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Chu Yu was equally surprised, he did not expect that there would be another opportunity like that, but yet, another boat appeared.

This boat was exactly the same as the one Qi Heng and the rest got on.

The boat was pitch black in color, and it floated slowly towards the river bank.

Qi Heng and the rest had not gone far. They too saw the boat and began to feel a strong sense of doubt.

"Why is there another boat?" Qi Heng frowned, clearly troubled.

An additional boat meant two additional opponents.

"Could it be... that this place has a method of knowing how many people are here?" Wang Nan said.

"Isn’t that a little impossible? And they split us into batches?"

Liu Xing’s eyes also betrayed his disbelief.

"That is strange..." Xiao Zhangqing sighed before saying, "If my guess is right, this boat is here to pick up Sister Lin... and that man."

"Damn it, don’t let me see him!" Qi Heng said icily.

However, in the next moment, Qi Heng saw Lin Shimeng and Chu Yu. The two of them sprinted down the mountain and towards the boat docked on the river bank.

"Damn it!" Qi Heng’s expression blackened and the way he looked at Lin Shimeng also darkened considereably.

Qi Heng grit his teeth internally: B*tch, if you ever fall into my hands, you shall know my wrath!

Chu Yu ran to the riverside and waved to Qi Heng and the others, who had not gone very far.

"Good luck, little b*stard!"

Xiao Zhangqing and the others looked exasperatingly at Chu Yu.

Qi Heng said through his teeth, "F*ck your luck!"

"Is your brain damaged, rejecting my luck? Fine then, I shall wish you misfortune." Chu Yu laughed.

Since he had already stepped on his toes, he had no need to be courteous.

Qi Heng and Liu Qing were furious, if Chu Yu had antagonized them like that on the shore, they would have snuffed him out on the spot.

They would have let him suffer a torturous death!

However, they did not dare to move freely. The lesson from the two men who died rang in their head. They knew that this river hid many dangers.

Qi Heng stared at Lin Shimeng and Qi Heng, his doll face becoming icy in an instant, "You b*stard, remember, don’t even fall into my grasp!"

Chu Yu laughed it off and waves to Chu Yu.

Lin Shimeng was slightly worried, "What if our boat follows closely behind their?

Chu Yu laughed, "Rest assured, when they reach the opposite bank, their first order of business would be to search the palace. This is because your senior... has no patience. "

Lin Shimeng stiffened before laughing, "that is true, but I must still thank you, Brother Song, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do.:

Chu Yu shook his head, "Don’t mention it. However, Ms Lin, have you thought about the future?"

Lin Shimeng became rather depressed and whispered, "The future... not yet. I have thought about it, even if I report it to my tutors, it may not change the result. Unless... unless I can become more talented."

As she spoke, Lin Shimeng laughed bitterly, "But as for things like that, they are controlled by the heavens. Instead of hoping for a miracle to happen, I would rather just hope that we can find something of value here."

Chu Yu thought about it before nodding, "Your wish will come true." He laughed.

"I hope that Brother Song is right!" Lin Shimeng laughed out loud before jumping aboard the small boat.

"Ya, how stable!" Lin Shimeng was taken by surprise.

Chu Yu also jumped on soon after, but it did not feel like he was jumping onto a boat, instead, it felt like he had landed on solid ground.

"This boat... is not bad!" Chu Yu rubbed his chin as he sized up this small black boat beneath his feet.

Lin Shimeng was stunned for a moment, then she broke out in laughter. Brother Song was quite interesting, he actually contemplated taking this boat with him.

Qi Heng and the gang saw the other boat from afar. Qi Heng could clearly see Lin Shimeng’s bright smiles. The rage in his heart burned even brighter as he cursed in his heart, "Slut! Slut! Slut!"

After Chu Yu and Lin Shimeng boarded the boat, it similarly shone a ray of faint light, first scanning over Lin Shimeng.

When she saw the ray of light, she became slightly anxious, but also surprised and curious.

It only extinguished after scanning Lin Shimeng to and fro for a long time.

This scene caused massive confusion on Qi Heng’s boat. They could not understand why the light had only scanned them briefly, but had scanned Lin Shimeng over and over again.

Lin Shimeng was equally clueless, even though she did not feel anything, she did not dare to move about willfully.

Afterwhich, a new ray of light scanned towards Chu Yu.

However, at the moment the light ray approached Chu Yu’s body, there was an invisible wave of energy that was emitted from Chu Yu’s forehead.

That ray of light disappeared instantly!

Qi Heng, who was some distance away laughed out loud, "B*stard, you’re finished!"

His shrill, loud voice travelled all the way to Chu Yu.

Lin Shimeng was also extremely nervous.

However, after a long wait, nothing had happened.

This caused Qi Heng to feel extremely disappointed.

Chu Yu squinted to look at Qi Heng and asked, "Are you dumb?"

Qi Heng was enraged.

At this point, a huge ship appeared out of nowhere!

It appeared on the surface of the water, a few hundred meters from the river bank.

This ship was at least seven to eight meters high, 30+ meters long, and over 10 meters wide.

Aboard the ship was a huge pavilion!

The pillars of the pavilion were engraved with intricate drawings, and they were extremely colorful and magnificent!

