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Chapter 439: Justice Came Late; Han Zhan, the Jealous King

When love made people suffer, this love should not continue.

Everyone understood this logic, but there were very few people who could really stop the damage in time. This was because once a person fell in love, they would fall into a pit of love. They would not know when to turn back if they didn’t hit their head hard.

Su Beibei still loved Li Li, but her love for Li Li was not deep enough to give up herself for love. She loved Li Li, but she also loved herself and her son. She didn’t want to live the rest of her life in such a wishy-washy and mentally exhausted life, nor did she want her only son to live in such a terrible environment.

Su Beibei had always been independent and strong. She had lost her parents when she was young and could survive in a foreign country where she was unfamiliar with the environment and language barrier. Moreover, she now had money, resources, and a cute son.

After leaving Li Li and losing love, she could still live well.

Song Ci saw that Su Beibei’s expression was firm and she looked like she had seen through the mortal world. Song Ci knew that she couldn’t persuade her anymore.

But she still felt pity.

Logically, she hoped that Su Beibei and Li Li would get a divorce and lead a carefree life with her son, so that she wouldn’t have to suffer like this again. But when she thought of how Su Beibei still loved Li Li, and how it hadn’t been easy for the two of them to get together back then, she felt terrible for Su Beibei.

Su Beibei saw that Song Ci’s expression was slightly serious and asked her with a smile, “Why? Are you trying to persuade me not to be rash?”

Song Ci shook her head, composed herself, and gave Su Beibei a faint smile. “Beibei, no matter what decision you make, I will support you. You are right. Before you love someone, you must love yourself first.”

“You know me.” Su Beibei looked at the time. Seeing that it was about time, she said to Song Ci, “Step back. I’ll close the window.”

Song Ci hurriedly stood up and took a step back.

Closing the window, Su Beibei alighted, locked the car, and led Song Ci into the court. “Walk slowly.”

Su Beibei had fallen twice when she was pregnant with Li Ao. Those two times hurt her deeply, so when she saw that Song Ci was pregnant, Su Beibei was worried that she would fall.

Song Ci patted Su Beibei’s arm and comforted her. “Don’t be so nervous. I will be careful.”

The two of them walked into the court and found the court. Only then did they realize that there were many people sitting inside. Today’s trial was destined to be eye-catching.

This trial lasted from 9am to 2pm in the afternoon. The length of the interrogation and the evilness of the contents were very rare.

Halfway through the interrogation, when Song Ci appeared in the court as a witness, Li Feng, who was sitting calmly in the defendant’s seat, suddenly changed his expression.

He suddenly stood up and shouted at Song Ci desperately, “Song Ci, go back! You didn’t see anything! You didn’t see anything, how can you be a witness?”

She was so silly. Didn’t she know that by appearing as an eyewitness and accusing the three of our crimes on the spot, she would offend the Gu, Li, and Ying families?!

Song Ci had yet to reach the witness stand and was standing in the middle of the hall. Hearing Li Feng’s roar, Song Ci turned and glanced at him.

Under Song Ci’s gaze, Li Feng’s face turned pale. He raised his handcuffed hand, pointed at the door, and said to Song Ci, “Song Ci, get out!”

Song Ci understood why Li Feng wanted her to go out. He didn’t want her to be looked down upon by the Gu, Li, and Ying families.

At this moment, many memories related to Li Feng from her teenage years surfaced in Song Ci’s mind.

She gave Li Feng a rare peaceful smile.

Li Feng was slightly stunned.

Song Ci said very softly but firmly, “I saw everything that happened back then. All these years, I’ve always dreamed of that scene and her despairing eyes. I’m the only witness. I saw everything and I have to say it.”

“She can’t die so unjustly.” With that, Song Ci turned around and strode to the witness stand without hesitation.

The judge picked up the mallet and knocked it, warning Li Feng. “Li Feng, be quiet!”

Li Feng sat down with a heavy heart. Just as he sat down, Ying Ji’s gentle voice sounded beside him. “You didn’t tell me that Song Ci was a witness. You already knew, right?”

Li Feng licked his lips and remained silent.

