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The capital of the Song Country was majestic. The beauty and age of it would be enough to dazzle and intoxicate anyone.

Over here, Liu Yutong did not dare to be too willful. He brought the carriage to the ground and entered through the city gates.

He told Chu Yu that the Purple Cloud School was in this city. It had a few thousand disciples. The best was at the pinnacle of the King’s Realm.

"Once one enters the Supreme Realm, one will transition from being a student to a teacher in training. After three years of training, they can become teachers."

Liu Yutong then smiled, "However, the time taken for a teacher to become a sensei cannot be determined."

Then, he glanced at Chu Yu and did not say anything else.

As a disciple of a clan, he was smart enough to understand what Yutong was getting at.

Chu Yu asked, "Then, what is the lowest cultivation level in the school?"

"Acupoint Charging, Invigorated Meridian, they are all there." Liu Yutong looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "Actually, Heavenly Doctor Song need not worry so much. The culture of studying is strong in the school. You are able and powerful, it is not a concern that your cultivation level is slightly lower. After all, everyone has their own specialization."

Chu Yu nodded.

After which, the carriage manoevered through the streets of the Autumn Water City and arrived at the Purple Cloud School.

From afar, the Purple Cloud School did exude a holy aura.

The school did not care about clan, family, or power!

It looked welcoming, but its power was terrifying.

Every student in the school had the potential to become a powerhouse in the future.

If the school was ever in trouble, all the students would harness all their energies to aid the school.

Chu Yu immediately thought about the Truth Ancient Sect and the Rainfall Ancient Sect. After entering society, they were the first to recognize the benefits of setting up a school.

Now that he thought of it, that was a genius move!

Chu Yu felt a wave of emotion rise, this world is really filled with smart people.

If he treated everyone as an idiot, he would only be making a fool of himself.

What the ancestors had said was logical, but there were few who truly understood what they meant.

For example, an inexperienced young man could be advised and warned a million times, but it would still not be as effective as if he had failed once.

The carriage entered the Purple Cloud School unhindered. Chu Yu’s gaze was plastered to the outside.

There were many students in the school and their faces were beaming, and even had a youthful arrogance.

Chu Yu suddenly smiled. He was reminded of his university days and how similar it was to this.

Very quickly, they reached a quiet area.

Here, the vegetation was dense and it hid an ancient building.

The heavenly horses pulled the carriage soundlessly through this forest. After half a day, they finally arrived at this ordinary looking building.

This building was not very different from those of the ancient schools found on earth.

It was grey and three stories high.

"We are here, this is the office of all the sensei’s of the Purple Cloud School."

Liu Yutong smiled and looked at Chu Yu, "Do you think that this is a little dilapidated? Does it seem a lot worse than the infrastructure outside?"

Chu Yu shook his head, "I think that it is good, it should be this way."

Liu Yutong could feel that Chu Yu was sincere and his smile widened, "Actually, this building is one of the first buildings built in this school. It is steeped in history. Despite its age and state, it is one of the most sacred places in the entire school!’

As he spoke, Liu Yutong and his sister, together with Chu Yu, disembarked and walked towards the building.

At this point, someone came out. Then, seeing Liu Yutong, he smiled, "What brings Second Prince over here?"

Then, he spotted Liu Yuyan and flashed a warm smile, fire burning in his eyes, "Teacher Yuyan is finally back, this is great!"

Liu Yuyan bent her knees slightly and greeted this man, "Hello Vice Principal Sun."

Chu Yu sized this man up. He was young, probably about 27-28 years old. He was tall and had thick eyebrows. He was handsome, his eyes revealing no signs of aging.

From his body, Chu Yu could not sense any energy waves but Chu Yu had a feeling that this man was very powerful and had an energy concealing magical equipment.

Anyone who could become Vice Principal at such a tender age must not only be powerful, but also able.

However, for some reason, Chu Yu felt like this man was slightly hostile towards him.

Even though it wasn’t strong, Chu Yu could feel it.

Vice Principal Sun smiled at Liu Yuyan, "Teacher Yuyan need not be so formal with me. We are all young people, and friends."

Liu Yuyan did not say anything else. She just nodded slightly and stood at the sight.

Liu Yutong’s eyebrows raised slightly as he looked at Vice Principal Sun, "This is Song Hong... Heavenly Doctor Song! This is also the man that the Purple Cloud Constabulary recommended!’

