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Chapter 195: Attacked

"Don’t be rude!" Mu Hai glared at his son, "If you don’t want it, give it to me! I still have a few old friends who have been stuck in the True Lord Realm for many years..."

"No no no, dad, you are my birth father! I am your son!" Mu Yunfan snatched that incredibly ugly pill from his daughter’s hand and kept it carefully before chuckly.

He was slightly embarrassed and he glared viciously at his daughter, but he was speechless.

It was just like what the people in the Wafting Fragrance School thought. If the pills Yuexiu brought back could allow her father to breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm, then her minor transgression before would not be worth a mention!

Who doesn’t make mistakes?

Who hasn’t met with setbacks?

Whose life was always smooth sailing?

Failure was a key ingredient for growth and they had to give the younger generation a change to make mistakes and take detours.

The world was this way. Other than the clear rights and wrongs, everything else was just about pros and cons.

But this could not even be considered a balance of pros and cons.

Her transgressions were miniscule compared to her contribution of helping a True Lord breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm.

Mu Hai looked at his son and smiled reassuringly.

He was his son’s hero, and his son was his pride!

It would be great if both father and son could be Divine Lords.

One day, if they both became Divine Lords, then... it would be the beginning of their clan’s rise!

"Girl, tell me, I heard that the guy who refined these pills is very young? Tell me about him." Mu Hai pointed at the chair and asked Mu Yuexiu to sit down.

Yuexiu looked at her father warily.

Mu Yunfan said, "Why are you looking at me? Just sit, or do you want me to thank you?"

How unreasonable! And to think you were so happy about getting the pill.

Yuexiu lamented in her heart as she sat down warily and recounted the incident.

During this process, Mu Yunfan and Mu Hai would frown, smile, or be deep in thought ever so frequently.

When they heard that Lu Tianxiang went to seduce other girls behind Yuexiu’s back whilst speaking ill of her, Mu Yunfan’s expression darkened.

Even though he didn’t interrupt his daughter, his eyes were filled with killing intent!

His baby was treated this way by others!

It’s a good thing that b*stard is dead, else, he would kill that b*stard himself!

Mu Hai was much calmer, but even so, when he heard the story, he squinted.

Afterwards, Mu Yuexiu told both of them the full story.

"This... really cannot be blamed on you. I can’t really blame you for wanting to avenge Lu Tianxiang. All I can say is the only surprise is that Sensei Song!" Mu Hai’s eyes glimmered after hearing the story.

Mu Yufan was much more straightforward, "We must get this man over!"

"No!" Mu Hai quickly rejected his son’s proposal.

Mu Yufan looked at his father quizzically.

Mu Hai said, "We can’t just poach people like that over. For this kind of person, despite his young age, has already become the best amongst his peers. Poaching only works with people who are similar or slightly stronger than you. For people like Song Hong, we must forge strong bonds with him!"

As an elder in the Wafting Fragrance School, Mu Yunfan was much more mature than others. After some thought, he began to understand his father’s intentions. He nodded, "I was too blind to see such a master plan."

Then, he glanced at Mu Yuexiu, "The last thing that you did to him was not very wise."

Mu Yuexiu sighed in exasperation, "I didn’t think so m

uch then, neither did I expect that his pill refining skills were so great."

"It’s still not too late to save it." As Mu Hai spoke, he stood up and looked at Mu Yunfan, "I will hand over the things at the school to you. Do not let Yuexiu be taken advantage of!"

Mu Yunfan nodded in exasperation, "Okay, this is no big deal anyways. If they know that father has broken through, they would not make life difficult for Xiuer."

Mu Hai nodded, "Now, I will make a trip over there, I want to be friends with that fella!"

"Father..." Mu Yunfan’s mouth twitched.

"What’s up?" Mu Hai looked at him.

"This is slightly too... you’re a Divine Lord after all!" Mu Yunfan said.

"So what if I’m a Divine Lord? I’m not an Emperor, and I’m not a Saint." Mu Hai said flatly, "For such a young man, even Saints would treat him kindly. Don’t forget, you cannot bully a youth just because they’re young! Saints were also young once."

"Father, do you value this man that highly?" Mu Yunfan was slightly astonished.

"Is that so? I don’t think so." Mu Hai disappeared in an instant.


In the classroom, Chu Yu was just teaching his 14 students.

He did not repeat any of his previous lessons specially for Song Binbin and Yan Xiaoyu.

These two already had very strong foundations.

Chu Yu’s lessons were deep but succinct. He had already summarized all the knowledge in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture and imparted it to them.

Now, there were close to 10,000 students wanting to enroll in the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section.

About 10% of students had formed a large interest in the Pill Refining Section.

Even though Sensei Song’s pills were slightly ugly, his knowledge was truly superior!

He was incredibly powerful!

Being able to learn from such a man was a great fortune!

However, these passionate applicants were rebuffed.

The Principal had said, "Right now, the Pill Refining Section has insufficient resources to accommodate so many students. When they became stronger, they will think about recruitment."

Many of the students broke down and cried, regretting their decision to not join the Pill Refining Section in the first place.

If they had, they would be the disciple of a great teacher and someone everyone would be envious of!

Just look at those 12 devilish girls, they were the unwanted students from the other sections!