Even though Qi Heng and the gang had floated downstream some seven to eight miles, they could still see this clearly.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

"What... what is going on?" Liu Qing stared, tongue tied, at the huge ship.

Following which, there was another ship, five to six meters wide and 17-18 meters long, which appeared on the surface of the river. The two ships were parallel to each other and steamed towards the boats.

This smaller ship also had the same intricate carvings on the pillar of the pavilion as the larger ship. How beautiful!

Both ships radiated an ancient aura.

Almost as if they had sailed from history.

Qi Heng, Xiao Zhangqing and the rest were all completely dumbfounded!

The two ships quickly arrived in front of Chu Yu and Lin Shimeng and stopped.

Afterwhich, something more astounding happened!

Two rays of light shot out from the two ships!

One of the ships shot out seven colors of light!

Red, orange, yellow, green, light green, blue, purple, formed a bridge that extended all the way to Chu Yu.

The smaller ship shot out five colors of light, red, orange, yellow, green and light green.

They too formed a rainbow walkway that extended to Lin Shimeng.

"This..." Lin Shimeng’s eyes widened, feeling as though she was in a fantasy.

Chu Yu was also slightly confused, but he carefully stepped out and onto the seven colored walkway.

He steeled his heart!

The feeling of his feet on a solid surface was reassuring.

He turned and smiled at Lin Shimeng, "Ms Lin, good luck!"

As he spoke, he bounded along the rainbow path towards the big ship.

The moment Chu Yu boarded the ship, the rainbow path disappeared... along with this huge ship!

"Brother Song, good luck!" Lin Shimeng murmured, and stepped onto her own rainbow path without hesitation.

Even though she was still unclear about what was happening, she had a feeling that this was a huge opportunity.

Her exquisite face managed to portray and expression of calm, but her heart was anything but.

Lin Shimeng’s eyes turned a little red and she took a deep breath.

Whether she could change her fate depended on what she could gain from this!

Afterwhich, when Lin Shimeng boarded the ship, it disappeared from the river’s surface in an instant.

Qi Heng and the gang, who had already floated out many miles, looked stupidly at the empty water surface before looking at each other.

They all felt extremely hurt.

Why were the two of them received by huge ships? And why were the five of us forced to squeeze on a tiny boat?

This was too unfair!

Especially that b*stard!

Qi Heng was so angry that his teeth trembled, he did not know where that guy got his lucky from, but he had managed to get such a great opportunity.

"Best if they dragged them straight to hell!" Qi Heng growled

Xiao Zhangqing, Wang Nan and Sun Wei did not look well, after all, their junior was over there. If Sister Lin really had such good luck to stumble upon a large amount of loot, her marriage with Qi Heng... may not go through.

As such, the three of them chose not to speak.

After Qi Heng finished, he realized he had gone overboard and corrected himself, "Of course, nothing can happen to my fiancee!"

Very quickly, the small boat docked at a shore some 30 miles downstream.

The five of them raced to get off before looking at each other.

Xiao Zhangqing said, "Since we are already here, let's go our separate ways and see where our luck takes us!"

The others nodded and Liu Qing reasoned, "Since that is the case, good luck everybody!"

"Good luck!"

The rest of them nodded and rushed towards the ancient palace.


Chu Yu stood atop the huge boat, surprised by the scene in front of his eyes.

He was... actually in the open sea!

How could there be a sea within the pocket dimension dimension beneath the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars?

If not for the salty sea breeze, Chu Yu would not have believed it.

He thought to himself, could it be that this pocket dimension was linked to an open sea?

Apart from Chu Yu, there was no life on the ship. Chu Yu had walked the entire ship, and did not find any valuable treasure on board, causing him some disappointment.

Initially, he had no idea what was powering the ship, his vertical eye could not see through the ship’s body.

After which, when he leaned over the railing and used his vertical eye to observe the seawater did he realize that there were a large amount of inscription on the ship’s body, just beneath the surface.

When the ship was cutting through the water, the inscriptions had faint waves of energy fluctuations, nothing major.

When the ship slowed, Chu Yu needed to be very conscientious in order feel the tiny energy fluctuations from the ship.

"It is the inscriptions!"

Chu Yu squinted, his shock was unparalleled.

He had not even entered the nucleus of this area, yet Chu Yu could already feel that this place was not ordinary.

Chu Yu stood on the deck, his eyes looking out into the open, yet he found the sea boundless.

He was not familiar with the open sea, thus, he had no idea where he was.

The ship began to speed up, until it finally reached speeds approaching the sound barrier!

The sea looked calm, with no big waves. There were also no spiritual monsters approaching the ship.

After three hours, the ship finally began to slow down.

Chu Yu was stumped, the ship had travelled over 3000 miles in the 3 hours!

Just ahead, there was a huge whirlpool, almost 10000 meters in diameter.

The boundless sea water were all sucked into the whirlpool. Even from a great distance away, Chu Yu could feel the power and grandeur emitted by the whirlpool.

"Eye of the sea!"

Chu Yu could not help but exclaim softly, feeling a chill down his spine.

He did not expect to find such a large eye of the sea in such a foreign place.

Where is this place?

The ship sailed straight for the whirlpool, before Chu Yu could react, the ship had been swallowed by the whirlpool.

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