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"Yes, I placed it on her, since you can resolve it, don’t you know the rules of the business?" The middle aged man’s gaze fixated on Chu Yu. He frowned, "Your appearance changing techniques are good. If not for the fact that I have a connection with the Deathly Poisonous Worm, it would be difficult for me to find you."


Chu Yu’s heart chilled, F*ck me, this guy must be a guru on worms.

He knew that the worm would have a mystical connection with its owner.

But he had already used the techniques in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture to rid the link between the worm and the owner.

But it was not enough.

He was slightly exasperated. The Crane Saint was a master of almost all the medicines, but he was not a master in every field.

At the very least, he was not very good with worms.

The ticking time bomb had finally exploded.

"I am not from your trade." Chu Yu said.

"The fact that you can remove my Deathly Poisonous Worm... no, the fact that you know that it was a Deathly Poisonous Worm and could find it shows that you are pretty good at this."

The middle aged man looked on mockingly, "If you tell me you’re not from the trade, do you think I’ll believe you?"

"That’s up to you." Chu Yu’s injuries were severe. This guy was quite vicious.

It was a good thing he did not use bugs, or Chu Yu would be in even more trouble.

As he thought about it, the middle aged man looked at Chu Yu mockingly, "Also, you have already been poisoned by me, if you wish to live, hand over the Deathly Poisonous Worm."


Chu Yu was taken aback, Have I really been poisoned?

I don’t think so?

He used the techniques in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture to check himself out.

His heart sank.

This man was not lying!


He had been poisoned!

A worm no larger than a speck of dust was lying on his heart!

Chu Yu’s expression turned ugly.

If not for the techniques in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, he would not even know of this worm’s existence.

His opponent was incredibly powerful.

This worm must have been carried by the ray of light which penetrated his chest.

"How? Do you feel anything?"

The middle aged man did not know that Chu Yu had the ability to find out where the worm was. He wore a faint smile as he looked at Chu Yu, "Do you have no feeling of it? Actually, your pill refining skills, as well as your experience, place you amongst the very best. The fact that you could tell that the Deathly Poisonous Worm was there, find it, and control it, tells me that you have great worm control skills.

Chu Yu looked at him coldly.

The middle aged man’s smile was faint, "However, the worm that I have placed inside your body is much more powerful than the Deathly Poisonous Worm!"


"Can I ask you a question?" Chu Yu suddenly asked.

In his heart, he was trying to find a way to save himself.

There were too many powerful people, each of them adept at different techniques.


This man was only a True Lord in here.

But his skills were definitely not that of a True Lord.

He looked at Chu Yu, "Don’t try to resolve it. Let me tell you the truth, if you want to use your internal energy to neutralize it, you will only cause yourself more pain. Try it if you don’t believe me."

Then, he looked at Chu Yu calmly and confidently, "Ask away."

In his view, he had completely control of this man.


He never wanted to kill Chu Yu. He knew that Chu Yu’s pill refining skills were extraordinary!

The True Soul Pills that he refined could allow a pinnacle True Lord, stuck there for aeons, breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm.


This was proof that Chu Yu was using a saint’s technique!


Else, an ordinary pill refiner, even a guru, may not have such abilities.


He wanted Chu Yu to be his pill slave!

Chu Yu was now infected with his Heart Devouring Worm. Even a Divine Lord would obediently be his slave if infected by one of this.

They were not even in control of their own life and death!


Chu Yu’s injuries were too severe. He had so much trouble standing he chose to sit.

He looked at the middle aged man with indifference, "Liu Yuyan is such an ordinary girl, why did you have to use the Deathly Poisonous Worm on her? Of course, I must admit that she is pretty and talents. With the right resources, she would not be worse than any of the talents in the superior schools."

Chu Yu was breathless after saying so much, his injuries taking a toll on him.

There was always somebody better.

This was the problem he was just thinking about. Chu Yu had no fear going up against his peers in the Mirror World, even if they were one whole realm more powerful than him.

But what about the older generation? The ones above them? What about the seniors?

But he didn’t expect to be faced with this worry so quickly.

He felt like he had just f*cked a dog, how unlucky.

"Her? Ordinary girl? Pretty? Talented?"

This man replied with a string of questions, then looked coldly at Chu Yu, "Since you’re already my pill slave, I can tell you this. You’ve spoilt my plan!"


As he spoke, his expression darkened, "Do you think that the Deathly Poisonous Worm can only make someone sleep? Seal a saint?"


Chu Yu frowned, "Isn’t that it?"

