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Chapter 239: Fighting Talents

Chu Yu laughed, "Righteous people like you love to find various reasons to justify your actions. Aren’t you tired of it?"

Kang Ping, Ouyang Kun and Qin Mingyue blushed in embarrassment.

However, quickly, Qin Mingyue accused coldly, "Do you admit that you’re from a demonic sect?"

Chu Yu smiled, "You all will treat me as one even if I deny it no? After doing what you want, you will just blame it on the demonic sects. Isn’t that what you do best?"

If Xu Xiaoxian was here, she would cheer whilst cursing Chu Yu at the same time.

The reputation of the demonic sects was bad enough, and Chu Yu was still pulling hate in their direction.

"..." The three of them were stunned.

They had never met someone like this.

They knew that even though this man was a stranger and someone who had changed his appearance, this did not mean that he was from a demonic sect.

With thousands of people on this expedition, he was not the only one who changed his appearance.

Why must he be from a demonic sect then?

In fact, it was just like what Chu Yu had thought. In order to get what they want, they would just treat him like someone from a demonic sect.

"And then? What else do you want to do?" Chu Yu toyed with them, anticipating a battle to come.

Having spent three years in that mental realm, he was already at the pinnacle of the Supreme Realm.

Over there, he had learnt the Bagua Soul Refining Palm, the Yin Yang Creation fist and the Five Element Sacred Technique.

Through the Superclass’s break down and combination, these had become divine techniques that were uniquely Chu Yu’s.

Chu Yu could feel the power of these three techniques, but he did not have the opportunity to test them out.

With the arrival of these three trouble finding True Lords, this was his chance.

In fact, he probably should not be facing off against such powerful opponents now, but Chu Yu was fearless.

If he couldn’t defeat them, he would poison them. If that failed, he would run!

No big deal.

If he still did not dare to go up against powerful opponents with so many trump cards at his disposal, how was he going to protect his home?

Using his mouth?

The Celestial Fox was nervous and it used the Voice Transmission Technique, "They seem powerful, let’s run."

"..." Chu Yu was speechless, Is this really a creature of the Divine Beasts bloodline?

Is it really an ancient beast?

Why the f*ck is it so timid?

Chu Yu ignored the Celestial Fox and focused his icy glare on the three young True Lords.

He was too calm. In the face of three Heaven’s Pride Talents, he showed no fear. "Scion of the demonic sects, accept your punishment!" Qin Mingyue was also audacious. Since her intentions were clear, she would continue with this story.

She glared coldly at Chu Yu and attacked.

A sacred art flew towards Chu Yu.

An enormous spear flew through the air at breakneck speed. It glowed with a glaring light and exuded a terrifying killing aura as it flew towards Chu Yu’s forehead.

She wanted to kill Chu Yu right where he was standing!

This attack was earth-shaking!

Even fellow True Lord Realm cultivators would shudder in fear when faced with such terrifying sacred arts.

"Good one!’

Chu Yu’s forehead flashed with a strong wave of battle intent. 

He raised his fist and attacked!

Yin Yang Creation Fist!

A powerful wave of energy formed a huge circle in the air.

One side was black, one side was white!

They were separated by an S.

Black was death, white was life!

The black side was filled with an aura of death whilst the white side filled with life.

The two conflicting energies merged together to form a unique power.

This circular wave of energy connected with Qin Mingyue’s spear and the spear shattered instantly!

It shattered into a million energy streams and flew into the distance.

The circular wave of energy did not seem to slow down and continued to rush towards Qin Mingyue.

Qin Mingyue’s gaze was icy and her expression did not change. She would only be surprised if the opponent was too weak.

A bright screen of light exploded from her armor and formed a defensive shield.


Chu Yu’s attack only managed to wobble the defenses.

Qin Mingyue retreated a couple of steps.

A wave of awe flashed in her eyes, "Not bad!"

She was critiquing!

Almost as if she was judging Chu Yu!

Chu Yu bared his teeth and smiled, "Little girl, don’t be too arrogant!"


Qin Mingyue bellowed icily as a scythe appeared in her hand. It looked to be quite worn and bore the marks of battle.

Yet, the aura it exuded was terrifying!

Qin Mingyue moved gracefully as she twirled the scythe around and charged at Chu Yu!

The scythe exuded a strong suppressive aura as she charged at an incredible speed!

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art as he continuously used the Yin Yang Creation Fist to attack Qin Mingyue.

He was using his fist to block Qin Mingyue’s scythe attacks!

The air around them boomed and cracked with each impact.

Chu Yu’s fist was even tougher than the strongest metal.

His fists also glowed with a faint light.

It was not injured despite multiple contacts with Qin Mingyue’s scythe!

Kang Ping and Ouyang Kun looked on in awe, their eyes unblinking.

