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The pill furnace exploded.

A thick puff of smoke rose and spread to the surroundings.

Chu Yu’s face was covered in ashes.

His hair was stuck upwards, like it was waxed. His face was completely blackened.


The King’s Realm cultivator hiding in the trees could not help but laugh.

He wasn’t worried at all. Seeing that fool looking depressed made him ecstatic and he felt an urge to laugh.

All the rumours about him having the Crane Saint’s legacy and being a pill disciple were all bullsh*t!

If a medicinal saint had accepted someone like him for a disciple, they would be angered to death in a couple of days.

Even if they were dead, they would rise up just to give him a beating!

How dumb could one person be!

This King’s Realm cultivator found it humorous, but also depressing, this guy, clearly did not have the Crane Saint’s legacy.

After some thought, he found that it made sense. Song Hong had admitted that he had taken advantage of the Chu Clan in his life.

And he wanted to make it up to them.

But then he died!

This meant that Song Hong did not give Chu Yu too much benefits before he died.

"That Song Hong should be the one with the Crane Saint’s legacy. He is probably extremely talented and learnt quite abit."

"Too bad he died."

This King’s Realm cultivator thought to himself: The ancient foundation pill!

This was the pill that allowed one to advance straight into the Xiantian Realm.

This was no surprise. Song Hong probably already had this ability. However, due to the lack of such superior medicines in the current day and age, Song Hong could only refine a weaker version.

He did say that he gave a pill to Chu Yu for Chu Yu to recover.

That pill, was likely to be something like that!

Else, there was no way Chu Yu could have the power to battle a Xiantian cultivator.

From the perspective of cultivation, Chu Yu was also a talent.

A pity, talents all die quickly!

Whilst this King’s Realm cultivator was feeling some sympathy for Chu Yu, he continued to watch Chu Yu try to extinguish the sparks on his body.

His shirt was almost completely burnt to pieces.

The King’s Realm cultivator smiled and shook his head, He dared to try to refine a pill... with this ability?

He clearly did not know any better!

In the small valley.

Chu Yu thought to himself, You should have let you guard down by now right?

He had an idea just now. Instead of putting in the medicines to refine a poison pill, he had just put in some ordinary medicines.

He let the furnace blow up on purpose.

His sole intent was to let the observer see it all.

In his view, it was a success, his opponent should have let down his guard completely.

Chu Yu changed a furnace and started refining again.

This time, he was actually refining the poison pill.

He carefully followed through with each step.

However, his every action seemed hilarious to the King’s Realm cultivator hiding in the darkness.

A grey faced, burnt child was cradling a furnace and mysteriously working on it.

He even murmured to himself, "Please don’t explode, I must succeed, baby you can do it, you are the best pill master, you will become a pill saint soon..."


That King’s Realm cultivator even used his powers to listen in.

Yet, all he heard was a bunch of scattered phrases, causing him to almost want to puke blood.

What the hell was this?

Someone refining pills was actually constantly encouraging himself... and praying for the furnace not to explode?


Baby your sister!

This was... completely inappropriate!

If you could become a pill saint like this, pigs can become gods!

This King’s Realm cultivator could not help but think this way.

Chu Yu continued chanting, but he was using his firebending technique secretly to control the fire.

Very quickly, the pills in the pill furnace began to morph.

The key moment was approaching.

They were about to take shape!

Taking shape is actually an extremely important step for a pill master.

In the ancient days, there was even a specialized technique for shaping!

How to make the pill more beautiful, its color like jade, its surfaces filled with art... these were all necessary skills for a pill masters.

The most superior pill masters could even carve inscriptions on the surface of the pill.

A single pill could let a person attain enlightenment.

Such a level was only attained by the saints.

For Chu Yu, being able to turn medicine into pills was quite the achievement.

As for shaping, he was completely helpless.

Even though he had the Crane Saint’s legacy, he had never studied under a master. All of his knowledge came from his experiences.

Then again, theory and practical were vastly different.

Chu Yu grasped the theories quickly, and could get the hang of it rather quickly. In the eyes of a pill master, he was considerably talented.

In the ancient days, no one dared to call themselves a pill master before training for at least a few years.

The science of pill refinement was rather complex, and it required vast knowledge.

Rogue cultivators could rarely make anything of themselves.

People who could succeed after just a few days learning by themselves were virtually unheard of.

As such, since Chu Yu was able to refine a pill so quickly, and he was so daring to experiment, he would have been one of the most talented individuals, even in the ancient world.



"Blast him to death!"

"How come it isn’t exploding?"

"This is disappointing..."

The King’s Realm cultivator hiding in the darkness kept changing his thoughts until finally, he saw Chu Yu retrieve an oddly shaped item carefully from the furnace.

F*ck me, what is this?

This King’s Realm cultivator’s eyes widened in disbelief.

