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Chapter 2895 - su wantu s Choice

su wantu frowned.

"Hahaha …"

god childe laughed at the sky, saying, "City Lord Su, you are a smart person. I know very well what you want.

"Think about it."


Then he left.

A cold wind blew in from outside the city, bringing with it snowflakes and a bone-chilling wind.

Winter came.

It had already begun snowing within the ten kilometers of East Imperial City.

The winter came earlier than usual this year.

su wantu stood amidst the cold wind, and his robes fluttered uncontrollably. He could not feel the cold, because his body was filled with rage. He stared in the direction that the god childe had disappeared in, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

The killing intent was dense.

However …

A few minutes later, the killing intent in his eyes gradually disappeared, and finally … Not at all.

He secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, "For the Su Family, I, su su, can only let you down."

He took out a Space Ring from his bosom.

This Space Ring was something that Long Fei asked the person to pass on to su su, but it was in his hands now.

su wantu's eyes moved slightly.

In that instant.

His figure disappeared.

… ….

City Lord's Mansion

An old man rushed into su wantu's study and reported softly, "Master, I found it."

su wantu put down the official documents, looked up, and said: "Have you made it to a place?"

The old man nodded his head: "I found it, it's in the courtyard of Dean of Dong Huang College. Business Alliance of Fu Family and Alchemy Union are collecting Spirit Grass s, they should be refining pills to deal with the Spirit Gathering Pellets."

"As expected!"

su wantu's body started to emit a dense Qi.

He was extremely displeased in his heart.

"Dean of Dong Huang College, you old fox."

"And Long Fei!"

"You think you can pull me down just like that?" su wantu said in a deep voice. His expression was ugly, he did not see Long Fei last time.

He knew clearly in his heart that Long Fei had come to find him regarding the Spirit Gathering Pill, but ….

He did not regret it.

The old man said: "Master, now that tens of millions of warriors in the city have been poisoned by the Spirit Gathering Pill, if Long Fei is truly able to create the antidote, then the influence of the Donghuang College will directly surpass our Su Family."

The Su Family and the Donghuang College were always in balance.

However, if Donghuang College saved East Imperial City in this matter, then the balance would be broken and the Su Family would lose their power.

This was something that su wantu would never allow to happen.

su wantu coldly snorted, and said: "So what if you overshadowed the Su Family? As long as we have the god's tribe as our backing, even the heavens would have to give way. "

He had wanted to sacrifice su su to begin with.


He had no choice at all.

su wantu said: "I, su wantu, have won all my life, and have never lost. This time … I won't lose! "

"Go check again."

"I want to know if Long Fei has really created an antidote."


"You want me to wait for you for three days? "Brat, you overestimate yourself."

"In addition!"

"Send people to keep an eye on Lan Mei and Business Alliance of Fu Family."

su wantu's personality was unstoppable.

Even if he was wrong, he would be completely wrong.

Because he was su wantu.

He is the East Imperial City's City Lord!

… ….

"Big Brother Long Fei, where are you?"

"Why didn't you come to see me?"

su su dragged his cheek, looked up at the sky, and his eyes were filled with longing.

She didn't know why.

Once, she had fallen for Leng Feng and thought that she liked him.

However …

After getting to know Long Fei, she realized that what she had before was not like, but a type of infatuated expression. She was completely different from Long Fei, and her heart was always thinking of him.

All the time.

This was love, this was love.

"Big Brother Long Fei, I missed you so much." su su muttered to himself.

He didn't know when.

su wantu stood behind her and said: "You miss him, he doesn't miss you. Otherwise, how could he not come and see you after such a long time?"

"Back then in the night valley, if it wasn't for you pleading for me, I wouldn't have let him off at all."

su su shook as he turned around and said, "Daddy, let me out. I'll go find big brother Long Fei."

su wantu let out a long sigh, and spoke with a sincere heart: "su su, don't tell me you still don't understand? Daddy didn't allow you to leave not because I want to imprison you, but because I want to see what Long Fei is going to do to you. "

"If he returns to the East Imperial City from the night valley, would he be able to survive without my protection?"

"I've been giving him a chance, wanting him to come to you, but what? Have he ever come here before, after all these days? "

"You keep thinking about her, but he didn't take you seriously. He's always with Lan Mei and Fu Xishan, and if he really cares about you, then he wouldn't come looking for you?"

"Child, don't be silly."

"Father is someone who's experienced. He doesn't like you at all." su wantu stared at su su.

su su's tears were about to flow out, "No, no, big brother Long Fei is not that kind of person, he definitely has me in his heart."

su wantu said: "You are too young, and don't understand men at all. Moreover, for a person like Long Fei who comes from the lower realms, the reason why he approached you is also to make use of you.

su su grabbed su wantu's arm and said: "Father, did you let me out so easily? "Let me out, I'll go find him."

su wantu's eyes darkened, and became slightly angry: "Don't tell me you still don't understand? Do you have to do this to yourself? Go and find him humbly? "

"You are my, su wantu's, daughter, and you are willing to lower yourself to me, but I am not willing to."

"Woo woo …"

su su immediately burst into tears.

He was crying until he burst into tears, and even said, "That won't happen, Long Fei would not be like this, he must be busy with some urgent matter."

"Woo woo …"

su wantu looked at his daughter who was crying her heart out. Long Fei, you piece of trash!

su wantu squatted down, took out a Space Ring from his bosom, and said: "su su, this god childe knows that you are unhappy, so he asked me to bring you a special gift."

"It's something that only exists in the god's tribe palace."

"You must like it!"

Let alone su su, it could be said that any girl would like him.

su wantu was not a woman, but he understood women.

No woman could resist such a beautiful outfit.

After passing the Space Ring over, su wantu said: "Open it and take a look, god childe has spent a lot of effort to get this gift."

Although su su was unwilling, the idea still moved. Seeing the cute elven battle uniform amongst the Space Ring, her gaze was instantly attracted, and her tears stopped. She said dumbfoundedly: "It's so beautiful."

su wantu was overjoyed, and said: "This was made by the clothes maker of the god's tribe, you must be very beautiful when you wear it."

"god childe, I would like to treat you to a meal tonight. Let's get to know each other formally."

su su shook his head: "I don't like him. In my heart, there's only Big Brother Long Fei …"

su wantu frowned: "Can you have some of the Su Family's backbone? He doesn't even want you, and you still shamelessly like him? "

"I just wanted to accompany god childe for a meal, just treat it as giving Daddy some face. As long as you go, I'll definitely let you out tomorrow."

su su's eyes lit up, took a deep breath in, and said: "Alright!"

The hatred in su wantu's heart for Long Fei increased yet again!

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