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Yu Tong looked at the black robed youth with rage, "Don’t you know that there is someone out there slandering us? Do you believe whatever others say? Do you have a brain?"

This angered the black robed youth. He looked icily at Yu Tong. pursed his lips and smiled, "Indeed, it is just like what the web says, from top to bottom, no one in the Three Leaves Sect owns up to what they do! Bunch of balless people!"

"I will kill you!" Yu Tong raged.

This was too antagonizing, what henpecked? No balls?

The two men battled again!

Yu Tong was slightly higher in terms of cultivation level.

Yu Tong’s cultivation was shocking, even though he had not fully recovered from his injuries, he still battled like a ferocious tiger with no signs of his previous injuries.

However, this black robed youth’s battle prowess was equally terrifying.

The sacred arts that he utilized were also unbelievably powerful.

Yu Tong was increasingly surprised as the battle raged on. He asked, "What sect are you from?"

"Frogs in a well, how much do you know? Even if I told you, you wouldn’t know!" The black robed youth was extremely powerful, even though he lost out a little in cultivation level, his battle power was equally impressive."

After fighting for over 10 minutes, there was no clear winner!

The other Three Leaves Sect people were all stunned!

They also felt incredibly wronged, the story would make anyone weep.

The last time, when they attacked a lowly clan like the Chus, they were also beaten to a hasty retreat by the Wu Clan of Qing Hai.

Not only did they not manage to break the Chu Clan defences, they suffered huge losses.

Then, they learnt to be more low profile and not find trouble with others. They wanted to grow in the dark... but then someone else came knocking on the door.

All because the jerks on the internet put the rap on them...

These Three Leaves Sect disciples were wronged beyond belief!

Was there still any justice in this world?


With a loud echo, the Three Leaves Sect ancestor Yu Tong sent the black robed youth flying thousands of meters away!

Many of the people in the Three Leaves Sect cheered!

"Ancestor is powerful!"

"Ancestor is invincible!"

"Damned jerk, why isn’t he dead?"

However, some of the Supreme Realm cultivators did not make a sound, a solemn expression on their faces.


Yu Tong spat out a mouthful of blood in mid air, his body shaking.

He had already suffered serious injuries from his battle with the ancestor of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai, Wu Jianghai.

If he had not met someone so powerful, it would have been okay. However, meeting this black robed youth meant that his injuries were quickly aggravated.

Even though he had sent the guy flying, the black robed youth had simply counter attacked using the same energy, not taking much damage in the process.

On the other hand, Yu Tong suffered relatively serious injuries.

He looked coldly at the black robed youth, "Let me tell you one more time, the death of the Green Lion has nothing to do with the Three Leaves Sect! If you really want to fight it out, I will fight you to the death!"

Then, Yu Tong retrieved a pill and swallowed it.

Light exploded from his body in an instant!

The injuries that he had sustained previously disappeared in an instant.

Furthermore, Yu Tong’s aura had increased ever so slightly.

Yu Tong felt heartache as he swallowed the pill.

He only had three of these pills on hand.

Each of them were worth way more than a Supreme Realm magical equipment. These pills could even revive someone on the brink of death!

These were left behind by the ancient pill masters of the Three Leaves Sect. Today, no one could refine such pills in the Three Leaves Sect.

The black robed youth was still covered in light and he said coldly, "Old man, I will let you off today, however, remember this, from this moment on, the Three Leaves Sect is my mortal enemy!"

Then, the black robed youth slapped the location with the most number of Three Leaves Sect disciples!

"Go to hell!"

Yu Tong raged and screamed, wanting to stop it.

However, it was too late.

The slap from the black robed youth had already killed a hundred of the Three Leaves Sect disciples.

Furthermore, the infrastructure recently constructed by the Three Leaves Sect were also decimated by the terrifying energy from the slap.

After he attacked, the black robed youth turned and left!

Yu Tong raged and gave chase!

However, in the blink of an eye, the black robed teen had already disappeared into the air, almost like a phantom!

He possessed some kind of mysterious running technique, giving him incredible speed.

Yu Tong was extremely furious, and he could not help but scream to the heavens.

The entire Three Leaves Sect was depressed, cries covering the entire space.

Tears covered Yu Rui’s face, and she looked to Yu Tong in mid air, "Ancestor, what happened to us?"

What happened?

Yu Tong mulled over it too.

With so many ancient sects entering into society, why is it that only the Three Leaves Sect is so unlucky?

He also wanted to know why.

Yu Rui was a Supreme Realm cultivator. She was always calm and governed the Three Leaves Sect well.

She was a really capable woman.

However, in this period of time, she had cried even more than she had in the past century.

She almost couldn’t hang on any longer!

Ever since the Three Leaves Sect entered society, they had not gained anything but had suffered immense losses.

She cried, "This Chu Clan is really an unlucky star!"

This statement was instinctual, but for the ancestor Yu Tong, it was an awakening.

He began to mull over what she just said.

After a while, he murmured to himself, "This... is really strange!"