Ying Ji stared at the beautiful figure on the witness stand. The corners of his lips curled up slightly as he mocked in a meaningful manner. “Li Feng, you are a devoted person. You didn’t reveal her identity as a witness. Are you afraid that I will hurt her?”

Li Feng turned to look at his brother. After a long while, he sneered. “Shouldn’t I be wary of you?”

Ying Ji didn’t think much of Li Feng’s sharp attitude. He stared at Song Ci for a moment and suddenly said, “That year, you wooed her for a year and she refused to agree to it. After that, you offered such generous conditions to tempt her, but she still refused. At that time, she was only in her teens. Even the most arrogant young lady had a sense of vanity. Say, she rejected you so firmly. Could it be because she witnessed Su Run’s death and was afraid of you to death, so she refused to accept you?”

Without waiting for Li Feng’s reply, Ying Ji asked himself, “If that’s the case, then Jiang Guchuan’s death was too easy.”

Li Feng clenched his fists.

He stared at Song Ci on the witness stand.

Song Ci was dressed in a low-profile and simple outfit today. She was only wearing a light blue striped maternity dress with her black hair draped over her shoulders. Pregnant at eight months, she was much more voluptuous than before. She was round, smooth, charming, and even more feminine.

Her back was facing the defendant’s seat. From Li Feng’s direction, he could see her fair side profile and her big belly.

The image of Song Ci in her teenage years flashed across his mind and his heart ached.

If Song Ci had agreed to his pursuit back then and become a couple with him, perhaps they would have become a happy couple. But it was more likely that after experiencing a honeymoon period of passion, he started to get tired of being unchanging. He wanted to pursue excitement, then cheat on her, argue with her non-stop, and finally break up.

But no matter what, that was under the premise that he had Song Ci!

But he never had Song Ci!


It was precisely because he had never had Song Ci that Li Feng couldn’t forget her. She had become the cinnabar mole in Li Feng’s heart and the moonlight outside the window.

She was good in every way!

As a result, after hearing Ying Ji’s words, one could imagine how angry Li Feng was. If Song Ci had repeatedly rejected him back then because of Su Run and if Jiang Guchuan was still alive, Li Feng would really do everything he could to torture that bastard to death!

But Jiang Guchuan was dead and Song Ci had become another woman. Li Feng could only accept it.

Ying Ji clearly saw that after he finished his guess, Li Feng’s face was instantly covered in a ruthless expression. Only then did he feel slightly better.

In the court, Jiang Zhen attended as the plaintiff in the capacity of the victim, Su Run’s brother. Wei Xingxing, as the victim’s defense lawyer, sat on the plaintiff’s side.

At the same time, Han Wangwang also sat with Wei Xingxing as the lawyer of the deceased Liu Qing.

Opposite Wei Xingxing and Han Wangwang sat the defendant’s defense lawyer. There were a total of three lawyers. They were all elites hired by the Gu, Ying, and Li families.

As Song Ci was pregnant, she sat on the stool when she was questioned.

Wei Xingxing asked Song Ci many questions with a realistic attitude, but Song Ci answered them all truthfully.

Just as he finished asking the questions, the three defendants started asking Song Ci all sorts of questions.

hey tried to find loopholes in Song Ci’s testimony by asking all sorts of tricky questions. They wanted to use this as the advantage of the defense and strive to reduce the sentence of their defendant.

But Song Ci’s words were true. No matter how they asked, Song Ci’s answer was always logical and flawless.

In the end, they couldn’t find any loopholes from Song Ci.

Song Ci’s testimony was finally validated.

As this trial involved too many powers, it shouldn’t be publicized, but Jiang Zhen used some method to get the court to agree to broadcast this trial on the legal website.

In other words, at this moment, the entire country’s citizens could enter the legal network to watch this live broadcast.

With the supervision of the entire country, even if Li Gu, Ying and the other two families had extraordinary capabilities, they could no longer stir up trouble.

Han Zhan didn’t work at the company that day. Li Li was on leave due to family matters, so the diplomatic socializing that Li Li should be in charge of landed on Han Zhan’s shoulders.

The sun was not high on this day, so Han Zhan accompanied a few business partners to play at the golf course. But everyone’s interest was not on the golf course. They were all thinking about that important trial.

As a result, after a few rounds of golf, the big shots returned to the resting area. They turned on their computers to watch the live-stream.

