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Just as that figure was about to arrive at Chu Yu’s location, two figures flanked him at equally stunning speeds.

The battle had commenced!

It was over just as quickly as it had started.

The silhouette who was being grabbed held two daggers dripping with blood in his hands.

The two who had grabbed him staggered, only managing to recover after gaining some distance.

They grabbed their wrists and struggled not to make a sound.


That silhouette said coldly.

He had broken the wrists of his two attackers with one blow.

Without taking into consideration his cultivation level, the speed and accuracy of his attacks were sufficient to amaze.

In the house, Lin Shimeng, who was standing by the window watching the battle unfold, frowned as she thought to himself, "This does not look good."

The person who had come for them was immensely powerful!

Just because one had a high cultivation level, it did not mean that he was equally skilled in battle.

Yet, the attacker was clearly a trained killer from the Xie Clan.

Not only was his cultivation level high, he was also extremely skilled in battle.

At this point, the two figures lunged at the attacker.

Those two figures were Chu Yu’s bodyguards!

Chu Yu, who was also standing by the window, felt his heart leap into his mouth.

The two bodyguards had followed him for many years. Furthermore, there was still the two experts that his brother had sent to protect him.

He could not stand idly by watching them get killed. At that moment, Chu Yu prepared to strike.

He did not want to watch his own people die in his attempt to conceal his true abilities.

The attacker’s knife glimmered as he prepared to stab at the two lunging figures.

In that instant, the four elders that Lin Shimeng brought along shot forward, like arrows released from a bow, from four different directions.

The figure in the middle hesitated before giving up his attempt to kill Chu Yu’s bodyguards.

He knew that the four lunging figures were more dangerous!

As they fought in the city, they were conscious to suppress their powers.

If they did not hold back, they would cause disastrous damage to the city. That would mean that the authorities simply could not take a back seat any longer.


Bam Bam Bam!

The sounds echoed through the night like low drum sounds.

When they fought, all of their punches were aimed to kill the other.

Both parties were capable of extreme speed. Even though they suppressed their powers in order to minimize damage to the surroundings, it was sufficient to scare any onlookers.

Very quickly the attacker managed to outmanoeuvre the four elders, injuring them.

The attacker realized that killing Chu Yu would be impossible, and began thinking of an escape. He turned and retreated, disappearing into the darkness.

The four elders did not give chase. Their only mission was to ensure Chu Yu’s safety. They did not want to leave their post and give the enemy an opening to attack Chu Yu.

Not long after the attacker left, the four elders, together with the four men from the Chu Clan, returned to Chu Yu’s residence.

Even though the two injured Chu Clan experts were rather pale, they calmed significantly when they saw Chu Yu. They bowed upon meeting him, "Chu Tianqiang, Chu Tiansheng... request an audience with young master!"

Chu Yu hurried over and looked concernedly at the two men, "Uncle Qiang, Uncle Sheng, are you okay?"

Even though the two men were Chu Yu’s elders, but because they were of lower standing, they still had to pay their respects to Chu Yu in accordance with the traditions of the underworld clans.

However, Chu Yu had always grown up in the cities, and was relatively more open minded. As such, he did not care as much about such intricacies, hierarchies and traditions.

Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng grimaced as they shook their head.

"We’re okay," Chu Tianqiang replied.

The four elders standing around Lin Shimeng sighed internally. Even if someone was to recover from a torn wrist ligament, their battle power would be heavily discounted. How could he possibly be fine?

All of a sudden, Chu Yu spoke using the Targeted Voice Transmission Technique, "Uncles, please do not worry, I will make sure that you will make a full recovery when this is over!"

Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng remained expressionless, but their heart was in turmoil.

Wasn’t young master uncultivable? How is it that he knows how to use the voice transmission technique?

The voice transmission technique was used to shrink the sound wave into a straight line and direct it straight into a person’s ear. This ensured that no one could eavesdrop.

In order to achieve this level of accuracy, one had to be at least at Acupoint Charging Stage Five!

An even higher form of the technique was able to transmit the sound through brainwaves, ensuring that the surrounding people had no idea that a conversation was taking place.

However, this was an extremely difficult technique which required astronomical levels of cultivation.

It belonged to a group of techniques only privy to those who had mastered the spiritual domains.

Lin Shimeng brought over one of the four elders and said, "This elder has done some research into medicine, allow him to treat them first."

Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng looked to Chu Yu for direction.

Chu Yu nodded.

Both of them thanked the senior profusely before following him into a room to treat their wrist injuries.

"Young master."

The two other bodyguards were delighted to see Chu Yu, yet, their faces betrayed elements of sadness.

Chu Yu had previously ditched them to run to Mount Tai alone. He had met with danger and nearly scared them both to death.

Even though the clan did not punish them, they blamed themselves for what happened.

Chu Yu nodded at them and smiled, "It’s all ok now!"

All of a sudden, a voice resonated from the television, "You j*nx, you hoodwink people and bring calamity upon the masses, you deserve to die!"

