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Chapter 325: The Road to Immortality
"You know about it? You really do?" asked Shen Xing with his face lit up.

He was completely unreserved and behaved unlike someone of his stature.

He looked like a drowning man that had grabbed on to something that gave him hope.

A man of high status was expected to be calm and poised, looking down from above. But Shen Xing was acting so earthly, it was hard to believe.

If one was to tell Shen Xing these things now, he would definitely have rolled his eyes and reprimanded that person.

Your sister is poised!

Calm be your grandfather!

High and mighty on your grandmother’s thighs!

I for one know better than anyone in behaving appropriately!

But now, I only know, I only want my daughter to recover!

To let her live a normal life!

Who cares if she turns out to be a normal person and only lives a couple of hundred years. As long as she was healthy, that was enough for me!

Who cares about being mighty? I can do that anytime!

Even if it I had to give that up, no, even if I had to give my life, it was worth it.

These thoughts ran around Shen Xing’s mind.

Of course, Chu Yu did not ask what price he was willing to pay for this.

He looked at the anxious Shen Xing and suddenly remembered the state of his father when Chu Yu was deemed a cripple when he was young.

His father shed many tears in the dark.

He thought he knew how his father felt, but it was merely a thought, he never really did.

At that time he did not have the depth of emotional understanding to perceive how his father felt, but now, he could understand it a little better.

Which is why kinship was of utmost importance to him.

Perhaps he would understand these things better if he became a father.

Parents could truly give up their lives for their children.

Which was why Chu Yu was not shocked by Shen Xing’s actions.

"The Pill of Heavenly Pulse," said Chu Yu as he looked at Shen Xing.


Shen Xing heaved as he suddenly reached out his hands in front of him and put them together, a sign of reliance and trust.

He said, "As long as here is a ray of hope, I will not give up, if it fails the second time, we will try again!".

Shen Xing’s face showed his emotional struggle clearly, he bit his lips and said, "So what if I have to give up this body of Saint blood, I have to save her! So please, I implore you brother of Dao…".

"I will try my best," replied Chu Yu as he returned the gesture after a short pause.

"Thank you my friend of Dao!" said Shen Xing, the cusps of his eyes were tinted with a red flush.

At the side, Fei Xue wiped the tears off the edges of her eyes.

They were suffering so much for their child.

All of sudden, Fei Xue asked, "Oh right, Mr Chu, did you come here specifically for something?".

Shen Xing lightly whacked his head and said, "Aiya, this memory of mine, I apologise I apologise. You seem to have come here specifically to relay a message right?".

Oh now you remember? That wasn’t easy. Chu Yu thought to himself awkwardly.

"I came here because I went to a place called the mirror dimension awhile ago," Chu Yu explained.

"What? You’ve entered the Mirror Dimension?" asked Shen Xing surprisingly, a light flashed across his eyes.
"You’ve been there too senior?" asked Chu Yu, a little shocked.

Shen Xing shook his head and responded, "We are friends of Dao, you do not have to address me formally. I know about that place, it was a dimension opened up for other worldly foes to attack us.".
Chu Yu nodded.

"What has changed there? It has been about… Six hundred thousand years." asked Shen Xing as he frowned.

"I’ve fought with them many times, their younger generations are all very powerful, and i’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg, but it was more than enough," replied Chu Yu.

"And, before I knew about the Bastion of Stars, a Saint that resided there even laid a trap meant for those Saints of the great Dao that were there to investigate.".

"I feel that all the Sects should know these facts."

Chu Yu went on and talked about these things.

Shen Xing sat there in deep thought.

After awhile, he asked Chu Yu, "You mean to say that there are many of us in the mirror dimension?".

"Yes, some probably went there six thousand years ago after leaving the emperor star," replied Chu Yu.

"Those saints you speak of, do you know any of their names?" asked Shen Xing.

"I know a female Saint, her name is the Yue Ying," said Chu Yu.

"Yue Ying?" Shen Xing looked a little befuddled as he turned to his side and looked at Fei Xue.

Fei Xue did not look back, she covered her mouth with her hands in disbelief, and said, "Sister Yue Ying.. is still alive?".

"You know each other?" asked Chu Yu, taken aback.

Fei Xue nodded her head and said, "Of course we do, she was one of the most gifted ones in the golden generation of our era.".