If he did not see Chu Yu remove it from the furnace himself, he would have never believed that this thing was refined.

Was that a pile of ostrich poop?

It was ashen white, and it had no shape to speak of.

It wasn’t even oval shape, not to mention round.

It was like a pile of ostrich poop, completely disgusting!

Unbelievably ugly!

The ugliest thing ever!

If I had a son like that, I would kill him.

This King’s Realm cultivator felt ashamed for Chu Yu’s parents.

Chu Yu looked at the pile of pills, rather depressed, he did not want the pill to turn out this way.

He had wanted this pill to shine like jade, and filled with art.

However, that was way beyond his current abilities!

For some reason, all the pills he refined were about the same appearance.

He had already tried his best...

"Baby is bitter."

Chu yu murmured.

From afar, the King’s Realm cultivator nearly fell off his perch.


Aren’t you ashamed?

Which clan’s baby are you?

You are simply a huge infant!

A disgrace to the pill refining world!

Even though he wasn’t a pill refining master, he believed that if a pill refining master saw what Chu Yu had made, they would have been angered to death!

Did you come specially to amuse me knowing I was bored?

Chu Yu turned to look at Lord Chu and shook his head. He knew that Lord Chu’s breakthrough would not finish in such a short period of time.

"What bullsh*t is this!" Chu Yu threw the pill outwards.

With a "Pia" the pill shattered and released a wave of black smoke.

The black smoke quickly dissipated and became invisible.

Chu Yu was ecstatic and thought to himself, Success!

He controlled the pill, using him and Lord Chu as the pivot, he covered the entire area in a twenty meter radius with this poisonous gas.

After the pill exploded, the gas was invisible and scentless, completely in Chu Yu’s control.

He used the resisting technique to sense the location of the poisonous gas.

Even when he opened his vertical eye, he could only see a faint layer of gas circling the area.

This was a great trap, even someone like him with his vertical eye open, may not spot this trap.

Chu Yu looked inside the pill furnace, there were still six pills left.

He nodded happily, he finally had something to protect himself.

This poisonous pill could create a poisonous cloud lasting 24 hours, and it was unaffected by weather.

This meant that his seven poison pills could ensure him seven days of safety!

He still had a lot of medicine inside his storage ring to make more.

He also had a large amount of rations!

If he was forced into a corner, he would just used the pills to lockdown the entire area within a hundred mile radius and turn it into a magical formation!

By that time, even if a powerful cultivator wanted to attack him through the air, it would be an uphill task!

Furthermore, this pill was immune to defences, thus it was great to use to harm people.

Pa pa pa pa!

Chu Yu threw another four pills, covering the entire space within a 500 meter radius with the poisonous gas.

Even though the pill wasn’t big, its poison was strong. Even a little contact could be fatal!

As such, he could throw it however far he wanted. The poisonous mist would spread such that each layer would be thin.

If any life form tried to charge in, they would just be charging into death.

The King’s Realm cultivator thought that this action was the aftermath of a failure to refine pills.

He threw each pill further and further away.

Having refined such rubbish, it is no wonder that he was throwing it away...

Seeing that he only had two left, Chu Yu contemplated for a moment before beginning to refine more pills.

This was a good item, and it was great protection against those with ill intent!

Saving some up was a good idea.

"Baby will succeed this time, keep going, you can do it!"

Chu Yu said this solemnly.

The King’s Realm cultivator felt that if he watched Chu Yu any longer, he would jump down to kill him.

He closed his eyes and ignored him.

Chu Yu glanced over at that area, then whipped out his messaging tool to tell Zhao Mantian not to show himself, as well as to avoid the area around him in a one mile radius.

If Lord Chu had finished his breakthrough and those people have yet to exit from the ruins, then they would kill that King’s Realm cultivator!

Then they would quickly escape.

Chu Yu was uninterested in what lay within the ancient monuments.

If a Xiantian was guarding the border, people entering the monument were at least in the King’s Realm.

Even with Zhao Mantian around, he did not want to antagonize those people.

He simply wasn't strong enough.

An hour passed whilst Chu Yu was refining his pills in silence.

Zhao Mantian had arrived some time ago, choosing to hide some ten miles away.

Chu Yu had told him that there was a strong opponent here and forwarded the location to him.

In the end, Zhao Mantian had told Chu Yu that that man was a King’s Realm cultivator.

That man was in the King’s Realm?

F*ck me!

Chu Yu was shocked.

If he had attacked before Chu Yu had refined the poison pill...

Chu Yu did not dare think of the consequences.

Damn, Xiantian as border patrol and a King’s Realm cultivator as door man!

What was the cultivation level of those who went in?

Was the Wu Clan of Qing Hai so powerful?

This was really - baby is bitter inside, but baby doesn't show it.

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