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Seeing the mountainous body of the Green Lion Lord, Chu Yu hesitated. He really wanted to eat it!

In the end, he sighed and took the Green Lion Lord’s body away for hundreds of miles. He found a place and buries it deep in the ground.

Afterwards, Chu Yu returned to the Green Lion Lord’s camp. Under his residence, he found a humongous warehouse.

It was packed with a large amount of medicines and metal, as well as over a thousand spiritual stones!

Chu Yu looked at these spiritual stones, they looked similar to what Shishi had given him.

He frowned, deep in thought, could it be that there are already Mirror World cultivators who have successfully made landfall?

The Green Lion Lord kept mentioning its backers. Chu Yu felt that it was almost as if its backers... were not from this world.

Chu Yu looked at the nest of the Green Lion Lord that had been ruined. He shook his head, then left.

His figure quickly disappeared into the distance.

Not long after he left, Villa Owner Dong of the Flying Dragon Lake Villa brought a group of men to this location.

They had felt the battle waves radiating from this location.

However, they didn’t dare to approach. Only after things returned to calm did Villa Owner Dong bring his men over.

However, only ruins greeted him.

As well as the bodies of those small demons.

However, very few of them still remained whole, most of them were sliced into many pieces by the magical formation set up by Xu Xiaoxian.

"Search this place thoroughly, see if Mr Chu is here."

Villa Owner Dong sighed, "If you find his body, treat him with respect, put him in a nice coffin and send it back to the Chu Clan."

In his view, this was a huge battle and that Chu Clan disciple probably did not survive.

If the Green Lion Lord was so easy to defeat, he would have done so himself, why bother waiting for someone to arrive?

However, his men still could not find any human remains after scouring the place a few times.

The body of the Green Lion Lord was also nowhere to be found.

Villa Owner Dong did not dare to act rashly. Who knew if the lion was still alive? He did not stay long, opting to bring his men back quickly.

Chu Yu sprinted all the way back. Along the way, he changed his identity four times!

He took a route through the depths of the forest, ensuring that he did not reveal his appearance.

After returning to the Chu Clan, he called Lord Thief and Old Yellow.

When they found out that Chu Yu was alive, they couldn’t be happier.

Old Yellow asked Chu Yu for confirmation of the Green Lion Lord’s death.

After receiving confirmation, Old Yellow was extremely excited. It told Chu Yu that the group of demons under the Green Lion Lord were currently without a leader.

"I and the idiot bird are thinking of taking them under our wing!" Old Yellow said.

Chu Yu was keenly aware that both Old Yellow and Lord Thief were demonic life forms.

They could not possibly last long in the human world. As such, Chu Yu supported their decision.

"If you need my help in anything in the future, just tell me." Chu Yu said.

Over the next few days, calmness returned to the Chu Clan.

However, the internet was far from calm.

The entrance of all the ancient sects and clans had a huge effect on the world.

It had changed the entire dynamic of society.

The Truth Ancient Sect and the Rainfall Ancient Sect were the trendsetters. The cultivation schools that they set up were very well received.

Amongst them, there were many extremely talented youths. This made the leadership of the two sects extremely happy.

According to some rumors, some of the other ancient sects were also thinking of setting up their own schools.

Some had already put the plan into action.

The battle at the ancient city of BoHai had also finally made the news.

Someone even began to introduce the battle record of the Green Lion Lord in detail.

Before this, some of the ancient sects had disciples who had suffered under the Green Lion Lord.

As such, when news came out that the Green Lion Lord’s camp was reduced to rubble and the Green Lion Lord was nowhere to be seen, the internet went into a frenzy.

"Wasn’t it said that the Lion was a real ancient demon?"

"It was said that the lion had lived for more than a thousand years. Even before the world was unsealed, it had already become a huge cultivator!"

"Rumors are that the Green Lion Lord had taken up residence in the Dan Jiang city in BoHai. It told the world that it wanted to become the King of the Northern Territories and wanted to start off by killing the Chu Clan!"

"Damn... why is the Chu Clan so unlucky?"

"The unlucky one doesn’t seem to be the Chu Clan? The Chu Clan is still fine, but the Green Lion Lord is gone. Don’t you feel it? Anyone who puts themselves against the Chu Clan doesn’t seem to have a good ending do they?"

"It really seems to be the case, first it was the Xie Clan who were chased out of the capital; then it was a huge sect like the Three Leaves Sect. Not only did they not get any advantage, they suffered huge losses; now, this Green Lion Lord... seems to have suffered the same fate."

"The Northern Wolves... really do live up to their name!"

"I heard that the death of the Green Lion Lord was caused by the Three Leaves Sect!"

All of a sudden, a rumor emerged that the disappearance of the Green Lion Lord was linked to the Three Leaves Sect.

The people of the Three Leaves Sect could not take it any longer. They denied all responsibility, stating that they would not take this rap.

"This was not done by us, whoever is trying to slander the Three Leaves Sect will not be let off!"

