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The figure that walked over was the Old Man from the City of Struggle.

He was wearing a shirt that had bronze coins printed all over it and was also wearing a green skullcap. His body slouched as he walked through the void, step by step.

There was actually someone that liked to wear green hats?

That thought emerged within Chu Yu's mind.

After which, Chu Yu's expression turned serious. He understood that it was not coincidence that this man appeared at this moment.

"I can't believe there is a piece of jade here. Child, I think fate has brought us together, do you want to practice with me?" The old man smiled harmoniously towards Chu Yu.

"No," Chu Yu refused as he quickly adjusted his body to prepare for yet another intense battle.

The Black King Kong faced the old man and wriggled eagerly for a fight.

However, Chu Yu signaled secretly for it not to act rashly. Although this old man seemed ordinary, he radiated an aura that felt more horrifying than the Butterfly Dance's.

"Young man, look at this beautiful world. Live well, it's way better than to not see a thing when you're dead," the old man said in a sincere tone, smiling gleefully.

The Killing Days Heart Technique was still ongoing furiously. He had just entered the Legendary Emperor Realm, there were still too many aspects to perfect.

His state of mind was a big problem.

However, the old man did not give him much respite and badgered him repeatedly with a gleeful tone, "So what do you think? Do you want to follow me to practice? I treat individuals who are fated with me very well.".

"Are you going to strip me of my power when I am more powerful?" Chu Yu replied.

He was also puzzled as to why there were no Heavenly Thieves when he reached the Legendary Emperor realm.

Was it safe to say that there were none in the land of trapped beasts?

No… That was impossible!

Although this universe was a wreck, it was the most important law that governed it; there had to be Heavenly Thieves.

"No no no, how could I be such a person? This old man can't possibly pull that off, I do not have such abilities. I can only put my hopes unto you young men, hoping that one day you can reach the highest realm," the old man smiled cheerfully.

"When you reach the peak of your powers, I will just rub off your glory…".

"Heh," Chu Yu laughed coldly.

He did not believe such rubbish.

The old man looked at Chu Yu with a look of sincerity and said, "Look, I will give you time to rest and recover, I will not attack you. You can be sure of that. Recuperate in peace. Although I may be old, I still have the patience, I'm willing to wait.",

Chu Yu did not lower his guard. He opened his vertical eye and gazed at the old man.

An enormous shadow of a three-legged toad engulfed the body of the old man.

Its head was even bigger than the Black King Kong.

Was he actually a toad?

Chu Yu took a few breaths as he recuperated. He smiled and said, "If you're that generous, why don't you take your leave and let me consider for a few days?".

The old man broke into a laugh, "Young man, I don't think that's possible. If I left, you would leave this area in an instant. But to speak of it, you are very powerful. You could cause the Butterfly Dance to suffer such a pathetic defeat; she even had to use that thing. You will be greatly respected in the future!".

"Are you talking about that pot? What is that?" Chu Yu asked.

The old man said, "That pot is very powerful, it is a divine magical equipment. It can be as powerful as your sword.".

He blinked as he said, "Of course, it wouldn't beat your furnace.".

"You seem to know quite a bit," Chu Yu raised his guard yet again.

The old man laughed, "Of course. I do not have other skills to speak of, but in recognizing treasures, no one would dare to say that they are better than I am.".

As he spoke, the old man raised his arms and waved them as if he was counting his money. Suddenly, countless magical equipment started to appear at his fingertips.

When those equipment appeared, they flew towards a single direction.

At this moment, Chu Yu knew that he had fallen into a trap. He got up to leave immediately.

"I don't think you can leave, my little friend. You tried to plot against me in order to waste more time. How can I not plot against you? In order to conjure the spatial Magical formation, a lot of time is needed to make sure the calculations are accurate. It isn't that easy. If I were to be a mathematician in your world, I would be the best! Hahaha!".

As the old man said his piece, more magical equipment flew from his fingertips.

In a blink of an eye, they filled the sky.

As Chu Yu was about to get totally surrounded, the old man's voice could be heard, "Give up. I had a nickname in the past, it was "the man of many treasures", although the level of cultivation I have attained is mediocre, with these treasures, I can easily drown you!".

"The man with the green hat suits you more," replied Chu Yu.

He looked at the countless magical equipment in the sky and thought for a moment. He cut his palm with the blade of his sword, forcing out blood from the wound, spilling it onto the magical equipment around him with a swing.

After which, he conjured the Immortal Crane Furnace, absorbing the magical equipment in a frenzy.

A large number of magical equipment were contaminated by Chu Yu's blood, disintegrating their initial insignia within seconds. Coupled with the unreasonable power of the Immortal Crane Furnace, Chu Yu kept away quite a number of those magical equipment in no time.

Although there were thousands of magical equipment in the air, this move crushed the old man's heart.

His tone changed as he roared in fury, "You little thing, how dare you steal my treasures? All along, I was the one who robbed others of their treasures, no one can rob mine… Die!".

He no longer mentioned how fated they were or what happened when one reached the peak of cultivation. CommanCauldron the countless magical equipment, he attacked Chu Yu in a wild frenzy.

The old man was right- if these magical equipment were used on their own, they would not pose a threat to Chu Yu.

But there were so many of them… Together, their power rose exponentially!

Even if he was a Saint, he could not withstand this attack.

Chu Yu jumped into his Furnace without hesitation.


