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Shen Xing looked at Chu Yu sternly and said, "You really cannot go.".

"Perhaps when you’ve become a Saint you can consider," remarked Fei Xue.

"No worries, lets refine the pill first," replied Chu Yu.

Shen Xing looked at the short white hair on Chu Yu’s head and said, "Brother, even if you wanted to die, this isn’t the way to do it, there’s no meaning in this.".

Fei Xue opened her eyes wide and glared at her husband, as if to tell him that he had crossed the line.

Disregarding her glare, Shen Xing continued, "One look and it’s obvious that you have some anguish in your heart, I can clearly sense your desire to die from your body.".

Fei Xue sighed and gave a worrisome look.

Even if Chu Yu were to fail in refining the pill and curing her daughter, she liked the young man.

It reminded her of her brother.

As a Saint herself, she too could clearly sense his desire to die.

She did not wish for such an outstanding young man to give up his life just like that.

Shen Xing looked at Chu Yu and said, "If there’s anything we can do, do let us know.".

Chu Yu gave a wry smile and replied, "Alright, let’s refine the pill!".

Shen Xing nodded and said, "Alright, let’s do it!".

After which, Shen Xing brought him to the deepest depths of the immortal estate. From a place that was sealed with countless magical formations, he retrieved a dozen boxes forged with divine gold.

From the looks of the box alone, Chu Yu could barely hold his breath.

Shen Xing was too wasteful!

If the gold used to forge these boxes were used to forge magical equipments instead, they would definitely be immensely powerful.

Even though he was no expert in forging magical equipments, he could tell that these divine gold were Saint grade materials.

However, here, they were simply used to make mere boxes that served no other purpose apart from keeping things.

With a dignified look on his face, Shen Xing opened a box.

A bunch of green twigs laid in it.

If not for the powerful life force that they were radiating, Chu Yu would have thought that they were fake!

They were entirely green, and were close to being transparent, like an emerald branch.

There was a small leaf at the end of every twig.

The life force that it radiated was so immense that it could virtually reincarnate a person.

Chu Yu was shocked, looking at the twig, he said, "The Tensui Twig grows at an empty void, a land of chaos. It wanders eternally and is hard to track, I never thought anyone could find it!".

Shen Xing sighed and said, "I searched for it in the vast sea of stars for five hundred years.".

He did not continue, but Chu Yu could feel the loneliness Shen Xing had to endure as a saint while searching for it in the sea of stars, all to save his daughter.

Parents were willing to do anything for their children.

Five hundred years- even though it was a mere petal on a flower in the eyes of powerful cultivators, even though it was only enough time for one to go into a cycle of seclusion, If one was to search constantly for these five hundred years, the loneliness and solitude was not something a regular person could endure.

Shen Xing opened the second box, and a herb that looked like ginseng appeared in front of Chu Yu.

But this herb was purple and gold in color!

In addition to this, there were countless seals plastered onto it!

Even with all these seals, the herb still emanated a strong medical aura.

Chu Yu’s body shivered a little as he said, "The Purple and Gold Ginseng…".

Shen Xing looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "You truly are the heir to the Craint Saint, if it was anyone else, they would’ve thought that this was refined ginseng…".

"Actually, it is a type of ginseng," remarked Chu Yu.

Shen Xing thought about it and agreed, "You’re right, it is basically ginseng.".

What the two did not mention was that even though this was a type of ginseng, the difference between it and regular ginseng was incredible!

It was like the difference between a normal human being and a saint!

According to the records on the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, the Purple and Gold ginseng could only grow on land that was pure.

What did that mean? Even the common Saint would not have seen truly pure land before.

All the land in the world were contained within the five elements, even divine land was considered a type of land that was within the five elements.

But pure land, however, was not.

It was a special land that superseded the five elements.

"Was this obtained from the emperor star?" asked Chu Yu.

Shen Xing nodded his head and said, "Back then, the amount of divine items on the emperor star were aplenty, if one went there today, the items one can find should be considerable.".

After saying this, Shen Xing opened the third box.

Before opening it, Shen Xing’s eyes became incomparably serious, as if there was a beast in the box that would run berserk if it was released.

As he opened the box, the Saint aura around Shen Xing erupted as well.

Chu Yu was stunned, and he thought to himself, "Could it be that medical herb?".

"Is it really that medical herb that required the suppression of saint aura?".

Even though the saint aura was not directed at Chu Yu, the pressure he felt was like a huge mountain crushing his body.

Even with the powers he possessed, he could not do anything about it.

In these moments, Shen Xing truly seemed like a Saint.

His two hands were forming seals at a rapid speed, and divine beasts leapt from his body into the box at the same time.

The waves emitted from the box made it seem like there was indeed a fearsome beast hidden within.

There were even roars that echoed out!

