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Chu Liang felt a wave of enlightenment which penetrated his heart. That feeling was extremely sobering!

Chu Liang’s mouth twitched, his expression puzzled as he stood rooted to the ground

Soon after, a powerful wave of spiritual energy exploded from him.

In the moment that the wave of spiritual energy broke out, it was suppressed by Chu Liang just as quickly.

Chu Liang was extremely surprised and guffawed, "My good brother, you are my lucky star. In my happiness, I managed to break through one of my acupoints, haha..."

Before he could finish laughing, Chu Yu grabbed his wrist.

In the next moment, Chu Liang’s body stiffened, his face in disbelief.

"Stay calm!" Chu Yu whispered.

Chu Liang immediately suppressed his spiritual energies.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


A chain of soft explosions were set off within Chu Liang’s body.

Wave after wave of spiritual energy radiated from Chu Liang’s body.

This was the sound of acupoints being broken through.

Chu Liang had initially only broken through 196 of his Acupoints, placing him in the middle of Acupoint Charging Stage Six. In 10 minutes, Chu Yu broke through another 29 Acupoints for him, pushing him straight to the middle of Acupoint Charging Stage Seven!

Such a large gap was bridged with such ease!

Under normal circumstances, even with a large amount of superior medicines, based on Chu Liang’s talent, this would have taken several years.

He would also have had to give up his duties and focus solely on his cultivation in that time.

But that was impossible. The Chu Clan’s many businesses were run by him. He could not leave them for a single moment, not

to mention several years.

Chu Liang had been frustrated by this fact. Yet, he had never expected that his frustrations would have been solved so easily by his younger brother.

Chu Yu was still the Heaven’s Pride!

Chu Liang was extremely ecstatic, dragging Chu Yu back to the table to drink without a second word.

Chu Liang could drink a lot. He could drink a thousand cups without getting drunk. Even several catties of hard liquor had little effect on him.

He was over the moon. The frustrations and concerns that he had been suppressing for the past 16 years had just disappeared in an instant.

Even Chu Yu, who did not enjoy drinking, was forced to drink several cups. He drank so much that he started blushing.

"Your abilities are great. However, you can never ever... let anybody know." Even though Chu Liang had drank a lot, he was still very much sober.

"I understand. This kind of abilities go against heaven’s will." Chu Yu nodded.

"Not only do they go against heaven’s will, they go against the will of the people!" Chu Liang sighed,

"If others find out about this ability of yours, there can only be two possibilities. One, the better option, is that you will be taken away by a stronger ancient faction and drained of your abilities. Including... your cultivation method!"

"The second possibility is one that you are familiar with." Chu Liang looked solemnly at his brother.

Chu Yu felt a chill run down his spine, of course he knew what the second possibility was!

He had known it since he was six!

However, he had never mentioned mental cultivation methods to his brother, how did his brother manage to guess it?!

Chu Liang could sense the question forming in his brother’s mind, "If you didn’t have a top notch Mental Cultivation Method, it would be impossible to cultivate to such a high level without any resources within 16 years.

Chu Liang looked at Chu Yu and said solemnly, "I know that you are generous, kind-hearted, and trusting towards relatives. However, bear in mind that some level of suspicion and doubt is healthy."

"Mm, I got it brother." Chu Yu nodded seriously.

Chu Liang frowned, deep in thought. After a moment, he carefully removed a shiny piece of jade and presented it to Chu Yu.

"I got this a few years ago. Within the jade is a technique manual. However, in order to access it requires your mental powers..."

"Facebook?" Chu Yu frowned as he held the stone in his hand, "The name of this technique is Facebook?"

"How did you know? I haven’t even taught you how to open it with your mental powers..." Chu Liang looked at his brother with confusion.

His brother had always shown too much of his devilish side. Whenever he was with him, he had to be prepared.

He had not felt this feeling in a many years. However, now, he felt that familiar sensation once again...

"Let me demonstrate this technique to you..." Before Chu Liang could finish, he saw his brother immediately morph into somebody else, face, body shape, disposition...

Everything changed completely.

"Ok then, take it as I never said anything." Chu Liang rolled his eyes, "It’s now yours."

"This is fun!" Chu Yu ran straight into the washroom to look at himself in the mirror as he tried to operate the Facebook.

He saw many different faces of strangers pop up inside the mirror.

10 minutes later.

Chu Liang and Chu Yu were at the drinking table.

