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Chapter 338: Come and fight me!
The Tai Ji Sect?
What did he mean?
Could Chu Yu have known something?
Otherwise, why would he be so smug?
Was it wise to offend one of the most powerful Sects in the world?
Those who were acquainted with the Tai Ji Sect got nervous.
Anyone could tell that Chu Yu was clearly defaming the Tai Ji Sect!
Even if this was true, normal people would not have dared to loosely say such things.
They would not have dared to offend such a powerhouse so lightly.
Where did Chu Yu get his courage from?
Where in the world?
There was no courage involved or whatsoever, Chu Yu was just loosely commenting.
Even if people from the Tai Ji Sect reacted to this and looked for him, he could have easily pushed the blame and averted the problem.
"I was just casually commenting, if you guys did not murder him, why would you be so uptight and nervous?". This was the response he had in mind.
If they did not murder anyone, under normal circumstances, the Tai Ji Sect would not have been afraid at all.
Chu Yu still did not know that the Tai Ji Sect had been utterly destroyed by the implosion of Shen Xing and Fei Xue.
However, it did not matter.
Chu Yu would never have admitted that he was the one who had killed the Son of God.
Only a madman would admit it after seeing those bloodthirsty Westerners and Birdmen, who were hell bent on revenge.
As a result, Chu Yu closed his Communication device and prepared to train his cultivation.
He could care less!
He could tell that the world was never truly unified.
Every individual had his own pursuits and his own goals.
Only those who went to the Bastion of Stars were worthy of respect!
They were heroes who were willing to sacrifice themselves for their home.
I’ll join them once I kill the Butterfly Dance Immortal!
Chu Yu was not afraid of dying in the battle field.
Suddenly, a person called for Chu Yu, stating that someone named Chai Xue was here to visit him.
Chai Xue, the popular girl from his school? The disciple of the Shang Qing Sect?
Why was she here?
The last time he saw her was when he went to Canada to search for Yi’s tomb.
Back then, Chai Xue had invited him to join the Shang Qing Sect, and he said that he would consider it.
A long string of events ensued and the matter was forgotten about.
When he had met masters Ye Yun Luo and Li Xiao Xiao, they did not mention anything regarding this matter. Perhaps they did not know about it.
What did she want now?
Did she still want him to join the Shang Qing Sect?
He invited her in.
Upon seeing her, Chu Yu’s face lit up as he smiled, "My old friend’s become even prettier again!".
"Ah, I haven’t seen you in a while and you’ve become so good at flattery? How uncanny! What changed you?" laughed Chai Xue in response, sitting down and pouring herself a cup of water casually.
She looked at him expectantly and said, "You’ve changed quite a bit.".
Chu Yu rubbed his short white hair and laughed, but he did not say anything.
Chai Xue looked at Chu Yu and observed her surroundings.
"It’s safe here," said Chu Yu.
She nodded her head and replied, "Of course you’re safe, I on the other hand…".
She sighed, and as she said this, she took out a bunch of little gadgets from her pockets. Some of them were even as small as dust specks!
If one did not possess a considerable cultivation level, he would not have been able to tell what they were.
"I knew that b*stard would do something to me!" uttered Chai Xue with a solemn expression.
"Hey, popular girl, it’s not good to say bad things about a person," laughed Chu Yu.
"I’m being forced into a corner here!" said Chai Xue.
As she said this, she looked at Chu Yu’s white hair and asked soft

ly, "Did something happen… to her?".
Chu Yu was a little taken aback by this question and he looked at her without saying anything.
Chai Xue continued softly, "My family owns a high-quality Satellite above the pacific ocean…".
She sighed, "Even though it only captured some blurry images, I could still recognise her. I don’t know what exactly happened, but I can understand a little now.".
Chu Yu remained silent and did not speak.
She looked at Chu Yu and said, "About you killing the Son of God, it’s very likely that news has begun to spread.".
"Oh?" said Chu Yu as he raised his eyebrows, although his face remained calm. He was only a little surprised.
Chai Xue looked at him and softly said, "An advanced technology has emerged on Earth that has long surpassed the olden stuff. According to what i know, this technology was brought here by a Martian called Red light. And now, he’s in the West.".
"A surveillance technology?" asked Chu Yu as he looked at her.
Chai Xue nodded her head as she looked at him with a face of worry, "A Martian named Orange light has given us the same technology and it’s very powerful. Much more powerful than any Satellite we know of. It’s very small in size and it’s hard to detect, and it can look over an entire area while localizing itself.".
She continued, "The stuff that I took out from my pockets just now were all his doing. Moreover, the robots he makes are terrifying, they can place these things on people’s bodies without them noticing at all.".
"Does this mean that these things can detect what satellites cannot?" asked Chu Yu.
"Yea, I wanted to let you know about them long ago, but I never had any news about your whereabouts. Moreover…",
She looked at him and continued, "I did not dare to tell you this through the communication device.".
