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Old Yellow sighed lightly, "Right now, the power balance in the world is dicey. Even though they have taken over Qing Qiu, they’re extremely low profile and have had little interactions with the outside world. That’s why you can’t really gather much information."

"Does this mean that no one knows who or what is there?" Chu Yu asked.

Old Yellow nodded, "You may have been gone for a decade, but to the Earth, you were just gone for a few months. The invasion of Qing Qiu happened quite recently. If they are conscientiously keeping a low profile, there’s nothing that we can do."

Chu Yu had a revaluation and said, "I forgot the opportunities here."

Lord Thief added, "According to you, if the Mirror World wants to invade us, they must bypass the Bastion of the Stars right?"

Chu Yu nodded.

Lord Thief let out a long sigh, "You had me frightened, it’s a good thing there are people there."


Chu Yu glanced at it, "Sooner or later, it’ll be our turn!"


"Later! Definitely later! I am still young, I still want to live..." Lord Thief said.

"If we don’t end this war for good, this will never conclude." Chu Yu sighed.

The entire atmosphere became extremely solemn.

They simply could not avoid this topic.

This was not a world which had been unsealed after aeons, where life forms could cultivate as they pleased.

This was a world which had been unsealed after aeons, about to be faced with the brutal cultivation world!

The entire Solar System was like a fat lamb ready for the slaughter!

It had never been otherwise!

"This is why, ignorance is bliss. It’s such a pity that people continue to expand their knowledge. At the end of the day, it is all for nothing." Lord Thief lay on the table, murmuring.

Old Yellow had a different viewpoint, "Knowledge has its benefits too! Only by studying can you broaden your horizons. Else, you will always be a fool."

"What’s bad about being a fool? Does it affect what I eat or what I drink?" Lord Thief rebutted.

Actually, it was quite knowledgeable.

The two of them were amongst some of the most knowledgeable amongst the demons.

Else, they could not possibly unite the entire group of Northern Demons under their banner.

Then, Lord Thief looked up at Chu Yu, "Damn, do you have any good news? Exciting news? Something that will interest me? Don’t just tell us the heavy, solemn stuff. Life is hard enough as it is, stop making it worse."

Chu Yu laughed, "Then, how about traveling the world with me and battling others?"

"F*ck me!’

Lord Thief nearly fell off the table. It steadied itself, then planted its wingtips on the table, its eyes glimmering, "Are you for real?"

Old Yellow was also extremely excited. Chu Yu sighed

What surprised Chu Yu was that Fang Lie... was also excited.

Are you all battlemaniacs?

Chu Yu wanted to ask.

He then looked at Lord Thief, "The Bastion of the Stars has been a battlefield since the ancient times, why don’t you want to go?"

"Do you think I am dumb? I am very smart okay!"

Lord Thief glared at Chu Yu and said furiously, "It will be suicide to go! I still have a long life to lead! Going out with you is completely different? Is it the same? Huh? Is it?"

"..." Chu Yu was exasperated, but he couldn’t find words to rebut Lord Thief.

Then, he chuckled icily, "Naive, how do you know the Earth has no powerful cultivators? If a Legendary Emperor comes out and kills me, you won’t be able to run either."

Lord Thief snickered, "Does that mean you can take down Divine Lords?"

Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

Lord Thief said, "I knew that even though you look loyal, you are quite despicable. Even though you say I am despicable, you are worse. Would you do something where you won’t benefit?"

"Hehe, I do stuff like that all the time." Chu Yu chuckled icily.

"Oh really, but you always come out on top." Lord Thief also chuckled icily.

Old Yellow said to the side, "Okay enough, tell us, who’s first on the list?"

Fang Lie’s eyes brightened.

Chu Yu said flatly, "Qing Qiu!"


This time, in a deep valley.

The Ancient Zhou Clan decided to set up camp here.

This was once a barren valley with little people passing through.

Now, it was imposing and had infrastructure all over the place.

At the end of the valley was a huge palace. Even though it was late at night, a fire burnt brightly.

Many people were gathered there.

But they were all silent.

Zhou Xiang knelt in front of the palace silently, his head lowered.

Beside him stood the silver haired, imposing elder, the muscular old woman, and the middle aged man.


The latter two were quite badly injured as they stood there with their heads lowered.

A green robed youth sat at the top of the hall.

He was not handsome, but he was not ugly either. He looked like a teenager, but his eyes revealed his age.

His expression was calm as water as he stared silently at the people below him.

He was not Zhou Xiang’s father, he was the Zhou Clan’s ancestor!

There was a middle aged man next to him. That was Zhou Xiang’s and Zhou Hai’s father, the leader of the Zhou Clan.

However, he was also furious as he glared at Zhou Xiang in disappointment.

