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Bi Yueyue looked surprised as she smiled at the teenager, "So your name is Yan Xiaoyu?"

Everyone who heard this was in chaos.

You don’t even know her name, yet you drag her away?

The key was, you were successful in abducting her!

No one knew how she did it… but everyone was extremely curious. Is this Yan Xiaoyu’s own intention.

After being chided by the lady, Yan Xiaoyu kept her head down, silent.

The lady was on the verge of going crazy, What the f*ck is going on?

She had brought a large number of people to avenge her dead fiance. She had thought that this would be an easy win.

In the end...

Her entire army was annihilated in all three rounds!

To be honest, the fact that there was Pill Spirit could not be said. Even if she said it, no one would believe her.

How could a teenaged boy with abilities of an elementary advanced level pill refiner be able to do something pill masters find difficult to do?

As such, in the eyes of many, Yuwen Xiaoxiao had won the final round against Song Binbin!

64 against 24. Even without considering the quality, she had smashed him with sheer quantity.

However, she tried to be noble and admit defeat to give the Wafting Fragrance School face… even though it was rather immature of her because the screen clearly showed the pills from the two competitors.

The color and quantity were clear for all to see.

However, what Yuwen Xiaoxiao did was unforgivable. Afterall, she was still a kid and would not think so much.

At least her intentions were correct and she was prepared to concede the round to the Wafting Fragrance School.

They had been smashed in all three rounds.

Even before the competition between teachers, two of their students had defected!

The lady could even imagine the kind of backlash she would face when she returned.

The fact that her father was an elder in the school may not even be sufficient to save her.

And now, she couldn’t even find it in herself to hate!

Who can she hate?

Could she hate Sensei Song Hong?

He was just trying to cure his student’s mother! He was doing his job as a medical practitioner!

After their plot to assassinate the wife was revealed, the concubine’s family had tried to assassinate Song Hong for revenge, but was killed instead.

Regardless who had killed him, Lu Tianxiang and the Lu Clan were clearly in the wrong.

As such, right now, she did not even have the right to hate anyone!

If only she could be an unfeeling ice queen, but she could not!

She had lived a righteous, peaceful and caring life for the past 20 years. She owned up to her own mistakes.

But she had never felt like this before.

Shame, embarrassment, fury, sadness… countless emotions amalgamated in her brain and she was on the verge of crumbling.

To be honest, it was no big deal even if Song Binbin defected.

Afterall, other than her, no one knew of his talent.

However, Yan Xiaoyu was different!

She came from an extremely influential family in the Qi Country.

She belonged to a family that even the royal family had to respect!

And the Qi Country was many times larger than the Song Country!

How else would they have such a powerful school?

Yan Xiaoyu was also an astonishingly talented girl.

Without considering her talents in pill refining, she was extremely powerful in battle as well.

Furthermore, she was adept with magical formations and had quite a few achievements in that field.

It was no exaggeration to say that Yan Xiaoyu was a top class talent.

If she lost such a talented individual, even her father… would not spare her!

The lady wished that this was all a dream and that it would all disappear once she woke up.

How good would that be?

At this point, Yan Xiaoyu bravely raised her head and said with conviction, "I want to stay here!"

It wasn’t an ‘I think’, but an ‘I want’...

This was a fresh way of expressing her opinion.

The lady looked at Yan Xiaoyu and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Did someone threaten you? Don’t be afraid! I am here for you!"

"Teacher, I really wasn’t threatened. I am doing this out of my own will." Yan Xiaoyu looked at the lady sincerely, "I really love pill refining and I hope that I can become a guru in the future."

There’s a better chance of you becoming a guru in the Wafting Fragrance School!

The lady felt like she was going crazy as she looked at Yan Xiaoyu, lost for words, "Think about it carefully, this does not just concern you. It concerns your family and many others, I hope you do not make a rash decision."

Yan Xiaoyu nodded and maintained her sweet smile as she whispered, "Teacher, rest assured, I have communicated my intentions to my family and they are supportive."

"..." The lady was at a loss and she felt like she was going to crumble.

She wanted to call Yan Xiaoyu a liar, but… how long could you perpetrate such a lie?

If this was a lie, it would be so easy to tear apart!

All the Purple Cloud School students present were incredibly excited, they had never felt this good before.

Never in their wildest dreams did they expect to see such an entertaining competition.

Liu Yuyan, as well as the royal family, were all wide eyed and in disbelief at what they were seeing.

Princess Song Yu looked at Chu Yu with admiration. Then she looked at Liu Yuyan seriously, "Are you sure… that you don’t mind if I pursue him?"