"I understand, thank you, Chai Xue," said Chu Yu as he nodded his head.
"You don’t need to thank me, we’re classmates after all, and friends at that," smiled Chai Xue.
"Is there anything else you’re here for?" asked Chu Yu.
"Look at you, chasing me off after I’ve said just three sentences. Can’t I come to catch up with an old friend?" said Chai Xue half-jokingly with a face of anger, but she knew her limits.
She looked at Chu Yu sand said, "It’s the same thing as before. In the Shang Qing Sect, there’s a grand master who’s of the same status as the Sect Leader. He likes you very much and wishes that you can become a disciple of the Shang Qing Sect. At the same time, the country, the country wishes that you would stand by its side as well…".
"The country?" asked Chu Yu curiously.
"I’ve always stood by the country’s side," said Chu Yu with a stern look.
"I know," said Chai Xue.
"This is what I was tasked with for my visit this time.".
"Is there something else that you were not tasked with?" asked Chu Yu.
"Of course.".
She sighed and said, "I’ve always had this inkling that that Martian, Orange Light, harbours ill intentions. But I’ve got no choice, most people like him. Actually, what I want to tell you is that…",
As she said this, she took out another small object from her body and crushed it with her hands.
"Is there an end to this?!" she yelled.
These things were usually hard to detect, their presence could only have been felt in the instance where they were activated.
She could tolerate it on normals days, but she did not want people to know what she was going to tell Chu Yu.
Chu Yu facepalmed and said, "Alright let me try this, wait….".
After which, he concentrated his energy onto his eyes and looked at Chai Xue like a mine sweeper.
"Hey… are you using X-ray vision?" asked Chai Xue with a face of shock as she covered her chest with her hands.
"What are you looking at?!" she asked in horror.
"What X ray vision?" said Chu Yu, unfazed by Chai Xue’s embarrassment, as he uncovered a dozen unactivated probes on her body.
These things were amazing, some were even as fine as dust!
Chai Xue looked at him suspiciously and said, "You definitely have X-Ray vision… But, you can look if you like it, I’m not against it.".
"Uh… right," said Chu Yu, a little annoyed.
Chai Xue got over it and looked at him with a serious expression.
"The point is, I don’t want you to join the Shang Qing Sect, or any organisation for that matter. I just want you to be loyal to China, that is all," said Chai Xue.
"What’s the matter?" asked Chu Yu as he looked at her.
"It’s complicated, I can’t explain it in a few sentences," replied Chai Xue.
She sighed and said, "Anyway, you won’t easily join any Sect right? I know that those things don’t mean much to you.".
"I’m just here to remind you that there are many powerful people who have noticed you, you must be careful!".
Her face was very serious as she said, "If it’s possible, you should leave Earth. The western angels and knights are determined to kill you.".
Chu Yu laughed and replied, "I’ll let them if they can put one foot through the door of the Chu Household!".
Chai Xue sighed and said, "I know that you’re powerful and that you have the ability to back your words, but it’s never a good thing to have too many enemies.".
"I can’t decide what others think of me," sighed Chu Yu.
"If… there’s any obstacle that you can’t overcome, I… I will definitely face it with you, I won’t leave you alone," said Chai Xue.
After she managed to finish her sentence, she turned her back and left with a blushed face.
"Ah…" sighed Chu Yu as he watched her leave.
"Why did you have to do that?"said Chu Yu to himself.
Chu Yu never thought about the things that Chai Xue had said.
He remembered that he had once killed a man named White light, who was from Mars as well.
Red light, Orange light… White light?
They seemed to be from the same organisation.
As he was the one who had killed White Light, the other two had good reason to survey and target him if they knew about it.
He thought to himself that he should be more careful from here on as his actions were probably constantly surveyed by the enemy.
His communication device rang and Chu Yu picked it up.
Fatty’s angered voice resounded from the device as he said, "What’s going on? They’ve just confirmed that it was you who murdered the Son of God in the press conference. They even published many photos there and damn, they’re all in high definition… *cough*, all of them!".
Chu Yu did not reply as he opened his device.
He saw those photos, and they were indeed images of him killing the Son of God.
Most of them were not clear, after all, Chu Yu was moving at an extreme speed. Only the light that was given off from the energy around him could be seen.
The backdrop of the village, however, was crystal clear.
He had to give it to them, that they even had satellites surveying such remote areas.
He guessed that those Satellites could probably detect energy waves.
The Archbishop in red robes was enraged and constantly berated Chu Yu at the press conference, swearing that he would cut his body into a thousand pieces and smash his bones.
"I will find his family and send them to hell along with him!" howled the Archbishop in a rage.
Chu Yu logged in into his personal account and uploaded a comment immediately: "How can you falsely accuse someone as you wish just because of some photoshopped photos? You guys are a bunch of embarrassing idiots, come and fight me if you guys want to!".

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