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Zhao Mantian asked Chu Yu if he should kill this King’s Realm cultivator.

The aggressiveness and power of Zhao Mantian was clear to Chu Yu. So long as he gave the go ahead, the King’s Realm cultivator would be dead in the next instant!

However, Chu Yu hesitated.

He was afraid that the people from inside the ancient monument would come out after they had killed the King’s Realm cultivator.

Furthermore, Lord Chu had not finished breaking through.

That would be incredibly awkward.

If the opponents were all King’s Realm cultivators, it would still be okay. At most he would owe his brother a favor and ask him to kill them all.

But the fact that they could leave a King’s Realm cultivator as doorman could mean that they had Supreme Realm cultivators in their midst!

What if it wasn't just one?

Wouldn't he be setting up his big brother?

Chu Yu contemplated for a moment, finally deciding against asking Zhao Mantian to take action.

He hoped that the opponents would come out later, and they could escape as soon as Lord Chu was done breaking through!

They could set up better when back home.

Now that he could mass produce these poison pills, he believed that he could formulate strong defenses.

He had the ability to make the entire border of the Chu Clan inaccessible!

No life form could come or go!

At the same time, he could move in and out freely.

How can it be a case of you attacking me but me not retaliating.

The terrifying power of an enraged, vicious pill master was unimaginable.

He could turn an entire city, even an entire country... into a living hell!

As his pill refining power kept rising, he could collect more superior medicines. Chu Yu believed that it would not be easy to refine a pill that can launch someone into the Xiantian Realm, but to refine one to launch someone into the Invigorated Meridian Realm... was completely possible!

This was a rapidly rejuvenating world, with many lost professions regaining prominence. However, a hierarchy was quickly forming as people fought to get to the top!

If one wanted to gain a foothold in the world, one needed to have immense courage and power!

Chu Yu had the teachings of two saints. Even though he was still young, like a young plant, there would be a day when he becomes a towering tree!

One should not begin the road of cultivation if one did not dare to compete.

Chu Yu waited for Lord Chu to finish breaking through.

He hoped that Lord Chu could advance by at least two small stages.

The Kings Realm cultivator was just waiting for his people to re-emerge from the monuments and bring with them superior teachings!

Then they will kill Chu Yu and exterminate the Chu Clan!

Zhao Mantian was also waiting. He was incredibly patient and vicious.

To his own people, he was extremely protective. He would use his life to protect them!

To his enemies, he was unbelievably vicious, and he would never show them any mercy.

During this time, he did two things in Qing Qiu.

Firstly, he got rid of the core group who had participated in the rebellion.

If they were capable of revolting once, they would be able to do it again.

Betrayal was a one way street, there was no turning back.

The second thing he did was to rebuild the Qing Qiu large magical formation. This time, with the power and control of a Supreme Realm cultivator, he was able to make the formation many times more formidable than before.

Upon receiving Chu Yu’s message, he rushed over without a second word.

The King’s Realm cultivator had no idea that he was being hunted, even whilst he was hunting.

He had thought that he was the boss here, and could easily kill that shameless baby. He had no idea that someone else already had him in their sights!

Zhao Mantian used the Voice Transmission Technique to ask Chu Yu what was going on here.

Chu Yu smiled, took out his messaging tool, and told Zhao Mantian what had happened, as well as the origins of these men.

Having heard that Chu Yu had obtained a superior medicine, Zhao Mantian was ecstatic.

Zhao Mantian was more measured when it came to the Wu Clan of Qing Hai.

He did not use the Voice Transmission Technique, instead opting to use his messaging tool to communicate with Chu Yu.

"The Wu Clan of Qing Hai was one of the divisions of a large ancient sect. Furthermore, they were one of the best back in their heyday. Since the ancient days, their disciples have walked the earth."

"Could there be any Supreme Realm cultivators inside the ancient monument?" Chu Yu asked.

"Definitely!" Zhao Mantian said with certainty. There was once a drawing saint in the Tang Dynasty!

He was also a Wu, Wu Daozi!

The Drawing Saint was no stranger to Chu Yu.

What he did not expect was that the Drawing Saint, Wu Daozi, was from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai.

"Wasn’t it said that the pocket dimensions have been completely separated from the world after the world was sealed?"

Chu Yu was curious.

He had a feeling that this world had never actually rid itself from the shadow of the true cultivators.

Zhao Mantian sent a grinning emoji, followed by a few sentences.

"Brother, if that was the case, how do you think our legends and rumours come about, both in China and abroad? Do you really think that those legends were the thoughts and imaginations of our predecessors?"

"For example?"

"For example, in the era of King Zhou of Shang, ancestor Su Daji had escaped QIng Qiu. The people now do not know better and call her a jinx, but do you know her cultivation level?"

"Is it very high?"

"She was a True Lord Realm cultivator!"