The young ancestor’s name was Zhou Feng.

He was the only Divine Lord in the entire Zhou Clan!


Before the world was unsealed, he was already a True Lord and was adept at an arsenal of sacred arts.

Furthermore, he possessed the only saint equipment in the Zhou Clan, a cauldron!

No one knew the origins of this cauldron. Even the oldest ancestors of the Zhou Clan did not know.

This cauldron was a saint’s equipment. Once it was used, its power was unparalleled!

Even though the Earth was sealed and the ground was incredibly tough, if all of the Zhou Clan ancestors channeled their powers into the cauldron, it could immediately shatter the Earth!

This was the power of the Zhou Clan.

2000 years ago, the Zhou Clan disciples changed their surnames and helmed a prosperous dynasty in China for more than 800 years!

But to the Zhou Clan, this was nothing to be proud of!

They did not care about the kings and emperors on Earth.

"You guys are getting more and more backward! We sent you here to train, is this how you train?" Zhou Feng’s gaze was cold as he looked at the old man, "And you, what do you have to say? Can you say it? Can you? The reputation of the Zhou Clan has been destroyed by all of you!"

The elderly man did not even dare to rebut. He fell to his knees immediately.

The middle aged man and the old lady all knelt as well.

Zhou Xiang thought to himself, You all should have just followed my lead and knelt...

If Zhou Feng that Zhou Xiang was thinking like this at this time, he would slap the sh*t out of him.

He wasn’t even sad that his brother died!

Even though Zhou Xiang did not feel good, he really didn’t feel that bad.

He had wanted to do great things, yet his little brother Zhou Hai kept using his name to bully others.

If this wasn’t his brother, he wouldn’t have cared so much.

But this was Zhou Hai, his brother, using his name to be oppressive. Zhou Hai bullied the people and put all the blame on him!

As such, even though he was slightly pained by his brother’s death, he felt more relief than sadness.

The only thing that he didn’t calculate was Chu Yu’s battle power!

That was too unexpected.

He had wanted to recruit Chu Yu...

What a pity!

Now, a talent like Chu Yu must die!

Just because the ancestor is angered.

"You disgraceful disciples have tarnished the reputation of the Zhou Clan!" The young ancestor glared coldly at the people below him.

Then, he berated them again before saying coldly, "Zhou Xiang, tell us what happened, don’t leave anything out!"

It’s finally my turn...

Zhou Xiang took a deep breath, being scolded like this was not a good experience.

He raised his head, puffed his chest and narrated the entire incident. He started from Zhou Hai antagonizing Chu Yu and being beaten up, to Zhou Hai ordering for Chu Xi to be drugged, to Chu Yu’s outburst, smashing Zhou Hai’s throat and killing the Large Vermin...

He told the entire story as it was.

Everyone listening only had one feeling.

This Chu Yu... was very powerful!

No, he was extremely powerful!

The silver haired elder was already one of the most powerful cultivators in the Zhou Clan.

There were few True Lords who were his match!


Since even he wasn’t Chu Yu’s match, what did that say?

Everyone only thought of one thing, Could it be that this Chu Yu can give our ancestor a run for his money?

That... is impossible!

If ancestor attacked, Chu Yu probably wouldn’t last a single round!

He would be killed by a single blow.

Ancestor Zhou Feng was basically invincible in the eyes of the Zhous.

Zhou Feng’s expression was solemn as he looked at Zhou Xiang, "You intended to recruit that man?"

Zhou Xiang hesitated, then nodded, "Yes!"

"Don’t you care about the fact that he killed your brother?" Zhou Feng asked cynically.


"After he killed my brother, I wanted to kill him." Zhou Xiang replied unhurriedly.

Zhou Feng laughed icily, "Idiot!"

The Zhou Clan leader paled. He did not think that his son was an idiot. How could we recruit someone who had killed one of our own?

"In order to do great things, we cannot be too caught up by finer details!This Chu Yu is clearly not from a powerful clan. If you were sincere and careful in your recruitment, even if you couldn’t succeed, things wouldn’t turn out this way!"

Zhou Feng said coldly, "As for that jerk Zhou Hai, he deserves to die!"


"Ancestor..." The leader next to him could not bear to hear anymore.


He was already deeply saddened by his son’s death. That was his flesh and blood!

"Careless!" Zhou Feng said, "Everything that he has done could have warranted a death sentence!"

His gaze was icy, "Do you really think that I am careless and don’t know anything?"

The Zhou Clan leader immediately bowed, "Definitely not."

Zhou Feng roared, "Bunch of idiots!"

"Do you think that a cultivation family is a jerk family?"


"We can kill and massacre for benefits!"

"But we cannot be like him. What is he? He is a bully!"

"No one else deserves to die more than him!"

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