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Chapter 84: Cheng Yanmo

Mu Qiu sat in the passenger seat. The man was driving personally. It was too quiet in the car and Mu Qiu felt awkward, so she took the initiative to start a conversation. She asked the man, “Were you going home after work?”

“Kind of.” After answering, perhaps the man felt that his brief reply would cause her to feel disregarded, so the man added. “I just came back from a work trip.”

“I see.” Mu Qiu occasionally glanced at the man beside her and felt that he looked somewhat familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere before, but she couldn’t remember him at that moment. Mu Qiu felt uneasy and didn’t speak much after that.

After parking the car at the main entrance of the Amethyst Gated Community, the man spoke up to remind Mu Qiu who was in a daze. “Young lady, we have arrived.”

Mu Qiu snapped out of her trance and nodded at the man. “Thank you.”

“No need.”

Mu Qiu unfastened her seatbelt and alighted. She thanked the man again before entering the estate. Cheng Yanmo watched as Mu Qiu’s frail figure disappeared at the end of the winding sidewalk, before he turned the car around and prepared to go home.

Along the way, he received another call.

Cheng Yanmo answered the call via bluetooth. “Hello?”

It was very noisy on the other end. After a long while, a man approached the phone and asked, “Hello, is this Master Cheng?”

Cheng Yanmo glanced at the caller ID. It was Cheng Ziang.

He understood what happened. “My brother is with you?”

“Yes.” The man on the other end said, “Second Young Master Cheng treated everyone to a drink tonight and opened a bottle of wine worth over 300,000 yuan. He is sound asleep now. Can I trouble you to come over and settle the bill for him?”

After a moment of silence, Cheng Yanmo acknowledged.

Half an hour later, Cheng Yanmo’s car stopped at the bar street. He alighted and walked into the bar. As he weaved through the crowd of hormonal drunkards, he exuded a cold, arrogant aura.

]Cheng Yanmo entered a private room, and saw Cheng Ziang collapsed on the sofa in a drunken stupor.

Cheng Ziang’s white suit was in disarray and he had a woman’s lipstick mark on his face. The table was filled with expensive glass bottles and one or two used latex condoms.

Cheng Yanmo stared at the dirty things on the table. He adjusted his glasses, turned back calmly, and handed a bank card to the bar owner behind him. “I came to settle the bill. I’ll take him away.”

The boss sized up the legendary ‘Town’s Most Handsome Man’ Cheng Yanmo with curiosity and awe. Compared to this Casanova Cheng Ziang, Cheng Yanmo was like a dragon among men. One look at him and one could tell he was extraordinary.

]The boss took the bank card and was about to turn to leave, when he suddenly turned back to say to Cheng Yanmo, “Master Cheng, please tell your brother that this is a legal bar.” He glanced at the condoms on the table and said, “Don’t do such things at my place in the future. It’s too small for him.”

“There are so many hotels on the streets. Any one of them would be more luxurious and convenient than my private room.”

Of course Cheng Yanmo understood the boss’s sarcasm. Instead of being angry, he apologized in a well-mannered manner. “Boss, sorry to trouble you.” With that, he bent down, helped Cheng Ziang up, and carried him out of the bar.

Walking to the end of the street and standing beside a small fountain, Cheng Yanmo suddenly let go of Cheng Ziang. Suddenly losing his grip, Cheng Ziang’s body swayed slightly. Without warning, Cheng Yanmo kicked the drunk Cheng Ziang into the fountain.

“Ah!” Lying in the water with his mouth and nose blocked by water, Cheng Ziang was instantly wide awake.

He struggled a few times and realized that the water was not deep. Cheng Ziang scrambled to his knees. He coughed a few times, wiped the water off his face, looked up, and saw Cheng Yanmo standing in front of him.

Cheng Ziang looked into Cheng Yanmo’s emotionless eyes, which were filled with disgust and disdain. Cheng Ziang instantly snapped out of his trance. “Big… big brother…” Cheng Ziang stammered, feeling like a cat that had its tail caught.

Cheng Yanmo turned and left.

Cheng Ziang hurriedly stood up from the pool and jogged after him, leaving watermarks behind every step. “Big brother, weren’t you on a work trip? Why are you back so soon?”

Cheng Yanmo ignored him. He opened the door, got in, started the car, and was about to leave. Cheng Ziang quickly got into the passenger seat and sat down. As soon as he closed the door, the car started moving.

Cheng Ziang hurriedly fastened his seatbelt and asked Cheng Yanmo sheepishly, “Brother, you were the one who brought me back from the bar?”

Cheng Yanmo finally spoke. “Can’t you control yourself?” Cheng Yanmo frowned and said in disdain, “If you want to do it, can’t you find a hotel?”

Cheng Ziang knew that Cheng Yanmo was angry.

Although they were born from the same parents, Cheng Ziang and Cheng Yanmo were on two extreme ends. The elder brother was outstanding and dazzling, while the younger brother was frivolous and led a carefree life.

Faced with this over-achieving big brother, Cheng Ziang felt guilty and inferior. Hearing Cheng Yanmo’s teachings, Cheng Ziang couldn’t help feeling somewhat indignant. He said listlessly, “I don’t feel good.”

Cheng Yanmo chuckled. “Ha!”

Cheng Ziang added. “Song Ci is married.” Previously, he had wooed Song Ci in such a high-profile manner, but she had never wavered. In the blink of an eye, Song Ci got married just like that, dealing a huge blow to Cheng Ziang’s confidence.

Thinking that Cheng Yanmo didn’t know about Song Ci’s marriage, he hurriedly complained to Cheng Yanmo. “Song Ci is married to a nobody and a handicapped person! I’ve already investigated. That man called Han Zhan doesn’t have a father or mother. He has no power or influence. He only has a lousy 200-square-meter house and a rotten car. He even bought the house with a loan.”

“I don’t understand how Song Ci fell for him!” The more he spoke, the angrier Cheng Ziang got.

Cheng Ziang had been a laughing stock these few days, and everyone was laughing at him. “Second Young Master Cheng, Song Ci would rather marry a handicapped person than you. Your Second Young Master’s charm is just so-so!” Cheng Ziang had the urge to kill Song Ci’s man, after hearing so many things.

Cheng Yanmo couldn’t stand it anymore. He interrupted Cheng Ziang’s incessant chatter. “Apart from not being surnamed Cheng, is he any worse than you?”

Cheng Ziang was stunned.

As he was good at reincarnation and his surname was Cheng, Cheng Ziang was never short of money. He had many houses, cars, friends and banknotes, but Song Ci didn’t choose him. Instead, his brother said that apart from not knowing how to reincarnate, that man was no worse than him.

Being belittled by his elder brother to such an extent, Cheng Ziang felt very embarrassed and his face darkened. He said grimly, “Brother, have you seen that man before? How do you know that he’s better than me?”

Cheng Yanmo said, “I’ve seen him before.”

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