Chu Yu looked at his brother, "This technique is also against Heaven’s will, where did you get it from?"

"I got it from an ancient monument. At that time, I paid a huge price in order to get it." Chu Liang, sighed as he shook his head, "Let’s not talk about such an upsetting topic. Now that you possess this technique manual, I’m sure you know what to do with it."

Chu Yu nodded, he knew exactly how to use it now that he had the manual.

"To fully utilise the Facebook technique requires great talent. Even after I’ve spent so much time cultivating, I can only manage to take on two to three sets of faces. And yet, I am not able to capture their aura and disposition as well as you." Chu Liang sighed in exasperation, "I guess everyone is really born different."

Chu Yu laughed, "What’s mine is also my brother’s!"

"That’s right, the stronger you are, the happier I am. Train well in this technique. Cultivate to the highest level, and ensure that you are able to fully grasp their aura, disposition and energy fluctuations. At that point, you can take on someone else’s identity and fool everybody." Chu Liang’s eyes glimmered, "Then, the things that we can achieve will truly be limitless!"

"So, do you think that... I’m ready?" Chu Yu smiled widely.

Chu Liang nodded, then shook his head and said in a serious tone, "Younger brother, if you were only staying in this city, based on your current abilities and your immense talent, you would be the creme de la creme."

"However... you have much to learn if you wish to match up to the giants in the field. Acupoint charging and the opening of meridians are merely elementary levels to the ancient masters. Only when you reach the level of Xiantian Qi Practitioner are you considered worthy to enter their ranks."

"Xiantian Qi Practioner?" Chu Yu had heard of such a realm, but it felt extremely far.

As an underworld clan, the Chu Clan only had about seven to eight ancestors who have managed to make it to that realm.

However, there have been none who have made it there in recent years.

"The Xiantian Qi Practitioners have existed for between three to five hundred years. They have the ability to fill oceans, and manipulate wind and rain at their will. In the ancient times, they were known as the Earth Gods. Before the reversal of the magnetic fields, such a realm was merely considered basic."

Chu Yu looked at his brother, suddenly realizing that even though he was not of particularly high cultivation level, the things he knew... far exceeded those of the general populous.

Many of these events were rarely mentioned, even in the books contained with the Chu Clan’s extensive library.

Chu Liang smiled at Chu Yu, "Do you know why we went head to head against the Xie Clan?"

Chu Yu thought for a moment before replying, "Because we are stronger than them."

Chu Liang shook his head, "That is only one factor, no matter how strong we are, it may be easy to snuff out the Xie Clan, but how would we stand up to the others?"

Chu Yu was stunned as he pondered over the truth in his brother’s words. The Xie Clan had set up camp here for many years, allowing them to establish a deep network and form alliances.

If it was just the Chu Clan, regardless how strong they were, it would have taken more than a night to get rid of the Xie Clan.

Chu Liang smiled, "Actually, our clan has always been on good terms with the Guo Clan! Furthermore... I have always wanted to contribute to the Guo Clan in my own way. The jade that I gave you was retrieved... during one of our joint exercises."

Chu Yu had an epiphany!

Having been an attentive student for many years, he was keenly aware of how powerful the country is.

During the transition into the New Era, the country was one of the first to react.

Furthermore, too many secrets were hidden within the ancient lands.

The Mainland used to be the best place for cultivation and cultivators.

However, the authorities kept an extremely low profile, treating most other clans well. They rarely interfered in inter-clan feuds.

All of the factions, including the ancient clans and factions, rarely had any confrontations with the government.

They kept a respectful distance from each other’s matters.

This was also one of the reasons why the Xie Clan was furious when they saw the article by the authorities.

Chu Yu finally understood that even though his clan had not been deeply rooted inside the city, they had not been idle.

He murmured, "No wonder..."

Chu Liang whispered, "The ancient clan that Lin Shimeng is in, as well as the ancient faction that her fiance is in, possess powers far beyond those of anyone here."

Chu Yu nodded and took a deep breath, "Brother, I understand, I will work hard, and I’ll be careful."

"Mm, when you return to the Dragon City, you shouldn’t be too bothered by the people back home, just put all your effort into your cultivation. I will send you some of the resources that we gleaned off the Xies. Since you’re still a Heaven’s Pride, you should continue along the path of cultivation!"

Chu liang looked at Chu Yu, "Whenever you attain the level of Xiantian Qi Practioner, the Chu Clan can finally... rise with you to the top!"

"But always, always remember... Facebook!"

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