When Han Zhan entered the live-stream, he happened to hear the words “bring witness Song Ci”.

Hearing this, several big shots instinctively looked at Han Zhan. They suspected that they had heard wrongly, or perhaps this Song Ci was not Han Zhan’s wife, but just a woman with the same name.

But very quickly, Song Ci entered the second surveillance camera.

The surveillance camera at the court was very blurry. Although it was very blurry, everyone still recognized Song Ci the moment she came out.

Who else could the pregnant and beautiful woman be other than Zeus Corporation’s lady boss?

The few big shots were all slightly surprised and turned to look at Han Zhan. They were all old friends who had worked together for many years, so there was no need to avoid some things.

The president of the number one bank in China was called Zhang Guoren. Their bank had the most loans to Zeus International and had been friends with Han Zhan for more than 10 years.

CEO Zhang leaned close to Han Zhan and said in a low voice, “Sister-in-law’s appearance will probably attract the hatred of those three families. Brother Han, aren’t you afraid of angering those three families and causing trouble?”

He thought that a smart person like Han Zhan would understand this.

Han Zhan smiled slightly and said, “CEO Zhang, if I don’t allow my wife to testify in court because I’m afraid of offending those three families, then there’s no need to set up a witness stand in this court. This country also doesn’t need a court.”

Zhang Guoren was slightly stunned, then gave Han Zhan a thumbs up. “You’re right.” After all, he was Han Aoyu’s grandson. This boldness was indeed different.

“Eh? What is Li Feng talking about?” A big boss saw that Li Feng suddenly stood up and seemed to be saying something to Song Ci. He hurriedly turned on his laptop to the loudest.

As a result, everyone heard Li Feng shouting. “You didn’t see anything! You didn’t see anything as a witness!”

Li Feng’s words didn’t sound like he was mocking Song Ci, but more like he was defending her.

Why is a defendant like him so protective of a witness?

It was hard not to think in other ways that a handsome man would protect a beautiful woman.

Instantly, three to four subtle gazes landed on Han Zhan.

Han Zhan felt that the top of his head was slightly green and he didn’t say a word.

Zhang Guoren could tell what was going on. He smiled and said, “Look at this Li Feng. He’s so scared that he’s delirious. He keeps shouting at people.”

“Yes, yes, yes. It looks like he was terrified.”

Zhang Guoren smoothed things over and the atmosphere became lively.

Han Zhan’s expression remained unchanged as he continued watching the live-stream, but a bottle of vinegar broke in his heart.

At 2pm in the afternoon, the trial finally ended and everyone received the punishment they deserved.

Su Run (Jiang Bi) was not even 17 years old when she died and was still underage. Ying Ji and Li Feng were sentenced to 17 years in prison for raping and murdering a minor.

In principle, Gu Qinchuan’s sentence was the same as Ying Ji’s. But under Han Wangwang’s argument, the judge determined that Gu Qinchuan was the traitor behind Liu Qing’s death.

Gu Qinchuan was sentenced to 20 years in prison because of his serious crimes.

Li Mang’s sentence was the shortest. Due to abuse of his power and breaking the law, he was fired from his official position and sentenced to two years in prison.

As soon as the trial results were announced, everyone applauded. Only the family of the criminal was depressed and left the court with a sigh.

After exiting the court, the Li couple managed to avoid the reporters and media’s questioning. Just as they walked to the car, Madam Li grabbed Li Jue’s hand and wiped her tears as she said, “Hubby, our Feng’er was harmed by that bastard from the Jiang Family. Once he, Jiang Guchuan, dies, our son will have to spend more than 10 years in prison. What kind of logic is this!”

“Hubby, we must continue to appeal and try to reduce Feng’er’s sentence!”

If something happened to the child, the mother would be the one who felt the most pain.

When Li Jue heard this, he covered his wife’s mouth on the spot and pulled her into the car.

He closed the car door and released his grip. He scolded his wife with a dark expression. “Shut up! You still have the cheek to bring up the appeal! If you really provoke that Jiang Zhen, our Feng’er might not be able to walk out of prison after being imprisoned!”

Li Feng was stunned by Li Jue’s words.

