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Upon hearing ‘True Soul Pill’, the Principal’s expression changed. He looked at the lady and had an idea of what she was doing.

This time, the Wafting Fragrance School had embarrassed themselves.

After all, they were a top 100 school, yet they had been thoroughly defeated. As the perpetrator, this lady was bound to be punished heavily.

Even though she was the daughter of an elder, punishment was inescapable!

If she really could bring home a single True Soul Pill… then, the story would be different.

This pill could not be refined by anyone who had not yet attained the level of Pill Guru.

As for a Guru… that was the entry requirement for refining such a pill, and even they could not be sure of getting it right a single time out of 10 tries!

It required an extremely powerful fire, pill furnace and superior pill refining techniques!

If any element was missing, the refinement would be a complete failure!

The raw medicine required to refine such a pill were also relatively expensive and each pill could fetch an astronomical price.

Since the ancient times, Pill Gurus were rare, and those who could refine such a pill were even rarer.

As such, the price on a True Soul Pill kept climbing.

If Sensei Song could refine such a pill, then in the future… no, actually, he would be seen as a god immediately!

Countless people would surround him and respectfully hire him to refine pills!

When he thought of this, the Principal of the Purple Cloud School began to regret that he did not care enough about Sensei Song.

No matter what, from today on, he would treat him many times better and not let him leave under any circumstances.

This did not apply just to Sensei Song. The 12 girls under his tutelage were also the treasures of the Purple Cloud School!

Anyone who dared to say a bad thing, not to mention touch them, would feel the wrath of the Principal.

If you have the ability, become an advanced level pill refiner at 17! Then you will be my treasure too!

As he thought about it, the Principal looked at the attractive lady, "The materials needed to refine the True Soul Pill… can’t be found in our school."

The attractive lady smiled, "It’s okay, I have them!"

Then, she retrieved a few sealed wooden boxes from her storage ring.

The yellowed amulet on the boxes revealed their age.

"Inside here are a few ancient medicine. I definitely cannot refine a True Soul Pill. As such, as long as Sensei Song succeeds, you will win this round!" The lady said this in front of everyone. Then she smiled and approached Chu Yu with the boxes.

Recently, Chu Yu had gotten some Pill Shaping techniques. Even though they were not particularly great, they were not too bad.

The Purple Cloud School was slightly inferior and didn’t have much of a collection for books.

Chu Yu had skimmed them and could grasp them, but he didn’t want to use them.

A pill is to be used and not admired. As such, whether it was ugly or not was secondary, what was important was that it works!

That was what Chu Yu thought.

In order to refine a True Soul Pill, the pill furnace and the refining fire must be of superior quality.

As such, Chu Yu immediately retrieved the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace.

The Immortal Crane Pill Furnace was ancient and it radiated with an aged aura. Anything that a saint used was extraordinary. However, the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace was extremely simple, as such, any ordinary person could tell it was not ordinary, but could not pinpoint where it was extraordinary.

The attractive lady had done some serious research into pill refining. When she saw the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace, she squinted at Chu Yu.

She felt a wave of emotions in her heart. As a relatively powerful pill refiner, she could sense a sacred aura from the furnace.

Even though she did not dare think that it was a saint’s equipment, this was definitely no ordinary pill furnace!

It is no wonder that he could train students of such calibre. This man… has many secrets.

Anyone with such ability but chooses to teach in such an unassuming place in such an unassuming position was not simple.

Even though the lady could be overwhelmed by emotions and be brash at times, she was mostly calm and composed.

She blinked her eyes, deep in contemplation.

Chu Yu also retrieved the Magma Fire and threw it into the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace’s burner.

When she saw the Magma Fire, the attractive lady’s eyelids jumped again. She thought to herself, Superior pill furnace, superior refining fire… ahem, it seems that even if he fails this refinement, I can still account for the loss."

Chu Yu used his vertical eye to look into the wooden boxes.

The lady did not tell him what each box contained, clearly a test of his ability.

However, trying to test someone who can see through fakery… was only going to end badly.

Chu Yu immediately picked up one of the boxes and ripped off the sealing amulet. These amulets were one time use only, so Chu Yu ripped it off extremely casually.

The moment he ripped off the amulet, a powerful wave of energy could be felt from the box.

It was as if the box contained an ancient beast. Even though it did not roar, the people nearby felt their hearts in their mouth.

The attractive lady stared at Chu Yu, unblinking. At the same time, she retrieved a few magical equipment and prepared to activate them at any time.

She was just afraid that these spiritual medicine would disappear after the seal was lifted!

