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Chapter 238: Shattered

Steam bellowed from his ears.

The Stone Spirit did not care that Chu Yu’s bloodline was powerful. He instantly lunged at Chu Yu, trying to possess Chu Yu on the spot!

However, whilst he was still in mid air, he could feel an incredibly powerful blood aura exploding from Chu Yu’s body.

The hut instantly shattered!

This was not any ordinary hut. This was a mental magical equipment that the stone spirit had built using his unparalleled mental powers!

Its shattering meant that the stone spirit’s mental energy was no match for Chu Yu’s blood aura!

The Celestial Fox was knocked unconscious by this blood aura.

The stone spirit hovered in mid air, fading in and out of view. He was on the verge of crumbling!

"Spare me! Spare me please!"

The stone spirit kept pleading in fear.

Chu Yu did not know what just happened. All he felt was a wave of blood aura exploding from his vertical eye.

This was completely out of his control, much like when he flew to the top of the stone statue.

What was going on?

Chu Yu wanted to find out too.

But there was no explanation for this blood aura.

It immediately enveloped this floating stone spirit. Ignoring the pleading and roars of this spirit, it absorbed the stone spirit and returned into Chu Yu’s vertical eye.

The entire world was cleansed in an instant.

Chu Yu gasped.

Even until now, he had no idea if this figure was the mental manifestation of an ancient god, but he knew that it was extremely powerful!

Yet, it was completely helpless in the face of the blood aura from my vertical eye.

What is the origin of my vertical eye?

Chu Yu felt a wave of emotion well up in his heart.

There was no movement for an extended period of time.

At this point, a weak voice could be heard inside Chu Yu’s mind.

"Little fella, you’re quite vicious... I thought that I had set you up, but I never expected that I would fall into your trap."

"Who are you? What is going on?" Chu Yu used his mental energy to communicate with him.

"What’s going on? Don’t you know?" This weak voice seemed unbelievably weak, but its rage was uncontainable.

"Of course I don’t know!" Chu Yu replied.

He really did not know, as such, his reply was extremely confident and righteous.

"You..." The stone spirit was incredibly furious and he probably felt quite depressed as well.

After a long time, he said in frustration, "You have trapped me inside your mental world, what more do you want? You can know what you want to with a single notion."

Is this really the case?

Chu Yu thought to himself.

This was an extremely mystical feeling. As he thought about it, a shred of mental energy was extracted from his forehead.

"Ah... it hurts... it hurts so bad, please stop, stop!"

Chu Yu stopped thinking about it, then began to decipher the information from what he extracted!

Various scenes flashed by in Chu Yu’s mind.

That was an incredibly vast universe, each star was thousands of times larger than the Earth!

The limitless universe continued to rotate.

Floating in the distance was a palace billions of times larger than Earth.

Its light was extremely bright and glaring!

Figures scurried around in the palace.

"Is that the Heavenly Court?"

Chu Yu gasped in awe inside.

When he looked at the various huge stars surrounding it, there were various life forms entering and exiting.

There were terrifying beasts, much larger than

the Earth, flying around and landing on gigantic planets.

Chu Yu even saw a magnificent dragon floating in the air!

It’s head was bigger than the Earth!

"Was this how... the Devastated World looked like before?"

Chu Yu looked on in awe. Then, below the Heavenly Court, he saw a sapphire blue star.

Chu Yu’s gaze softened immediately.

He could tell that that planet was Earth!

His home!

Surrounding the Earth was a group of planets that paled in comparison to the Heavenly Court and the other larger stars.

This was the Solar System!

My hometown is indeed ancient.

It had existed since those times.

Chu Yu gasped and continued looking down.

He saw humongous figures, much larger than the Earth, standing upright.

They virtually spanned Heaven and Earth, and exuded an awe-inducing aura!

"Are those Immortals?"

Chu Yu asked himself.

But the awe he felt was unparalleled.

The Celestial Fox finally regained consciousness after a long time.

"What happened? I actually fainted? I finally remember, there seemed to be an incredibly terrifying blood aura that caused me to faint... how scary!’

The Celestial Fox began rambling on hysterically the moment it regained consciousness.

At this point, Chu Yu had already gleaned a huge amount of information from what he extracted from his mind.

He had also seen the crumbling of the Heavenly Court, as well as the attempted escape of various large figures.

Each of those gargantuan stars were shattered!

Beasts larger than the Earth were turned to ash, the magnificent dragon was squashed...