“What do you mean?” She wiped her tears and asked Li Jue in confusion, “Is Jiang Zhen that capable? He’s already in prison, can he still extend his hand? Just because he’s the boss of F International, he can do whatever he wants?”

Everyone knew that Jiang Zhen was the boss of F International long ago. Madam Li thought that Li Jue was afraid of Jiang Zhen’s identity as the boss of F International and was instantly slightly unconvinced. “It’s just a few smelly coins! But our Li Family doesn’t lack those few coins!”

“What do you know!” Seeing that his wife didn’t know shit, Li Jue couldn’t help feeling angry. He unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, and only then did he feel better. “Do you know who that girlfriend of Jiang Zhen’s is?”

How could Madam Li have the leisure to pay attention to Jiang Zhen’s girlfriend?! She didn’t even know who Jiang Zhen’s girlfriend was.

Hearing her husband’s question, Madam Li asked blankly, “Who is his girlfriend?”

Li Jue said angrily, “The girl who defended Liu Qing in court today. The one called Han Wangwang.”

Madam Li instinctively said, “Isn’t he just a small lawyer?” With that, Madam Li sensed that something was off. If the other party was just an ordinary small lawyer, then it was not worth her husband’s concern.

Madam Li grabbed Li Jue’s arm and asked in surprise, “Hubby, could that girl have another identity?”

“You are really stupid! An ordinary little lawyer dares to go head-on against the Gu Family? Isn’t that like an egg hitting a rock? She is courting death!”

Madam Li’s expression was very ugly. “Who is she?”

Li Jue said, “I’ve asked someone to check. That girl called Han Wangwang has the same Han as Han Zhan!”

Mrs. Li’s eyes darted around before she covered her mouth. “Could that Han Wangwang be Han Zhan’s little niece?”

There had been rumors that Han Zhan had a niece working in Wangdong City, but not many people knew what she did or called.

That little lawyer looked lively and young. She indeed matched the rumors about that girl.

Seeing that she understood immediately, Li Jue snorted. “Hmph! You’re not too stupid!”

Li Jue told his wife, “It’s her.”

Madam Li’s heart turned cold. She murmured, “If that Han Wangwang is Han Zhan’s niece, then Han Wangwang is… is…” Madam Li widened her eyes in shock.” She is really Han Yueyun’s daughter? ”

“Not only that! Director Han Dongliang is also her grandfather!”

Han Dongliang was the dean of the First Academy and also a respected major general. He had a high position and authority. Jiang Zhen had the backing of the great Han family. What did he not dare to do? What couldn’t he do?

Madam Li scolded fiercely, “Jiang Zhen, that bastard, secretly found such a big backer. If Jiang Weimin knew that his son was so promising, he would probably die of anger in prison.”

Jiang Zhen was a formidable junior and Li Jue admitted it.

Madam Li thought of something and said, “No wonder I didn’t see the Gu Family create trouble this time. Looks like they also found out about this relationship.”

“Hmph, didn’t the Gu Family originally invite Song Yun to be Gu Qinchuan’s defense lawyer? But that girl surnamed Han tricked Song Yun. Song Yun was locked up in the detention center and hasn’t been released yet. After this incident, the Gu Family only suspected that girl’s identity. They must have sent someone to investigate long ago. Otherwise, they would have started making a fuss long ago.”

Seeing that Madam Li’s eyes were flickering non-stop, Li Jue, who knew her like the back of his hand, instantly saw through his wife’s intentions.

Li Jue was afraid that Madam Li would cause a huge trouble if she acted rashly. He had no choice but to warn Madam Li sternly. He said, “Jiang Zhen’s only sister was murdered and died tragically. He even had the thought of killing our Feng-er. Now that this verdict is given, he might not be completely appeased! If you dare to appeal at this juncture, appeal will be equivalent to hanging our Feng-er!”

“17 years…” Li Jue’s eyes reddened as he murmured,” 17 years it is then. 17 years later, Feng-er will be less than 50 years old. After he is released from prison, he can at least live a good life! If Jiang Zhen is forced into a corner now, he might not even live to 30 years old. ”

Glancing at his wife, Li Jue questioned her. “Do you understand?”

Madam Li patted her chest and cried. “Mmm, yes, I understand.”

