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Xu Xiaoxian’s recovery powers were great and she had many superior pills. That very night, the few of them left the lodge and returned to the Sky Dazed School.

There was no news from the Sky Auction Institution and all had been quiet.

It was almost like a dream.

But Chu Yu felt like an entire generation had passed.

Up till now, he could not believe that Xu Xiaoxian could use magical formations and an instrument to kill a Divine Lord as a Supreme Realm cultivator.

That was a Divine Lord!

Some of the most powerful in the universe!

They were adept in many sacred arts!

In comparison, Supreme Realm cultivators were like ants, able to be squashed extremely easily!

This was almost like an ant biting an elephant to death.

It was completely unbelievable.

Xu Xiaoxian told Chu Yu that many of the talents in the Mirror World were capable of this.

This made Chu Yu slightly depressed.

Right now, he could not even fight a True Lord, much less a Divine Lord.

Even though he could kill opponents of higher cultivation level, the difference between the Supreme Realm and the True Lord Realm was way too big!

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "Actually, you don’t have to be too worried or depressed. For me to kill someone so powerful, I have to pay a heavy price."

"But you look okay?" Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian doubtfully.

He was not willing to use his vertical eye to look at her.

Xu Xiaoxian shook her head and a faint smile broke out over her face, "Let’s not talk about that. Anyways, relax, even though many had this ability, they would not use it easily. Actually, if you continue down this path of pill refining, you can have this ability in no time!"

"How do you know?" Chu Yu asked doubtfully.

The Immortal Crane Pill Scripture did have some terrifying pills, but he did not have the ability to refine them at the current moment.

"If a medicinal saint’s legacy doesn’t have such a technique, how can it be called saint?" Xu Xiaoxian said.

Chu Yu remembered that his Superclass could combine various techniques and make it uniquely his.

It could be that after the Superclass combines the various techniques, the combination could be equally awe inspiring.

Chu Yu had this feeling already, but he had not used them in battle so it was still untested at this point.

In the coming days, Xu Xiaoxian began to take to the stage.

For the main competition, one person could only compete in a maximum of five rounds.

This rule was set in place because the top schools could have one talent who could defeat everyone. That would make the competition meaningless.

However, Xu Xiaoxian could morph into anyone, so this rule didn’t apply to her.

The Purple Cloud School, from the principal to the students, was quite accommodating.

However, after seeing Xu Xiaoxian win match after match, the initially unhappy students began to understand that she was the best candidate.

At this point, all of the schools were going for lethal strikes.

Injury and death became a daily occurrence.

Even though the students had made preparations for this previously, they all hesitated when faced with it.

None of their opponents were simple.

If there was someone powerful enough to represent them, they could avoid the threat of death.

As such, over the next few days, the Purple Cloud School’s points increased drastically.

It skyrocketed!

By the middle of the main competition, they were already ranked 68!

They had squashed both the Sword Rain School and the Wafting Fragrance School!

Before this, these two schools respected the Purple Cloud School because of Chu Yu. However, now, they were all completely stunned.

The Purple Cloud School was too vicious!

Everyone on social media was shocked.

An initially unranked school in 400 place not only managed to get into the top 100, but also managed to get so far ahead.

Based on their trend, no one could say for sure how high the Purple Cloud School could go.


"They are really a terrifying dark horse in this edition of the interschool championships!"

"In the preliminaries, the Purple Cloud School’s battle section was just mediocre. They only managed to get through because of their pill refining section. Even though their final ranking was not low, most of their points came from their pill refining section. I never expected them to have such an explosive showing in the main competition!"


"If not for the fact that we saw these people in the preliminaries before, I would have suspected that they hired people to represent them!"

"If these were hired guns, I doubt even a superior school can afford them?"

The discussion on the Purple Cloud School did not abate, both in the Sky Dazed School and on social media.

Even the principal was astounded and came to look for Chu Yu in private.

"Where did you find such a powerful person? Also, her appearance changing technique is too good, she can be both male and female..."

The Human Form Changing Technique was at least a saint level technique.

It came from the Solar System!

Few in the Mirror World knew about this technique.

Chu Yu smiled, "A friend."

The principal sighed, then fidgeted, "I think this ranking... is enough? From now on, even if we lose every round, we can also be assured of a superior school spot."

Chu Yu glanced at him, "Aren’t your expectations... too low?"

"No, but this is too obvious." The Principal sighed, "When we go back, our students do not have such powers. When this is revealed, even if the Alliance of Schools doesn’t take any action, we will lose terribly in the next edition!"


Chu Yu smiled, "It is a long time to the next competition. This time is enough for us to groom a batch of talents."

The Principal smiled and shook his head, Do you really think it is that simple?

Talents are not so easy to groom.

However, he remembered how Sensei Song had brought up the pill refining section, it was too scary!

Based on this trend, the pill refining section should be able to ensure that the Purple Cloud School remains as a superior school.

As for the battle section, if they can’t make it... then they won’t be sent.

Else, they will really be killed by the others.

The principal said his goodbyes and left, not attempting to convince Chu Yu anymore.

