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The next day, on stage.

Xu Xiaoxian took on the appearance of one of the youths from the Purple Cloud. Faced with the icy, murderous Leng Ao, she cupped her fist and bowed, "I’ve seen senior before!"


Leng Ao went through the motions of cupping his fist. He did not even bother hearing who his opponent was.

It didn’t matter who it was, his heart was filled with murderous intent.

He just wanted to kill his opponent in the shortest possible time, regardless of who it was!

Ever since Lin Shi had become a disciple of the Butterfly Dance Immortal, the comments had not stopped coming.

The Divine Warfare School lost their disciple and was still coming under pressure from this incident.

The entire Mirror World was chiding them.

Up till now, this incident had not calmed down.

Every time Leng Ao stepped out the door, he felt like people were looking at him mockingly.

This infuriated him and he felt like he was going crazy.

By now, he was already losing himself.

He could barely control his own actions!


Xu Xiaoxian looked at Leng Ao and sensed the terrifying wave of force from his body, but she remained calm.

Many of the spectators worried for her. Even though the Purple Cloud was quite the dark horse, it was unlikely that they could win against a talent like Leng Ao.


The judges for the main competition were the teachers from the Sky Dazed School.

For some of the major rounds, the sensei from the Sky Dazed School hosted them personally.


For example, this round today was judged by a Sky Dazed School sensei.

This man was in his forties, had dark skin and a stern expression.


In the moment he declared the start of the round, Leng Ao lunged!


The scythe in his hand swung towards Xu Xiaoxian’s head!


This attack could split a mountain!


The space on stage seemed to be sliced in half by the attack.

A terrifying wave of energy dissipated to the sides as a blade aura filled with killing intent flew right at Xu Xiaoxian.

What a maniac!

In the face of such an attack, even Xu Xiaoxian did not dare to take it lightly.

She used her body techniques to radiate a magnificent wave of energy. In the moment she dodged Leng Ao’s attack, she rushed at Leng Ao.

"You want close combat?"

Leng Ao’s eyes flashed with a glint of mockery/

He swung his scythe.


His attack looked simple, but it had many variations.


He was extremely adept with the scythe and his murderous intent filled the entire space.

Regardless male or female, he only wanted to do one thing.


Everyone watching was silent.

The entire spectator stand was filled. The combination of a dark horse and a tier three school expert duking it out drew much attention.

Many people thought that Xu Xiaoxian would leap into the air to dodge Leng Ao’s second strike.

However, Xu Xiaoxian’s advancing body suddenly bent backwards!

She was clearly charging forward, but at this point, her body arced backwards.

It looked so confusing and conflicting.

Leng Ao didn’t expect her to dodge this way.

Under normal circumstances, Xu Xiaoxian should jump upwards, then all he had to do was swipe upwards...

Then... Bam!

She would be cut in half!

The scent of fresh blood spewing out of her body... would give him immeasurable satisfaction.


However, this person could stop mid charge, bend over backwards... then fall to the ground.


Did he think he’ll be fine?



Leng Ao also stopped his movement, then quickly chopped downwards at Xu Xiaoxian!

Everyone watching gasped in amazement.

How intense!

Each attack was out to kill!

There was no room for error!

The battle was white hot even before the spectators had gotten their rhythm!

In the moment Xu Xiaoxian fell to the ground, Leng Ao’s scythe came down on her.

However, her body shot out like an arrow, her head trailing behind her feet as she dashed towards Leng Ao’s feet.


Leng Ao’s scythe impacted the magical formation protected stage, sending sparks flying.

Xu Xiaoxian was already in front of him!

Leng Ao retreated hastily. All of a sudden, his scythe broke into two, forming a short scythe and a short pole.

The short scythe was aimed at Xu Xiaoxian’s feet whilst the short pole went for Xu Xiaoxian’s head!

How powerful!

Even without considering his cultivation level, Leng Ao’s battle prowess placed him amongst the best in the Mirror World.


Xu Xiaoxian’s body became like a snake.

Almost as if she was boneless!


She leapt into the air in an unbelievable fashion!


The speed at which she leapt up was too quick, and Leng Ao was too used to his technique that he could not react in time.

Xu Xiaoxian raised both fists, one directed at Leng Ao’s heart, the other at Leng Ao’s liver.


The strike on his heart was almost like hitting an incredibly hard metal plate and the accompanying clang was proof of that.


