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Chu Tianqiang immediately suppressed the gust of energy, overjoyed. He cupped his fist and bowed to Chu Yu.

Even without considering the hierarchy of the underworld clans, just based on what Chu Yu had done for him today, it was only right that he bowed to him.

He bowed willingly!

A teacher would impart knowledge and skills, and explain difficult concepts.

Only the very best could be teachers!

Chu Yu had done him a great service!

Such methods were rare, even amongst the Underworld Clans.

This was power channeling!

He had the ability to impart such power into another person without reason. This required unparalleled technique!

Anyone short of great could not have pulled it off.

One mistake during the process would result in the explosion of the recipient.

Even within the Chu Clan, power channeling was only something in the stories that they've heard.

None of them had actually witnessed it.

It is no wonder that young master made us swear. This is really something that cannot be revealed!

Furthermore... young master was able to channel his power to us Acupoint Charging Stage Six martial artists. What stage of Acupoint Charging was young master at?

Chu Tiansheng stood to the side. Even though he knew that he was up next, he was still extremely apprehensive about it.

"Uncle Sheng, it is your turn." Chu Yu smiled.

Ten minutes later.

Chu Tiansheng looked up with an expression of shock.

Surprise, ecstaticism, disbelief!

Just like Chu Tianqiang before him, he cupped his fist and bowed deeply towards Chu Yu.

"Uncle Qiang, Uncle Sheng, please remember what you swore upon." Beads of sweat broke out on Chu Yu’s forehead.

Using the vertical eye in his forehead continuously and use the Killing Days Technique to open up

the Acupoints of two people was no small feat even for Chu Yu.

Even though the process looked extremely simple, it was in fact extremely tiring and required nothing but the highest levels of concentration and effort from Chu Yu.

Even the slightest mistake could have caused a catastrophe.

Yet, all of this was worth it!

Even though they were the sons of concubines, they were part of the nucleic group within the Chu Clan. They were fiercely loyal to the clan, and had never despised Chu Yu despite his "wasted" status.

Helping them to breakthrough and making them stronger provided an additional layer of insurance for Chu Yu as he tried to hide his true identity.

Chu Yu was past his rash days and he now understood the importance of hiding his true power.

He knew that the Xie Clan will not relent, similarly he had no intention of stopping.

He was still planning his grand trap for them. One that could bury them for good.

When Chu Yu finally came downstairs with Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng, Lord Thief began scanning them with its eyes, flying around between the three of them.

It could feel a different level of spiritual energy radiating from Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng.

Furthermore, when the two of them were breaking through upstairs, waves of tremors were felt by both Lord Thief and Xiao Yue.

This was also the reason why Lord Thief continued to stay by Chu Yu’s side.

Before this, he could only suspect that Chu Yu had such an ability. Today confirmed his suspicions.

Xiao Yue swept over Chu Yu with her smart eyes, the edges of her mouth forming into a faint smile.

She didn't say anything and turned away to continue watching cartoon on the television.

Chu Yu’s two other bodyguards were still on patrol outside. He had similar plans for them, but the time was not ripe. Right now, he had more important matters to attend to. He wanted to see his brother.


Chu Liang.

The eldest son of the Seventh Elder of the Chu Clan, Chu Yu’s blood brother.

Chu Liang was 26 years old, and had attained Acupoint Charging Stage Six.

Even though he was still very young, his beard and thick eyebrows made him look mature beyond his years.

Upon closer inspection, Chu Liang and Chu Yu looked alike in many aspects, yet their characters and sense of fashion were completely different.

Since the tender age of 17, Chu Liang had been shadowing the clan elders as they went about settling various issues.

Even though he was quite talented in cultivation, he was even more skilled in handling various situations.

This earned him the nickname of Master Strategist.

The Xie Clan had left many of their businesses and assets behind, spanning various industries. Under normal circumstances, they could not possibly be accounted for properly in a couple of days.

Yet, under the leadership of Chu Liang, they managed to turn over all of the Xie Clan’s assets to the Chu Clan within half a day.

Having settled all of these matters, Chu Liang called his little brother, then sent someone to pick his brother up and send him over.

The brothers have not met for a very long time.

They finally met in a low key clubhouse in Yan Jing city.

This clubhouse was a Chu Clan business, set up many years ago.

