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Chapter 47: Old But Full Of Vigor?

Song Ci was still a young lady. Although she didn’t care much about the results of that online poll, she was still secretly smug at being the object of lust among so many men.

Han Zhan suddenly let go of her finger.

He said, “It’s ten p.m. now.”

Song Ci felt very puzzled. Han Zhan stood up and left the room.

Song Ci thought Han Zhan was going downstairs to sleep in the living room and felt somewhat disappointed, but she also felt rather smug. However, Han Zhan returned just a few moments later, holding a pair of cuffs and a roll of masking tape.

It stunned Song Ci. “You have this kind of fetish?”

Han Zhan remained silent. He walked over to the bed and knelt over Song Ci’s body. He opened the handcuffs and cuffed her hands over her chest. His movements were smooth and quick that Song Ci had no time to react at all.

Han Zhan reached for the tape, and Song Ci could guess what he wanted to do. She quickly shouted, “No! Don’t tape that over my lips! I am sensitive to that and it will ruin my face!”

Han Zhan paused. “Are you going to continue fooling around then?”

Song Ci hurriedly said, “No, I will keep my mouth shut.”

Han Zhan gave her an approving look and finally tossed the tape aside after Song Ci’s reassurance that she would be a good girl.

Han Zhan adjusted the blanket over Song Ci and laid down beside her. He glanced at his watch. “It’s 10:06 p.m. already. You’re noisy and have disturbed my sleep.” With that, he shifted slightly on his pillow and closed his eyes to sleep.

The entire world suddenly went quiet. Han Zhan fell asleep quickly, while Song Ci was left alone, eyes wide open and staring fiercely at Han Zhan’s sleeping profile.

Song Ci glared at Han Zhan’s sharp nose for over ten minutes before finally falling asleep.

After a short while, Han Zhan opened his eyes.

He glanced at Song Ci’s peaceful sleeping manner, before pulling aside the blanket. He gazed down at his own lower body.


This was just the first night…

The alarm woke Song Ci the next morning. She opened her eyes to find that her hands were no longer cuffed and saw that the handcuffs were dangling off the head of the bed. Looking at it, she couldn’t resist taking a photo and sending it to Yan Jiang to tease him.

[ Song Ci: Last night was so exciting.jpg ]

Yan Jiang had played video games late into the night and only woke up at ten a.m. Eyes still closed, he fumbled for his cell phone and pulled up his eye mask to see Song Ci’s message. Yan Jiang groggily opened the chat. But after seeing Song Ci’s photo, he was jolted awake.

They knew how to enjoy themselves!

He got up and sat cross-legged on his bed to send Song Ci a voice message.

Song Ci entered the kitchen to get a drink of water, but then she saw the white thermos flask beside the water dispenser. Rolling her eyes, she filled the flask with lukewarm water. While she was drinking water, she received Yan Jiang’s voice message and opened it.

Since Song Ci had turned up the volume of her cell phone, Yan Jiang’s voice echoed throughout the entire house.

[ Yan Jiang: My oh my, Song Song, so exciting? Your Brother Han is old but full of vigor! You guys really know how to enjoy it. ]

Song Ci was about to reply when she looked up and saw Han Zhan standing at the doorway to the gym. He was wearing a white singlet with a towel draped around his neck. The glove on his right hand appeared especially out-of-place.

A man sweating from a morning workout would radiate pheromones left and right. He was indeed handsome and enticing.

Song Ci’s finger had pressed the record button, but she forgot what she was going to say.

“Old but vigorous?” Han Zhan shot her a dangerous look. He pointed at Song Ci’s cell phone. For the first time in his life, Han Zhan had doubts about his age.

Song Ci could hear the displeasure in Han Zhan’s tone of voice. She did not hesitate to speak ill of Yan Jiang. “My friend is ignorant and is prone to speaking nonsense.”

Han Zhan gave her a meaningful look. “Don’t make friends with such people.”

Song Ci replied, “Okay!”

Han Zhan headed upstairs to shower. As he went, he said without even turning around, “I have to go to work today. You go ahead and arrange your own activities. If you need to go out, have someone accompany you. I have hired you a driver.”

Song Ci was pleasantly surprised. “So good?”

Han Zhan stood on the platform on the second floor and looked down at Song Ci. “The driver is a retired special operations soldier. Just call him Brother Long. From now on, he will be your bodyguard.”

Song Ci was very grateful. “Alright, I will have him accompany me.”


Han Zhan came downstairs after bathing. Meanwhile, Song Ci made breakfast. It was just a simple fried rice dish and a glass of fresh milk.

Song Ci waved at him. “Brother Han, have breakfast first before leaving.”

Han Zhan stared at the plate of fried rice and hesitated before turning on his heels and entering the dining hall.

Song Ci’s culinary skills were not exemplary, hence the fried rice was just passable. It was not exceptionally tasty, but neither was it bad. Han Zhan finished it and put down his spoon. He suddenly said, “I will hire a cook.”

Song Ci was quite embarrassed. “I seldom cook, but I can learn.”

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s beautiful, delicate hands. He took a sip of milk before saying, “No need. Your hands are not meant for cooking.”

They were meant to play the violin, to fly airplanes, and to caress him.

Song Ci suddenly felt rather moved.

“Brother Han is so considerate and dotes on me so much. I am going to fall in love with you.”

“I am leaving.” Since Han Zhan was already used to Song Ci’s impromptu love confessions, he took them all with a pinch of salt. Han Zhan got up and headed to the door. Song Ci chased after him and said, “I must help you with your tie. The movies all show that.”

Han Zhan handed his tie to Song Ci. “Do you know how to do it?”

Song Ci replied, “Simple.”

She got on her tiptoes and looped the tie around Han Zhan’s neck. Song Ci knew how to knot a tie, and her handiwork was beautiful and neat. It surprised Han Zhan. As he stared at the girl’s quivering lashes he suddenly asked, “Where did you learn this?”

Song Ci said, “I have a suit and will sometimes put on a tie myself. I also wore a tie every day during my pilot trainee period.”

“Oh, I see.”

Still holding on to Han Zhan’s tie, Song Ci said with amusement, “Why, did you think I have done this for other men before?”

Han Zhan said nothing.

Song Ci lifted her head and kissed Han Zhan on the cheek.

It left Han Zhan momentarily stunned.

After snapping out of his trance, he saw that Song Ci had already drawn back. She leaned against the wall and struck a seductive pose. A pity that the neck brace was such an eyesore and disrupted her allure.

Song Ci pointed at her own heart. “Brother Han, even during work, don’t forget Ci Ci.”

Ci Ci…

That cloying, coquettish voice was unbearable.

“See you tonight.” Han Zhan shuddered to shake off all his goosebumps. He opened the door and left, not even glancing back at his girlfriend.

After Han Zhan had left, Song Ci continued standing at the door and shouted Ci Ci again in that same syrupy voice. She could barely even stand it herself and vigorously rubbed the goosebumps on her arms.

“You are truly shameless, Song Ci.”

Who would have thought the elegant and graceful top debutante Song Ci could be such a dramatic little vixen in private?

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