broken.

At this moment, Chu Yu's metabolism reached a horrifying level.

With a furious howl, the energy he had suppressed for so long erupted in the blink of an eye.

A force similar to that of an Emperor descending upon the world exploded from his body.

When his full power was unleashed, he seemed like a limitless God in this pathetic world.

After all his hardships, he had finally reached the Legendary Emperor Realm.

When he saw the world through this realm, everything seemed different.

With the sword in his hand, he looked at The Butterfly Dance with an icy gaze. In his cold expression, a disdainful smile emerged.

"Stronger than me? What a joke!".

He swung his sword.

Although she was well into the Saint realm, her face paled in that moment.

She was no longer able to keep her calm composure, frantically backing off.

While she was doing so, she muttered an incantation, hoping that she could leave this place.

Chu Yu was already in the Legendary Emperor realm and was out to kill her, she no longer had the courage to fight on!

She had met someone that was as terrifying as Chu Yu, but that was long ago during the ancient times.

Although she had lived for a long time, she never encountered a person that was so terribly gifted with such a ruthless character and strength.

At this moment, the enormous Black King Kong swiftly raised his arm, hitting the retreating girl with a tight slap.

This beast was hiding far away during the fight, even the Butterfly Dance forgot about his existence until now.

The powerful slap sent the Butterfly Dance flying.

Under normal circumstances, this hit would not have affected the Butterfly Dance. But she was fleeing from Chu Yu's blade and was severely injured.

This slap nearly took her life.

The bones in her body shattered from the impact.

Although her body was strong, she was no match for Chu Yu. Compared to the other cultivators however, she was a hundred times stronger.

Chu Yu's blade eventually sliced into the body of The Butterfly Dance.

One of her legs was sliced off from the knee. She cried in agony.

The consequences of rising through the realms with the excessive use of pills were too many to count.

But at a time like this, who would have cared?

He held his sword and charged once again, swinging forcefully onto her.

The Butterfly Dance let out a frenzied howl and took out a magical equipment that looked like an ancient pot.

Her soul instantly jumped into the pot, which tore open the void, causing her soul to disappear within seconds.

There was no way to stop or destroy the pot; it was simply too fast for Chu Yu to react.

The body of the Butterfly Dance, who had just reached the Saint realm, lay motionless in the air.

There was a sliver of consciousness in her.

"Chu Yu, you have caused me so much trouble time and time again! Now, you have destroyed one of my bodies, you will suffer divine retribution! I will never let you off!".

This thought radiated from the Butterfly Dance's last consciousness.

After that, it started to scatter with the wind.

The Butterfly Dance's body started to crumble, turning into pure energy, returning to the earth.

Even after all this, she could not be completely killed?

Chu Yu's face revealed a look of exhaustion and helplessness.

At this moment, the Black King Kong let out a roar.

In the distant sky, there was a figure walking through the void.

Chu Yu squinted his eyes.

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