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Qi Heng looked at Lin Shimeng with a mixture of anger and sadness, speaking loudly, "Shimeng, you must have been coerced by this b*stard, don’t fear, I will definitely save you!"

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, and stared speechlessly at this man, thinking to himself, "Such shamelessness is really difficult to come by."

Xiao Zhangqing and the rest looked on suspiciously, glancing at both parties, trying to deternube who was lying.

At this point, Lin Shimeng looked at Qi Heng icily, before saying coldly, "Qi Heng, you’re still living in a closed world, you have no idea what the three values of the modern lady are. [1]

Qi Heng’s expression changed slightly, and a slight panic flashed past in his eyes.

Lin Shimeng continued, "Did you think that as a lady, I would be ashamed about your attempted rape and keep silent? You’re wrong! To be frank, I am definitely going to renounce this arranged marriage. When I return to my tutors, I will tell them all about your actions. I believe that my tutors will be the judge for me!

As she spoke, she did not give Qi Heng a chance to speak, and she turned to her various seniors, "Do not be fooled by this shameless villian. I have not been held against my will, this scum nearly..."

Lin Shimeng’s eyes turned red, stemming from a deep sense of grief.

Xiao Zhangqing, Wang Nan and Sun Wei all stared at Qi Heng after hearing this.

Xiao Zhangqing frowned and looked at Lin Shimeng, "Sister Lin, is there a misunderstanding? Why would Junior Qi do something like that as your fiance?"

Sun Wei nodded, "Exactly Sister Lin, could there have been a misunderstanding?"

"Misunderstanding?" Lin Shimeng laughed coldly, the grief in her heart getting stronger. She said softly, "Brother Xiao, Brother Sun, don’t you... trust me?"


Xiao Zhangqing and Sun Wei were not doubting Lin Shimeng, but they knew that there were certain forces at work here.

Lin Shimeng had been given up by the Han Xiao sect in exchange for a large amount of resources.

In their opinion, this incident was not a big deal, it could even be a good thing.

Not only would this bring about much benefits for the Han Xiao ancient sect, Qi Heng’s position and influence were a good match for Lin Shimeng..

They also knew about Qi Heng’s cultivation technique. They felt that if Sister Lin could have a husband like Qi Heng, it could aid her in her future progression.

However, why would Qi Heng be so impatient?

Why would he want to rape Lin Shimeng in a place like this? Was his brain cramping up or filling up with water?

From another viewpoint however, their marriage had been confirmed a long time ago. As such... even if Qi Heng was to do something to Lin Shimeng, at most, people will reprimand him for being impatient, as for other things... it would be difficult to fault him outrightly.

In his opinion, even if it was as Lin Shimeng says, it was no big deal.

Was there a need for such a huge reaction?

Xiao Zhangqing considered this for a moment before laughing out loud, "Sister Lin must be exaggerating, I believe Junior Qi is not such a person, furthermore, you two are about to be married, you should be more intimate..."

Sun Wei’s lips twitched, almost as if he did not really agree with what Xiao Zhangqing had just said, but he eventually decided to just sigh and not speak.

Wang Nan blinked and hesitated for a moment before saying, "Since it is all a misunderstanding, let’s just talk it out..."

Qi Heng, who had been listening to what Xiao Zhangqing had been saying, had a smug look on his face. However, after hearing what Wang Nan said, he flared up again.

"Lin Shimeng and I may have had a misunderstanding, but between this b*stard and I... one of us must go!" Qi Heng pointed at Chu Yu and said to Xiao Zhangqing, "I would like to request that you seniors help me take down this b*stard, I will reward you handsomely when we get back!"

Xiao Zhangqing, Wang Nan, Sun Wei and the rest hesitated slightly, how could they still not see reason?

It was obvious that Qi Heng had wanted to rape Lin Shimeng. Luckily, this skinny tall youth stumbled upon it and intervened...

Yet, how could one articulate this?

They all shook their heads.

Come to speak of it, it does feel a little meddlesome, doesn’t it?

Most importantly, Lin Shimeng felt that this person was her benefactor!

As such, when Qi Heng said those words, Lin Shimeng stepped in front of Chu Yu and said coldly, "I’ll like to see who dares!"

Qi Heng laughed icily at Chu Yu, "B*stard, why? Just now you had the courage to attack me from the shadows, but you don’t have the guts to step out now? If you have the guts, don’t hide behind a lady."

Chu Yu stood unmoving and said flatly, "You little b*stard, watch your language. If you had balls, you would not resort to rape. Not only don’t you have balls, you don’t have pride either!"

"I will beat you to death!" Qi Heng was furious and attacked Chu Yu.

Even though he was injured, Chu Yu’s words had agitated him, and anyone with blood would not be able to control himself.

Furthermore, Chu Yu had called him a little b*stard, causing Qi Heng to hate him even more.

Did a doll face make him a little b*stard?

Bloody jerk!