Looking at Shen Xing with a cheeky smile, she said, "Someone here was her secret admirer for many years.".

Shen Xing coughed and said, "All that was in the past, why mention it now?".

Although they joked about it, the news was huge. Chu Yu laughed, every generation had their stories.

Shen Xing looked at Chu Yu sternly and said, "So you wish to visit every major Sect and inform this of this? Inform them that you went there and tell them about your experiences so that they would stand together and fight?".

Fei Xue sighed and said, "You think too simply of this matter.".

Chu Yu did not even have the chance to speak.

She looked at Chu Yu and said, "We know how you feel, and understand the urgency. Let me tell you about a few things I know.".

Chu Yu nodded his head and sat there.

Fei Xue looked at Shen Xing first, and after he nodded his head, she continued, "Sixty thousand years ago, a crisis came out of nowhere, and it exceeded all expectations. In that era, the great land of Dao was immensely powerful, one could even say that it was in its glorious prime. Do you know how many Saints there were in the emperor star at that time?".

She continued, "There were more than ten thousand beings that were above the level of Saint, some had even become Saints secretly. That was also why no one expected that people from other universes would form an alliance and attack us. It caught us off guard, and we suffered severe losses at first.".

"But after we woke up from the initial shock, we fought back and a huge war erupted.".

She looked at Chu Yu, "There were many versions of the story, but the true root of the war, in reality, there was only one.".

"The road to immortality," said Shen Xing.

Shen Xing began, "Once a person became a Saint, any further progress was blocked completely. The laws of this realm never allowed for a such an existence. But legend had it that an ancient path to such an existence existed on the emperor star.".

Chu Yu immediately linked this to his teacher, The Monkey. Back in his day, the laws of this realm was probably much stronger than the ones that existed now.

Shen Xing continued, "This realm that we inhabit now, it is probably the product of that war.".

"It’s like a broken barrel. At first, when it was still intact, it could hold a gallon of water. But once it was damaged, the amount of water it could hold would naturally decrease. That is why in this era, if one could become a Saint, it was considered finding enlightenment. No matter how deep of an affinity one had with cultivation, it seems that the next step is unattainable.".

"Unless we repair this barrel?" asked Chu Yu.

"Hahaha, it can never be fixed, not even Saints can do it," laughed Shen Xing as he shook his head.

"Regarding this war, there was another saying - they say that the invaders attacked us to obtain our way of dao, so that they could find enlightenment, but doesn’t this sound ridiculous?" remarked Fei Xue.

Shen Xing added on, "There was another theory that there were too many beings of deep and vast cultivation, and that led to feelings of greed, which manifested and exploded, and became an uncontrollable force in the world. Perhaps my level of cultivation is insufficient, but such a problem definitely does not exist, not in our era!".

Chu Yu never expected Shen Xing to know of such legends.

Chu Yu knew of the same legends from the spiritual soul of his teacher.

He had felt so convicted in his purpose, but now, he was swayed by what these two Saints had said.

Even though they did not exactly behave like Saints, they were without a doubt, masters of this era!

Their knowledge of the truths of this world were perhaps the most profound.

"So, as I mentioned, the invaders attacked us precisely for that road. But the funny thing is that even we have not found that road after countless years of endeavour. How could they just come and find it like that?" said Shen Xing.

Shen Xing shook his head and sighed, "There’s no need for you to go find the other Sects, they all know about this.".

Fei Xue looked at Chu Yu and said, "From their point of view, unless they managed to break into the Bastion of Stars, there was no road to enter here. For you to freely come and go, its only possible because your blood flows with the energy here.".

Shen Xing said, "The laws of the great land of Dao are different from the other places, unless they break in from the Bastion of Stars, there is really no other way in. This was verified sixty thousand years ago.".

"If that’s that case, I’m relieved then, the war is right on the Bastion of Stars, I got it," said Chu Yu.

"Oh? What do you mean by this? You want to go to war? No way, your level of cultivation is too low! It’s not what you imagine it to be either. Over there, war is prevalent, like an eternal battle, all sorts of tactics are employed. Every time a war breaks out, it could destroy the stars. Indeed, it is a battle of the stars. So you definitely cannot go there at your current level," implored Shen Xing.

Fei Xue agreed, "There is no way you can go there.".

Chu Yu sighed and said, "Hmm, nevermind that, let’s start refining the pill.".

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