Even though the Chu Clan had not dispatched any members to set up camp here, they did set up small enclaves.

Else, taking over the Xie Clan’s assets, with only a limited number of people, would have overstretched the Chu Clan’s resources.

Yet in fact, it did not.

These were actually all part of a plan Chu Liang set in motion many years ago. He was just waiting for the right moment to strike.

When he saw Chu Yu, his eyes lit up and he smiled. He walked over to hug Chu Yu and pat him on the back.

"You are still so skinny!"

Chu Yu felt warmth, Chu Liang had always been extremely caring towards him.

"Brother, how’s everything?"

"Rest assured, everything is going great!" Chu Liang laughed.

Chu Liang dragged Chu Yu into the room.

The gigantic space housed only the two of them.

Chu Liang said, "This place is set up such that outsiders cannot eavesdrop on our conversation. I haven’t seen you in a long time, let us have a good catch up."

As he spoke, he filled two glasses with wine. They raised their glasses and Chu Liang finished the wine in a single gulp.

"Ah..." Chu Liang sighed, "This is good wine!"

On the other hand, Chu Yu merely took a sip before wincing, "Spicy!"

"Haha, you have no idea. This is great wine, authentic Erguotou [1], preserved for over 60 years. These were all taken from the Xie Clan reserves." Chu Liang chuckled.

Chu Yu’s eyes glimmered, "Give me some later."

"I thought you didn’t like alcohol" Chu Liang looked at his brother with some confusion.

Chu Yu chuckled, "Being filial, I’m bringing it to my father-in-law."

"You..." Chu Liang smiled as he shook his head. He then said to Chu Yu, his face serious, "To this point, I’ve always wanted to tell you something."

"Mm, go ahead."

"The faction that Lin Shimeng is a part of is extremely big, but... it is not the strongest amongst all the foreign ancient factions. Some time back, I received news from an informant. He could not validate it, but mentioned that Lin Shimeng’s masters had arranged a marriage for her. That marriage... would allow them to further their influence and power."

Having finished what he wanted to say, he looked at Chu Yu, his eyes glowing.

Chu Yu considered this, before saying, "Brother, I have regained my powers."

"That’s great news... hmm? What? What did you say?" Chu Yu’s expression changed immediately and

he got to his feet, feeling his surroundings.

Only then did he reply Chu Yu in a dignified manner, "Really?"

Chu Yu nodded, "Brother, you’re currently at Acupoint Charging Stage Six right? I have the ability to promote you instantly to Stage Seven. If you want to go higher, I can’t do it in a short period of time. However, given sufficient time, I should be able to do it."

Chu Liang slowly recovered from the initial shock and looked at Chu Yu, "That being the case, on Mount Tai... it wasn’t that bird who saved you? And the five experts that were killed on the outskirts of Yan Jing... were also you?"

Chu Yu nodded.

Chu Liang gasped, "How on earth did this happen?"

"When I had entered Tongusi, I found my way into a cave. There, I chanced upon an item which suppressed the energies in my body. All these years, I have not stopped cultivating, I just could not bring my powers to bear." Chu Yu explained.

"That would mean that, for the past 16 years, you haven’t stopped progressing? Your cultivation... had never ceased?" Chu Liang looked ecstatic.

He was keenly aware of his brother’s talent!

Previously, there were some people from an ancient faction who wanted to recruit Chu Yu after hearing about his amazing talent.

Yet, by the time they arrived at the Chu Clan, Chu Yu had already been "ruined". As such, they had to settle for Chu Xi, who was slightly less talented than his brother.

If Chu Yu had actually not been ruined all these years, then...

Chu Liang’s breathing got quicker and quicker!

To be honest, even the landslide victory over the Xie Clan that allowed the Chus to gain a foothold in Yan Jing did not excite him as much.

That was well within expectations, but this... this was unexpected. Furthermore, this was a wish that he had hoped to fulfill for many years!

No one knew this, but after hearing that his brother was ruined, Chu Liang, who had never cried before, hid in a corner and bawled his eyes out.

"So... what stage are you at now..." Chu Liang looked at Chu Yu, excitement spilling over.

"Acupoint Charging, Stage Eight." Chu Yu smiled at his brother, his eyes gleaming.

"Great!" Chu Liang punched his fist in the air, "This is awesome!"

[1] Erguotou is a type of White wine.

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