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Chapter 64: No Stealing Nor Snatching, My Conscience is Clean

“Why are you unhappy with Cheng Ziang?” Mu Mian could already tell that Song Ci was unsatisfied with Cheng Ziang, but they still interacted some time ago. Why did they suddenly stop contacting each other?

What went wrong?

Hearing the name Cheng Ziang made Song Ci unable to conceal her hatred and disgust, as her face revealed an annoyed expression.

“I heard some things and did some investigations. I discovered that Cheng Ziang is a Casanova. He pretended to be devoted and gentlemanly in front of me.”

“Last year, he even impregnated a small model. That model refused to abort the child and Cheng Ziang actually caused her to fall down the stairs during her work, causing her to lose the child!” Song Ci clenched the straps of her purse tightly. She said with a disgusted expression, “How vicious is a man who can even kill his own child? Father, you want me to go out with such a person? I feel disgusted.”

Mu Mian frowned.

Cheng Ziang had been very careful when he did those things, so Mu Mian didn’t know who had revealed these things to Song Ci. Actually, Song Ci had found out about these things in her previous life. The more she knew about Cheng Ziang, the more Song Ci felt disgusted and nauseous.

After hearing her words, the doubts in Mu Mian’s heart finally dissipated slightly. “Just because of this, you married Han Zhan in a fit of anger, because you were angry with me?” If that was all, there was still a way to save this matter.

“No.” This time, Song Ci denied it. “It’s a fact that I am angry at you, but marrying Han Zhan is not an act of spite.” Song Ci’s face revealed a gentle and blissful expression that only girls in love would have. She said shyly but firmly, “Brother Han is a very worthy man. Perhaps he doesn’t have much money or power, and can’t give me a luxurious life, but he will respect and love me very much. He won’t do anything ridiculous.”

“I married Han Zhan willingly.”

Mu Mian took a deep breath to suppress his annoyance. “Song Song, you are too stubborn.”

Song Ci said, “Mother will never regret being obsessed with you forever.”

Mu Mian had a complex expression.

“That year, when outsiders saw the two of you together, it was just like how you guys saw Brother Han and me.” Song Ci smiled slightly. She said, “It was Mother who taught me that marrying right is better than marrying into a rich family. Father, you also used your life’s experience to teach me never to underestimate a man’s potential.”

“I believe that Han Zhan is a man worthy of entrusting my entire life to. Just like how mother trusted father deeply back then.”

Perhaps he had been convinced by Song Ci, or perhaps he knew that there was no way to turn the situation around. In the end, Mu Mian didn’t say anything harsh to Song Ci.

However, the fact that Song Ci lied to him and secretly got married did enrage him. Mu Mian said in the end, “Song Song, I won’t agree to your marriage with Han Zhan. It’s a betrayal to our family when you deceived your mother to get your household register. In the future…”

Mu Mian gave Song Ci a meaningful look before saying, “You are still my daughter. But you are already an adult and should be financially independent.”

This meant that from now on, Song Ci could no longer use a single cent from the Mu Family.

Mu Mian wanted Song Ci to experience the life of an ordinary family. He felt that Song Ci, who was used to leading a luxurious life, would eventually get tired of leading a simple life.

This punishment sounded very serious, but Song Ci had already made enough money to support herself and this was no longer a threat to her lifestyle. It was just that without the financial support of the Mu Family, Song Ci would definitely not be able to live as extravagantly as before.

Song Ci had no objections to Mu Mian’s decision. She said, “No matter what, I still have to thank Father for all his efforts towards me and my elder sister.” It was an undeniable fact that Mu Mian had raised her and paid for Song Fei’s medical fees.

However, Song Ci would definitely seek revenge for all the sins that Mu Mian had committed against her and Song Fei.

She put on a submissive expression. “I will follow my father’s decision.”

Mu Mian acknowledged it.

Mu Mian said that he wanted to cut off Song Ci’s financial resources, but he was indirectly cutting off his relationship with her daughter. Long Yu had thought Song Ci would be very upset, as after all, she had lived in the Mu Family for eight years.

However, Song Ci looked happy and her footsteps were light. She didn’t look sad at all.

Long Yu was not a talkative person. After boarding the car, he was still worried about Song Ci. “Madam, Mr. Mu is currently in a fit of anger. Once he cools down and accepts Mr. Han, everything will be fine.”

Song Ci knew that Long Yu was worried about her and her heart felt warm. She gave Long Yu a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, I am very well now.” I have never been better.

Seeing that Song Ci was really unaffected, Long Yu was relieved. He said, “This is also close to Mr. Han’s company. Do you want to meet Mr. Han?” Zeus Airlines was two streets behind Chao Yang Company.

Song Ci thought of those posts on the forums that were trying to dig up Han Zhan’s identity. The employees of Zeus Airlines must also be talking about him now, so Song Ci was worried about Han Zhan’s current situation.

]If not for her implicating him, Han Zhan’s physical flaws wouldn’t be known by the entire city.

“Go ahead.”

In the end, she still couldn’t let go.

After work, Li Li knocked on the door of Han Zhan’s office. “Mr. Han, it’s time to eat.”

Han Zhan was reading a post related to him on the forum on his laptop. This was sent to him by Li Li half an hour ago. Only when Han Zhan saw those dozens of pages of replies, did he realize how highly regarded Song Ci was in Wangdong City.

Closing the webpage, Han Zhan looked up and said to Li Li, “It’s a foolish action to keep such a foul-mouthed person by your side.”

Li Li had also browsed the forum and naturally knew what Han Zhan was hinting at. “The employee who leaked your information has already been found out. I’ve arranged to meet him this afternoon to discuss with him and I’ll fire him.” It was a major taboo to have a loose mouth and to speak ill of one’s colleague.

If he could sell his colleague’s information today, he could sell the company’s secrets tomorrow.

Noticing that Han Zhan was still frowning, Li Li added, “I will clarify the reason behind his resignation on his resume.” As such, it would be very difficult for that employee to find another easy job.

Only then was Han Zhan satisfied.

He stood up, buttoned up his suit, and prepared to go for dinner.

Li Li asked him, “Do you need me to contact the staff at the forum to delete the post?”

“No need.” Han Zhan looked at his gloved right hand and said, “As her man, I’m prepared to be in the center of attention. You can delete the post but you can’t close people’s eyes.”


Han Zhan’s expression was calm as he said, “It’s not shameful to be handicapped. If you don’t steal or rob, if you have a clear conscience, why would you delete it?”

Li Li smiled in relief. “You’re right.”

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