"Of course not!" The middle aged man looked icily at Chu Yu, "The Deathly Poisonous Worm that I placed on her would let her sleep for a hundred years. It will extract her dreams over the century and improve my mental energy by 10 times!"

"10 times!"

"Do you know what that means?"

The middle aged man’s expression became ferocious, even thirsty.

"I finally found such a great specimen. I spent over 1000 years looking for someone like that! And who are you to destroy my plan?"

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, "Why not just plant another one?"

"Rubbish!" The middle aged man raged, "If it was that simple, why would I go through all the trouble of finding you? Damn it, firstly, the Deathly Poisonous Worm must have never absorbed anything from other life forms. I required various superior medicines and care for 500 years to create a dream realm for the host."

"Next, the host’s body is very special and can only be attached on once! Once, do you understand? For example, when the mask on that lady is broken, it’s gone! Idiot!"

Chu Yu rolled his eyes, "You can repair it."


The middle aged man threw his sleeves and smacked Chu Yu, causing Chu Yu to spit out two mouthfuls of blood.

He landed on the border of the Immortal Refining Land.

"If not for the fact that you are useful, I will shred your body right now! You can’t even begin to understand my hate and anger now!"

The middle aged man glared at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu had never heard about the fact that the Deathly Poisonous Worm could absorb someone’s dreams.

What a scary thought!

Even though he did not know Liu Yuyan’s body makeup, he knew that it must be quite extraordinary.

"I am the Worm Lord! Worm Lord, do you understand? After an entire lifetime, I finally had the opportunity to become a saint using this, yet you destroyed it! Tell me, should I kill you?" The middle aged man looked at Chu Yu, huffing and puffing, "Killing you will not quell my hatred. The only way is if you become my pill slave and refine pills for me! Forever!"

"If I feel like it, I will hit you, even if I don’t feel like it! I will torture you for life, make you beg for death. And, you will still refine pills for me!"

"How scary." Chu Yu murmured.

"Do you finally know fear?" The middle aged man laughed. His smile was even more terrifying than the darkest forests. He waved his hand, "Stop sitting there, stand up and come with me"

"Can this worm be destroyed?" Chu Yu asked suddenly.

The middle aged man laughed, "Destroyed? This is the Heart Devouring Worm! The King of the ancient world! Once it is inside your body, no matter how powerful you are, you can forget about destroying it!"

"What if you die?" Chu Yu asked.

"Then you will die too." The middle aged man smiled.

"How vicious... is there no solution at all?" Chu Yu said, visibly depressed.

"Of course there is."

The middle aged man looked at Chu Yu mockingly.

"Mm? There is?" Chu Yu’s eyes glowed with a fire of hope.

The middle aged man laughed and raised two fingers, "Two ways, one, I retrieve this worm, but that’s impossible!"

"And the second?" Chu Yu asked.

"Second, the Immortal Refining Land behind you, hahahaha, if you have the courage to enter, the Immortal Refining Land will turn you into ash! Once you enter, I will lose control of the Heart Devouring Worm. Once you die, the worm will die too."

The middle aged man looked on happily.

He had experimented with worms for countless years to become a Worm Lord!

He had countless slaves under him, none of them dared to betray him.

The Immortal Refining Land did offer a quick escape, but who would choose death over life?


At least, in the many years he had been cultivating, he had used worms to control all sorts of people, from the timid ones, to the passionate, courageous ones. Yet, none of them had escaped his control.

Yet this time, to the back of Chu Yu was the Immortal Refining Land. If he he dared to walk in, I would...


The middle aged man stared widely. He was in disbelief! The blood covered youth hanging on to the last straw of life was actually turning around and walking into the Immortal Refining Land!

F*ck me!

Does he really have the courage to die!

In that moment, he tried to retrieve the Heart Devouring Worm.

Just like he said, once Chu Yu entered the Immortal Refining Land, he would lose control of the Heart Devouring Worm!

"Come back!"

The middle aged man bellowed.


Chu Yu turned and smiled at him, "You said that the Immortal Refining Land will destroy your worm."

"Are you tired of living?" The middle aged man raged.

"Nope, I’m having the time of my life now, why would I be tired of living? Even though I am bearing unimaginable stress, I still want to continue living." Chu Yu said flatly.

At this point, rays of energy were hitting Chu Yu’s body.

Chu Yu’s body was being gnawed away, bit by bit.

But Chu Yu’s expression did not change. He looked calmly at the middle aged man, "But I rather die than be controlled by you. Become your pill slave? Go f*ck yourself!"

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