Is this the Immeasurable Catastrophe?

Chu Yu guessed.

In the end, the once incredibly prosperous place was reduced to rubble.

But for some unknown reason, the entire Solar System... lived through this terrifying Immeasurable Catastrophe!

The scenes ended here.

The origins of the Solar System were definitely not simple.

Else, how could it survive annihilation by the Immeasurable Catastrophe?

Chu Yu opened his eyes, sighed, then brought the Celestial Fox on the way back.

For some unknown reason, he and the Celestial Fox walked for less than five minutes before the scene in front of them changed.

In the next moment, Chu Yu and the Celestial Fox appeared atop the ancient divine statue.

Then, when he unconsciously looked into the distance, Chu Yu was stunned!

He had spent over three years in the world of the ancient stone spirit... but only minutes had past in the real world!

When he looked at his empty storage ring, Chu Yu felt like he was just in a dream.


The wave of power from the ancient stone statue had flattened the land around it.

The destruction stretched in a million mile radius!

Chu Yu used his vertical eye to observe his surroundings and found that the energy was weakening.

But the scene of destruction was still extremely terrifying.

Ordinary cultivators would not be able to withstand it.

How was Xu Xiaoxian now?

Chu Yu had seen her jump into a jade bottle and sent flying by the wind and expected her to be safe.

He tried using his messenger to contact Xu Xiaoxian. However, there was no signal here.

Three years inside was only a few minutes in the outside world. If one had enough spiritual stones and pills, one could spent centuries cultivating inside and it would only translate to a few hours in the real world.

This was a prime place for cultivation!

All of a sudden, there was a cracking noise originating from the stone statue beneath his feet.

Chu Yu jumped in fright and looked down.

A spider web like system of cracks began to form on top of the stone statue. The cracks began to get deeper and wider!

Chu Yu flipped and jumped off the top of the statue.

The Celestial Fox also followed suit.

Only now did Chu Yu see the actual appearance of the Celestial Fox.

It was covered in shiny black fur. It shared some similarities with the fox, but was largely different.

It was over a meter tall when seated and its eyes were shining. It looked at Chu Yu, "Thank you for saving me from that old conman. I am a man of my word and I will follow you for 10,000 years."

Chu Yu laughed, "What are your abilities?"

The Celestial Fox replied arrogantly, "My abilities are great!"

Just as he spoke, many figures were sprinting over in this direction.

Each one of them exuded an unparalleled aura.

Chu Yu was stunned. The wave of energy from the ancient divine statue was incredibly powerful. Which ordinary cultivator could withstand such power?

However, these people were likely to have been within the radius of impact. Not only did they not run away, they were sprinting in this direction.

The Celestial Fox got a fright and told Chu Yu, "Enemies are approaching, let’s run!"

"..." Chu Yu looked at it, speechless, "Is this what you mean by... your abilities are great?"

"We use intellect, intellect!" The Celestial Fox cried as it looked at the approaching figures. It could not help but ask, "Aren’t you running?"

"Why should I run?" Chu Yu shook his head and looked at the approaching figures.

There were three of them, and they were all True Lords!

Qin Mingyue from the second ranked school in the Mirror World!

Kang Ping from the third ranked school in the Mirror World!

Ouyang Kun from the third ranked school in the Mirror World!

Three youthful True Lords!

The Heaven’s Pride talents of the Mirror World!

All three of them wore superior battle armor.

These were all superior magical equipment, capable of blocking the strongest attacks.

When they arrived, their gazes burned through Chu Yu and the Celestial Fox.

Kang Ping’s eyes flashed with curiosity, "Brother, you look very foreign."

Ouyang Kun said flatly, "This is probably not his real appearance."

Kang Ping smiled, "Some powerful people do not want to reveal their appearance, it is no big deal."

At this point, the ancient stone statue behind Chu Yu crumbled to the ground!

All of their expressions changed.

Their gazes became more and more quizzical.

They had wanted to come over the moment they found felt the fluctuations in energy. However, that wave of aura prevented them from nearing.

The moment the wave of energy past, the few of them rushed over.

Then, they met with Chu Yu.

They definitely did not believe that Chu Yu did not benefit from the statue.

However, someone who can change his appearance in this way and could crumble the stone statue frightened them.

Qin Mingyue was extremely beautiful, but she was cold. Her phoenix like eyes landed on Chu Yu, "There could be scions of the demonic sects at each Championship."

Kang Ping’s and Ouyang Kun’s gazes turned icy.

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