An earth-shattering noise was heard as Chu Yu, who was within the Furnace, felt a sense of nausea.

The temperature within the Immortal Crane Furnace skyrocketed.

It seemed like there were mystical flames.

In a split second, it became freezing cold.

It could even freeze the soul.

When the old man saw Chu Yu jump into the Furnace, he was overjoyed and stopped his attack in an instant.

However, his magical equipment continued to surround it, in case Chu Yu attempted to escape.

After which, he tried to refine the Immortal Crane Furnace.

With a look, he could tell that this was no ordinary Furnace!

It was a Cauldron!

He suspected that it was one of the Nine Sacred Cauldrons back in the day.

The Nine Sacred Cauldrons slipped into the void during the ancient times, no one knew where they went.

After all these years, none of them had ever resurfaced.

If he could get his hands on one of them, he would have been unbelievably lucky!

The Nine Cauldrons originated from a single Heavenly Cauldron. The Heavenly Cauldron contained the galaxy's destiny.

Even though the Heavenly Cauldron was split into nine pieces, 1/9 of the galaxy's destiny was enough for the old man.

This was 1/9 of the galaxy's destiny!

After years of experience, his sharp eyes could tell that Chu Yu's Cauldron was a little different; it had not been thoroughly unsealed.

Otherwise, with the destiny of this Cauldron, Chu Yu should have achieved Sainthood a long time ago.

It was possible for Chu Yu to be much more than a Saint!

"Hahaha, with this, even if I have to throw the rest of my treasures, I wouldn't mind!" the old man roared, unable to control his laughter.

The Black King Kong threw a forceful punch towards the old man.

Although Chu Yu told him to not act rashly, seeing that Chu Yu was on the losing end, he could not hold back any longer.

The old man's body floated in the air, teleporting from one place to another. He turned back and looked coldly at the Black King Kong, "If you do not wish to die, scram!".

The Black King Kong let out a deafening roar and charged towards the old man.

The old man frowned while commanding a few magical equipment to rush towards it.

However, its hide was thick and its defensive capabilities were shocking. These magical equipment bounced off it harmlessly.

The Black King Kong broke into a wide smile as it laughed mockingly at the old man.

"You damned thing!" the old man was annoyed as he commanded hundreds of magical equipment to charge at it in unison.

The Black King Kong was pounding its chest at first. However, at the sight of this, it turned to flee.

Oh…. F***!

The old man glared at the beast, as he thought to himself, "Is this supposed to be a ferocious beast? How could it be that cowardly?".

The Black King Kong ran at an unbelievable speed. Those magical equipment could only eat his dust.

The Black King Kong ran further and further away, he was soon thousands of miles away.

The old man had a distaste for losing his treasures. He could control them even if they were miles away, but if they were too far away, his control would be weakened.

What if the gorilla stole a few of them? Wouldn't that be a waste?

He then ordered his magical equipment to return.


The Black King Kong turned and chased the magical equipment.

He swatted one of the magical equipment out of the sky, which flattened a mountain in a second as it landed on it.

The Black King Kong reached out to grab the magical equipment, smiling with glee as the magical equipment was in its palm.

The magical equipment was struggling to break free from its palm, but could not do so.

The Black King Kong swallowed the magical equipment in a single gulp.

The old man roared in rage as he commanded hundreds of magical equipment to launch an attack on the Black King Kong.

The Black King Kong ran again.

This mountainous gorilla seemed to be obsessed with hide and seek; it ran without hesitation when the old man was chasing after it.

To the Black King Kong, pressing on with its indomitable presence was just a foolish move.

When the old man stopped chasing it, it would turn and start chasing him with all its might.

It had such strong defensive capabilities that the old man could not harm it. This drove him nuts.

Chu Yu was hidden within the Immortal Crane Furnace all this while, surrounded by thousands of magical equipment.

The old man was not bothered by Chu Yu's recuperation as he was fully confident that he had the means to deal with him.

At this moment, the Black King Kong took out dozens of magical equipment. The old man started to get anxious. He decided to kill this damned beast before anything else could happen.

As for Chu Yu… He was already within his grasp!

If he dared to step out of the Immortal Crane Furnace, he would be chopped into pieces by thousands of magical equipment!

The old man chased after the Black King Kong, determined to kill it.

This time, the Black King Kong felt a little uneasy in its predicament. Even the strongest hide would not be able to protect him from this barrage of attacks.

Fresh blood started to flow from its body.

Although it was crying in pain, it was relentless in harassing the old man.

It was neither silly nor stubborn. Other than tht puny human, it never had any friends.

It could feel that Chu Yu treated it like his friend.

Naturally, it would treat Chu Yu as its friend!

In its eyes, a friend was worth dying for.

Within the Immortal Crane Furnace, Chu Yu had become one with the world.

He now knew the reason behind the lack of Heavenly Thieves when he stepped into the Legendary Emperor realm.

This was because his mental state was not strong enough.

That also meant that although he was in the Legendary Emperor realm, with his mental state unable to catch up, he was just a Legendary Emperor in name.

He only had the powers of a Legendary Emperor, he had not gained the relevant enlightenment.

All he was waiting for was the enlightenment!

When he gained the enlightenment, the Heavenly Thieves would naturally come!

This was why Chu Yu wanted the old man to take the Furnace away with him.

Since he had already destroyed the Pitiful City, he could make it a double and destroy the City of Struggle as well.

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