The Three Leaves Sect’s reply was strongly worded. Having been set up by "Yang Xiaofeng" so viciously, they were now extremely afraid.

However, many of those internet heroes did not care. One of them pointed out immediately, "Of the entire Northern Territories, there are only six large sects. Other than the Three Leaves Sect, the other five have been silent and peaceful, not at all arrogant. As for the Three Leaves Sect, you have been belligerent since the day you entered, wanting to take over other’s territory. As such, you would definitely not be able to take it if someone else said they wanted to be the King of the North."

Someone mocked, "I must say that the unyielding nature of the Three Leaves Sect is admirable. But, you are not gentlemanly, you don’t own up to what you do. It’s no wonder that you are ruled by a lady, no sense of responsibility at all, I guess you really can’t do without balls!"

"Exactly, if you did it you did it. What are you so afraid of? Why are you so afraid of admitting to it? Makes people despise you! If that Green Lion Lord was really killed by you, we would still thank you for helping the world get rid of an evil..."

The Three Leaves Sect was angry and anxious, Weren’t we already very low profile recentlu?

We wish we had killed it, then at least we would have some benefits?

But that really wasn’t us!

We didn’t even benefit, and we still got slandered repeatedly... where is the logic?

Why must these people cling on to us and not let go?

These words really will anger a person to the point of vomiting blood.

Yu Rui, the leader of the Three Leaves Sect, was so angry she had no appetite or sleep for many days, making her look extremely haggard.

In the Three Leaves Sect, one of the elders suggested, "If it comes down to it, why don’t we just admit to it? Some of these make sense, we killed a demon to save the world, it could boost our reputation."

"No, we cannot! Wouldn’t we be antagonizing the demon race? What killing a demon to save the world... in such a multiracial society, we would be shooting ourselves in the foot if we said that."

"Exactly, since we didn’t do it, why should we own up to it? Even though that lion is a little overboard, but do you think a thousand year old demon is an idiot? Would it be so arrogant as to call itself the King of the Northern Territories if it didn’t have some backup?"

"Let’s make the Chu Clan take the rap!"

Yu Rui shook her head, "No way, the Chu Clan is too weak. Furthermore, there were no traces of poison at the battle location. If we slander them now, we will be inviting further retaliation."

Yu Rui grit her teeth as her expression dulled, "Damned internet! Why does this thing exist?"

One of the Three Leaves Sect elders smiled bitterly, "Leader, the technology in the ancient days were many times better than what we have now..."

Yu Rui knew this too and grit her teeth ferociously, anger building in her belly.

"Chu Clan, I will destroy you soon!"

Who knew that before she could finish, a huge boom could be heard outside.

The Three Leaves Sect Leadership immediately rushed out.

They saw a black silhouette rushing in, sword in hand.

Anyone who got in his way was killed in a single swipe of the blade - no one could stand up to him!

"Who are you? Why are you barging into the Three Leaves Sect?" Yu Rui raged and brought a bunch of Supreme Realm Elders to meet him.

"You killed my subordinate, go to hell!"

That black figure was enveloped by light and it was impossible to see his appearance. However, one could tell from the voice that this man was rather young.

His attacks were vicious. In the blink of an eye, he had already killed five to six of the Three Leaves Sect disciples.

"Who killed your subordinate? Don’t slander me!" Yu Rui was going crazy, she guessed why this man was here and raged, "We had nothing to do with the Green Lion Lord’s death!"


The figure enveloped in light could not resist but laugh coldly, "How do you know who I was here about? How do you know... that it died?"

The moment Yu Rui said it, she knew that she had misspoke.

His rage had clearly indicated his purpose in coming.

However, he never did say why he was here.

"Do we even need to guess why you are here? Anyone with a brain would know?" Yu Rui and a few elders immediately went up to restrain this youth.

However, the four of them from the Three Leaves Sect could not even restrain him!

Another two Three Leaves Sect Supreme Realm elders joined in the fray and completely surrounded the black robed youth.

"Haha, no longer hiding now?" The black robed youth chuckled icily.

Hide your sister!

What did we do?

The people of the Three Leaves Sect were going crazy, one of the elders could not resist but shout, "Are you dumb? You don’t even know that you’re being used!"

"You dare to call me dumb?"

The light around the black robed youth became even brighter!

A blade immediately flew towards that elder.

This ancient blade in his hand shot out a blade aura over a hundred meters long and pierced straight into the elder’s forehead.


A huge cavity immediately appeared, bone and blood flowing out together.

The elder’s nascent soul flew out, but was also cut in half by this black robed man.

Despite the attacks from Yu Rui and the others, they could not stop him.

Then, a loud voice boomed from afar.

A figure rushed over at unimaginable speeds, launching an attack straight at the black robed youth.


A ferocious sound echoed out in the air.

Blood trickled out of the corner of the black robed youth’s mouth and he retreated a few steps.

Then he steadied himself and laughed coldly, "Even the thousand year old elderly can’t resist but come out to bully people? The Three Leaves Sect... remember this day!"

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