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Chapter 204: Interlude

"Dong Ping." One of the males, dressed in black, called out to stop this young man.

This man’s clothes were exquisitely made and his buttons were all sewn using gold thread. He was extremely handsome, his brows were thin and his eyes were glimmering. He looked at Chu Yu and said flatly, "Our servant is unwise, but this is all for a reason. Just now, there was a thief who stole from us. We saw him teleport into your car."

"Master, why bother explaining?" This youth looked at Chu Yu ferociously, unafraid despite being beaten by Chu Yu just now.

"Just come back." The youth in black said flatly.

"Yes!" The cold youth’s face twitched as he move to the side reluctantly.

Then, this youth in black smiled at Chu Yu, "Now, would you please move aside?"

Chu Yu frowned slightly. Even though the slave was rather despicable, this young man seemed to be better.

Anyone who had been robbed would not be happy, and would definitely not be able to be calm and well reasoned.

Just as he was thinking about it, that youth suddenly stood up and strode over. Even though there was fear in his eyes, his expression was filled with fury.

He looked at the youth in black and raged, "That thing was mine from the start! You guys robbed me of it. Now that I took it back with my own abilities, why are you sounding like you were the one who was wronged?"

The voice was clear and crisp, like marbles falling to the ground.

Chu Yu was stunned, this youth... was a girl?

He had no idea.

"Rubbish!’ That icy slave suddenly fumed and prepared to rush over.

The youth standing next to Chu Yu... or rather, the girl next to Chu Yu looked dismissive as she laughed coldly, "Little b*tch, would this have happened if not for you, you little scum? You’re just riding on your master’s power, do you think I’m afraid of you? If not for your few masters protecting you, you would have died many times over!"

Dong Ping could not possibly tolerate being chided so thoroughly by this haggard lady. He raged, "Go to hell!’

"Do you know what is the language of slaves? Rubbish, how dare you, go to hell... these are it!" The lady stood behind Chu Yu and it seemed that all her fear was gone as she chided this young slave.

Dong Ping had steam coming out from all his orifices as he prepared to fight it out with this lady.

The black robed youth looked at this haggard girl and swirly faintly, "Hand over the thing and we will spare your life!’

The haggard girl’s eyes glimmered as she contemplated fighting.

That thing was something she went through a lot of effort to find. Just as she was about to get it, this b*tch slave Dong Ping had saw it and reported it to these youths.

At that time, she was afraid of their power, so she left reluctantly. However, she never gave up and wanted to get it back.

She was extremely skilled in theft. It so happened that the item was with a girl, so she got it easily.

However, she was spotted by this black robed youth.

However, this man maintained his stature and did not attack. Instead, he had Dong Ping go after her.

This girl was not afraid of a slave like Dong Ping, but was worried about the other youths.

As she ran, she used her teleportation skills to enter Chu Yu’s car.

She was keenly aware that it would be highly impossible for her to take this item away from them and leave silently.

However, deep down, she was unwilling to accept this fact, if it were up to me, I would kill all of you!

Chu Yu looked at the man in black, then back at the haggard girl next to him.

At this point, the haggard girl grit her t

hief and retrieved an item. She threw it to the youth in black, then said, "Remember what happened today! I will be back soon!"

Then, she glanced at Chu Yu and whispered, "Thank you!’

After she finished, she used her teleportation skill and disappeared.

Dong Ping was still furious as he stared in the direction she disappeared in, "You will be back? Bullsh*t! If I see you again... I won’t let you off!"

Then, he glared at Chu Yu, "Young man, don’t be a busybody, beware of being beheaded in the middle of the night!’

"Little slave, stop trying to be aggressive here, I could kill someone like you with a single hand when I am Xiantian cultivator! What are you crying about? I already let you off easy, but do you want more?"

Fatty peeked out and looked at Dong Ping condescendingly.

Chu Yu shook his head, "Enough, why bother with a slave?"

This made the youth in black frown slightly, but he did not say anything.

Afterwards, Chu Yu had the driver get them out of there.

No one else showed themselves from start to finish.

Chu Yu had already used the Voice Transmission Technique to order them not to disembark!

These youths seemed to be from another school. Chu Yu did not want to make an enemy before the championships began.

Seeing Chu Yu’s entourage disappear into the distance, Dong Ping spat on the ground and yelled, "Who do you think you are! Do you really think you are a big shot, in Sky Dazed City..."

"Enough, don’t say so much!" The youth in blank glanced at him, "The Sky Dazed City is also not our territory, don’t be so arrogant."

Dong Ping sighed, "Yes master."

They may be slave and master, but they had grown up together.

