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Chapter 337: That's none of my business
Chu Yu brought Drizzle to the home of the Chu Clan in the North.
His return made the atmosphere in the house livelier.
Drizzle, in particular, stunned many of the people in the clan with her beautiful features and doll-like face.
Everyone was making guesses about where in the world Chu Yu had brought her back from.
Chu Yu’s mother even privately inquired whether or not this was his illegitimate daughter…
"What illegitimate daughter!".
"How old am I?".
"With her actual age, she can be my great great great great great great grandmother!".
Chu Yu hastily told his mother that this was a three thousand year old woman!
"She’s that old? She looks so cute though, if only she was my granddaughter," replied Song Yu with a sad expression.
That expression gave Chu Yu goosebumps.
"Mother’s still so young and beautiful, why is she rushing to get a grandchild?" Chu Yu thought to himself.
Chu Yu quickly used his divine sense to notify everyone that this was a Divine Lord who was actually three thousand years old.
This was to avoid any misunderstandings, and prevent her from exploding in anger from the crowd that surrounded her.
"This woman is the daughter of a Senior of the highest status. Moreover, she only looks young, *cough*, she’s actually more than three thousand years old, so please don’t run your mouths.".
A three thousand year old little girl… she was much older than everyone else!
It depressed Chu Yu.
In his heart, he felt that Drizzle probably kept child-like appearance intentionally.
At her current level of cultivation, it was no problem for her to take on a more mature looking appearance.
"It must be that she did not have a childhood, and now she wants to make up for it," thought Chu Yu to himself.

In reality, Chu Yu had misunderstood her. Even though she had experienced the past three thousand years, the amount of time she spent awake was only a little more than three years.
She did not realize that there was something wrong with the way she looked.
She had never even thought about it!
There were still people in the Chu clan who were in the process of seclusion.
Even though they consumed the same pills, they had different levels of ability, talent, and physique, which staggered their timings of breakthrough.
However, most of them had already come out of seclusion.
It was indeed as exaggerated as Chu Yu had once described.
Even their dog was in the Supreme Realm...
Most of the people in the clan rushed straight to the peaks of the Supreme Realm!
Pill condensation and birthing of pills, these were processes that were unbelievably hard in the past. But it was not a problem with Chu Yu’s pill techniques.
If Chu Yu did not take the extra precaution by limiting their progression, for the fear that they might have progressed beyond their means and lost themselves, he could easily let them break into the True Lord Realm!
Chu Yu’s powers had long surpassed his former self.
Even Chu Yu’s father could not hold back his emotions as his family all ascended in progression along with him.
"I am Chu Yu’s father, Chu Tian Bei!" proclaimed the man proudly.
Even his strict father had softened- it showed that there was still love in the world.
Even though his family was noisy, it gave Chu Yu a kind of inner peace.
Albeit just a little.
This was just the calm before the storm.
He told Drizzle directly that he wanted to go into seclusion, and asked her to train peacefully in his home.
"You’re not scared that I absorb all the spiritual energy here?" asked Drizzle.
"I am afraid. So you have to control yourself," said Chu Yu.
"I can’t control it, I don’t want to either. Are you going to marry me or not?" asked Drizzle as she looked at him.
What the

