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A faint voice could be heard from the courtyard, "There’s poison outside..."


The young uncle nearly fell to the floor, breaking out in cold sweat.


This was not his first day here, and he was keenly aware of how terrifying the poison cloud guarding the Chu Clan was.

In his fury, he had almost forgot about this.


Another voice could be heard from the courtyard, "Xuanzhong, Xuanliang... you two, go send him out."

At this point, a voice of unhappiness could be heard, "How troublesome, we still want to go drinking with uncle, we haven’t seen him in ages..."

"Enough enough, don’t talk so much rubbish, just send him away... I am off!"


"How horrible!"


"Too much!"

The voices inside made this young Great Granduncle feel like dying.

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang...

These were the two people he was trying to poach!

He was their great great granduncle!

When he had given them benefits, they were so happy. Yet now, they were so cold?

Damn it!

Damn it!

Damn it!

A bunch of jerks!

But... they were all Chus, so he couldn’t say that.


He was on the verge of going crazy.

At this point, the two youths walked out reluctantly, giving him attitude as they escorted him.

"Go on!"

The young great granduncle took a deep breath, Enjoy this while it lasts, you won’t be able to be this cocky much longer!

His expression was cold as he followed behind these two people out of the Chu Clan.



It was incredibly lively inside Chu Tianbei’s yard.


Almost everyone who could turn up, turnt up.

In the end, they realized they could not fit anyone. The two leaders had no choice but to send some people home.


Even so, the initially spacious courtyard was packed to capacity.

Everyone from Chu Yu’s father’s generation was here.

This included some of the uncles who were not present when the young great granduncle was here. They simply could not be bothered to see that cocky young man.

Many of Chu Yu’s peers were present too.

Lord Thief, Old Yellow, and Fang Lie were also present.


The Chu Clan had no lack of food.

However, when they saw Chu Yu take out multiple kinds of meat, they were all stunned.


Not only have they never eaten these before, they haven’t even seen such food before.

In the end, Fang Lie volunteered to help. Even though he did not eat much superior food in the Mirror World, he had seen them before.

He also knew that the people here could not eat too much of the meat, or they would suffer severe side effects!

As such, he had to tell the chef to give a fixed portion of the meat to each person according to their cultivation level.

Chu Yu was invited up to the head table. Fang Lie refused to go. Old Yellow and Lord Thief, being Demon Lords, were also invited to the head table.

They tried to be humble and reject the offer, but Chu Yu chided them and made them go.

Chu Tiannan was the first one who spoke once they were all seated. He asked, "Hey, where do you go? Why did you disappear for a few months?"


Everyone looked at Chu Yu with anticipation.


Everyone could feel that Chu Yu had changed immensely!

Especially when Chu Yu raged and exploded with that wave of blood aura, even his relatives felt their heads splitting and an immense fear building in their hearts.

It was almost as if they were not looking at their relative, but a death god!

"If I told you that I had left you... left the clan for over a decade, would you believe me?" Chu Yu laughed.


"You little b*stard, don’t talk rubbish!" Chu Tianbei glared at Chu Yu.

Everyone else shook their head.

They simply did not believe him.


Only Chu Wang nodded solemnly, "I believe you."


"Go to the side." Chu Tianyu glared at his own son.

Chu Wang’s lips twitched and he stopped talking.

Chu Yu said, "Actually, what I said is true."

Then, he sat there and summarized what had happened to him over this period of time.

Yi’s test.

The Mirror World.


Purple Cloud, the interschool championships, the Devastated World.

Chu Yu told them everything, bar the incidents with Lin Shi and Xu Xiaoxian. This was his family, he did not have to hide anything from them.

When the dishes were served, no one started eating despite the intense aroma wafting from their plates.

They all looked at Chu Yu in awe.

Chu Tianbei’s mouth dropped. There were a few times where he wanted to say that this was nonsense, but he could not!

He understood his own son too well.

He knew that Chu Yu could not be making this up.


But he simply could not imagine this!

How could it be that over a decade had passed in the Mirror World when it had only been a few months on Earth!

Furthermore, Chu Yu had entered other spaces with different rules of time even within the Mirror World.

When Chu Yu told them about Sun Wukong being his master, everyone on scene almost burst out laughing.


Sun Wukong?

Why don’t you say you’re the disciple of the Rulai Buddha?


However, when Chu Yu performed the 72 Transformations in front of them, they were all speechless.


"Actually, many of our legends stem from true stories."

Chu Yu smiled, "Once, I did not believe it too. However, I saw some things with my own eyes... even so, legends will always be legends. There are still differences from the truth."


"However, in some respects, the legends aren’t as exciting as the truth."

Everyone was stunned. No one expected Chu Yu to go through so much over the past few months.


