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Chu Yu looked at the city ahead from afar.

It was the Yu province of Luo Yang.

This was the capital of 13 dynasties, and it had a long and illustrious history.

Today, there were high rise buildings everywhere, lights lit up the night sky, the streets were packed with human and vehicular traffic alike, and it embodied the modern era.

However, if one opened up their sacred senses, they could still feel a thick sense of change in the air.

Walking on the streets, Chu Yu, who had taken on the body of a middle aged man was still looking for signs of the Xie Clan.

Luo Yang was not big. Based on intelligence gathered by the Chu Clan, Xie Tianyu should be staying in a posh villa in the west side of Luo Yang.

Chu Yu was visibly troubled as he walked towards the western part of Luo Yang.

His pace seemed slow, but he was actually very quick. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the crowd.

When Chu Yu arrived outside the villa, he saw a long haired, pretty girl limp out, wiping tears off her face.

The girl walked towards a sports car by the road, unaware that she was being watched.

Just before she got in, she turned to look at the villa and spat on the floor. She whispered, her face full of hatred, "Xie Tianyu, you’re worse than an animal, you can’t even get a hard on, serves you right for being chased out of the capital!"

Chu Yu, who was about to scale the wall, overheard this and froze for a minute. He glanced at the girl and couldn’t but chuckle to himself.

He saw the girl step into the sports car and speed away like an arrow.

Only then did Chu Yu jump over the electrified fence in a single leap and gain access into the villa.

The villa was huge, but had relatively little bungalows. Each bungalow took up a huge area, built in between the ancient trees.

Anyone who stayed here was rich and influential, and the security was tight.

Chu Yu could feel many CCTVs along the way, hidden in various corners. There were also many guards patrolling.

There were virtually no blind spots in the entire villa, save the interiors of the houses.

Chu Yu, who had changed his entire appearance, did not mind being caught on camera. However, he did not want to raise any alarms before he found Xie Tianyu’s residence.

As a result, he searched every villa relatively quickly.

Almost like a phantom.

Even the CCTVs capable of capturing high speed images could not do much in the face of Chu Yu’s speed.

Very quickly, Chu Yu found the bungalow Xie Tianyu was staying in.

It was right in the middle of the villa, in a secluded area with dense tree cover.

Chu Yu snuck into the yard and vaulted up a large tree.

No spiritual energy was radiating from his body and this ensured that the bodyguards in the yard did not sense his presence.

This bungalow was huge, three stories high, with at least seven to eight rooms.

The bungalow was surrounded by several acres of land and it was guarded by a few bodyguards.

The yard was also equipped with many high definition CCTVs

Chu Yu opened the eye in his forehead and looked at the interior of the bungalow.

There was a nanny sleeping in the first floor. There was also a weakly cultivated martial artist watching the surveillance camera.

However, that man was busy looking at his handphone, only looking up occasionally to glance at the unchanging screens.

Luo Yang is the location of the Xie Clan’s main camp and the bungalow had extremely strong defensive powers.

As a result, the people supervising its defence did not expect that anyone would be daring enough to find trouble here.

Furthermore, he could not be staring at the camera footage constantly.

There were two elders in the second floor of the bungalow.

These two elders were clearly experts.The spiritual energy radiating from their bodies was able to penetrate the walls and be felt from the outside.

Chu Yu opened the eye in his forehead to look at their essentials. These two men were actually Acupoint Charging Stage Eight!

They were both training inside their own rooms.

Finally, Chu Yu spotted Xie Tianyu!

His bedroom was on the highest level of the villa. The room was big and decorated poshly.

Xie Tianyu was making a phone call on his bed, and his conversation was overheard by Chu Yu.

"Rest assured dad, I know. That bird shall be roasted and eaten by me. Eating the Acupoint Charging Stage Seven bird will be extremely beneficial. If I don’t eat it, I would not be able to dispel the hatred in my heart." Xie Tianyu growled, a ferocious look forming on his face.

Chu Yu looked at him expressionlessly from the tree, calculations running through his mind.

"Mm, I would not travel to the Dragon City. I will wait at home... Chu Yu, that piece of trash... he is definitely dead this time! ... No way, if I can’t get Lin Shimeng, I must also destroy her!"