These spiritual medicine were close to being legendary medicine… legendary beasts, even after being sealed for millions of years, they still had the ability to escape once the seal was lifted.

If it escaped, then it would be chaos. Catching it again… would be extremely difficult.

Chu Yu shouted at the box, his expression unchanging, "Be obedient! Who are you showing off to?"

A ray of energy invisible to the naked eye shot out from Chu Yu’s vertical eye towards the wooden box. At the same time, Chu Yu used the Gluttonous Sacred Art and a terrifying energy enveloped the box.

To others, Chu Yu’s actions may seem comical and hardheaded, almost as if he was trying to maintain his composure in the face of a terrifying enemy.

The wooden box contains superior spiritual medicine. These medicines all have spirits and want to escape the moment the seal is broken. Would they even be obedient?

In the end, with Chu Yu’s shout, the wooden box in his hand calmed down, shocking everyone.

Everyone was stupefied.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu opened the box and retrieved the spiritual medicine, all of them trembling in fright. Then, he threw them into the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace.

From start to finish, these medicine did not even resist!

Even though they knew that they were going to die after being thrown into the pill furnace, they did not resist!

What a powerful technique!

The power of Chu Yu could be seen by everyone this time.

What the could not understand was, this Sensei Song was clearly only a King’s Realm cultivator, how could he possibly control these superior spiritual medicine without a seal?

Afterwhich, Chu Yu used a similar method to open the other wooden boxes and threw the spiritual medicine into the furnace.

As the attractive lady watched Chu Yu’s every move, her eyelids kept twitching. She finally ascertained that the unorderly method that the girls had used in the previous rounds were taught by this man.

 This unorderly method may work for a normal pill.

But this is a True Soul pill!

For such a pill, even a Guru would have to be careful and methodical in his refinement.

Could you really refine a pill in such a messy way?

Chu Yu could not care less. It looked like he was just throwing in medicine casually, but his every step… was guided by the knowledge of a saint!

Through learning the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, Chu Yu had confirmed one thing, he was really a talent in cultivation!

He could understand, digest and apply any cultivation knowledge in a short period of time.

Previously, Chu Yu wondered if it was due to his vertical eye. However, upon closer thought, he realized that he was exemplary even before he acquired the vertical eye.

Even if the vertical eye had changed him, it was no big deal. Right now, the metal ball that had become his vertical eye had melded into one with his body!

It is mine!

In this world, there is bound to be someone who would be revered for generations to come, and I… am that person!

Whilst Chu Yu engaged in his narcissism, his hands never stopped moving.

His Firebending abilities had already reached an incredibly high level.

The attractive lady stared at him. Even though she could not understand, she could feel that Sensei Song was using an incredibly powerful Firebending technique!

The 12 girls, as well as the two Wafting Fragrance defectors, Song Binbin and Yan Xiaoyu, also stared at Chu Yu, unblinking.

This was the first time the 12 girls have seen their sensei refine pills and they were incredibly excited.

His knowledge had already won them over completely, but they still did not know how his pill refining skills were.

Today, they would find out!

Even though they could not understand the Firebending technique… ahem, they still found it incredibly powerful!

"Why isn’t Sensei Furnace Controlling?" Ning Ling murmured.

The days of their explosive, multicolored hairstyles were gone. Now, these girls looked incredibly obedient as they looked at Chu Yu with reverence.

Of course, this was just their appearance, and they were only obedient when it came to sensei. As for the others… sorry!

Fang Xue said disdainfully, "Do you think sensei is like us? Does he need to show off? Who is he showing off to?"

The other girls nodded in agreement.

"Exactly, our sensei doesn’t need to flaunt his skills!"

"Exactly, levitation and the like are for kids."

Yan Xiaoyu was incredibly ashamed. She wanted to find a hole to bury herself, it was almost as if those words were directed at her.

Bi Yueyue hugged Yan Xiaoyu then chided the other girls, "Hey, enough is enough, don’t hurt the innocent. At our age, we should flaunt and show off! Only when we reach a mature age like sensei… do we not need to flaunt!"

The girls burst out in laughter.

Chu Yu nearly vomited blood on stage. He thought to himself, I would like to flaunt too… Furnace Control is great, but if I were to use that whilst refining such a pill… do you all really think I am a True Lord cultivator?

Furthermore, since when was I old and mature? I’m still a baby okay?

By this time, all of the medicine in the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace had been refined, and he was now at the pill forming stage.

Chu Yu’s expression became stern.

This was the key to success, there was no room for error!

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