What was this?
Did she really know what marriage meant? Chu Yu highly doubted it.
He looked at her with a steaming head.
With a look of seriousness, she said, "If you promise to marry me, we can get engaged first. In that case, we will be one family, and I can stay here to train peacefully. Plus, I will control myself and not suck the spiritual energy here dry, in consideration that we are a family.".
Family my *ss!
Did Shen Xing and Fei Xue know that their daughter was like this?
"I can’t promise you that. Don’t mention marriage ever again in the future," said Chu Yu sternly.
Chu Yu looked at her and said, "Since you think that you’re so mature and that you know everything, I’ll just tell you this. There’s only one woman I love!".
As he said this, the face of a girl went across his mind.
This image brought back bad memories as he furrowed his eyebrows, wanting to rid his mind of it.
"Alright then, I’ll leave. I don’t like you anyway, I just wanted to repay you," said Drizzle with an upset face.
After saying this, she turned to a side and softly said, "I thank you again for saving my life and bringing me out of the Tai Ji Sect. One day, I will definitely repay you!".
"Where are you going?" asked Chu Yu.
He did not feel that he was in the wrong for turning her down, but he did after all, promise to take care of her for Fei Xue and Shen Xing.
"None of your business," said Drizzle as she turned around and smiled.
"Don’t forget, I’m much more powerful than you! Sleeping for three thousand years has pushed me beyond frustration, I want to become a brazen little demoness!".
After saying this, her body morphed into a rainbow and went far away.
"Uh…" Chu Yu raised his arm and wanted to stop her, but he did not.
This girl was not an idiot.
Apart from her appearance, she was clearly a calm, intellectual and resolute person.
She was like a little evil princess.
A powerful elderly kid of the Cultivation world!
Forget it, if she wanted to see the outside world for herself, she could do so.
Chu Yu sighed and turned around.
His communication device beeped as a message from Fatty popped up, asking Chu Yu straightforwardly whether or not he was the one who had killed the Western Son of God.
Chu Yu thought this was strange as he did not expect the news to get out so quickly.
"What’s the situation?" asked Chu Yu in return.
"Haven’t you seen the news? The people in the Vatican City are enraged, they want to start a war…" replied Fatty quickly.
He continued, "Their Son of God died in the East and now they’re rallying against us. If you turn on your device you can even see their press conference now.".
"No, what I meant was how did you know that I was the one who killed him?"asked Chu Yu as he furrowed his eyebrows.
When he had killed that Son of God, no one from outside of the village knew.
Even if the Vatican City had put in place some special measures, such as implanting a seal of sorts on his body, they should not have found out so quickly.
"I knew it was you… damn!" said Fatty, pleasantly surprised.
"I only guessed, I didn’t know for sure.".
"You guessed?" said Chu Yu, a little annoyed.
"In the East, there are not many who possess the ability to kill the Son of God, but there are quite a few who have good reason to do so. I don’t know how you did it, but I had an inkling that it was you, hahaha.".
Fatty was delighted.
Chu Yu felt a little uneasy.
If Fatty could blindly guess that it was him who had killed the Son of God, that meant that the enemies could have easily guessed it as well.
They definitely could have!
"What the hell? This doesn’t look right, why are there so many bird people? Chu Yu hurry, go look at the press conference…".
After Fatty had said this, the connection from the other side went silent.
Chu Yu turned on his communication device and watched the Western Press Conference.
It was on the front page of the news, and a light screen popped up to show the press conference when Chu Yu clicked the link.
A large number of winged men and women had appeared in the frame.
These were… angels?
Chu Yu was a little shocked.
Social media went crazy as the angels went viral!
"What the f*ck… are those bird men?"
"Bird men with feathers, they’re angels!"
"The one in front has nine wings? There’s four on one side and five on the other, why aren’t they symmetrical? My OCD is acting up, let me fix it for him!".
"What, a bunch of bird men... No, angels, nine winged angels, eight winged angels… are they starting a revolution?".
"Something big is happening… Come and take a look!".
Why did it seem like a large movement had started?
Were they really going to instigate a war?
The scene depicted an archbishop in red robes howling and rallying his men, accusing the Eastern Cultivators of murdering the Son of God. He wanted the Eastern Cultivators to take responsibility for what they had done and hand over the killer.
Otherwise, they would start a war.
Chu Yu sighed.
After this, he typed a short comment on his social media page…
"A thief stole from another’s house and was discovered by the owner, forcing him to hide outside the window. Because of his lack of physical training, he fell down from the window and died. The parents and close friends of the thief were mad and swore to take revenge. Many did not understand as the thief had deserved to die, so why did his family and friends insist on taking revenge? Reality proved that the family and friends of a thief would never ever admit his shortcomings, when he was actually nothing but a thief!".
Chu Yu had a large presence on social media.
Even though he did not talk much on it, he had a few billion followers.
Once he uploaded this comment, many people shared it within seconds.
Many of them even cheered him on.
"That’s a good criticism!".
"Nice one!".
"That dumb Western Son of God, why would he appear in the East for no reason? He must be a thief!".
"Hahaha the thief clearly fell to his death by himself and yet his family insist that he was murdered? If I was the owner of the house he was stealing from, I would’ve sent a flying kick straight in his face…".
"Wow, has Prince Chu resurfaced again? I haven’t heard any news of you for so long, what cultivation level are you at now?".
"Prince Chu you’re the representative figure for common people like us, when are you going to challenge those geniuses?"
The web was filled with different responses.
Those who followed him came from all sorts of backgrounds.
It even included Li Feng Mang from the Truth Ancient Sect, Bai Sha Ren from the South Sky Sect, and Ye Yun Luo from the Shang Qing Sect.
When they saw that there were people asking when Chu Yu would go and challenge those geniuses from the major Sects, they could not resist rolling their eyes.
What infuriated them even further was the idiot who replied to this comment after that.
"Actually, he has already fought them, and they all admitted defeat.".
This b*stard…. f*ck!
The chinese community was mostly jolly as the one who had died was a Western Son of God, they felt nothing about his death.
But Chu Yu’s comment caused the people in the West to explode with rage.
In addition to the netizens in the West, the people in the Vatican City were absolutely enraged!
"Chu Yu of the East, what do you mean by this? Are you telling us that you are that owner of the house?" asked the archbishop at the press conference.
Chu Yu watched on and replied, "That’s none of my business, I was merely commenting, if you guys have any guts you should go look for the Tai Ji Sect!".

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