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Chapter 346: I'll Put it Simply
As Ye Pian Ruo said this, her eyes turned to a certain direction as a figure flickered and vanished.
An enraged voice came from over there, "You little girl, how old are you to speak about boys like that? Hurry up and get your *ss back to training!".
After this voice echoed, Ye Pian Ruo was nowhere to be seen.
Chen Wan Ruo was carefully trying to sneak away as well.
The voice resounded again, "You too Chen Wan Ruo, you are an unparalleled prodigy, you’re much better than most of the people on this planet! What are you so emotional about? And, if you don’t correct that habit of repeating words, I’ll make you copy down the Purple Dragon Scripture a thousand times!".
Chen Wan Ruo vanished with these words as well.
Bu Jing Hong, who was originally comfortably lying on the deck chair, vanished with them.
Zhao You Long had not even appeared.
The few of them scattered at the sight of this middle aged girl.
She had short silver hair which were neatly combed and eyes that seemed like they had been through alot. Her lips were thin and seemed a little menacing.
Her skin was white and smooth as it radiated in the sun.
She wore a black tuxedo and looked like the manager of a top firm.
Her eyes struck fear into the hearts of those she looked at.
She looked at the old veteran, furrowed her eyebrows, and said, "Elder Black Dragon, as a senior you should discipline these youngsters more on the things that they don’t know about.".
The old man continued tugging at his eyelids, and without a word, he turned and left.
"Wait…" called the middle aged woman as she continued, "Elder Black Dragon, are you really inviting Chu Yu here?".
His face was imprinted with hardship, but in the moment where he turned around, there was a kindness to it.
He nodded his head and said, "Yes, Miss Qu Ni.".
She looked at him and said, "I don’t think he is suitable.".
Ye Pian Ruo’s voiced echoed from afar, "But he’s very handsome!".
"Ye! Pian! Ruo!" shouted Qu Ni angrily as her body gave off a dangerous aura.
"Miss Qu Ni it’s my fault…" said Ye Pian Ruo softly.
"These playful children, I hate them!" said Qu Ni as she tidied her silver hair. She then looked at the old veteran and said, "Elder Black Dragon, I’ll explain to you why I feel that Chu Yu is not suitable.".
As she began explaining, Elder Black Dragon began to twitch a little.
She ignored it and said, "First, his style of cultivation is all over the place! One of our focuses here is precision!".
She came before him and stood upright- she was taller than him by at least half a head.
She continued, "His fundamentals are outstanding. The Fu Zi’s Superclass… ah, we all thought it was lost, but it turns out that he obtained it. If not for you, I would’ve taken it from him back then, because he does not suit this level of power.".
"After obtaining Confucius’ Superclass, he should’ve focused on walking that path. Youngsters can’t always seek to make a name for themselves and insist on going about their own way. Even if they were formidable geniuses, they can only do that after reaching the Legendary Emperor Realm.".
"And he just had to obtain the legacy of our senior the Crane Saint. If not for you once again, I would’ve taken it away. There are so many more people here who are more suited for the Immortal Crane Scripture than him.".
"In the end, even though he improved very quickly under the guidance of the legacies of these two masters, it was all because of pill refining! This is intolerable! Cultivators should just…".
"*Cough*, what was the second point again?" asked Elder Black Dragon with his weary eyes- he looked like he could fall asleep anytime soon.
He could not continue listening to her!
He thought to himself that he needed to interrupt Miss Qu Ni, otherwise she could ramble on for da

"To conclude, his cultivation style is all over the place, and even though the Superclass can allow him to absorb most techniques in the world and make them his own… Now that you mention it, Confucius was really a true master! Really, I deeply respect his talent. It is no wonder that he could nurture the seventy two Saints and other higher beings. If only I can see him one day…".
"*Cough*, Miss Qu Ni, what’s the second reason as to why you don’t approve of Chu Yu?" asked Elder Black Dragon as his lips twitched.
"Oh yea, the second point…" She combed and tidied up her silver hair as she continued with a stern expression, "His past is too complicated, it’s better to let him grow on his own. He’s like a weed that grew in the wilderness, he belongs to the wilderness, that’s where he can become the most powerful version of himself. If he comes to the island, he might wreck havoc and destroy everything here…".
"With regards to this point, I have to say something. Whatever he has experienced, it is very mysterious. Personally, I have no negative opinion of him. In fact, it’s the opposite, I truly respect him for being able to kill a Legendary Emperor with his magical equipment! Even though it was mostly the power of the magical equipment, now that we’re talking about this magical equipment, I suspect that…".
"*Cough Cough*.. Miss Qu Ni, is there a third point?"asked Elder Black Dragon. The eyelids which he had been tugging at were now opened as his eyes were now revealed!
It was as if there was a galaxy that was born inside and vanquished!
This was a veteran whose abilities could not be measured.
Qu Ni was a little unsatisfied as she looked at him. Just as she was about to get the crucial part, she was interrupted and the feeling bugged her.
But she could not push her luck, she could only hold in her annoyance and continue, "Thirdly, Warsong does not really like him.".
The first two points were long winded, and just as he was prepared to cut her short again, her third point was extremely concise.
This point however, made Elder Black Dragon raise his eyebrows as he said, " Warsong… that kid, does not like Chu Yu?".
"Yes," replied Qu Ni simply.
There was no need for any explanation, because Elder Black Dragon knew Warsong better than anyone.
He was the genius that Elder Black Dragon personally chose and guided.
When he saw Elder Black Dragon, he did not address him simply as elder or teacher, but master!
Because he was the direct heir to him!
"If I’m not mistaken, he’s actually going to find Chu Yu now," remarked Qu Ni with a smile.
"I wonder what will happen.".
"Oh? Warsong might lose," said Elder Black Dragon with a look of worry.
"Ha?" laughed Qu Ni. She looked beautiful even when she laughed.
"Warsong will lose? You’ve got to be kidding right? Chu Yu only managed to win because of his magical equipment, which, now that you mention it seems like…".
"There’s a eighty to ninety percent chance that he will lose," interrupted Elder Black Dragon as he looked into the sky. The look of worry on his face grew more intense.
He said, "This won’t do, I have to go and see how things turn out.".
After saying this, he vanished in a flash.
With a face of reluctance, Qu Ni continued where she could not finish, "It seems like one of the Nine sacred items…".

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