Just when Qi Heng began his attack, Jiu Xiao’s Liu Qing also launched an attack.

He could not possibly sit back and see his brother in arms be humiliated.

Liu Qing’s speed was extremely quick, and he executed his killing move without a sound.

He had already attained Invigorated Meridian Stage Four!

With that kind of power, it would be child’s play to kill an Acupoint Charging martial artist!

Chu Yu was confident of fighting any Acupoint Charging cultivator. He did not even fear an Acupoint Charging martial artist at full cultivation.

However, the difference between him and the Invigorated Meridian realm... was simply too far.

Chu Yu could only sigh and retreat straight into the magical formation.


Liu Qing’s punch impacted the ground and smashed a large rock.

Qi Heng’s punch had also missed, and his expression darkened.

At this point, without hesitation, Lin Shimeng stepped into the magical formation with Chu Yu!

"Sister Lin..." Xiao Zhangqing and a few others began shouting anxiously.

Qi Heng saw Lin Shimeng’s determination. She would rather retreat into the dangerous magical formation than stay out here.

In that moment, he felt so much anger he could puke blood.

They had wanted to give chase, but they could not do anything about the magical formation. Inside, it was complete darkness, one had to rely fully on magical equipment and luck. They had only managed to get out after much trouble, and they had no intentions to go back in.

Qi Heng was extremely unsatisfied, but he could only grit his teeth and swallow his hate.

Liu Qing’s looked icily at Xiao Zhangqing and the others and asked flatly, "Why didn’t you all help to catch that little b*stard? If you had all chipped in, how would he have a chance to escape?"

Xiao Zhangqing and the rest thought to themselves, "Lin Shimeng obviously wanted to go along with that man, even if she is to be married to the Jiu Xiaos, she is still our sister. If news got out that we helped outsiders defeat one of our own, how scornful would it be? How can we still live with ourselves?"

Xiao Zhangqing laughed it off and replied passionately, "Right now, we should not be creating new problems, the exploration of the ruins is still the top priority, as for that little... yes, that little b*stard, he will fall into our grasp sooner or later."

Qi Heng was willing to resign to this outcome, and Liu Qing was equally angry, but they could not do anything about it.

This is because there were three Han Xiao Invigorated Meridian realm Experts here, especially Xiao Zhangqing. This crafty old man was also the strongest amongst them all.

Even if Liu Qing and Qi Heng wanted to turn against them, they could not.

"Good, then let us explore the ruins." Liu Qing’s anger raged in his heart, but he suppressed it and forced a laugh "Brother Xiao is right, this is more important. The only issue is... who will board the boat first?"

All five men hesitated.

At this point, they realized that the small boat resting on the bank had moved... almost as if it was leaving!

Seeing this, all five of them panicked and rushed to the river bank in the blink of an eye.

However, when they arrived there, only Wang Nan and Qi Heng jumped onto the ship without hesitation.

One could only gain fortune through danger!

If they did not take risk, how would they be able to get rewards?

Only after the two of them jumped onto the ship did they realize that this small boat was incredibly heavy.

Even though both of them had used a lightening skill, they were still big men weighing in at over 100jin, yet, when they landed atop the tiny boat, it did not even rock it in the slightest.

Both men’s expressions revealed their surprise

Xiao Zhangqing, Sun Wei and Liu Qing observed the other two jump onto the boat uneventfully from the bank.

They then leaped onto the small boat.

Even though it was squeezy with five men standing atop the small boat, the boat was extremely stable and did not rock in the slightest.

Following which, the black paint on the body of the boat began to radiate a faint ray of light, scanning past all five men.

All five of them were given a shock, their hearts leaping into their mouths, not knowing what situation this was.

Luckily, the light only scanned by them once uneventfully.

Following which, the small boat trembled slightly and floated downstream.

"Where... where is this taking us?" Qi Heng asked anxiously.

The others were equally confused when Wang Nan suddenly said, "that ray of light just now... was it a test? Or maybe... an affirmation?"

"Test? Affirmation?"

All the others scrunched their eyebrows, deep in thought.

Wang Nan spoke, "I once saw an introduction in a volume of ancient annals, they mentioned that the biggest ancient sects had a lot of clever means to weed out intruders. I was thinking, could that beam of light from the boat be a sort of test?"

Sun Wei thought about it before saying, "I feel like there’s a possibility that if it is an enemy, they would be strangled to death."

Xiao Zhangxing nodded, "There is such a possibility."

Everybody broke out in cold sweat as they thought about the potential dangers.

It was still going well though, at least they had passed the boat’s test. However, they had no idea where the boat was going to take them.

At this point, Chu Yu and Lin Shimeng stepped out from the magical formation.

Chu Yu watched frustratingly at the boat carrying the five men downstream.

Lin Shimeng felt the same way, but at that moment, she saw another small boat floating on the river.

"There’s another boat!"

Lin Shimeng was ecstatic...

[1] The three values referred to here are World View, Values of Worth & Philosophies on Life.

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