Shen Xing uttered, "Shut up you beast!".

The saint aura surrounding him released dozens of divine chains that flew into the box.

After this, the commotion quietened down.

Shen Xing was a little pale.

It had to be it!

Chu Yu was beyond shell shocked- for a saint to have treated the ingredient with such a serious attitude, and for it to have been an ingredient for the Pill of Heavenly Pulse, it had to be the Manticore Grass.

A mysterious plant that most cultivators would not even have heard of.

The Manticore Grass was a medical herb that could transform into a Manticore, and it was a top-grade herb that even saints could not classify properly!

It was clearly a plant, yet when it transformed into a manticore, it was extremely realistic and possessed all the physical features of the beast.

According to the records on the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, legends had it that when a Manticore died and its soul refused reincarnation, it would have been left behind in a mysterious and magical grass, which was the called the Manticore Grass.

But this was, as the scripture said, only a legend.

No one knew how this grass was grown or formed.

The blinding light that was in the box dispersed


It revealed a normal looking grass that gave off a faint light.

It was about a feet in length, like the size of an orchid.

If it had not emanated any energy, one would never have thought that this was a terrifying divine object!

Chu Yu’s lips trembled slightly, looking at Shen Xing, he could see that his eyes were full of awe as well.

The Tensui Twig, the Purple and Gold Ginseng, the Manticore Grass…

They were all herbs of the highest grade and were considered divine medicine.

Especially the Manticore grass, which was only seen by the Crane Saint once and was never once in his possession.

Shen Xing actually managed to obtain it.

"My apologies, there was no other way I could go about it," said Shen Xing as he looked at Chu Yu, apologising for the spiritual pressure he had to assert before that.

"No problem! Your powers were amazing!" said Chu Yu.

Shen Xing gave a wry smile and said, "I paid a huge price to obtain this.".

Even though he did not go into the details, it was easy to imagine why he needed to pay a huge price for these three divine medical herbs.

The lands that these divine medical herbs grew on were largely guarded by powerful demons.

Disregarding the beasts that these medicine could transform into, the demons would have deterred most people from going near them.

Some of them were even more terrifying than Saints!

But for the sake of his daughter, Shen Xing had to fight!

Chu Yu said, "Actually… The Pill of Heavenly Pulse does not require such divine medical herbs. To use these herbs on this pill would be…".

"I know.".

Shen Xing replied without letting Chu Yu finish.

"I’ve met the Crane Saint when I was younger, and even learnt some pill refinement techniques from him. I’ve seen the scripture too, otherwise I would never have known about the existence of the Pill of Heavenly pulse.".

Lightly chuckling, he continued, "So if you put it like this, I can be considered your direct senior!".

"Ah?" Chu Yu did not expect them to be linked in this manner.

"However, I was only his disciple in name, the Crane Saint never thought highly of me, he even said that I have insufficient talent in pill refinement, and he advised me to pursue another expertise.".

He laughed as he said, "I have to thank him for chasing me away back then, if not this world would have one less saint.".

Chu Yu laughed along as well.

He never thought that a powerful saint like Shen Xing would have a backstory like this.

"So, I know what the Pill of Heavenly Pulse needs, but these three are definitely the best out of the best!" said Shen Xing.

"That goes without saying," Chu Yu thought to himself.

Apart from these three medical herbs, there was virtually nothing better in the world.

"You really want to use these three medical herbs to refine the pill? Since you’ve seen the scripture before, you should also know that these three herbs can be used to make better pills for other purposes," remarked Chu Yu.

"It has to be this three! Nothing is more important to me than my daughter!" insisted Shen Xing.

"I understand, let’s begin then," replied Chu Yu.

Shen Xing grew a bit nervous.

Even if he was a Saint, these things were unavoidable.

He looked at Chu Yu and asked, "How confident are you?".

Chu Yu gave a wry smile and replied, "To be honest, I’m not confident at all!".

"..." Shen Xing looked at Chu Yu with a depressed expression as he wished that he had not asked.

"This is the truth, my level of cultivation now is too low. It would be best for someone of Saint status to refine these types of pills," said Chu Yu honestly.

"But I can’t do it, If I knew earlier I would’ve followed the Crane Saint for a longer time back then," said Shen Xing with a crestfallen look.

Tsk! Before this, he said that he was thankful that the Crane Saint had kicked him out, now he wishes for the opposite instead, how ironic!

"Actually, I have an idea, I can refine the pill, but you have to be by my side and help me do whatever I tell you to do," said Chu Yu.

"No problem at all!" Shen Xing agreed immediately without a second thought.

"Alright, let’s begin then," said Chu Yu as he took out the Immortal Crane Furnace.

Shen Xing looked at the Immortal Crane Furnace, lifted his brows slightly, and said, "This is….".

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