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The others began to launch attacks at Chu Yu, bellowing loudly.

Five to six magical equipment flew towards Chu Yu at the same time.

After chopping off the hand of the King’s Realm cultivator, Chu Yu turned and ran without hesitation.

By using the Racing Sacred Art, his speed was unfathomable.

When one pushed the limits of a powerful sacred art, the results were terrifying.

His speed was too fast!

However, Chu Yu was not flustered. He was still observing the terrain as he ran.

"Kill him!"

The people behind bellowed.

Soon after, someone offered up a long range attacking magical equipment. It was a long spear.

It radiated an ancient aura and limitless suppressive power!

This was a superior Supreme Realm weapon. It’s speed was extremely fast as it flew towards Chu Yu, aimed at pinning him to the ground.

Chu Yu dodged to the left and right, wanting to avoid the attack from the spear.

However, this spear seemed to have a mind of its own and was locked onto him.

Chu Yu could feel a chill down his spine, the aura of death enveloping him in an instant.


The youth who had launched the spear bellowed, and the spear gained speed. It looked like it was poised to penetrate Chu Yu’s body.

Chu Yu felt the defensive aura in his body activate, but he still felt enveloped by an aura of death.

He produced the Immortal Crane Furnace!


A loud clang echoed out.

A large wave of force travelled through the Immortal Crane Furnace and impacted Chu Yu’s defences. Then, the aftershock caused Chu Yu to spit out a mouthful of blood.

He felt as if all his organs had shifted!

Yet, Chu Yu did not turn back. He kept the Immortal Crane Furnace and grabbed the spear which was about to fly back.

Then, he harnessed all the energy inside his acupoints and meridians, and then used the Racing Sacred Art to disappear into the mountain.

The cultivator who had thrown out the spear was stunned. Then, he bellowed, "That man has superior magical equipment!’


"We can't let him get away!"

"Get that bugger!"

These men all offered their magical equipment. They stood atop the equipment, their bodies glowing, as they chased Chu YU manically.

Chu Yu kept using his Killing Days Heart Technique as he ran, absorbing the spiritual energy around him.

His heart palpitated, he still did not know what kind of test this was.

Was it strength? Intelligence? Or courage?

Or were the three stages an amalgamation of all?

Chu Yu kept running, and the group kept chasing.

The cultivator who had lost his spear was the most furious.

It wasn't because he had lost his magical equipment, but because he had lost the man!

This bugger of unknown origins was armed to the teeth with powerful equipment, and he was so crafty.

"Return my weapon!"

As this King’s Realm cultivator bellowed, he activated an ancient amulet.

The Divine Movement Amulet!

In the moment he activated the amulet, his figure vanished, his speed increasing drastically.

In the blink of an eye, he closed the distance between himself and Chu Yu.

At this point, Chu Yu turned and lowered the spear.

This movement was so swift and rapid that this man could not even react to it.

The spear sliced through the air silently and penetrated the skull of this King’s Realm cultivator.

Only then could a dull hum be heard in the air.

After Chu Yu threw the spear, he turned and continued running without hesitation.

This King’s Realm cultivator had been killed by his own spear!

His entire head was blown apart!

He died horrifically on the spot.

Everyone behind was stunned.

"Quickly, chase him down... we must kill him, we definitely cannot let him off!"

Someone bellowed, "He killed Guo Li!"

By this time, Chu Yu had vanished from their line of sight.


In the Mysterious Yin World, Yi sat atop his throne as he observed the four screens in the air.

On it, the four figures were doing vastly different things.

Fatty was sneaking around, looking at a majestic mountain with greed as he murmured.

"Aiya, damn it! What a huge tomb this is! Explore... who would be so gaudy and make his own grave so attention seeking? What damned place is this? Is Master Yi that old boy playing me? This is an imaginary realm?"

Fatty frowned, conflicted.

"There must be countless treasures inside here, should I go inside to pay a visit to their ancestors? Bring them out to see the sunlight?"

"But such a huge tomb must have powerful defences, if I were to go in, I may not just suffer injuries, I may even lose my life!"

"But if I give up the opportunity to explore such a grave... wouldn't I be struck by lightning?"

Fatty paced up and down, but it was likely that he would not give up this opportunity.

Yi maintained his usual expression, he did not mind Fatty calling him an old boy. His gaze immediately shifted to the other screen.

The black robed youth was stern as he held a spear in his hand. His lips were pursed and his gaze was icy, almost like two blades, locking onto the group in front of him.

There were more than 10 cultivators in front of him, each one of them glimmered. Upon closer inspection, one could see that the light was coming from the magical equipment they had on hand.

The light was too strong. The more one looked at it, the more it seemed that the light was coming from their own bodies.

The wave of energy radiating from these men could be felt clearly, even through the screen!