They simply could not digest it all.

When Chu Yu told them about the Great Catastrophe 60 million years ago, everyone went silent.

"Are you saying, that the Mirror World you went to, is the home of our enemy?" Chu Tianyu asked Chu Yu.

"Yes." Chu Yu nodded.

"The ones who attack us are our real enemies." Chu Tiannan added.

Chu Xuanzhong continued, "Anyone who provides resources to our attackers... are all our enemies!"

Everyone nodded their approval.

"This is happening close to us. But, comically, the entire China, in fact, the entire world is too busy fighting amongst each other, trying to gain more resources." Chu Tianyu sighed.

Then, he looked at Chu Yu, "And your purpose for returning?"

Chu Yu said, "Two things. Firstly, I need to unite the cultivation clans on Earth in the shortest possible time. Even if we can’t provide support to the Bastion of the Stars right now, we cannot continue like this. We must let them know the truth!"

"Yes, guarding our homeland is everyone’s responsibility." Chu Tianbei said flatly.


Chu Tiannan added, "But it will be very difficult!"

"It still must be done!" Chu Tianbei said.

Chu Yu nodded, "The other thing is more personal."

He needed to find that sword and save Lin Shi!

Of course, even if he found the blade, he would not give it to Butterfly Dance.


That was the bottom line.


There was no reason to hand one’s enemy a treasured weapon.

"If there’s anything you need us to do, just ask. We don’t care if it’s personal or professional. We are one family." Chu Tiannan said to Chu Yu solemnly.

"Rest assured, I won’t hesitate to ask."

Chu Yu replied, "Over the past few days, I consolidated a few technique manuals. I hope that the younger ones can train with them. I also refined a batch of pills. I will tell you all how to use them in due time. I will make everyone a Supreme Realm cultivator in one month... even the dog!"


Everyone on scene gasped.

Chu Tiannan suppressed his awe and laughed, "Young man, you will be punished if you’re boasting."

Chu Yu also chuckled, "Do I get a reward if I’m not?"

Chu Tiannan stiffened slightly and laughed bitterly, "You’re already the pride of the land. We can’t even match what you have, how do we reward you?"

Chu Tianyu also smiled, "Come, let’s drink!"

Everyone laughed. The suppressive aura from the young great granduncle was lifted in an instant.

If what Chu Yu said was true, they had nothing to fear! In one month, even their dogs would be Supreme Realm demons!

There weren’t many Supreme Realm cultivators in the Chu Clan pocket dimension!

Even though it had been years since the world was unsealed, it was not so easy to refine pills into souls and enter the Supreme Realm.

As for the True Lords... such powers were incredibly rare.

With Chu Yu and Chu Xi, what did they have to fear?

However, Chu Yu still had a suspicion that there was something deep underneath this plot of land.

Else, people wouldn’t eye this land so much and attack it.

The incident may have blown over, but he did not forget it.

He would explore it once he found the time too.

He did not want to be beaten to it.

The banquet lasted late into the night before people started to leave.

Chu Yu, Old Yellow, Lord Thief, and Fang Lie returned to Chu Yu’s room to drink tea.


Song Yu and Chu Tianbei had brought Chu Xi back knowing that the four of them had things to discuss.

"Tell me, what happened? What happened over at Qing Qiu?" Chu Yu was still completely sober. He was most worried about Zhao Mantian and Hu Xiaoyue.

As for Fatty, he did not have to worry. That fella was great at keeping himself alive.


Furthermore, Fatty was extremely powerful. He was close to becoming a True Lord, if he wasn’t one already.

Lord Thief reverted to its original state. The palm sized bird sat atop a teacup and sipped, "Old Yellow and I tried to check it out, but we can’t enter Qing Qiu..."

Without any outsiders, Old Yellow also reverted to its true form and sat on the chair, "Exactly, it’s almost as if they’ve disappeared. Some people even think that they’re dead."

"Impossible!" Chu Yu’s fists were clenched tightly.


Other than his family, Chu Yu did not have many friends. He really wanted Zhao Mantian and Xiaoyue to be fine.


Old Yellow added, "I also think that it is impossible, Zhao Mantian is so powerful..."

Chu Yu frowned, "Which power has taken over Qing Qiu? Why do you all look so secretive? Fatty also didn’t tell me. When I came back, no one in Shanghai mentioned it either."


Lord Thief smiled, "Who would dare tell you this when you made such a grand entrance?"

Chu Yu’s lips twitched and he said flatly, "You’re wrong. I haven’t showed my full powers. I can only hope the Zhou Clan knows who they’re dealing with."

Lord Thief said, "You killed their heir, and yet you want them to be tactful?"


"Then I’ll cut them open." Chu Yu replied.



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