Xie Tianyu growled, "If it wasn’t for that b*tch, I would not be in such a sorry state today. Dad, please don’t try to change my mind. No matter how strong the powers backing her, I will find a chance to take my revenge. I will bide my time, and when they make a mistake... I will let her understand the consequences of going against me!"

Xie Tianyu hung up the phone and slumped onto his bed, his expression ferocious.

On the other hand, Chu Yu was still icily calm.

Even though he had no intention of letting Xie Tianyu off, the exchange he just overheard had riled up his murderous intent.

The only problem now was the two elders on the second floor. They were Acupoint Charging Stage Eight experts. The moment they found something amiss, they could rush to the scene immediately.

Chu Yu had planned for Xie Tianyu to die from unimaginable fear, but it would seem that he would have to settle for something quicker and simpler.

After taking a deep breath, Chu Yu’s body shot out towards the third floor window like a cannonball.


The reinforced glass seemed like wet paper in the face of Chu Yu’s body, shattering instantly!

Even before Xie Tianyu could raise his head, he felt an aura of death envelope him in an instant.

He tilted his head and saw a silhouette rushing towards him from the corner of his eye.

Following which, his brain was knocked by a force akin to a speeding train.


Xie Tianyu’s head shattered on impact!

The two Acupoint Charging Stage Eight martial artists hollered in anger and broke through the floorboard, appearing on the third floor instantly.

Chu Yu punched at the head of one of them.

"You’re courting death!" This Acupoint Charging Stage Eight elder hollered as he let go with a punch of his own.


The elders fist disintegrated.

He screamed mournfully in pain

Chu Yu’s fist continued to travel towards the elder’s chest without any signs of slowing.

The sound of bone shattering filled the room.

His chest caved in and he screamed, blood spewing from his mouth. He fell to the ground, anger causing his eyes to look like they were about to pop.

The other elder drew a dagger and stabbed silently at Chu Yu’s ribs.

The blade shimmered with a cold light, its blade extremely sharp.

The blade was angled trickily and travelled at an unbelievable speed.

As Chu Yu beat the elder to death, his other hand slapped the dagger ferociously.

The dagger wielding elder snickered, "You must be tired of living!"

He flicked his blade upward, aiming for Chu Yu’s palm.

He surmised that even if this man was at a higher cultivation stage, the blade would still knick his hand off!

What he did not expect was that Chu Yu had managed to pinch the blade in the short amount of time it contacted with the blade!

How was he so accurate?

Where did he get such great strength?

How was this possible?

These thoughts flashed by in the elder’s mind.

He immediately understood the true meaning of power in the next instant.

An irresistible force travelled through the dagger, causing him to stagger backwards and let go of the blade.

The elder looked aghast, "Who are you..."

Even before he could finish, he saw a cold glimmer in front of his eyes and felt a slight pain in his neck.

He stared widely at his knife-wielding opponent jump out the window.

He wanted to say something, but felt like his power and energy had been drained from his body in an instant.

Blood began to seep through the wound in his neck. He tried applying pressure to the wound, yet, the wound began to get longer and longer, eventually extending to almost half his neck.

Only then did large amounts of blood gush out from the wound.

He fell to the ground with a "plonk" sound.

His eyes were open even when he died as if in disbelief that someone of his cultivation level could be slaughtered by someone in a single round.

Chu Yu rushed to the yard and killed the bodyguards who had rushed to the scene cleanly.

Only then did he swagger out of the villa.

When the nanny and supervisor on the ground floor responded to the commotion upstairs and were scared silly by the scene that greeted them, Chu Yu had been long gone.

He had not attempted to kill Xie Xiaotian and his associates. As the leader of the Xie Clan, the defences around his residence would be the strongest in the entire Xie Clan.

Even though Chu Yu was confident in his abilities, he was not crazy enough to think that he could eliminate the entire Xie Clan by himself.

Thus, he left.

Just like how he came, he sprinted the entire way towards Shu.

He had received intelligence from his clan that Lin Shimeng was in Shu at this very moment!

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