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Chapter 63: Blame

After finishing her cup, Song Ci got up to get another cup of water and make chrysanthemum tea. Just then, her cell phone rang.

Song Ci saw the caller ID and sighed regretfully. It looked like she wouldn’t be able to drink this cup of chrysanthemum tea today. She rinsed the cup and placed it in the cupboard, before answering the call.

It was her adoptive father, Mu Mian.

“Song Ci, come to the office. I have something to ask you.” Mu Mian’s voice finally lost its gentlemanliness and was filled with anger from being deceived. Without giving Song Ci a chance to respond, Mu Mian hung up.

Song Ci had already expected such a scene, so she specially found a domineering red dress and put on makeup for herself, after she woke up early in the morning. Actually, every time Song Ci faced Mu Mian, she would get goosebumps. After all, in her previous life, she and Song Fei both died in his hands.

Song Ci was petrified of Mu Mian.

Song Ci called Long Yu and waited for him to reach downstairs before going down.

Only after Song Ci boarded the car, did Long Yu ask her, “Miss…” Realizing that Song Ci and Han Zhan were already married and it was no longer appropriate to call her Miss Song anymore, Long Yu hurriedly changed his words.” Madam, where are you going? ”

Song Ci was not used to this address, but she had to learn to be Mrs. Han. “Go to Chao Yang Company.”


Three Bridges was the commercial-financial district of Wangdong City. The central district was the shopping district, surrounded by companies of all sizes. Chao Yang Company, Chuan Dong Group and Zeus Airlines were all in that district.

There were only two streets between Chao Yang Company and Zeus Airlines. It was past 9am and there were no traffic jams. The car arrived at Three Bridges after about 40 minutes.

Seeing that Song Ci was in a daze, Long Yu had no choice but to remind her. “Madam, we have arrived.”

Song Ci nodded. She sat in the car and glanced at the Chao Yang Company’s headquarters through the window. In her previous life, Song Ci had worked at Chao Yang Company for two years. After she got married at 24, she then stayed at home and became a lazy bum.

Song Ci clenched her fists and told herself that she didn’t need to be afraid anymore. In this life, she had already rejected Mu Mian’s suggestion. She didn’t enter Chao Yang and would eventually become a qualified pilot. She also didn’t need to marry that fool Cheng Ziang. She was already Han Zhan’s wife.

She would never make the same mistake again!

Thinking in this manner, Song Ci felt very energized. “Brother Long, come with me.” Song Ci was worried that Mu Mian would attack her in a fit of anger. She had no reason to willingly come over and get slapped by Mu Mian.

Long Yu replied, “Alright.”

Chao Yang Company.

The secretary knocked on the door of Mu Mian’s office.

“CEO Mu.”

Mu Mian had been using his computer to browse through all the gossip posts about Song Ci and Han Zhan’s marriage on the forums. His expression was very bad. Hearing his secretary’s voice, he looked up unhappily and asked her in an unfriendly tone, “What is it?”

Everyone in Chao Yang Company knew about Song Ci’s marriage. The secretary seldom saw such a scary expression on Mu Mian’s face and was slightly afraid. She knew that Song Ci must have angered Mu Mian by making the decision to marry Han Zhan on her own, but the secretary mustered up the courage and said, “Your daughter, Miss Song Ci, is here and she’s waiting for you outside.”

Upon hearing that, Mu Mian’s expression darkened. “Let her in.”

The secretary hurriedly left. She closed the door, turned around, and said to Song Ci, who was standing in front of the counter, “Ms. Song, CEO Mu asked you to come in for a chat.”

“Thank you.”

Song Ci quietly took a deep breath, before entering the office with her head held high, with Long Yu following behind her. Under the puzzled gaze of the secretary, they entered the office together.

Hearing the sound of high heels clicking on the floor, Mu Mian turned around to look at Song Ci. When he saw the short, plain-looking man behind Song Ci, Mu Mian suddenly frowned and looked even more displeased. “I called you over. Why did you bring an outsider?”

Song Ci said, “As I nearly lost my life in the previous accident, Han Zhan was worried that I would be traumatized from driving, so he hired a driver for me. He’s my driver and also my bodyguard, so he naturally has to accompany me.”

Mu Mian sneered. “He treats you rather well.”

Song Ci smiled lightly and said without even blinking, “If he’s not good to me, I won’t marry him either.”

Mu Mian’s frown deepened. “You really married him?” Mu Mian stared at the gold ring on Song Ci’s left hand, and found it an eyesore.

It was indeed a major taboo for Mu Mian that Song Ci had secretly gotten married to Han Zhan behind his back. Mu Mian was not afraid of Song Ci being mischievous or causing trouble, but he would never allow her to betray him.

Sneakily taking the household register to register her marriage with Han Zhan was betrayal!

Song Ci nodded. “We registered our marriage yesterday.”

Mu Mian was so angry that he laughed. “Very good, Song Ci. You have grown up and know how to steal the household register to get married!”

Too many things had happened in the past month. Mu Mian already suspected that Song Ci might have found out something a while back. This time, Song Ci secretly married Han Zhan without informing him, causing Mu Mian to be even more suspicious of her.

What did she know? How much did she know?

Mu Mian didn’t dare to alert her. He said slowly, “Song Ci, I brought you back to the Mu Family when you were 14 years old. Your mother and I have always treated you well. We have never treated you badly. Moreover, I even volunteered to pay for your elder sister’s medical fees…”

“I don’t understand why you want to hurt me like this. Why didn’t you tell me that you want to marry Han Zhan? Even if I don’t agree, I won’t stop you by force. It’s no longer the era where parents dictate their children’s marriages.”

Mu Mian purposely told her everything he had done for Song Ci, in order to see if she would get angry. If Song Ci knew what he had done, she would definitely think he was putting on an act after hearing his words, and would feel disgusted.

But Song Ci looked guilty after hearing his words.

Mu Mian couldn’t help but be suspicious.

She would still feel guilty?

Song Ci said softly, “I’m sorry Father. I… I didn’t dare to tell you because I heard…” Song Ci’s eyes flashed, as if she had her considerations.

Mu Mian said, “Speak!”

Song Ci lifted her head and looked at Mu Mian’s face. She said hesitantly, “They said that in order to strengthen your collaboration with Chuan Dong Group, you intend to marry me to Cheng Ziang so that we can be connected by marriage.”

Mu Mian asked her, “Who said so?”

Song Ci said, “I heard some rumors and also could tell myself.”

Mu Mian became silent and lit a cigarette. He sat on the sofa, pinched his eyes, and started sizing up Song Ci from the corner of his eyes. Song Ci was holding her purse with both hands and indignance filled her eyes, as if she was very hurt.

Mu Mian asked her, “Isn’t Cheng Ziang good? That child is very considerate toward you. He has been wooing you for several months without giving up.”

Song Ci sneered. “Don’t you know how good he is, father?”

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