Xiao Yue, who was quietly sitting on the sofa watching the television snorted in disdain, "Nonsense!"

"..." Everyone was speechless. They could not believe that this lady stay seated and be so engrossed in her animated movie throughout the tense confrontation.

Lin Shimeng turned to look at Chu Yu and whispered, "There should be no major problems here, except..."

Lin Shimeng didn't need to elaborate, simply glancing at Xiao Yue.

Almost as if Xiao Yue had eyes at the back of her head, she replied, "I won't do anything."

Lin Shimeng’s pupils shot out two all seeing rays of light that disappeared as quickly as they appeared. She smiled at Chu Yu, "Then there really is no problem left!"

Chu Yu was rather lost. He looked at Lin Shimeng, then turned to look at Xiao Yue, still captivated by the animation movie.


This was going to be a sleepless night.

Almost all eyes in Yan Jing were focused on these two clans.

The authorities were remaining silent on the issue, and the other clans and powers were choosing to stay out of it.

Everyone was waiting patiently for the result!

"Elder Su, why did things turn out this way, didn't we agree..." *click* Xie Xiaotian looked at his phone, unable to speak, almost as if the energy was sucked out of him. In an instant, he seemed to have aged many decades.

He could not understand why the other side would just give up all of a sudden.

He could not bring himself to believe that the a regional clan like the Northern Chu could become this strong.

Not only did they manage to snuff out the Black Tiger Gang, they also trained their spears on an influential underworld clan like the Xies in an instant.

Where did they get their confidence from?

More importantly, how did they manage to get so strong and powerful?

Xie Xiaotian murmured, "we’ve been set up... trapped by the Chu Clan, oh how I hate them! Our mighty Xie Clan has become a stepping stone for them. They are using this opportunity to trample over us. Chu Clan... why are you doing this, aren't you afraid that the other clans would band together to attack you? Do you think that the other influential clans in Yan Jing would let you do as you please?"

Xie Xiaotian, the leader of the Xie Clan for almost 20 years, momentarily lost his cool and direction.

Since he was alone, he could afford some hysteria.

Nobody knew if the future would be as he had just predicted. At least for now, all the clans in Yan Jing were keeping to themselves.

Among them were allies of the Xie Clan!

However, those clans were actually also shocked into inaction by the Chu Clan’s attack!

Furthermore, everyone was aware of the feud between the two clans. Personal feuds were the most difficult to choose sides and intervene.

Xie Xiaotian also did not go around begging for help. He was keenly aware that begging for help now was meaningless.

Even his trump card had lost its effectiveness.

The silence of the authorities was even more predictable. Just as he had said previously - this was a matter to be settled between the clans!

Who emerged the eventual victor was of no interest to the authorities. As long as they knew the limits and did not inconvenience the general public unnecessarily, the authorities would not interfere.

Over the past 33 years, the Chu Clan had generally been peaceful.

When all the underworld clans, factions and religions sent people to set up camp in the capital, the Chu clan also had some profitable business in the city, yet they did not really station anyone here.

Over the past 30 years, the world order had been set. There were very little external factors that could destroy this balance.

This also caused many underworld clans to disregard the Chu Clan as a plausible rival.

Some of them did not even take the Chu Clan seriously.

"Northern wolves can only roam in the mountains and forests."

"There is no way their claws can reach us!"

"Wolves should just stay in the mountains and never come out."

"They are merely a regional power. There is no reason to fear them outside that region."

These were the most common impressions of the Chu Clan.

This battle was the first time the Chu Clan had bared its fangs in 33 years!

With this one battle, the Northern Wolves had took the world by storm!

The timing that the Chu Clan chose was absolutely perfect, a little too perfect. It cause people to

suspect if this was pre-calculated by the Chu Clan. Could it be that the Xie Family was in on this too?

However, such conspiracy theories could not stand up to scrutiny. The Xie Clan’s reputation and strength had been completely destroyed by this battle!

If they were cooperating, why would the Xie Clan ever agree to such terms?

Even an idiot knew not to shoot himself in the foot!

As a result of this incident, Chu Yu received significantly less attention than before.

Right now, everyone believed that this was a show put up by Chu Yu and his clan. The terrifying sparrow by Chu Yu’s side was just a ‘bodyguard’ assigned to him by the Chu Clan.

The entire city was jittery, the Chu Clan was like a ferocious dragon crossing the river.

They had stormed into Yan Jing in an unprecedented manner and with unparalleled strength.

Xie Xiaotian walked out from the room, his body devoid of any energy. As he looked out to the crowd waiting outside, he closed his eyes briefly and sighed.

When he reopened his eyes, they were filled with tears.


"Master, what happened?"

"Master, where are our reinforcements?"

"Master, what should we do?"

Many of the Xie Clan elders looked anxiously to Xie Xiaotian for direction.

Xie Xiaotian took a deep breath and said raspily, "Alert everyone... retreat from the capital!"

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