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Chapter 85: Is it Okay if I Buy You a Bag?

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Not expecting them to really know each other, Cheng Ziang was slightly shocked. He hurriedly asked Cheng Yanmo, “How is that person?”

Cheng Yanmo had only met Han Zhan twice. The first time was by chance, and the other time was at an official business meeting. That man called Han Zhan had attended the meeting with Li Li. Although he was Li Li’s subordinate, Li Li didn’t treat him like an ordinary subordinate.

Cheng Yanmo also couldn’t guess Han Zhan’s true identity, but his intuition told him that this man called Han Zhan was not as mediocre as others thought.

Although Cheng Yanmo wasn’t familiar with Song Ci, they had met several times. Though Song Ci didn’t cling to the rich and powerful, she had a proud and arrogant personality. How could a man she liked be a nobody?

Cheng Yanmo could tell that Cheng Ziang was not convinced. He frowned and warned Cheng Ziang. “Idiot, don’t provoke Han Zhan. Be careful not to get yourself in trouble.”

“Ha…” Cheng Ziang pretended not to hear him.

Meanwhile, Song Ci went back to her room to dry her hair, after ending Mu Qiu’s call.

She sat by the bed and just couldn’t fall asleep. As if they had telepathy, her WeChat suddenly lit up. Someone had sent a message. Song Ci opened it and saw that it was Han Zhan. He had sent her a video.

Song Ci opened the video.

Holding his cell phone, Han Zhan pointed the camera at the dazzling luxury goods stores in the extravagant departmental store. His deep, melodious voice rang out. “Baby Ci, do you have anything you want? Make a list with me. I’ll buy it for you.”

This was the first time Han Zhan took the time to shop during a work trip. After all, he already had a family and shouldn’t return home empty-handed. Han Zhan didn’t expect Song Ci to reply either. After all, 8 pm at his location was 3 am at Wangdong City.

Li Li said that all girls liked bags, especially beautiful girls like Song Ci who pursued fashion. Han Zhan planned to pick a few nice-looking bags for her. He didn’t know what kind of bags Song Ci liked, but it was definitely the right choice to buy the best-selling ones in the store.

Little did he know that Song Ci was still awake.

Song Ci directly gave Han Zhan a video call. Han Zhan had just entered a store, when he heard the video call request.

He found it strange. Isn’t Song Ci asleep? 

Han Zhan accepted the video.

Song Ci leaned against the head of the bed. The lights were on in the room and she looked very drowsy. She called out softly, “Brother Han.”

Han Zhan frowned as he looked at Song Ci’s expression on the phone. “Did you not sleep or did you wake up?” He decided that after he returned, he would let Song Ci memorize and copy the Han Family residence rules a hundred times so that she could get used to sleeping and waking up early.

Song Ci answered, “Yes, but I dreamed of you again. I woke up feeling empty, lonely, and hot. I couldn’t fall asleep.”

Han Zhan instinctively said, “Why is it empty, lonely and hot? Shouldn’t it be empty, lonely, and cold?” He thought Song Ci had said something wrong.

Song Ci shot him a coquettish look and said, “I miss you so I feel hot, understand?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

He instinctively looked left and right. After confirming that there were no Chinese around and that no one could understand him, the old man’s agitated heart calmed down. “Don’t seduce me.” This is too cruel. 

Song Ci sighed. Her face fell as she said listlessly, “I had a nightmare.”

Han Zhan picked up a bag, and was about to show it to Song Ci when he heard this. He put down the bag and walked out of the store. He found a less crowded spot and stood there. Han Zhan studied Song Ci’s face carefully and realized that she looked slightly pale.

“What did you dream of?” Han Zhan sounded very concerned.

Song Ci’s heart warmed. She chuckled. “I dreamt of what I kept thinking about in the day. It’s just a small fuss over nothing.”

“What happened? Tell me.”

After a moment of silence, Song Ci told Han Zhan about her nightmare. “Mu Qiu came to look for me tonight and told me some truthful words. Anyway, it wasn’t anything heartwarming.” She gave a self-deprecating smile and said, “She got drunk tonight and slept on our sofa.”

“In the middle of the night, I had a dream. I dreamed that Mu Qiu had drugged my drink. I woke up in pain at night and actually saw Mu Qiu digging at my heart. I only realized that I was dreaming when I woke up.” Song Ci recalled that dream and still felt a lingering fear.

“When I got up and went downstairs to look for Mu Qiu, I realized that Mu Qiu had left without even saying goodbye. I’m really acting like once bitten twice shy, am I very useless?” Song Ci was embarrassed to let Han Zhan know that she was so timid, just staying in the same house as Mu Qiu scared her to death.

After hearing her story, Han Zhan didn’t tease her. He said in a cajoling tone, “Baby Ci, I’ll buy you a bag. Can you sleep early?”

Song Ci raised her brows. “Bag?”

Actually, as a socialite, she would never mind having too many bags. But thinking of Old Master Han and Han Zhan’s lifestyle, Song Ci hesitated again.

Old Master Han was obviously a meritorious hero, but after retirement, he went home to farm and never asked about official matters again. Han Zhan was obviously wealthy, but he stayed in a duplex and drove a Volvo to help those who really needed help.

A truly wealthy person was never rich in terms of money. Instead, they were rich in terms of spirit. Song Ci thought of how she had chased after luxury brands in the past and felt ashamed.

She wanted to be like Old Master Han, someone with a heart of gold and silver.

“Forget it, I don’t lack bags.” After thinking for a moment, Song Ci said, “Brother Han, can you bring me a beautiful stone? In the future, whenever you go on a work trip to a new place, bring me back a beautiful stone.”

Han Zhan felt that this present was too shabby and it belittled Song Ci. He said, “Change it.”

However, Song Ci said, “The gift might be small, but it’s the meaning behind it that matters. How about this, you carve the word ‘Baby Ci’ on every stone. I can keep it forever.” Every stone could be kept until the end of time.

Song Ci hoped that Baby Ci could also act impudently in Han Zhan’s heart for the rest of her life. This had nothing to do with love, but possessiveness instead. Song Ci was trying to defend herself.

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci didn’t seem to be joking and agreed.

After chatting with Han Zhan for a while more, Song Ci completely relaxed. She hung up the video call, laid down on the bed, thought for a moment, rolled over to the side where Han Zhan usually laid down, and fell asleep not long after.

Han Zhan returned to the hotel alone.

After showering, he sat by the bed in his pajamas and opened his laptop to play a video. If Song Ci was here, she would definitely realize that this video was monitoring Han Zhan’s master bedroom!

The video that Han Zhan was watching was a surveillance footage from 11pm to 3am that night. In the footage, Song Ci was sound asleep under the thin blanket. Han Zhan dragged the progress bar until 2.40am, when he suddenly sat up straight.

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