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Chapter 196: Someone, come and kill him

This man was incredibly powerful, god knew how many years he had spent in the True Lord Realm!

His techniques and power were beyond belief.

The arm made of energy extended over a kilometer and it was directed at Chu Yu. Wherever the arm passed through froze!

An invisible energy radiated from Chu Yu’s forehead and protected the unaffected Chu Yu, who had the Tiger Courage Technique to help him.

That feeling of being pressed down on by a mountain disappeared in an instant.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art and his figure disappeared from his position.

That kilometer long hand missed its target!

At this point, the magical formations of the Pill Refining Section sprang to life!

As the largest school in a country, even though it was an unranked school, it was a place that no one would trespass willfully, at least in the Song Country.

Rays of energy began to patch up the hole formed by this True Lord Realm cultivator. At the same time, many attacks began raining down on this True Lord Realm cultivator.

Even though he was a cultivator who was extremely powerful, he could not charge head on against these attacks. He barely managed to dodge them.

At the same time, the experts from the Purple Cloud School and the Purple Cloud Constabulary also rushed over.

The two sides clashed in an intense battle once again.

Chu Yu’s expression was icy, he was already in the advanced stages of the King’s Realm.

However, in the face of True Lord Realm cultivators, he still felt helpless.

Chu Yu squinted and looked into the sky, searching for the True Lord cultivator who had attacked him. He then memorized how that man looked like.

With such an intense battle above, almost all of the students from the Purple Cloud School rushed out and looked at the battle with worry.

No one expected that the incident with Sun Zhangshan would have such scary repercussions.

This was a True Lord level battle!

In a battle cultivators, the one with greater power would win!

There were many factors that could affect power, from control to use, any one of these factors could decide the outcome of a battle.

When one talked about control and use of energy, they had to talk about the cultivation technique of that cultivator.

The better the technique, the more control one would get over energy after cultivation.

As such, even though they were all True Lord cultivators, they cultivated using different techniques and this resulted in a huge disparity in their battle prowess.

The cultivation technique used by these three True Lord Realm cultivators were clearly quite superior.

Even though they were outnumbered, they did not seem disadvantaged at all.

Even when one of them came for Chu Yu, the other two didn’t panic at all.

With so much energy clashing together, the entire sky looked like it was going to shatter.

These three True Lords did not speak as they kept using killing moves. It looked like they wanted to wipe out the entire Purple Cloud.

No matter how much the Purple Cloud asked them, these three men did not speak.

However, one thing was clear, these three True Lords were related to Sun Zhangshan, but they were definitely not from the Sun Clan.

Even though the Sun Clan of Song was not weak, they could not possibly have powers as great as this.

These Purple Cloud leaders felt a gloom over their head. If this thing involved more powers other than the Sun Clan, it could get complicated.

The danger level skyrocketed!

It was a good thing that Sun Zhangshan’s plot was unravelled compl


Else, no one knew how long it would remain hidden.

When it finally blew up, they may not even have the ability to fight back.

When they thought of this, the Purple Cloud Leadership’s hate of Sun Zhangshan reached a new high.

The two sides were equally matched, sparks flying in all directions.

Even though the Purple Cloud cultivators were injured, no one retreated.

At this point, another seven to eight figures arrived at lightning speed.

One of them bellowed from afar, "Who dares to find trouble at the Purple Cloud School?"

As he spoke, this man used a sacred art to attack one of the three True Lords.

A ray of light travelled through the air!

But it was stopped in an instant!

The three True Lords did not panic, and they used their magical equipment to take the blow.

At the same time, one of the True Lords, the one who had attacked Chu Yu, finally spoke.

His voice was incredibly icy, almost as if it was from Antarctica. With a single blow, he sent a few of his opponents flying and looked icily at the approaching figures, "Song Royal Family, mind your own business, if not we will wipe out your entire country!"

These helpers came from the royal family.

The Purple Cloud School was the top school in the Song Country and many from the royal family graduated from here.

As such, they could not stand idly by and watch the Purple Cloud be attacked.

They didn’t expect that these men would be so audacious and even threaten the royal family.

These royal family True Lord cultivators joined in the furball without a second word.

As an expert from the royal family, they could not retreat simply because others threatened them. That would put the entire royal family to shame.

With the addition of these men, the battle began to shift in the Purple Cloud’s favor.

No matter how powerful these three True Lord cultivators were, they couldn’t possibly defeat an entire group of True Lord cultivators.

However, they retreated in an orderly manner.

In the end, the True Lord cultivator who had attacked Chu Yu said coldly, "Purple Cloud School, Song Royal Family, don’t be too happy, very soon... you will all be annihilated!"


Just as he finished speaking, his body was sent flying.

Many people were stunned, unable to figure out what just happened.

