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The entire Black Tiger Gang was murdered?!

Xie Xiaotian did not need to ask who the perpetrators were. Other than the Chu Clan, there was no one else capable of this.

In the many years that the Black Tiger Gang roamed the streets of Qi Lu, they made their fair share of enemies, but they have always been relatively carefree.

Even though Fang Hu, the gang leader, was a peasant by birth, he had gradually risen to the upper castes over the past few years. They had dealings with many of the influential clans, including the Xies.

The Black Tiger Gang grew steadily and it eventually became Qi Lu’s biggest and most influential gang.

For a gang with such power and influence to be snuffed out in such a short time seemed impossible to many people.

It was more unbelievable that the Northern Chu Clan was behind this.

In the eyes of many, the Northern Chu Clan did not have such capabilities!

Even though they were extremely powerful in the North, they were not nearly as strong in other territories.

Yet, the truth had slapped all of them in the face!

The Northern Chu Clan was not only a pack of wolves in the North, they could roam as they pleased in Qi Lu.

They had travelled thousands of miles to hunt!

What shocked Xie Xiaotian was the speed with which the Chu Clan reacted!

The attempt on Chu Yu’s life on Mount Tai was just yesterday night, and the entire Black Tiger Gang was snuffed out tonight.

All within a day!

The Third Elder paled, much more than when he was treating Xie Tianyu just now, his face completely devoid of colour.

As an elder of one of the Underworld Clans that entered into the New Era, he was keenly aware that on the surface, the murder of the entire Black Tiger Gang by the Chu Clan was to avenge the attempt on Chu Yu, yet, it was actually a warning to the Xie Clan!

It was also a warning to all the other Underworld Clans!

This is the fate that will befall anyone who dares to touch a member of the Chu Clan!

Through this incident, the Northern Chu Clan had finally revealed those icy and ferocious fangs.

By now, in the eyes of many, the Chu Clan was no longer just Wolves in the North, they were a true pack of wolves!

Xie Xiaotian’s emotions could only be likened to a thousand alpacas passing over his heart.

He was shocked and furious!

Anyone who could enter this room was considered an elite of the Xie Clan. They quickly realised the severity of the issue at hand.

Just now, their two leaders were just talking about apologising to Chu Yu. That thought was now long gone.

Not many people knew that the Black Tiger Gang was a Xie Clan asset. Even though it wasn't fully subordinate to them, they were not far off.

The snuffing out of the Black Tiger Gang by the Chu Clan was akin to slapping the Xie Clan in the face.

How could the Xie Clan still apologise to a member of the Chu Clan at a time like this?

If they did so, everyone in the Xie Clan would not be able to face society anymore.

As the leader, his ability to make decisions to kill was ingrained in him. After hearing the news, he made his decision.

Looking at the Third Elder, he commanded, "Gather everyone in the group, surround and kill Chu Yu and retrieve Xiao Yue... kill anyone who stands in our way!"

Third Elder nodded, his eyes beaming, "I'll contact them right away!"

Xie Xiaotian looked to Xie Lu, "Xiao Lu, gather some men and begin to sweep the Chu Clan’s businesses in Yan Jing. Prepare to take over all of their assets!"

Xie Lu hesitated briefly, "What about the authorities..."

Xie Xiaotian replied confidently, "this is business between clans."

Xie Lu nodded, "I understand, I'll get to it right away." She turned and stepped out the door.

Third Elder also led everyone else out of the room.

Xie Xiaotian was left alone in the room.

After thinking for a few minutes, he picked up his phone and dialled.

The other party picked up quickly, but remained silent.

Xie Xiaotian’s tone immediately became extremely respectful, "Elder Su, apologies for disturbing you so late at night. It's about Xiao Yue... Xiao Yue is fine, but she got cheated by someone tonight..."

After he hung up, a cold iciness flashed across his eyes as he murmured, "Chu Clan, you may be the Wolves of the North, full of savagery. However, I would like to see how you can deal with Qing Qiu!"

Xie Xiaotian had no idea that immediately after his conversation, Xiao Yue received a phone call.

Xiao Yue was extremely calm and easygoing. She was not easily unsettled, even when in strangers’ houses.

She was not yet asleep when her phone rang. In fact, she was deeply engrossed, watching an animated movie with Lord Thief.

She frowned when she saw who the caller was, but she picked up the phone anyways.

"Mm, yes, I’m no longer at his place, yes, there was a little incident. I’ll explain another time. Nope, I came over willingly. He said that he could cure my illness. Yes, I told him that I would kill him if he dared lie to me. Hmm? Then you all should not participate, and I won’t go back. Ok, I understand."

After Xiao Yue got off the phone, she said faintly, "Chu Yu, a group from the Xie Clan is coming to kill you."