In actual fact, the ranking was of little importance to Chu Yu.

However, Xu Xiaoxian wanted a top 50 placing!

Else, to Chu Yu, a top 100 placing would have been sufficient.

Through the incident at the Sky Auction Institution, Chu Yu’s impression of Xu Xiaoxian had changed greatly.

He really did not care if she was from a demonic cult.

As time went by, the interschool championships was also coming to an end.

The Purple Cloud School had also reached the top 50!

They were exactly 50th.

This ranking made them a tier three school.

The entire Mirror World erupted and social media was flooded with news about the Purple Cloud School.

As for the Purple Cloud School and the Song Country... the celebrations were already beginning, and they were only getting bigger and bigger each day.

Everyone was incredibly excited even though many of them who were privy to the Purple Cloud School wondered how the battle section suddenly became so terrifying.

They managed to go toe to toe with the students from the superior schools.

However, their excitement trumped their doubts and suspicions.

Who cares, our school is now a superior school!

After the competition for the day ended, Xu Xiaoxian came looking for Chu Yu, her expression cheeky.

"What’s up?"

Chu Yu had been busy with the pill refining section’s challenges. Now, the opponents were getting stronger and stronger, so Chu Yu had to teach them more superior knowledge on the fly.

It is a good thing the kids from the pill refining section were living up to their own expectations. They had yet to lose a match!

Such a result was quite extraordinary.

Even without Xu Xiaoxian’s participation, the Purple Cloud had the confidence of becoming a superior school.

In fact, getting into the top 100, or even the top 80... would not be difficult!

As such, Chu Yu was incredibly proud of his students.

"Tomorrow, my opponent, is Leng Ao."

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "Do you want me to kill him?"

Leng Ao?

The number one youthful expert of the Divine Warfare School!

It was said that his power was at the pinnacle of the Supreme Realm, he was on the verge of breaking through into the True Lord Realm!

He was quite the powerful talent.

There were few who were as good as him, even in the tier one schools.

Since the beginning of the competition, all of Leng Ao’s opponents were either dead or injured.

Those who were lucky enough to survive were also scarred for life.

Social media was deeming Leng Ao as a maniac with vicious techniques!

He didn’t seem to come here to compete, he was here to kill.

News that Lin Shi had become the Butterfly Dance Immortal’s disciple had already gotten out.

Some news about Lin Shi’s past had also been revealed.

But it was not news.

As such, even though people were not happy about Leng Ao’s killing spree, they knew that it was not without reason.

Thus, they tried to accept it.

But, that was the masses.

Chu Yu was not going to let him off!

"Don’t kill him." Chu Yu said, "Leave that to me!’

"You want to take the stage?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "This man is very powerful..."

Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

Xu Xiaoxian added, "Under normal circumstances, I may not even be his match."


"And you want to help me kill him?" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

"Don’t forget, I can kill a Divine Lord!’ Xu Xiaoxian said.

"You dare to show those abilities here?" Chu Yu’s mouth twitched.

Then he looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "But I must say that it’s a little weird that there hasn’t been any news from the Sky Auction Institution."

Xu Xiaoxian laughed coldly, "It’s not weird at all!’


Xu Xiaoxian continued, "Zhuo Fan is not a man who trusts easily. As such, he takes many precautions. He is not called Master Zhuo without reason. No matter what he does, he will not leave a trace. Even though we were walking in the streets before entering, he had already erased traces of us the moment he made his decision."

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "If you went to that slave trader now, he would never admit to having seen you! He would also deny the fact that he had sold Fang Lie to you."

"As for how you got Fang Lie’s token... haha, heaven knows how you got it."

"What I’m trying to tell you is, Zhuo Fan has the ability to remove every trace of what happened at the auction house."

"He did this because he had every confidence of beating us. But, he didn’t expect that we were so vicious."

Chu Yu glanced at her, "It was you."

"Okay, fine, I killed him." Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes and said, "As such, I am sure that most people don’t even know that Zhuo Fan is dead!"

"This is clearly his intelligence backfiring on him."

Xu Xiaoxian laughed coldly, "Do you know? Those people who work for him will immediately swallow a pill after the job is complete. The pill will erase their memory for the past few days!’

"Unless a saint turned back time, no trace of the memory can be found." Xu Xiaoxian said mockingly.

"But for a True Lord like Zhuo Fan... hehe, no one knows he made Divine Lord. Even if he was a Divine Lord, a saint would not find it worth it to help him."

"As such, the Sky Auction Institution is unlikely to find trouble with us."

Then, she looked at Chu Yu, "It’s a pity that you didn’t manage to auction off your True Soul Pills, but I guess it’s okay, you got quite a fortune in best quality spiritual stones."

Chu Yu looked at her, "It looks like you did your homework."

"That’s called knowing your enemy." Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "Even though I want revenge, I would never send myself to the grave!"

"Next time, don’t drag me along." Chu Yu was getting the shivers.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "I’ll think about it!"

Chu Yu, "…"

Then, Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "Be honest, do you want me to kill Leng Ao for you?"

Chu Yu shook his head, "Just beat him up for me."

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