Chu Yu was shocked, he had guessed that Su Daji, Hu Su Daji to be accurate, was a powerful cultivator.

However, he had not expected that she was a True Lord!

"Doesn’t that mean that she is in the same realm as Yang Jian?"

"Of course!" Zhao Mantian replied confidently. He told Chu Yu that Su Daji did not have any intentions to wreck havoc.

"The King at that time... was also a man from the pocket dimensions. According to the ancient terms, he was a deity who returned to earth. Su Daji... had fallen in love with Zi Shou, also known as King Zhou of Shang. However, in that era, the interactions between the pocket dimensions and the world were closely guarded."

Zhao Mantian sent a sighing emoji and told Chu Yu. In order to preserve the purity of the bloodline in the pocket dimensions, marriage with people walking the earth was forbidden.

As such, the two of them agreed to stay on this earth till their old age.

The two of them were powerful cultivators, and it wasn’t a difficult task for someone this powerful to take the throne.

After he ascended the throne, he married Su Daji.

Zi Shou was an ambitious and clever man.

He ran the Shang Dynasty well.

However, at that time, there were also people from the pocket dimensions entering the world.

They began attacking the Shang Dynasty.

"In the end, it became a war for the ages. Countless numbers of clans were involved, including some of the most influential sects. History is always written by the victors. The losers have to suck up being slandered and scolded by generations to come."

Zhao Mantian told Chu Yu many stories, including those of Hou Yi... Chang Er, and the Three Lords and Five Emperors.

"Even though the world is sealed, true geniuses are always lonely."

Zhao Mantian was rather emotional, "There is a need for someone who can beat the odds and become a saint in every era. The story of the man riding a ox into the west past Han Gu pass, disappearing forever, is backed up by historical evidence. In actual fact, all he did was find the path of sages and enter the limitless universe."

"What about Confucius?" Chu Yu asked.

"Saint Confucius is powerful!" Zhao Mantian became extremely serious and alert when talking about Confucius.

He told Chu Yu that Confucius was unlikely to be a person from that era!

As such, he had taken on the persona of a teacher when he entered society.

"Just like the old man, they are all genuine saints with great healing powers!"

Many of those in the pocket dimensions guessed that the saints from the later generations all had rather complicated identities.

"We had once guessed that the talents from later generations who became saints were likely to be ancient people from the ancient era. They had become saints in an incredibly short time! Within a few decades, with a drought of spiritual energy, they had manage to become saints, how extraordinary."

Chu Yu looked at the message and began thinking deeply.

The legends of Ancient China were really too many.

However, these legends were all related to each other, painting a complete picture!

There is no way these were all imaginations.

"Don’t think so much, if we can enter that realm one day, we will have our chance too. We can go and find the path of sages and enter the limitless universe."

Zhao Mantian was ambitious, "Now that the world is recovering so quickly, the foundation levels of the ancient era, Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian, are becoming more common. I believe that there was once a pill that allowed you to skip the foundation levels. As such, I believe that we are not far from becoming formidable."

Chu Yu messaged Zhao Mantian whilst he refined his pills.

He was clearly deep in thought, with the occasional smile.

The King’s Realm cultivator on the tree kept controlling himself, telling himself to remain calm.

He could tell that this shameless b*stard did not know anything at all!

He treated this place as a little theme park!

He was almost angered to death, yet, Chu Yu was still so relaxed.

"If not for... I would have killed you a long time ago!"

The King’s Realm cultivator grit his teeth. All of a sudden, his gaze shot to the river bank outside the little valley.

A huge wave of energy fluctuations emanated from below the rock!

"They are out!"

The King’s Realm cultivator was extremely excited. He even forgot to maintain his cover!

He was preparing to kill this little b*stard the first chance he got.

A single figure rushed out from within the energy magical formation below the huge rock.


A mouthful of blood shot out of his mouth.

After which, the figure wobbled and nearly collapsed on the spot.

"What is going on?" The King’s Realm cultivator had no time to think. He also had no time to care about Chu Yu as he rushed over.

The guy vomiting blood was one of the ancestors of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai!

He was a Supreme Realm cultivator!

This time, the Wu Clan of Qing Hai had activated three Supreme Realm cultivators, six True Lords, one Xiantian and one Invigorated Meridian Stage 11!

The Xiantian and the Invigorated Meridian Stage 11 girl had been killed by the Chu brothers.

One of the King’s Realm cultivators stood outside guarding the door.

The other five followed the three Supreme Realm cultivators into the magical formation.

"Ancestor, are you okay? What happened?" This King’s Realm cultivator was extremely flustered as he looked at the ancestor vomiting blood.

The old man waved his hand, his face devoid of any color. His eyes glimmered with disbelief.

"There’s someone... someone below!"

The aged man panted and forced out the sentence. It was accompanied with another mouthful of blood.

Then, with a bang, he fainted on the ground!

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