There were many people who thought that this was the dramatic exit that True Lord Realm cultivators used!


This True Lord cultivator spat out mouthfuls of blood in mid air and fell towards the ground.

Only then did they realize that he was sent flying by an attack!

But who had attacked him?

Didn’t he threaten the Purple Cloud School and the Song Royal Family so confidently just now?

If this was retribution, wasn’t it a little too quick?

Even Chu Yu was stunned. He looked at the True Lord cultivator as he fell from the sky.

And, he fell straight towards the Pill Refining Section...

"Is this on purpose?"

Chu Yu looked on speechlessly as the True Lord cultivator’s body fell from the sky, out of control.

Then -


He smashed into the top of the Pill Refining Section’s defences.

This caused the defensive formation to attack him manically.

This True Lord cultivator, who was already rather seriously injured, was covered in blood within moments.

He looked extremely pathetic. Where was the demeanor of a True Lord cultivator? He looked worse than a beggar!

Chu Yu looked at the True Lord cultivator who fell on the defensive magical formation. Without hesitation, he retrieved the Spirit Stunning Bow, took aim... then sent a shot at him viciously!

This True Lord cultivator was really unlucky. He was already seriously injured, his skills completely useless against the attack.

He had no way of retaliating. He fell from the sky and landed on the defensive magical formation.

If this was an ordinary day, it would have been no big deal and he could have gotten out of there.

But now, he had no energy to leave, and could only lay victim to the manic attacks from the defensive magical formation.

He was lucky that he had a few defensive magical equipment to help him take the brunt of the blows, else, that wave of attacks would have been sufficient to take his life.

However, even now, his life was in danger. This defensive formation continued to fire wave after wave of attacks at him.

If he didn’t leave soon, this True Lord Realm cultivator would really die here.

He summoned every last bit of his energy and wanted to activate an abstaining magical equipment so that he could escape.

However, at this time, Chu Yu’s Spirit Stunning Bow attack arrived!

Under normal circumstances, it would not be so easy for a Supreme Realm magical equipment to hurt a high level True Lord cultivator.

However, with him so seriously injured, Chu Yu’s attack was the last straw!

With a ray of light, half of this True Lord Realm cultivator’s body disappeared!

His flesh was virtually all destroyed by Chu Yu’s attack!

Chu Yu had also channeled all of his energy into the Spirit Stunning Bow for that attack.

After that attack, Chu Yu immediately slumped on the wall and ate a few pills in rapid succession.

Then, he looked icily at the True Lord Realm cultivator lying on top of the defensive magical formation. That True Lord Realm cultivator was basically shredded.

Half of his body had disappeared, together with about one third of his brain.

Any normal person, even a cultivator of slightly lower cultivation level would have died from injuries like this.

However, this True Lord cultivator was still alive!

To be accurate, his Nascent God was seriously hit, and his mortal body was about to die.

When one reached the level of True Lord, the Nascent Soul became a god and possessed various sacred arts. Killing off a True Lord cultivator was no easy feat.

However, this True Lord cultivator was relatively unlucky, he was sneaked up on by an even more powerful cultivator and both his Nascent God and his body took lethal blows.

Then, he had taken another round of attacks from the Purple Cloud’s defensive formations.

Finally, with Chu Yu’s attack... he had lost half his life.

Under the constant flurry of attacks, even his Nascent God was losing the ability to escape.

The Pill Refining Section magical formation continued to attack him!

This kind of attacks did not stop until the intruder was dead!

There were only two ways this ended... either the formation was destroyed, or the intruder was killed.

So long as it still sensed a single thread of soul, the attacks... would not stop.

At this point, in the air, the other two True Lord Realm cultivators were stunned by what they saw.

Then, they turned and ran!


One of the True Lord’s body exploded and formed a mist of blood.

He was killed in the blink of an eye! Even his Nascent God did not survive!

By this point, of the three True Lord cultivators, one was dead and one was bordering on death.

The only one standing had already ran thousands of kilometers away

This was about life and death, how could he not run for his life?

Of the three of them, two were dead and they haven’t even seen the figure of their attacker. What else could he do but run?

However, just as one of them exploded in mid air, another gargantuan wave of power crashed into his body.

All his protective magical equipment and his tough body were no match for this wave of power. He was instantly smashed to smithereens.

This third cultivator also exploded in mid air, his blood forming a mist in the air.

All of the Purple Cloud School leadership, as well as the powerful cultivators from the Purple Cloud Constabulary were all drenched in blood. They were injured in many places, but they still watched the scene unfold before them in awe.

Up till now, they still did not know what had happened.

The few cultivators from the royal family were in slightly better shape, but they were also injured in multiple places. They looked around, trying to find out who had helped them.

Below, Chu Yu had just regained some of his energy. He screamed into the air, "Somebody come... and kill this half dead man!"

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