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Through this battle, Chu Yu had a better understanding of his true combat abilities.

Even though he was confident of himself previously, he had never actually undergone a serious battle. Thus, he could not say with certainty.

Those two elders at Acupoint Charging Stage Eight, any one of them, was a supreme expert in the commoner’s world. Before the battle, Chu Yu still had a bit of apprehension in his heart.

But after the exchange of fists, the two weren’t even strong enough to handle a single blow from Chu Yu!

Was it because they were too weak?

Of course not!

It was because Chu Yu was too strong!

That tiny metal ball, was indeed a divine item ah.

Chu Yu could not help but sigh in his heart.

Previously, when he was running in full speed, he could already feel that the power within his body was already must more than other martial artists in the same realm.

After the battle, he had truly confirmed that fact.

Could it be… the violet energy which sealed my meridians?

Chu Yu frowned slightly. Until now, he still couldn’t determine what that violet energy was.

It seemed to be Xiantian energy, but it also didn’t seem like it. Chu Yu had seen many ancient books, but he didn’t see similar ideas on any of the ancient books.

Perhaps, when he reached a higher realm, or in the future, he could find more clues.

Even if he couldn’t find any, it didn’t matter. Anyway, it wasn’t anything bad.

Now that he had accomplished his task, Chu Yu didn’t leave anything behind.

On the other hand, because of Xie Tianyu’s death, Luo Yang was thrown into havoc!

The dignified young master of the Xie Clan, while he was in his own stronghold, had his brains blasted into meat juice with a single fist. Furthermore, he didn’t die alone. Two Acupoint Charging Stage Eight experts died along with him!

This was an staggering event!

When the news of Xie Tianyu’s death was released, almost everyone’s eyes turned towards the recently active Chu Clan.

The enmity between the two clans were irreconcilable. Thus, the Chu Clan was the most likely one to have acted against the Xie Clan.


Luo Yang Xie Clan.

Tears coursed down Xie Xiaotian’s cheeks. He could never have believed that his own son would actually be killed in Luo Yang.

When his wife heard this news, she immediately fainted. When she finally regained consciousness, it was as though her entire person had collapsed.

As a mother, she wouldn’t care about the misdeeds committed by her son, the innocent people he killed, or the blood which stained his hands. She only knew, her son was dead!

As they say: Nothing is more lamentable than a dead heart. This time, she did not rage in anger.

Instead, when she saw Xie Xiaotian, she looked at him with a face of calm, telling him to take revenge for their son.

"We only have this one child. He’s not outstanding, and I also know that over these years, he had made many mistakes and committed many crimes. But he’s still our child. Now that he’s dead, I only hope that my lord can help take revenge for our child."

At this instant, Xie Xiaotian’s wife was no longer a rich and elegant looking woman. She was merely a haggard and fatigued middle-aged woman.

She looked at Xie Xiaotian, "This matter, must definitely be related to the Chu Clan! We have already retreated out of Yan Jing, and tens of years of our savings have been wrested away by them. But they still didn’t let go of our son...:"

Xie Xiaotian faced the sky and sighed, then he said softly, "This matter, it doesn’t matter whether the Chu Clan was the one who did it. The blame… must be borne by them."

"Lord doesn’t think that this matter was done by them?" A look of astonishment emerged from Xie Xiaotian’s wife’s haggard face.

"Chu Clan’s experts are currently concentrated in Yan Jing. Moreover, in the entire Chu Clan, the only person with such ability is Chu Tiannan. However, he is the Chu Clan’s patriarch. I don’t believe that he would do such a thing."

Even though Xie Xiaotian’s heart was filled with rancour and bitterness, he was still relatively calm.

Xie Clan’s information web was also relatively reliable. The moment the event happened, he instantly sent his men to investigate on the members of the Chu Clan.

This included Dragon City’s Chu Yu!

His son had been killed so Xie Xiaotian will definitely take revenge.