Yu Tong looked in the direction of the Chu Clan as he spoke.

"Ah?" Yu Rui raised her head, then she flew into the air and looked in the direction of the Chu Clan.

She saw a huge forest. But the spiritual energy was too great, even though it was deep winter, the forest was still lush.

Yu Rui could not see anything, and she looked at Yu Tong, visibly lost.


Yu Tong said solemnly, "Previously, didn’t the Green Lion Lord want to attack the Chu Clan?"

Yu Rui nodded and said, "Yes, this is no secret in the cultivation world."

"It wanted to attack the Chu Clan, then... it disappeared!" Yu Tong murmured.

"But... when our people went to take a look, there was no trace of poison. However, there were a lot of residual energy from magical formations. The destruction of the infrastructure there was also not the result of a battle between powerful cultivators."

Yu Rui looked to her ancestor, "Does the Chu Clan even have such experts?"

"Maybe... we have all made an error in judgement." Yu Tong said slowly, "It may not mean that the underworld clans do not have powerful individuals..."

Yu Rui frowned, deep in thought. However, she still found it difficult to accept that a small clan like the Chus could have such experts.

"Let’s go, let’s move out!" Yu Tong said suddenly.

"Ah?" Yu Rui was stunned as she looked at Yu Tong, "Ancestor..."

"Enough, stop thinking about what is at the Chu Clan." Yu Tong sighed, "Can’t you see that both luck and momentum... are no on our side?"

Yu Rui went silent, how could she not feel it?

But she couldn’t accept it. The item at the Chu Clan area was too precious!

If it wasn’t because she was afraid to make things too obvious and alert the other ancient sects, she really wanted to go all out to attack the Chu Clan and take it!

"In the ancient times, this planet was known as the ancestral star, and it is incredibly prosperous. Even without that, we can go find something else. Let’s not stay here anymore, I have a premonition that if we stay here, the Chu Clan will definitely not be the first to be wiped out..."

Yu Tong sighed and said this extremely unwillingly.

As a powerful Supreme Realm Cultivator with peerless battle power, he could not do anything about a small clan like the Chus. This would make him the laughing stock of many!

However, this strong premonition that Yu Tong had was a result of his experience.

He felt that this was not the way.

Yu Rui was extremely unwilling, but she nodded in the end, "I will obey the orders."

The Three Leaves Sect disappeared in a single night!

The news of their disappearance spread like a virus, infecting the entire internet!

After which, news that the Three Leaves Sect had been attacked by the black robed youth also spread on the internet.

The entire internet burst into chatter!

This time, even many people in ancient sects were shocked!

The Three Leaves Sect was not weak!

Amongst all the large sects and clans, it was quite near the top.

However, ever since their misfortune, they have escaped silently, leaving no trace behind...

Many were incredulous at this turn of events.

"The Three Leaves Sect actually ran? Haha, this is invigorating news!"

"How surprising, even with all their foundation and backing, they can’t even match up to an underworld clan."

"Haha, if you think about it, the Chu Clan is pretty strong. Despite having so many enemies, it still stands strong, it even managed to cause the Three Leaves Sect to retreat, how surprising!"

"This is the classic David versus Goliath..."

The mocking towards the Three Leaves Sect also died down significantly on the internet.

Since they had ran and surrendered, what more could they do?

Continue pouring salt into the wound? They had to see the wound first.

But the wound had already disappeared!

The Chu Clan.

It was just a few days to the Lunar New Year, and everyone was soaking in the atmosphere.

Chu Yu had felt great recently and began to refine large quantities of cultivation pills.

Even though they were not as powerful as spiritual stones, in the current state, the cultivation pills that he refined could be considered superior pills.

Other than that, Chu Yu also attempted to refine other kinds of pills.

His pill refining technique became better and better.

However, the pills he refined were still as ugly as before.

Chu Yu swore to himself that he would find a sculpting technique and train hard in it!

Else, if he ever took the pills that he refined out, people would mock him to death.

But he had no other choice, as a rogue learner, this was the best he could do.

Other than the fact that the pills were ugly, everything else was progressing well.

Old Yellow and Lord Thief were progressing well in the shadows, and they had rounded up quite a number of Green Lion Lord’s followers.

With Chu Yu’s support, they had a lot of resources. Many of the demons were willing to join them, and they had become a force to be reckoned with.

Over at Qing Qiu, Zhao Mantian told Chu Yu a few days ago that Xiao Yue had been in isolation and was progressing well.

The Fatty Fan Jian was still hiding... these were Chu Yu’s words.

In Fatty’s words, he was touring the world.

Chu Yu’s cultivation level was almost reaching Xiantian.

He was in no rush to breakthrough his remaining meridians.

He kept reinforcing the strength of his body, using the Killing Days Heart Technique to boost the energy reserves in his body.

This had significant effects!

Even though Chu Yu’s cultivation level did not rise, his battle power was rising consistently.

On the 29th day of January, 2056.

There was a man outside the Chu Clan. He held and edict in his hand and wanted Chu Yu to kneel and receive the edict.

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