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"Slaughter us?" That slim youth couldn't help but laugh. He looked at Chu Yu mockingly, "Are you so confident just because you can kill a King’s Realm cultivator? Little boy, regardless of where you're from, you will die today!"

As he spoke, this youth immediately offered up a magical equipment, a huge net!

It was difficult to determine what material it was made of, but it was pristine and had a faint glimmer.

It was square shape and each side was over 100m long, and it exuded a stunning wave of suppressive aura!

The moment it was offered, the net began to move slowly through the air, then it stopped.

Immediately after!

It was as fast as lightning!

It's speed was extremely fast!

Indescribably fast.

Such a magical equipment was definitely not just a Supreme Realm magical equipment!

It covered the entire area and looked to envelope Chu Yu.

In that moment, Chu Yu felt something at his back. It was not an aura or death, but it was a restraining force

In that instant, he made a decision and stamped on the ground!

A deep crater formed instantly and he disappeared into the earth.

The large net immediately enveloped the entire area.

Chu Yu had never tried to use the Racing Sacred Art underground, but with things the way they were, he did not have the time to care so much.

He began to use the Racing Sacred Art underground, what surprised him was that it was just as effective underground!

His speed was incredibly quick!

However, this net was no ordinary net, it actually also penetrated the Earth and began to give chase!

That slim youth laughed condescendingly, "How immature, does he think he’ll be fine just by hiding in the earth? This is an Inescapable Net!"

The other cultivator laughed flatly, "I surmise that he is from a lesser place, but he met with some luck and thinks that he is the most powerful in the world."

Some of the cultivators who had caught up also joined in the laughter, "The ignorant are fearless, they don't know the power of brother Shui Ping."

"Exactly, brother Shui Ping’s Inescapable Net is a cultivator’s worst nightmare!"

"This is a True Lord Realm magical equipment, it should be all to easy to capture a Xiantian cultivator!"

"Congratulations brother Shui Ping!"

Chu Yu quickly realized that this was not a solution, the net’s speed underground was not much slower than its speed in air.

In actual fact, this was only because the person using it was not powerful enough. In the hands of a Supreme Realm cultivator, the net would be even more powerful.

The net was about to catch up with Chu Yu!

The slim youth followed the net above ground, his smile icy as he directed the Inescapable Net.


He shouted.

Then, he paled as he began to use his powers.

The stress of directing a net like this was not little.

The net began to tighten!

It's speed increased.

Chu Yu was backed into a corner. Holding the replica Divine Punisher Blade in one hand, he began to use the Gluttonous Sacred Art.

Experience came from experimentation!

Abilities were forced as a result of circumstance!

In the moment Chu Yu used the Gluttonous sacred art, a terrifying wave of energy exploded from the net, changing into a stream of energy that entered Chu Yu’s body.

The Killing Days Heart Technique began to activate and his four limbs were instantly filled with a terrifying power.

This power was immense and it made Chu Yu feel like he was floating like a deity.

However, that slim youth Shui Ping did not feel good.

He screamed, then spat out a mouthful of blood. His legs gave way and he almost fell to the ground.

Then he gasped in aghast, "How is that possible?"

"What happened?"

"What happened?"

People began to ask.

Shui Ping did not reply. He steeled his limbs then tried to recall the Inescapable Net with an explosion of force.

Finally, he managed to successfully retrieve the Inescapable Net.

Yet, to his surprise and fury, the Inescapable Net in his hand was a third weaker!

"B*stard, you dare to destroy my treasure?"

Shui Ping was incredibly angry, he could not imagine what his opponent had done in order to weaken the Inescapable Net this much in such a short time.

By this time, Chu Yu had already used the Racing Sacred Art to run far away.

Soon after, this entire group had lost any sense of where Chu Yu was.

"Where did he disappear to?"

"I've lost any sense of where he is..."

"Me too!"

"Could this bugger be able to disappear into thin air?"

Everyone looked at each other in disbelief.

Shui Ping’s expression was bad, he had suffered great losses.

This Inescapable Net was borrowed from a senior. That senior treated this net like a treasure, and he had won it during a Sect competition. He rarely took it out.

Shui Ping had begged for ages before getting it.

His senior had told him a thousand times not to show it off for fear that others may eye it.

Shui Ping had borrowed the net not to capture humans but spiritual beasts.

That senior was a person of high standing in the sect, he was one of the core disciples.

Now that something like that had happened, he had no idea how to break the news to his senior.

"How unlucky, that bugger was kinda scary."

"He had a lot of treasures, we may not have beaten him..."

Shui Ping looked coldly at the two who spoke, "The aura he emanated was merely that of a Xiantian."