"Who is this man? He can actually match up to Qin Mingyue?"

"I don’t recall someone this powerful in the tier one schools."

"Exactly, he is able to match Qin Mingyue with his bare fists. If they were to fight it out, I won’t be certain who will come out on top."

The two of them communicated privately using the Voice Transmission Technique.

At this point, the tides of battle began to shift.

The scythe Qin Mingyue was wielding could not threaten Chu Yu lethally. She anxiously took out a few powerful magical equipment, but they were all sent flying or shattered by Chu Yu!

Chu Yu began to familiarize himself with the Yin Yang Creation Fist through the battle!

In close combat, he pressured Qin Mingyue immensely!

"Senior Qin can definitely win!’

"Exactly, Senior Qin is the Pride of the Purple Light!"

Kang Ping and Ouyang Kun remained extremely confident.

But at this point, there was a sudden change!

In the moment Chu Yu used the Yin Yang Creation Fist, he suddenly changed technique!

It was now a palm!

The Bagua Soul Refining Palm!

A Bagua formed in midair and flew towards Qin Mingyue!

Bagua Soul Refining!

Not only could this attack injure the physical body, it could also injure the soul!

"Oh no, it looks like Senior Qin is about to lose!’ Kang Ping said in shock.

Ouyang Kun was also in shock, Chu Yu had changed techniques too quickly!

The two of them were from the same school and were good buddies. As such, they knew each other’s intentions perfectly.

Without hesitation, the two of them sprang into action, trying to surround Chu Yu and assist Qin Mingyue.

But it was too late.

Qin Mingyue was unable to defend in time and the palm from Chu Yu connected.

She screamed in pain, the defensive magical equipment she had shattering.

The defenses from her armor were useless against such an attack!

Qin Mingyue spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards.

Chu Yu felt a tinge of regret. These Mirror World talents really had too many treasures.

Anyone would be jealous of them!

If she had any less treasures, this attack for him would not only have injured her, it would have been a lethal strike!

Kang Ping and Ouyang Kun rushed to save Qin Mingyue.

Chu Yu used this opportunity to use yet another sacred art, Fire of the Five Elements Sacred Technique!

In an instant, fire covered the sky in a hundred mile radius!

The heat that was produced made everyone feel like they were trapped in a furnace.


Chu Yu spat coldly.

The fire immediately shot towards the three of them.

All sorts of protective magical equipment sprang to life.

Their expressions were incredibly pained.

Three True Lords were actually reduced to such a sorry state by a Supreme Realm cultivator.

How utterly embarrassing.

Qin Mingyue was seriously injured, both physically and spiritually. She temporarily lost her battle powers and was being protected by Kang Ping and Ouyang Kun.

She reminded them, "Be careful of this demon’s palm, it can injure your soul!"

Kang Ping and Ouyang Kun shuddered.

They did have magical equipment which could shield their soul. However, if Qin Mingyue was injured, they feared that... they would not be able to withstand it either.

Chu Yu’s sacred art was just a little inconvenience to the three of them.

Each of their bodies shone with a glaring light, blocking the attack from this divine fire.

Seeing the situation, Chu Yu laughed icily and used another sacred art.

Water of the Five Elements Sacred Technique!

He immediately morphed the fiery sky into an icy prison.

The sudden changes in temperature caused the surroundings to turn blurry.

Qin Mingyue, who had just taken pills to stabilize her injuries, spat out a mouthful of blood.

Kang Ping retrieved a palm sized magical equipment and threw it into the air.

The magical equipment expanded in an instant, stretching over ten yards wide.

It was a flying ship.

Then, the two of them dragged Qin Mingyue into the ship.

With a terrifying burst of energy, the ship disappeared.

After some pause, Kang Ping’s icy and fuming voice could be heard, "No matter who you are, if I meet you again... I promise to shred you to smithereens!"

"Hahahaha you scums, I can’t even be bothered to do anything to you all!"

The Celestial Fox recovered and shouted contentedly.

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

How shameless can this fox get?

Who was the one who was so desperate to run?

Through this battle, Chu Yu had gained a deeper understanding of the battle power of the Heaven’s Pride Talents in the Mirror World.

To be frank, Qin Mingyue was quite powerful, but she lacked experience in fights to the death.

If this was an experienced True Lord cultivator, Chu Yu would be hard pressed to injure him.

Kang Ping and Ouyang Kun were similar. They were highly talented and skilled, armed with many superior magical equipment.

However, they would retreat when faced with difficulty. In all honesty, they were no better than the Celestial Fox.

However, Chu Yu did not take them lightly. Experience and skill could be accumulated with time.

Their greatest resource was their terrifying power and arsenal of magical equipment that would make anyone jealous.

Chu Yu brought the Celestial Fox along as he walked out of the area.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian was faced with a crisis.

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