Chu Yu’s voice reply came from upstairs, "Ok, I got it."

Lord Thief asked, a look of guilt on its face, "Are the people coming powerful?"

Xiao Yue looked at it, "Extremely" was her reply.

Lord Thief was spooked immediately, "Then we should escape quickly!"

"Why should we run?" Xiao Yue asked.

"If we don’t run, are we just to sit around here awaiting death? It goes without saying that these people are trying to take revenge for the person earlier tonight. I was the one who hit him, what am I waiting for if I don’t run now?" Lord Thief said righteously, without any realisation how much he sounded like a coward.

Chu Yu stood upstairs and said flatly, "If you run now, you can forget about ever coming back."

"Hehe, brother, I was just kidding. Am I such a cowardly bird? We are good brothers, we stick together through thick and thin!"

Even though Lord Thief put on a brave front, its eyes were scanning the room, looking for a good place to hide.

Xiao Yue looked at Lord Thief blankly before turning to Chu Yu, "I suggest you find a place to hide."

Just at this moment, a pleasant female voice was heard, "He doesn’t need to hide!"

With a whizz, Lord Thief flew to the refrigerator in the corner to hide.

Following which, the door was opened by someone with a key, and Lin Shimeng’s tall silhouette could be seen walking through.

Four elders followed behind her, their spiritual energy causing everyone to feel slightly stifled.

Upon entering, their gazes fixed immediately on Lord Thief hiding in the corner.

Being expert martial artists themselves, they were very sensitive towards spiritual energies. Upon entering the room, they could tell that this was an extraordinary bird.

Furthermore, Lord Thief did not have Chu Yu’s ability to hide his powers. His spiritual energy was easily felt by anyone of equal or higher cultivation.

When Lord Thief realized its cover was blown, it looked to Chu Yu nervously, "Chu Yu, who are they? Are they here to catch me? You have to stand up for me! Everything that I did today was for you!"

Lin Shimeng looked at the sparrow expressionlessly, wondering to herself how did Chu Yu find himself such an extraordinary pet. If not for the many witnesses pinning tonight’s attack on the bird, she would not believe that a bird with such weird spiritual energies could be capable of injuring Xie Tianyu with its wings.

Lin Shimeng looked at Chu Yu, who was walking down the steps. "Don’t fear, if the Xie Clan wants to get to you, they’ll have to defeat me first!" She said, her expression serious.

As Lin Shimeng, she paid extra attention to Xiao Yue, who was sitting in the corner.

Xiao Yue was still enjoying her animated movie, without any care for what was going on here, almost as if it did not concern her.

Chu Yu smiled, then cupped his fist in a show of respect, "Pleased to meet you!"

"Spare the courtesy master Chu, this is our duty."

The four elders returned Chu Yu’s greeting, their tone courteous.

Seeing as they were extremely powerful and here to help, Lord Thief perked up and flew to Chu Yu’s shoulder in an instant.

The palm sized sparrow perched arrogantly on Chu Yu’s shoulder.

"No matter who comes today, I will ensure that they will not return home!"

This stunned the others, "..."

Chu Yu’s phone rang that instant and he picked it up, "Brother."

From the other end, a solemn voice could be heard, "Do not fear, little brother."

Chu Yu smiled.

"Elder brother, I am not scared."

"Our people have already intercepted them. I am relieved to hear that Lin Shimeng is over there with you."

"Brother, please be careful." Chu Yu whispered into the phone.

"Rest assured, I am fine. Tonight’s battle will be tough, remember to stay safe. Other than your usual bodyguards, I have sent to other experts to protect you in the shadows."

Chu Yu sniffled, "Brother..."

"Come on, you’re all grown up, don’t start crying on me! Ok, that’s all for now. Remember, your safety is of utmost priority!" Chu Liang’s casual laughter came over the phone

Everyone in the room heard the exchange.

Lin Shimeng sighed and muttered to herself, "It seems that it would be a sleepless night in the capital."

"Where is the enemy? I will kill whoever comes!" Lord Thief squawked arrogantly.

Having heard from Chu Liang that the Xie Clan was going to be intercepted, the bird regained its arrogance.


An icy gust of wind hit them from afar.

It was directed straight at Chu Yu, like and arrow.

Lord Thief squawked loudly and disappeared to the corner.

It stood atop the refrigerator, acting like a bird specimen.

Lin Shimeng and the four elders turned their gazes instantly towards the fallen window, looking to the horizon.

From afar, a silhouette rushed towards them at a speed faster than the speed of sound!

His chilling, murderous aura was locked on Chu Yu!

One of the elders said solemnly, "We will go out to meet him!"

Lin Shimeng nodded, "Be extra careful!"

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