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Chapter 46: Put On Some Weight, It’s Good For Child-Bearing

Han Zhan could not understand the responsibility Song Ci had as the top debutante.

He took the plate in front of Song Ci away and threw the food into a clean plastic bag. “I will have this sent over to the outskirts later. There are a few wild dogs there. They will eat it.”

Brother Han would never waste food.

Song Ci pouted and said unhappily, “Then what will I eat?”

Han Zhan put on a black apron and took out a bunch of ingredients from the fridge. “We will have sweet and sour pork, steamed fish, stir-fried broccoli, and spicy shredded potato.”

He held two potatoes in his hand as he turned to ask Song Ci, “Is that alright?”

Song Ci discreetly swallowed her saliva before saying, “No. Sweet and sour pork will make you fat.”

Han Zhan sized up Song Ci’s slender, hourglass figure. “From now on, stop dieting. I won’t allow you to lose weight.”

Song Ci was about to retort when Han Zhan added, “Put on some weight. It will be good for child-bearing.”

Song Ci was speechless. “…”

Oh yes, she had to bear Han Zhan a child.

Han Zhan swiftly made dinner. His dishes were not that fantastic, but it was better than expected. However, his spicy shredded potato and sweet and sour pork were exemplary! Song Ci was trying to monitor her diet, but she couldn’t resist eating some.

After dinner, Han Zhan went upstairs. About ten minutes later, he came down with a piece of A4-size paper.

Song Ci was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching an animal documentary when Han Zhan came over. The latter then placed the A4-size paper on the table. With his arms crossed, he stared down at Song Ci. “From now on, live according to the rules on this paper.”

Song Ci gave Han Zhan an uncertain glance before hesitantly reaching over to pick up the paper.

In the middle were the words: The Han Family House Rules

Song Ci raised her brows. “So troublesome.”

After complaining, Song Ci glanced down at the details.

Number one: Go to bed early, rise early. Sleep before ten p.m., wake up before 6:30 p.m.

Number two: Take care of your eyes. Don’t spend too much time on your cell phone and computer.

Number three: No skipping breakfast. No dieting. Three regular meals a day at fixed timings are a must.

Number four: No revealing clothing is allowed (outfits that expose the back, the thighs, and the chest).

Number five: No ice-cold drinks. Daily coffee intake is restricted to 200 ml. Ice cream can only be eaten twice a week.

Song Ci was completely despondent after reading it.

But that was not all. Han Zhan entered the kitchen and took out a white thermos flask from the cupboard. He handed the flask to Song Ci. “It’s not good for women to drink ice-cold drinks. From now on, use this cup. You can only drink warm water.”

Song Ci was momentarily left stunned. She stared at Han Zhan. “No wonder your girlfriend dumped you. I could not stand you myself.” Domineering and authoritarian. He acted more like a father than a husband.

Han Zhan didn’t get angry at her words. In all sincerity, he suggested, “Ms. Song, if you cannot stand me, you can just ditch me.” Since he had addressed her as Ms. Song, he meant business.

Song Ci was once again speechless. “…”

She could not dump Han Zhan. She had to hold on to him as tightly as she could.

Song Ci flicked the paper with her left forefinger. She gave a mischievous yet adorable smile and teased Han Zhan. “Brother Han, are you going to restrict the number of times I cry out in bed too?”

Han Zhan really had no answer to such a question.

Having made him speechless, Song Ci felt a tad bit better.

“I agree with all your rules.” Song Ci suddenly turned serious. She reached out her right hand and tugged at Han Zhan’s hand.

Han Zhan gazed down at Song Ci, who suddenly looked like a stray puppy who lost its family. He had no idea whether her sudden mood change meant that she was up to another one of her tricks. His girlfriend was too young, and so she was more dynamic and feisty.

Song Ci gazed at him and said, “Han Zhan, since you made me Mrs. Han, you must also give me the dignity that comes with being Mrs. Han.”

Han Zhan nodded. “Of course. As long as you are Mrs. Han, I will only have you by my side and in my heart. I will allow no one to belittle you or insult you, and that includes me.”

Hearing that, Song Ci felt assured.

“Then you need to protect me well. If I suddenly die, you will become a widow who lost his wife young. It won’t be easy for you to get married again in the future,” Song Ci warned.

Han Zhan didn’t know whether to get angry or feel amused by her words. “The men of the Han Family will never remarry.”

Song Ci snorted on the inside. She thought he was just full of bullshit.

‘You are talented and handsome. If I die, you will definitely remarry.’

Han Zhan bent over and pulled Song Ci into his arms. He knew that she was feeling insecure, and so he said, “From now on, your problems are my problems. Anyone who bullies you is also bullying me.”

“Don’t worry, I will protect you. You won’t die.”

Song Ci shut her eyes.

She had been waiting for this assurance from him.

“Han Zhan, thank you.”

Han Zhan let go of Song Ci and turned to look at the clock on the wall. “It’s 9:40 p.m. now. Time for bed.”

Song Ci followed Han Zhan up the stairs.

Song Ci’s relationship with Cheng Ziang had been very tumultuous. The only time they shared a bed was on their wedding night. That night, Song Ci discovered that Cheng Ziang couldn’t get it up. Ashamed and angry, Cheng Ziang and Song Ci slept in separate rooms from then on.

To be honest, Song Ci had never been to bed with a man before.

She laid down on the bed obediently. After changing into a set of pajamas, Han Zhan entered the room and laid down beside her. His clothes exuded a clean, woody scent. Since the Han Family residence had no perfume, it was probably the scent of his detergent.

It was a very pleasant scent. Mild but steady. It suited Han Zhan’s character perfectly.

Song Ci said, “Brother Han, you smell very nice.”

Han Zhan opened his eyes.

He turned and looked at Song Ci, who was in a neck brace. “Are you sure you want to praise my scent right before sleeping?” Han Zhan’s eyes were deep and profound. Song Ci’s heartbeat quickened. She suddenly realized that she had ventured into dangerous territory.

Song Ci kept silent. Han Zhan asked again, “I smell good?”

Song Ci quickly answered, “Yes, very mild. A clean, woody scent. It suits you.”

Han Zhan said, “Got it.”

“It’s 9:50 p.m. Close your eyes and sleep.”

Han Zhan shut his eyes and appeared to be sleeping.

Song Ci peeked at his chest, which was rising and dipping rhythmically. Song Ci couldn’t help doubting her allure. Could she have lost her charm because she was wearing a neck brace?

Song Ci reached out one finger and poked at Han Zhan’s collarbone.

Han Zhan grabbed her finger. “Stop it.”

Song Ci said, “Hey.”

Han Zhan asked, “What now?”

Song Ci drew circles on Han Zhan’s palm. She asked Han Zhan seriously, “Brother Han, a beautiful young lady like me sleeping beside you—why do you have no reaction at all?”

Song Ci pouted. “Are you even aware that the person lying beside you is every guy in Wangdong City’s dream girl? Every year, the local online forum holds a poll asking the men which girl they would love to sleep with. I am the top choice every time.”

Song Ci had no idea how enticing she was. He wanted to sleep but couldn’t.

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