These men were powerful!

"Demonic boy, we have been searching for you. We heard that you went to the village of cultivation? I see that you were trying to escape, let's see where you can run to now!"

"Yu Qiuqiu, be prepared to meet your maker!"

"Hahaha, you had an easy way out, yet you choose to fall into our grasp!"

The black robed youth did not speak. He held the spear in his hand, grit his teeth, and attacked the group.

Very quickly, he was stained with blood and injured.

However, one of the men was beheaded by his spear and two others seriously injured.

These men were slightly stunned by his power. They bellowed and began to offer up powerful magical equipment.

The moment the black robed youth saw that things were going awry, he turned and ran!

Yi’s eyes revealed his approval. He thought that this youth was pretty good.

Yi then looked to the third screen.

On it, Xu Xiaoxian had become an adorable, obedient and innocent girl. She wore a pink princess dress. Just seeing her would melt anyone’s heart.

She looked at the crowd of people pitifully, tears trickling down her eyes.

"Little girl, don't be scared, I'll help you to kill whoever bullied you!"

A bear like youth, two meters in height, pounded his chest and said.

"You? Don't make me laugh. You look just like a bear, who would be scared of you! Come girl, be obedient, let me send you home."

An impeccably dressed, handsome youth said. This man’s movements were light, but the aura he exuded was powerful!

The bear like youth glared at the impeccably dressed youth, "Liu Zhitang, do you have a death wish?"

"Zhao Haiou, don’t give me that bullsh*t. If you’re not happy, let’s have a little brawl." The impeccably dressed Liu Zhitang smiled coldly, he did not even think of the bear like Zhao Haiou as a worthy opponent.

"Go f*ck your mother!" Zhao Haiou punched. This punch was incredibly powerful, there was even a blue fire at the tip of the punch!

Blue Fire Fist!

This was one of the famous sacred arts in the Mirror World.

Even though Zhao Haiou was only a King’s Realm cultivator, the sacred art he utilized was no worse than a Supreme Realm cultivator for short brawls.

However, Liu Zhitang was composed and he produced a small gourd.

This gourd looked like it was carved from sapphire, and it radiated with a deep and distant light.

The gourd flew into the air, and released a large amount of blue water with a woosh!

That stream of water was like the Milky Way, radiating a boundless icy aura!

"Go to hell!"

Liu Zhitang bellowed.

The two men clashed once again.

Xu Xiaoxian looked nervous and afraid, "Seniors, what... what are you doing? I’m scared, can you not fight? What if you all kill each other, who will protect me? I am so scared..."

Zhang Haiou bellowed, "Little girl, don’t be scared, brother Haiou will protect you!"

Liu Zhitang laughed icily, "Bear Zhao, I think you should put on a diaper and take care of yourself.

"I will kill you!"

"Watch me!"

Xu Xiaoxian still seemed extremely nervous.

However, she was chuckling to herself: What idiots!

A smile broke out across Yi’s icily handsome face as he saw this on the screen.

He whispered, "Yu Qiuqiu, Xu Xiaoxian... I hope you all will understand why I sent you back to the Mirror World to meet your enemies..."

After which, Yi’s gaze fell to the last screen. On it, Chu Yu was running for his life.

When Yi looked a Chu Yu, his stern expression turned into a smile.

"This fella is interesting, he has battle power far greater than his cultivation level. He must have gotten a saint’s legacy as he has broken through all his acupoints and meridians... it seems that he learnt from Saint Confucius."

"Saint Confucius... it has been so long, how’ve you been?"

Yi suddenly became sullen.

Then, seeing Chu Yu behead another one of the King’s Realm cultivators chasing him, Yi’s smile became even brighter.

"I know the Racing Sacred Art too..." Yi’s tone changed, moving away from the ancient language, his eyes filled with reminiscence.

Finally, he sighed softly, "I used an incredible Sacred Art to send you into the Mirror World, I hope you will not disappoint me."

Chu Yu did not feel particularly contented, the people behind him were too scary.

Even though they were all King’s Realm cultivators, there were a few of them with superior Sacred Arts and magical equipment. This gave many of them terrifying battle power.

It was a good thing that he had seen that most of these people had entered Xiantian immediately after attaining the small circle of Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian.

However, two of them, who were chasing silently behind, had broken through 70% of their acupoints and meridians!

In Chu Yu’s eyes, these were the truly scary ones.

They were in no rush, and did not activate any powerful magical equipment to give chase. They looked like a cat toying with its food, almost as if they knew they had him for sure.

One of the slim, handsome youths shouted, his smile casual, "Little boy, leave all of your treasures and legacies and tell us your origins, else, we will slaughter you."

Chu Yu spat, "If you have the ability, come for me! Stop bragging! I came to kill you!"


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