After Li Jue analyzed the pros and cons, no matter how unconvinced Madam Li was, she could only swallow her anger. But when she thought that her precious son was going to serve 17 years of prison and spend the most brilliant time of his life in prison, her heart ached and she cried bitterly.

Hearing his wife’s cries, Li Jue could still tolerate it at first, but later on, he really couldn’t resist crying too.

Han Wangwang walked out of the court with a glass of water and saw Jiang Zhen standing in the corridor with his back against the wall. He looked like he was waiting for someone or in a daze.

She walked up to Jiang Zhen and stood beside him.

“You look very handsome today,” Jiang Zhen said.

Han Wangwang smiled in embarrassment. She said, “I didn’t expect the Gu Family to invite Iron Mouth Liu Yifan over for Gu Qinchuan. To be honest, I was slightly afraid when I faced him today.”

Jiang Zhen smiled. “What are you afraid of? In the end, he also didn’t manage to gain an advantage from you.” Although Liu Yifan came aggressively, Han Wangwang could still handle him with ease. Not only did she not let him succeed, she even successfully sentenced Gu Qinchuan to two years in prison. She was already very capable.

Han Wangwang smiled and said, “I am afraid of the enemy, but I am more afraid of being too ashamed to face Liu Qing’s family.” As she spoke, Han Wangwang saw Old Master Liu and his grandson walking over.

Han Wangwang saw that Old Master was about to kneel down and hurriedly helped him up. “Don’t kneel. I can’t bear it!”

Old Master said tearfully, “Lawyer Han, you are a good lawyer. Thank you for seeking justice for my granddaughter! I thank you.”

Liu Qing’s brother also knelt down to Han Wangwang. “Lawyer Han, thank you!”

Han Wangwang tried her best to persuade them to leave.

She turned and saw Jiang Zhen’s smiling face. For some reason, her face reddened slightly. She said, “My dream in the past was to be a military doctor, but now I feel that being a lawyer is really not bad.”

Jiang Zhen reached out and touched her cheek. As he touched her, he suddenly pulled Han Wangwang into his arms.

Han Wangwang’s nose bumped into Jiang Zhen’s chin. It hurt a little, but she didn’t care because she heard Jiang Zhen say, “Wangwang, I finally avenged her.”

Han Wangwang could tell that Jiang Zhen was crying. She thought for a moment and pushed him away. Jiang Zhen was feeling surprised and didn’t understand why Han Wangwang wanted to push her away. He saw Han Wangwang quickly taking off her suit jacket.

Han Wangwang covered Jiang Zhen’s head with her jacket. She hugged him and said, “Cry. No one will recognize you.”

Jiang Zhen was stunned. Then, his eyes turned sour. He hugged Han Wangwang tightly and cried bitterly.

It had been almost nine years and he had finally done it.

After taking revenge, there would be new life.

Song Ci was in the late stages of pregnancy and had a lot of urination. After the trial ended, she pulled Su Beibei to the toilet. After going to the toilet, the two of them were about to leave when they passed by the corridor and saw Han Wangwang and the man in her arms.

Everyone was very familiar with each other. Even if Jiang Zhen was wrapped in a blanket, Song Ci knew him.

Song Ci heard Jiang Zhen’s sorrowful cries and tears welled up in her eyes. Song Ci wiped her eyes and pulled Su Beibei away. “Let’s go that way.”


Song Ci was still hungry from the takeaway they had for lunch. She asked Su Beibei, “Beibei, are you hungry? I’m so hungry. I feel like I can eat a little pig.”

Su Beibei was shocked by Song Ci’s description. “You can eat so much?”

“I’m just especially hungry.” Song Ci rubbed her stomach and said to Su Beibei, “Shall we go and eat barbeque? I really want to eat barbeque.”


As she spoke, Su Beibei saw Han Zhan standing outside the court. She patted Song Ci’s shoulder, who was looking down at the stairs and walking very carefully. She reminded her, “Your husband is here.”

Song Ci stood on the stairs and looked up in surprise. Indeed, she saw Han Zhan.

The parking lot of the court was empty today. Han Zhan’s car was parked far away. He had walked over. Han Zhan was still wearing his work suit. He was 1.89m tall and stood out among the crowd.