Since he was to take revenge, he naturally needed to know how was the killer.

Like he just said, the Chu Clan would take the blame. But he still needed to properly ascertain who was the one who killed his son!

"The lord is saying… This matter is not related to the Chu Clan?" Xie Xiaotian’s wife asked once more, her voice was trembling slightly. "Then who… who was the one who killed our child?"

"According to the information reports in my hands, the possibility that the murderer is from the Chu Clan is… extremely low." Xie Xiaotian also had a fatigued expression on his face.

Xie Tianyu’s killer, was a supreme expert!

This was the conclusion that Xie Xiaotian made when they visited the scene of the crime. The killer was truly too strong.

Xie Tianyu’s head was exploded in a single blow. And the two Acupoint Charging Stage Eight experts were also defeated easily.

From the traces on the scene, there was only one perpetrator!

This meant that the killer was at least in the Acupoint Charging Stage Nine.

The Xie Clan gathered all the images from the CCTVs, and all they could see was a faint figure.

Not even one of them captured his face!

The killer’s speed, was truly too fast!

According to Xie Xiaotian’s reports, in the entire Chu Clan, only Chu Tiannan possessed this sort of power.

However, Chu Tiannan was the patriarch of the Chu Clan, how could he have appeared here and done such a thing?

During the battle between the two clans in Yan Jing, the Xie Clan had been defeated. However, the Chu Clan did not drive away and exterminate everyone. This meant that they did not want to push things to the extreme.

"Lord, you’re meaning… Someone is purposely making use of our grievances with the Chu Clan, to throw dirt over Chu Clan’s head? So that our two clans would battle to the death?" Xie Xiaotian’s wife wiped a tear off the corner of her eye and looked at Xie Xiaotian solemnly.

Xie Xiaotian nodded, "With 80 to 90% possibility."

Xie Xiaotian’s wife could not help but bawl once more, "Why, why must they kill our son? Lord, you must find the killer."

Xie Xiaotian said, "Tianyu was my son, my only son! No matter who killed him, I would never let him off!"

At this time, someone knocked lightly against the room’s door. Xie Lu carefully opened the door and entered.

"Lord, just now… The people from the Chu Clan sent over a message, saying… this matter is not related to them. They said, they are also very sorry for what happened…"

Xie Lu’s eyes were also slightly red. Xie Clan’s defeat in Yan Jing had a huge impact on her. She never expected that something worse would have happened; not only did Xie Tianyu die, he died along with two of Xie Clan’s experts!

Martial artists at Acupoint Charging Stage Eight, were treated as treasures in any underworld clan.

But at one shot, two of them had died. This was truly a heavy loss.

If the defeat at Yan Jing could be considered a headache for the Xie Clan. Then this incident, was truly a devastating wound.

"I know." Xie Xiaotian nodded. He raised his head and faced Xie Lu, "Go and ask our man to release the news, say… The Chu Clan is too ruthless, they’re simply devoid of conscience!"

"Yes, lord." Xie Lu did not question anything. Because she knew that the grievances between the Chu Cland and the Xie Clan had gone too deep. It could no longer be mended.

This time, it didn’t matter whether the Chu Clan were the culprits. They would be the scapegoats.

Xie Lu looked at Xie Xiaotian, "Then… is there anything else?"

Xie Xiaotian waved his hand, "It’s enough to release that news."

"I understand, lord." Xie Lu nodded, turned and walked out the door.

Xie Xiaotian looked at his silent wife, melancholy flashed across his eyes, "Go rest."

"Lord, what you’re doing, is?"

Xie Xiaotian said, "It doesn’t matter whether they did it or not. Either way, I will not make things easy for them. Releasing this news, would tell all the underworld clans, that these Northern Wolves… are not to be trusted!"

Killing intent could be seen on Xie Xiaotian’s face. He continued softly, "Someone needs to be buried together with our child!"

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