Everyone was speechless, of course they knew he was just a Xiantian cultivator, they weren't stupid!

They were trying not to harm his ego, but since he did not appreciate it... it was not worth the effort!

The crowd went their own ways silently.

They had initially thought that they had caught a fat lamb that they could slaughter. They did not expect to meet a tiger. One man had his hands chopped off and two more were killed.

This team of theirs was put together at the last minute. Even though they were on cordial terms, they had no interest in continuing with this expedition after something like that happened.

Shui Ping felt extremely troubled. He did not say goodbye to anyone, choosing to sulk in this vast mountain.

He did not dare to go back!

How could he face his senior?

He wanted to hunt down some powerful beasts and sell them away in exchange for spiritual stones in order to compensate his senior for the loss.

Of course, there was no way he could compensate his senior for this loss.

But what other solution did he have?

After walking in the mountains for a few hours, he finally found a nest of spiritual beasts.

This nest of infants were like little puppies. They were grey and had a pair of huge eyes.

They looked adorable.

Shui Ping was stunned, he could not believe his eyes.

He lost his voice, "The Hallucination Wolf?"

The Hallucination Wolf was quite a reputable intermediate level spiritual beast!

A mature Hallucination Wolf could silently get close to a True Lord and injure him, even potentially mauling him to death.

This wasn’t the main reason why the Hallucination Wolf was renowned; they had another skill, treasure hunting!

It’s sense of smell was extremely strong, and it could smell treasures buried deep in the ground.

If one cultivated a Hallucination Wolf from infancy, there was a 90% chance that it would serve you. They were fiercely loyal and would never betray you.

The infant Hallucination Wolves were extremely expensive. Each one could fetch sky high prices at an auction.

If he could take away this entire nest of Hallucination Wolves, then the money he got at an auction could not only buy one Inescapable net... he could probably have enough left over to buy two more!

In that moment, Shui Ping’s breathing became more rapid.

The infant Hallucination Wolf was weak, not much stronger than a puppy.

With his current ability, he could easily take away all these infants.

Shui Ping’s initially sullen expression morphed into a smile.

He was elated!

"Is this the profit from my misfortune?"

Shui Ping murmured to himself, then nodded vigorously.

It definitely was!

Even though the forest was rather isolated, a King’s Realm cultivator like him did not dare to use brute force to kidnap these wolves.

A mature Hallucination Wolf could kill him with a single slap.

But he was extremely lucky to be able to meet this nest of infants.

"Little b*stard, I think I must thank you. If I see you again, I will make sure you will die painlessly."

Shui Ping took a deep breath and prepared to take away the nest of infant Hallucination Wolves.

At this point, he suddenly felt a wave of death envelope him.

He shuddered slightly, then harnessed all his energy and launched an attack to his back.

However, before he could complete his motion, an intense pain radiated from his back.

An incredibly sharp blade had pierced him in his back and came out the front of his chest.


Shui Ping spat out a mouthful of blood.

He felt all the energy inside him leave his body rapidly.

His smile was still frozen, but his eyes were filled with despair.

He braved the pain and looked behind. He saw a stranger behind him.

This youth was very ordinary and did not have any special characteristics.

What made him angrier and helpless was that this ordinary looking youth looked at him caringly as he turned back, "Did that hurt?"

Then, he twisted his wrist and shredded Shui Ping’s heart.

In the next moment, he withdrew the blade without hesitation and penetrated Shui Ping’s Dantian. With immense accuracy, he pierced the Golden Pill in this King’s Realm cultivator’s body..

Oh sh*t!

Now that his Golden Pill had been penetrated, boundless energy began spilling out from his body like a raging river.

"Who are you... I have no feud with... you."

Shui Ping’s every word was forced, he couldn’t accept this fact.

"I told you before, I came here to slaughter all of you! I am a man of my word."

Chu Yu replied flatly as he removed the replica Divine Punisher Blade from Shui Ping’s body

With a plonk, Shui Ping fell to the ground, his eyes still wide open.

Such divine treasures were self cleaning, even though the Divine Punisher Blade was a replica, it was still of extremely high quality. Not only did it not have any blood stain, it even glowed from the immense energy it absorbed from Shui Ping’s King’s Realm Golden Pill.

Chu Yu kept the Divine Punisher Blade, then, his gaze fell onto the nest of Hallucination Wolf infants.

"Seeing the greed in that man’s eyes, these little things must be worth quite a bit?"

As he spoke, he retrieved the Inescapable Net that he nearly destroyed, as well as a storage ring from Shui Ping’s body.

Only after keeping these items did he frown and contemplate whether or not to take these infants away.

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