Song Ci waved at him. Han Zhan seemed to frown before walking over and taking her from Su Beibei.

“Why are you out so late?”

It had been almost 20 minutes since the trial ended and Han Zhan had also waited outside for 20 minutes. Seeing that Song Ci still hadn’t come out, he was worried that Song Ci had been taken revenge by the Gu Family.

Song Ci said, “She went to the toilet.”

Su Beibei said to Han Zhan, “Song Song is starving. Mr. Han, quickly bring her to eat.”

Song Ci asked Su Beibei, “Aren’t you coming with us?”

Su Beibei shook her head. “I’m going to the hospital.”

Song Ci gripped Su Beibei’s palm tightly. She leaned close to her and said softly, “Beibei, you should consider it again. Don’t be rash.”

Su Beibei nodded.

As she watched Su Beibei leave, Song Ci suddenly hoped that Auntie Li would become a retard after this surgery.

If Auntie Li was retarded, she wouldn’t be able to continue stirring up trouble.

“What are you thinking about?” Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was staring at Su Beibei’s back view intently and couldn’t help feeling strange. “Is she that beautiful?” She had never been so focused on me.

Song Ci rolled her eyes and told Han Zhan, “There’s something wrong with Beibei and Li Li’s relationship.”

Han Zhan could also tell. He pulled Song Ci to the parking lot and said as they walked, “It will be fine after enduring this period.”

Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Done? When Auntie Li is discharged, this will be even more difficult.”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Song Ci and Su Beibei were close and always sided with Su Beibei. However, Han Zhan was closer to Li Li. He knew how much Li Li loved Su Beibei, so he naturally hoped that Su Beibei would be more considerate and understand Li Li’s difficulties so that she could lead a good life with Li Li.

The husband and wife had their own standpoints, so they couldn’t say the same thing.

“What do you want to eat?” Han Zhan knew that Song Ci would be upset if she got hungry. He decided to bring her to eat first.

Song Ci said, “Roast meat. I want to eat black pork belly, steak, lamb chop, and…” After she got pregnant with her second child, Song Ci became a carnivore and especially loved meat.

Han Zhan wanted to laugh when he heard this. He said, “Alright, we’ll just clear the place. We’ll leave after you’re full.”

“…There’s no need.”

Long Yu parked the car in the basement of a hotel beside the court. Han Zhan and Song Ci stood at the entrance of the hotel and waited for a moment before seeing Long Yu drive out.

Long Yu had already seen today’s trial on the live-stream. Seeing Song Ci, Long Yu said, “Madam sat in court for half a day today. Are you bored?”

Song Ci said, “Not only am I bored, I am also starving to death.”

An ambiguous scoff sounded beside him.

Long Yu had been by Han Zhan’s side every day and knew his every move very well. Hearing Han Zhan’s scoff, Long Yu knew that he should shut up.

Song Ci also understood Han Zhan. She tilted her head and frowned at Han Zhan. She couldn’t help asking, “What are you sneering at?”

Han Zhan had already taken off his gloves at some point. He touched the two fake fingers on his right hand with his left hand and said expressionlessly, “I see that today’s court is quite lively. Why are you bored?”

Song Ci blinked and asked him, “Lively? What nonsense are you talking about? Are you angry?”

Long Yu was also puzzled.

What is Mr. Han angry about?

Han Zhan gently knocked on those two fake fingers and said in a sarcastic manner, “You went to the court to be a witness and even met your former admirer. I think you’ve had a wonderful day today!”

Long Yu instinctively looked down, not even daring to look at the Asura Arena behind.

When Song Ci heard Han Zhan’s words, she was slightly surprised at first. Then, she put on an expression of ‘I know my mistake and I am very sorry’, pulled Han Zhan’s neck, shook his shoulders, and called out sweetly, “Hubby! Don’t be angry, Hubby ~”

Han Zhan got goosebumps from being called husband.

He hurriedly pulled the octopus off his body, glanced sideways at Song Ci, and said mockingly, “Please be a human and speak human language.”

Song Ci immediately sat up straight and said coldly, “It’s my fault for being too beautiful and having so many admirers. I’m sorry for my natural beauty.”

Han Zhan was shocked.

Listen, is this human language?

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