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Because of Gong Lixin's revenge plan, Song Haoran learned a little more about this younger brother of his. The child's temperament was pure but not weak. Recognizing the true face of Fang Hao, he immediately drew a line with the other party. He was a very determined person and was very similar to uncle Gong.

Because of this discovery, Song Haoran feels closer to Gong Lixin. Even if they don't say anything when they're together, the atmosphere was very warm and harmonious.

He didn't know from where came the melodious music that broke the harmony in the car. Gong Lixin listened to the music and was unfamiliar with it.

The ringtone continued, irritating Song Haoran so he turned towards Gong Lixin and asked: "How come you're not answering the phone?"

Phone? The young master took a moment and immediately took out Gong Lixin's mobile phone from his bag. He clicked on the call button with his fingertip and placed it next to his ear to answer it. Perhaps it was because of the time he spent comparing his memories with Gong Lixin's memories during class, the young master could now quickly extract Gong Lixin's memory for his own use.

A familiar voice came from the earpiece, and the eyes of youth flashed in a new light. He tentatively called out: "Lin Big Brother?" This gadget called "mobile phone" was really magical. He could hear the other without any internal force!

Hearing the name of the caller was Lin Wenbo, Song Haoran's ears sharpened and the corner of his eyes were fixed on Gong Lixin's expression.

At the other end of the phone, Lin Wenbo simply said a few words and hung up. The young master nodded and promised. At the end, he looked at Song Haoran and said, "Brother Song, Brother Lin asked me to have dinner and to let you take me to Mayflower Western Restaurant."

Western food was delicious! The youth immediately seized this from Gong Lixin's pool of memory and his heart was full of expectations. After the baptism of delicious breakfast, he now had a fascination towards "food".

Song Haoran nodded and looked at Gong Lixin's little face filled with joy and his mood soured a bit.

Lin Wenbo was not simply asking Lixin to have dinner. He was afraid that he wanted to have a showdown. Could Lixin still laugh so happily when he arrived? Thinking of Gong Lixin crying, Song Haoran frowned, his heart squeezed tightly and he suddenly wanted to turn around and take him home.

However, in the process of growing up, people had to go through some pain and frustration to become more mature and stronger. This was something Lixin should face!

Song Haoran quickly convinced himself and dismissed the idea of bringing Gong Lixin back home.

After half an hour, the two arrived at Mayflower Western Restaurant. Song Haoran stopped the car and personally sent Gong Lixin in. Lin Wenbo, who had been waiting for a long time, saw the two people coming in and his expression was a little strange.

"Haoran, how come you are here?" Ling Wenbo asked in a deep voice, the meaning very obvious in his tone. Today's conversation involves Gong Lixin's privacy and self-esteem. It was only necessary for the two of them to be present. The addition of Song Haoran was not a good thing for Gong Lixin.

"I was just sending Lixin in and will leave immediately." Song Haoran pulled out a chair and let Gong Lixin sit down. Then he went to Lin Wenbo and said: "Come out with me, I have something to tell you."

"What? Tell me." The two had walked out of the restaurant and stood in the corner of the establishment. Lin Wenbo raised his brows with doubt and looked at his friend.

"Are you going to have a showdown with Lixin?" Although he asked, Song Haoran's tone showed he was positive in the other's answer.

"Did you not persuade me to talk to him before? Why? Do you think it's a wrong idea?" Lin Wenbo didn't understand this friend. His uncertain expression was completely different from the decisive man of the past.

"No, there's nothing wrong with it." Song Haoran shook his head and pleased with words: "But he is still a child after all, pay attention to your words, don't make it sound as if it was a business negotiation. I don't want this to become a setback. A shadow that he can't shake off for a lifetime."

"I didn't think you were so concerned about Gong Lixin." Lin Wenbo raised his eyebrows and said with amazement before he nodded and said: "You can rest assured, I will pay attention to his feelings." The other party was also his to-be-wife's brother, he won't hurt him.

"That's good." Song Haoran sighed with relief and looked at the teenager who was seriously studying the restaurant's menu. A gentle look swiftly passed his eyes and then he said farewell to his friend and left.

Song Haoran's gentle expression before leaving was completely noticed by Lin Wenbo. He didn't immediately enter the restaurant but looked at Gong Lixin for a moment through the huge floor-to-ceiling window.

The young man's mouth was curved into a shallow smile and a pair of big clear eyes stared at the menu in his hand. He was eyeing the menu with coveted eyes. From time to time, he also stuck out his small pink tongue and licked his lips. The expression was quite cute. At first glace, he couldn't stop thinking so in his heart. This appearance was completely different from the paranoid and gloomy Gong Lixin he normally saw.

Without the help of his friend and seeing Gong Lixin, who was showing his true nature at this moment, Lin Wnbo would never have noticed. He was just looking at him before he walked into the restaurant and sat down opposite of Gong Lixin. The teenager still studied the menu in his hand and did not pay attention to his arrival.

Waiting for a moment, he watched the boy staring at the pictures in the menu without even turning to look at him. Lin Wenbo was helpless and felt quite funny. He had to take the initiative to talk. "Have you decided? What do you want to eat?"