At the same time, Leng Ao’s heart area burst out in bright light.

There... was a defensive magical equipment there!

Xu Xiaoxian moaned. Her hand was injured, and her bones likely broken.

However, Leng Ao also screamed in pain, then flew off the stage.

Xu Xiaoxian’s second hit on his liver area had seriously injured him.

Leng Ao spat out a mouthful of blood below the stage, almost losing consciousness.

Everyone watching was stunned by what they saw.

So fast?

The entire battle was over in the blink of an eye!

Leng Ao’s chop, sweep and swipe.

Then, the split of his scythe into two.

Two moves.

Xu Xiaoxian’s dodge, fall, charge, rise, and two fists.

One move!

Then, Leng Ao was sent flying, spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

The Purple Cloud School... was so vicious!

Was it necessary?

The two of them did not even use any sacred arts.

This was pure battle power!

Leng Ao’s battle techniques were tried and tested, how else could he have killed and injured so many people?

In previous battles, he rarely used the sacred arts either.

In the Divine Warfare School, his battle power was also one of the best.

But no one expected that the Purple Cloud’s unknown student could defeat him with a single blow.

The spectators fell silent, then, erupted!

The people from the Divine Warfare School rushed forward to save Leng Ao, the rest of them were green with horror.


No one would have thought that Leng Ao would lose to such an unknown opponent!

Chu Yu was in awe as he watched the judge announce the Purple Cloud’s victory whilst Xu Xiaoxian walked off the stage.

Through these challenges, he could see that Xu Xiaoxian was extremely adept at battle.

From start to finish, she did not use the same techniques and style in each battle.


Before becoming this person, she would study what this person is good at, including their character!

She was as meticulous as she could be!

It was so meticulous one could not differentiate between the two of them!

Other than the fact that these students were much more powerful than they actually were, everything else was completely the same!

This was really a powerful technique.

If she had took on the appearance of a lady, it might have been easier.

But most of the people from the battle section were males!

Each of them had a different personality, yet, Xu Xiaoxian could imitate them extremely well.


Even the friends of the person she was disguising herself as could not tell the difference!

This was her true skill.

Other than this, this girl’s technique and skill with magical formations was definitely at least that of a guru!

That day, at the Sky Auction Institution, if not for her skills with magical formations, they were definitely no match for the Divine Lord.

Xu Xiaoxian returned to the Purple Cloud Camp and smiled, "I followed your instructions."

Chu Yu nodded, "Good job!"


Only the two of them knew what was going on.

Xu Xiaoxian had helped Chu Yu get back at Leng Ao.

She used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu that the blow she dealt to Leng Ao will cause him to be bedridden for at least a week.

Even with superior healing medicine, he will not heal so quickly.

Anywho, Leng Ao’s tour in this championship had come to an end.

In the following challenges, the Purple Cloud began to slow down and control the pace of their victories.

By the last day, the Purple Cloud School, who had no more rounds left, was ranked 47th!

This was an awe inspiring ranking!

They had so little people that virtually everyone competed in the maximum five rounds.

To be able to get such a result surpassed everybody’s expectations.


The Mirror World was raving about this school. This dark horse was unbeatable!


It was no exaggeration to say that the Purple Cloud School’s story would be told for generations to come.

This was the most glorious day in their history!

All of the teachers and students felt like they were living a dream.

Only after the competition ended and a high ranking Vice Principal from the Sky Dazed School announced the results did they slowly recover from their daze.

However, in the Song Country, the entire country... was celebrating!

The Purple Cloud School, the Purple Cloud Constabulary, various Song cities...

The ramifications of these were great.

Being able to become a tier three school meant that the Purple Cloud School would be entitled to large amounts of resources, techniques... and privileges from the Alliance of Schools over the next decade!

More straightforwardly, not only would they be rewarded for their ranking, as a tier three school, they were given one more month to stay in a special zone within the Sky Dazed School.

They could go to the library in this section to study!

This was the real treasure!

Even though many of the students did not actually take part in the battle this time, they gained much from the rewards.

They were all rather talented youths, and having a month to roam the libraries of the Sky Dazed School would benefit them greatly in their growth.

Perhaps, in 10 years, they may represent themselves at the championships!

For Xu Xiaoxian, she had gotten what she came here for.

At the closing ceremony, the Vice Principal of the Sky Dazed School announced: The top 50 schools would have two slots to explore an ancient monument!

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