However, now, wherever they went, they would be greeted with respectful, envious eyes. Some even looked at them with reverence.

This was a far cry from before when everyone looked at them with nothing but fear.

The Sun Clan had been silent all this while, almost as if they had already given up on Sun Zhangshan.

Sun Zhangshan was currently being locked up in the school’s jail. When he awoke, he didn’t say anything.

However, that assassin could not stop talking. He had revealed a lot of information, not only about Sun Zhangshan, but also about many people in the School.

Zhao Kai had told Chu Yu about all these.

Chu Yu was not very concerned about this. Other than teaching the kids, he was cultivating maniacally.

The Mirror World was saturated with spiritual energy and he had no lack of resources to refine the pills he needed.

His cultivation level improved by leaps and bounds.

Fatty’s condition also improved steadily.

These few days, Chu Yu had refined many superior pills to give ti Fatty.

The wound in Fatty’s head also began to heal.

However, Chu Yu felt that Fatty was not ready to wake yet. As such, he had used this time, as well as the powers of his pills, to change Fatty’s appearance.

It must be admitted that the Deathly Poisonous Worm was extremely powerful!

It could lock in a person’s soul. Without it, even if Fatty had that protective amulet, he may not be able to escape death.

As such, everything is part of Heaven’s will.

"The biggest worry in pill refining is carelessness and a lack of concern. Of course, if you are too restrictive and rigid, then you will not achieve greatness. In order to find the right balance of the two, at this stage, the only thing you can do is stay humble and continue to learn and experiment! All of the true knowledge is gained from summarizing your experiences. Even a saint’s techniques are learnt this way!"

Chu Yu said.

All 14 of them listened in intently.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao could not help but ask, "Old Song, you say that a saint’s techniques are learnt this way, have you seen a saint’s technique?"

Chu Yu laughed inside, Little fella, you actually quote me?

"What I’m teaching you, is a saint’s technique!" Chu Yu’s mouth twitched as he smiled and said casually.

"Chey..." Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the other girls rolled their eyes. No one believed him.

Old Song was good at everything, but he really was full of rubbish sometimes...

However, Yan Xiaoyu and Song Binbin felt that this was quite novel.

They could feel the genuine respect the 12 girls had for Sensei Song, but the way they interacted... was so casual!

They called Sensei Song ‘Old Song’. This was something none of them would have dared to do back at the Wafting Fragrance School.

If they tried to call any of the senseis in the Wafting Fragrance School this way... even someone as precious as Yan Xiaoyu would be severely disciplines.

However, Sensei Song didn’t seem to care about this.

The key here was, Yan Xiaoyu and Song Binbin didn’t think Sensei Song had a good temper.

They had witnessed Sensei Song in all his fury, and he was extremely ill tempered!

However, when dealing with his students, he was extremely casual.

How refreshing!

To Yan Xiaoyu and Song Binbin, this relaxed atmosphere in class was welcoming.

Even though only a couple of days had passed, they felt like they were assimilating into this place well.

At this point, there was a rapid knock on the door.

Then, Zhao Kai’s voice could be heard, "Sensei, not good, Sun... Sun Zhangshan has escaped!"

Chu Yu frowned and let Zhao Kai in. He asked, "How did that happen?"

Zhao Kai took a deep breath and said, "It was a very difficult situation. The Sun Clan had activated some of their best powers to rescue Sun Zhangshan. Even the Principal and the Vice Principals could not stop them."

Chu Yu’s eyebrows jumped. Even though the Purple Cloud School was unranked, their leaders were not weak. Furthermore, there were a few Purple Cloud Constabulary experts helping out here, did they fail to stop them too?

If the Sun Clan was so powerful, wouldn’t they have become the strongest family in the Song Country?

"I don’t know the details, I quickly came over to inform you once I found out..."

Before Zhao Kai could finish, he heard the sounds of battle outside.

At the same time, there were furious bellows.

"You’re audacious! This is the capital of the Song Country! This is the Purple Cloud School! You dare to make a scene here?"

"You’re not from the Sun Clan, who are you?"

The opponent did not answer, and the sounds of battle raged on.

Chu Yu looked at the 14 students, "Stay here, don’t move!"

Then, he turned and left through the door.

He saw more than 10 figures in the sky embroiled in a furball.

Seven to eight of them were from the Purple Cloud School.

Even the Principal was there. The aura he exuded was incredibly powerful and magnificent!

The opponent was only three strong, each one of them radiated with bright light, and their every attack was incredible.

Even though they were fighting high up in the sky, the aura that they exuded caused the school to tremble with each blow.

And this... was after they had already activated the defensive formations!

Else, the entire Purple Cloud School would have been flattened!

The three enemies... were all True Lord cultivators!

Even though they were outnumbered, they did not seem to be disadvantaged.

At this point, one of them seemed to spot Chu Yu down below and rushed towards Chu Yu.

The Principal bellowed, "Sensei Song, run!"

All of a sudden, a sword made from pure energy appeared in the attacker’s hand. With a shout, the blade radiated with a light as bright as the sun!

This vicious chop was aimed straight at the Pill Refining Section’s defensive formation.


The energy sword shattered!

But the magical formation now had a breach.

He entered through the breach.

He extended his hand, and an arm made from pure energy formed. It stretched over a kilometer long and it headed straight for Chu Yu.

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