Liu Yuyan stiffened slightly, her expression conflicted as she bit her lower lip lightly.

Song Yu saw that and rolled her eyes. She knew her childhood friend too well. This meant that she was interested in him but did not want to admit it.

"Aish…" Song Yu sighed and leaned back in exasperation, "Damn it, there are so little great guys in the world. But when I find one, my younger sister already likes him…"

"..." Liu Yuyan was shy, but she suppressed it and didn’t explain further.

Song Yu suddenly sprung up and stood up straight. She shifted next to Liu Yuyan and whispered, "How about, we both go after him?"

"..." Everyone else on the scene could not believe their ears.

Song Qi kept coughing by the side.

Song Yu glared at him, "What are you coughing at? Can’t I do that?"

Song Qi threw his hands in the air in exasperation, "Sister, you’re a princess!"

"So what if I’m a princess? Can’t a princess pursue her happiness?" Song Yu’s eyes rolled then she sighed, "A pity, we don’t know if he will like us… aish, how saddening."

By this time, things on the ground began to change and their focus turned back to it.

Since the lady could not convince Yan Xiaoyu, she turned her attention to Chu Yu.

"Sensei Song, I must say that you’re really good at teaching. Previously, I heard that the Purple Cloud School did not even have a Pill Refining Section. I also heard that the section was made up of expelled students from other sections. The school couldn’t bear to expel them so they posted them here to fend for themselves…"

The Principal of the Purple Cloud School saw his face flush, but he could not deny any of these.

The attractive lady continued, "Everyone, external and internal, thought the same way!"

Then, she looked towards the leadership of the Purple Cloud School. All of them avoided her gaze.

"This can only prove one thing, you’re too good!" The attractive lady laughed bitterly, "You have managed to make these disobedient kids into advanced level pill refiners… and even pill masters!"

She did not continue for fear that it would raise questions about how Chu Yu actually trained these kids.

If he could cultivate such great pill refiners and even pill masters whilst his own cultivation level was not high meant only one thing!

He had an unbelievably powerful set of teachings on hand!

It could be a Divine Lord level set, or even… a Legendary Emperor Realm set!

She did not even dare think about a saint’s legacy.

In the entire Mirror World, people who owned a saint’s legacy… were few and far between.

It was only possible to find it in the top 10 schools.

How could you find one in such a place?

In the entire Qi Country, with a land mass many times that of the Song Country, not a single saint’s legacy was passed down.

At this point, the attractive lady looked deeply into Chu Yu’s eyes, "I really do admire your ability to teach. However, I do not know how powerful you are. As such, I still want to challenge you!"

Chu Yu sighed and nodded, "Since you want to challenge, then let’s go."

"Actually, take it as a request, because I do not have the confidence to refine this pill." This lady said hesitantly, using the Voice Transmission Technique.

"If Sensei refines this pill successfully, you would win. Then, I would like to buy three pills from you. Rest assured that I will offer you a fair price for all of them…"

"Are you hiring me to refine pills?" Chu Yu finally understood her plan. He squinted and thought to himself, What a great plan!

The lady did not panic even though her plan was revealed. She smiled bitterly, "Sensei, what do you think will be the result when I return back to the Wafting Fragrance School?"

Chu Yu stiffened slightly, then sighed and shook his head.

The attractive lady said, "I don’t blame sensei, this entire chain of events started as a result of my immaturity and recklessness. However, I hope to have something that will be able to lessen my punishment when I return."

Chu Yu looked at this lady. Even though they were using the Voice Transmission Technique, he admired her honesty.

She had laid it all out to him.

"Okay, I promise you, if I can refine the pill you want, I will sell it to you!" Chu Yu nodded.

"Thank you!" The lady thanked him sincerely.

Then, she looked at the crowd and said, "The pill I’m asking for is the True Soul Pill!"

True Jerk? [1]

Chu Yu was rather speechless, but he felt a shiver in his heart.

He had seen this pill in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture before.

The issue was, these pills were to give to cultivators at the pinnacle of the True Lord Realm to break through to the Divine Lord Realm!

Wouldn’t he be creating a Divine Lord for the Mirror World?

Chu Yu regretted this slightly now.

However, he immediately thought of something and heaved a sigh of relief.

He thought to himself, If we are never enemies, then all will be well. However, if you become my enemy one day… all I can say is sorry!

Between my reputation and my home… I definitely value my home more!

[1] this is a play on the tone. True Jerk and True Soul Pill have similar Mandarin pronunciations.

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