Dong Ping’s family wasn’t exactly small, but it paled in comparison to the black robed youth’s family.

However, in comparison to many families in the Mirror World, Dong Ping’s family was extremely powerful!

As such, he had this extremely arrogant attitude.

Furthermore, he could only get more benefits from his master if he seemed a little stupid and brash at times.

A brainless follower was better than a smart and cunning partner!

That was how the youth in black thought.

Dong Ping was clear of this.

This entire incident was like a little interlude.

The Principal did not confront Chu Yu afterwards.

The entire entourage came to the Sky Dazed School and prepared to enter on foot.

This was the rule of the Sky Dazed School, and it was also the confidence and pride the number one school in the Mirror World had!

Even the King of the Sky Dazed School had to walk past the gates before he continued the rest of the journey on foot.

As for others, after they entered on foot, they continued on foot.

No one had the right to be arrogant here.

Every edition of the interschool championship was held here.

As such, the Purple Cloud School’s ledership had been here quite a few times.

However, this time, their emotions were completely different.

Last time, they all thought to themselves, We should just try to aim to rank as high as we can, maybe we’ll get lucky and rank in the top 200.

However, this time, for some reason, they felt a strong wave of confidence, almost as if the Purple Cloud was definitely going to make it into the top 200 and become a superior institution.

With Section Head Song by their side, they felt significantly more confident.

However, no one seemed to take notice of them.

The Sky Dazed School was too big!

They had over a million students. And this was just in the main school. Adding those in their subsidiaries, their student population was more than 5 million!

This number was astonishing. In comparison, the 10,000 strong Purple Cloud School was like an ant.

The unranked schools were all placed in the outskirts of the Sky Dazed School.

The place that the Purple Cloud was allocated was huge and could accommodate hundreds.

This was the first time that Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the girls had come to the interschool champtionships. They found it interesting, their eyes trying to soak it all up.

"What a huge place. Even an unranked school like us is given such a spacious place, what do you think those superior schools get?"

Xie Nianqin gasped in awe.

At this point, a chuckle could be heard from outside.

"What a hillbilly? This is hilarious, they clearly haven’t seen the world, but they have come out to embarrass themselves." This voice was from a tall girl, who walked over. She looked at their flags the Purple Cloud hard brought with them condedscendinly.

Each School had a flag and they would display their flags upon entering the Sky Dazed School for easy recognition.

Of course, those superior schools need not open their flags for people to recognize them. There were people to receive them either way.

However, for unranked schools like the Purple Cloud School, no one would recognize them if they did not display their flags.

"Purple Cloud? I’ve never heard of them! They brought so little people, haha, are you here to cheer? Listen to my advice, just go back to your school, don’t embarrass yourself here!’

This tall girl was extremely mean and had come to antagonize them without provocation. Even the Purple Cloud School’s Principal frowned.

In that moment, Xie Nianqin fumed. She was once a devilish girl, would she be afraid of such a challenge?

"Pui, why is your tone so sour? Lady, you come here to mock us, then may I ask... which tier is your school in? What's your ranking?" Xie Nianqin was also tall. Even though she was only seventeen, she grew well and when she puffed her chest, she was a little intimidating.

The other girl unconsciously looked down at her flat chest, then raged, "Who are you calling? B*tch! Do you want to know our ranking? Let me tell you, we are ranked 201! This time, we will definitely..."

"Hahahahahaha...." Xie Nianqin burst our in laughter before she could finish.

This beautiful busty girl would attract attention anywhere she went. Ordinarily, she would try to maintain her image.

However, Xie Nianqin laughed extremely loudly and without restraint, almost like a manic woman.

This made the girl opposite her fume.

"You, what are you laughing at? What’s so funny?" This tall and skinny girl glared at Xie Nianqin.

Without pause, Xie Nianqin pointed at this lady, "B*tch, are you dumb? Does ranking at 201 make you a superior school? Does it mean you don’t have to stay in the same place we have to? The pot calling the kettle black, yet you mock us so confidently. I actually worry about your intellect. Imagine if everyone from your school is someone like you, then this time... not falling below 300 would be a cause for celebration! You still want to become a superior school? Dream on!"

Song Binbin and Yan Xiaoyu looked at Xie Nianqin, stunned. They never expected that this usually calm girl would be so vicious when she flared up.

She was unrestrained!

They had heard a lot about the 12 devils before coming to the Purple Cloud. However, when they entered the Purple Cloud, these girls had already cleaned themselves up.

As such, they did not see these devilish girls in action.

Each one of them was quite good at battle too.

That tall and slim girl was agitated and she screamed, "Little b*tch from the Purple Cloud, I want to duel you! Do you dare?"

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