"Hn, I haven't decided. Big Brother Lin, help me." The young master discovered Lin Wenbo's arrival, apologized with a smile and pushed the menu towards him.

He didn't know the kind of words used on the menu but the pictures arranged next to them looked very delicious, which made him hungry and his index finger moved in indecision. He couldn't tell the name of the dish and he was too embarrassed to say what he wanted to eat. He handed over the choice to Lin Wenbo.

Lin Wenbo didn't notice and ordered two of the restaurant's most famous steaks, a salad and a few more dishes before dessert.

Waiting for a while, the two fell silent. Lin Wenbo was thinking about how to open the conversation and the youth picked up the menu again, carefully appreciating the vivid photos above and enjoying himself.

"Lixin, I will marry your sister two months later. I can't respond to your feelings." Lin Wenbo took a look before he decided to open the door.

"Ah?" The young master raised his head revealing a pair of round cat eyes, their expressions somewhat ignorant. Obviously, he still didn't understand what Lin Wenbo said.

Lin Wenbo glanced at him and continued. "Look at it this way, you can still go out and find someone worthy of your love. Stop liking me, stop holding any hope. I really am with your sister and am in love with her. It's not the political marriage that you think. Even if you didn't have a sister, I wouldn't like you. Because I don't like men. Do you understand?"

The little cat's expression was still ignorant. But you can't blame him for being unresponsive. Although he could see Gong Lixin's memory, he couldn't feel any of Gong Lixin's feeling at that time. Therefore, this deep love that he had was not inherited by him at all. Also, he simply doesn't know the true nature of love thus didn't understand what Lin Wenbo was saying.

Lin Wenbo sighed and changed to something simpler, "You should find someone who likes men like you to love and get entangled with. I am a straight man, a straight man who is about to get married. You are wasting your time on me."

At this moment, Lin Wenbo's tone was filled with confidence in what he said. He didn't know that, in the future, he would be blinded by this boy.

Hearing the word "entanglement", the young master suddenly realized. In his acquired memories, Gong Lixin did want to go find Lin Wenbo to do those things but he couldn't keep going. That sounded really annoying, just like those who like to entangle him and disturb him in the past.

The young master felt the same back then thus he quickly nodded and promised, "Lin Brother, I understand what you mean. I will not pester you in the future, you can rest assured."

After the words were said, his mind completely focused on the waiters coming in and was attracted by the dishes. He ran though his mind at high speed, gathering various etiquettes about eating western food while large amount of saliva pooled in his mouth and he discretely swallowed.

Lin Wenbo had prepared a persuasive statement to try and cheer Gong Lixin's up from his depression but he didn't think he would agree so smoothly and without pleading or crying.

"Do you really understand?" Lin Wenbo's tone was filled with disbelief. "If you have something to say, make it clear now as this won't happen again in the future."

The young master seriously considered it and then shook his head. "I really understand, there is nothing more to say." The words fell and he pointed to the dishes on the table, full of hopes, "Can I eat?"

"Eat." Lin Wenbo answered his eager question and laughed.

Observing the expression of the boy and looking into his clear eyes, aside from his enthusiasm for food, there was nothing else in his eyes. Lin Wenbo suddenly felt ridiculous.

Sure enough, Song Haoran did say that Gong Lixin was still a child. He couldn't distinguish between respect and love. As long as he was open and honest, he could understand. In the past, his self-confidence and avoidance of the other aroused this rebellious psychology, making him exaggerate what he saw.

After all, the fault was not in Gong Lixin but in himself. Lin Wenbo looked at Gong Lixin who was concentrating on eating. He kept analyzing the events and finally smiled.

After thinking about it, Lin Wenbo's disgust towards Gong Lixin's disappeared and the dinner between the two was very enjoyable.

When the two returned to Gong family residence, Gong father and Gong Xiangyi hadn't returned yet. Only Song Haoran sat in the living room watching TV. From time to time, his would cast his eyes towards the door, apparently waiting for Gong Lixin.

"Came back, how was dinner?" Seeing Gong Lixin's smiling face, Song Haoran put down his worries and asked instead.

"Steaks and cakes are delicious!" The young master sat down next to Song Haoran and answered. As for the salad, he thought the tasted of the salad dressing was a bit strange but Lin Big Brother like it so he declined to comment on it.

"If you liked it, Song Brother will take you again." Song Haoran was somewhat addicted to touching the youth's soft and smooth hair and did so with a smile on his face that he didn't know he had.

"Yeah." The young master nodded, the smile on his face was bright.

Lin Wenbo sat down on the sofa opposite of the two and watched the interaction between them. The mood was not tense as it once was. He could now fully understand his friend's sudden change in attitude towards Gong Lixin. After an in-depth understanding of Gong Lixin, he knew that this child had a charm that attracted people to him.

"Alright, go up and change clothes, it smells like steak." Song Haoran teased. Gong Lixin nodded and ran upstairs to change clothes.

When his back disappeared up the stairs, Song Haoran looked towards his friend ad asked, "How was it? Was it cleared up?"

Lin Wenbo leaned back on the sofa chair and sighed, "Honestly speaking, it was easier than I thought. You were right, if you explain clearly, Gong Lixin's would understand." Song Haoran's smiled and no longer talked. Since things were settled, they should forget about it and not mention it anymore.

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