Vice Principal Sun looked like he had seen Chu Yu for the first time. He was smiling brightly as he cupped his fist and bowed to Chu Yu, "So this is Heavenly Doctor Song? I have heard much about you! Thanks you for curing Teacher Yuyan!"

Heard much about me?

Chu Yu’s heart twitched, then he cupped his fist and bowed, "Greetings, Vice Principal Sun."

"Spare the formalities, spare the formalities! Anyone here is a guest, please enter!" Vice Principal Sun invited them warmly.

"Vice Principal Sun, Sensei Song is not a guest. From now, he will be a sensei here." Yutong was warm towards Chu Yu and subtly treated him like his brother.

However, this did not mean that he did not have the haughtiness of an influential person. He knew that this Vice Principal had always liked his sister. He didn't like the thought of that, but Vice Principal Sun was a very capable man. Not only did he attain the pinnacle of the Supreme Realm at a young age, more importantly, he had many connections and could make things happen.

In many aspects, he could be considered a real catch.

However, this was not sufficient to move Liu Yutong. In his eyes, no one was a match for his sister!

Mm, the classic over controlling brother...

The Purple Cloud Constabulary had special powers to the Purple Cloud School.

As the largest business of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, the Purple Cloud School had quite a bit of freedom.

However, the Purple Cloud Constabulary still had the power to arrange for people to enter the school, and the principal was also an elder in the constabulary. They were still managed by the leader.

However, outsiders like Vice Principal Sun were not so accepting of the interference from the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

Even though they did not meddle in the affairs of the school willfully, they still had a hand in some things.

For example, this was one of the things than Vice Principal Sun opposed.

His reason for opposing was not because he doubted "Song Hong’s" ability. Anyone who could cure Liu Yuyan must be very powerful.

The key here is that this man is young!

And handsome!

Even though Chu Yu had changed his appearance upon entering the Mirror World, he was still a young man, and a handsome one with a slightly animalistic flair!

Even though the Mirror World did not have the Internet, it did have the more powerful Amulet Network!

This would have been like black technology to the people on Earth. It could cover the entire Mirror World!

As such, Chu Yu’s appearance, as well as his reputation, had already spread throughout the entire Song Country.

Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan had always been pursuing Liu Yuyan. After seeing Chu Yu, he was on alert.

He had saved her life!

It would have been okay if it was an extremely old reputable doctor.

However, this was a handsome, capable person. Coupled with the fact that he had saved her life, Liu Yuyan may be moved.

What made him more uncomfortable was that this man... was going to enter the school with Liu Yuyan. Furthermore, he would be a sensei the moment he entered.

Sun Zhangshan could not suppress the fury he felt in his heart.

As such, he did not want to accept Chu Yu, and did not want someone like that to be by Liu Yuyan’s side.

He glanced at Liu Yutong and smiled, "We can discuss this again, shall we give this man a tour?"

Liu Yutong frowned, visibly unhappy.

At this point, Liu Yuyan said, "Let me bring Sensei Song for a tour. Brother, have a chat with Vice Principal Sun."

Liu Yutong stiffened slightly, then looked at his sister and Chu Yu. Then, he nodded, "Okay."

Chu Yu’s heart leapt, he could still feel that Liu Yutong was slightly reluctant. This man was really an over controlling brother!

Vice Principal Sun stiffened slightly, then laughed dryly, "Sure, sure, then Teacher Yuyan, please bring Heavenly Doctor Song around..."

He was still unwilling to call Chu Yu sensei. He was still extremely calculative about this detail.

The ordinary Sun Zhangshan was not like this.

He was happy and easy going, eager to learn, and had a way of talking to people.

However, when it came into the emotional realm, people tended to be more sensitive and touchy.

Both Sun Zhangshan and Liu Yutong were a little reluctant to see Liu Yuyan leave with Chu Yu.

With only the two of them, Chu Yu could not help but laugh, "Did I affect something?"

"Nope." Liu Yuyan shook her head, then smiled shyly and said, "I actually hate those things too."

"Mm, they are quite detestable." Chu Yu nodded.

Afterwhich, Liu Yuyan brought Chu Yu to a quieter part of the school compound and explained things to him softly.

Only then did Chu Yu realize that Liu Yuyan was extremely knowledgeable and refined. She wasn't just a cultivation talent, she was great at a variety of other things.

She could not help but ask Chu Yu, "Sensei Song, I would like to know how you found out about my illness. To be frank, I hope you don't take offense, but I concur with the other famous doctors, I don't think that Sensei is a real medical practitioner."

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