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Chapter 440: Accidentally Dashing the Red Light, Car Accident and Miscarriage

It was fine if Song Ci didn’t apologize, but this apology made Han Zhan even angrier.

He kept staring at Song Ci with a straight and dark gaze. If his gaze was deep, Song Ci would have died in Han Zhan’s eyes.

She secretly swallowed her saliva and straightened her attitude. She told Han Zhan about her and Li Feng’s past. “Li Feng, right? Li Feng did woo me.”

Han Zhan’s breath felt like it had been frozen by ice and snow. “How long has he been chasing you?”

Song Ci said very softly, “I’ve been chasing him for more than a year.”

The two of them were like teachers and students. One asked and the other answered.

“When did this happen?”

Song Ci said, “When I was 17 years old.”

Han Zhan raised his brows slightly and said coldly, “Oh, puppy love?”

Song Ci was instantly unconvinced. She glared at Han Zhan and said, “So when you and Du Xueyan were in a relationship, you weren’t in a relationship early?”

Han Zhan immediately retorted. “I was almost 18 when I confirmed my relationship with her.”

Song Ci was sharp-tongued and immediately found the loophole in Han Zhan’s words. “Old man, you also said that you’re almost 18 years old. You weren’t even 18 yet.”

“Old man?” Han Zhan felt that he couldn’t resist domestic violence.

Song Ci hurriedly covered her mouth.

She didn’t say anything.

Han Zhan felt suffocated. He couldn’t get out or swallow it down. It was very uncomfortable. In the end, he just commented disdainfully, “You have quite a lot of rotten romances.”

Song Ci retorted. “Only you can have puppy love, only you can have your first love, and I can’t be wooed?”

“But I only had Du Xueyan as my only girlfriend.”

Song Ci immediately roared. “But I don’t even have a proper ex-boyfriend! Which one of us is at a disadvantage!” She and Cheng Ziang happened in her previous life.

“But there are a lot of people wooing you!” Thinking of this Han Zhan was enraged. Who knew how many admirers in Wangdong City had wooed Song Ci before? To be able to meet their former admirers in court, wasn’t it infuriating?

Song Ci said boldly and loudly, “Yes! Who asked me to be beautiful and loved by everyone? If not for my good looks, would you have accepted me then?”

Song Ci had been sitting in court for most of the day and her butt hurt from sitting there. She was even questioned by those lawyers as if they were interrogating a criminal. She thought that after the trial ended, she could act coquettishly and intimately with Han Zhan, but in the end, she was caught and questioned.

Song Ci felt wronged.

When this person was angry, he spoke without thinking.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan’s handsome face that didn’t look old despite being so old and was instantly enraged. Why did he look so handsome for no reason?

Song Ci said mockingly, “Don’t make yourself sound so high and mighty. When we first met, you didn’t know me well, but you tacitly allowed me to enter your life. In the end, you just wanted my body! How are you different from those men?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Noticing that Long Yu was secretly glancing at Song Ci, Han Zhan immediately glared at Long Yu. “Drive your car!” Han Zhan’s voice rose significantly.

Long Yu immediately turned to look at the front of the car, not daring to be distracted. But he was thinking: Madam is really daring to say this. Aren’t you afraid of being beaten up at home?

Han Zhan’s chest heaved up and down a few times. He rubbed his temples with his left index finger and thought to himself, What a headache.

Actually, he also understood that Song Ci was completely right about this matter. That was all in the past and he shouldn’t pursue it. But seeing Li Feng’s attitude towards Song Ci during the live broadcast, Han Zhan felt uncomfortable.

He was a man and could tell that Li Feng still loved Song Ci.

As long as he thought that there were other men in this world who had the same feelings for Song Ci as him, Han Zhan felt terrible, angry, and jealous.

“Baby Ci, I am sorry for my attitude.” Han Zhan decided to take a step back and apologize.

He was already 35 years old and shouldn’t be angry at a young girl. She was only a year older than his niece.

Thinking of this, Han Zhan was no longer angry.

Song Ci, who was still fuming just now, felt embarrassed at Han Zhan’s apology.

Song Ci couldn’t bring herself to say that she would forgive Han Zhan. She lowered her head and reflected on her actions just now. After calming down, Song Ci also realized that she had gone overboard with her words just now.

Although Brother Han coveted her body, he coveted her forever.

Sensing that Han Zhan was looking at her intently, Song Ci felt that she had to respond.

Song Ci secretly reached out her right hand to Han Zhan and secretly grabbed his left hand.

Han Zhan silently looked at her crab-like hand and chuckled before grabbing Song Ci’s hand.

“Alright, you’re not angry anymore?”

Song Ci nodded.

The two of them had been arguing fiercely just now, and Long Yu didn’t even dare to remind them that they had already arrived at the barbeque restaurant. He drove the car around the street twice. Only when he saw that the two of them had finally reconciled did he dare to stop the car and remind the two behind. “Mr. Han, Madam, we’re here.”

Han Zhan tilted his head and glanced at the barbeque shop. It wasn’t very big. Han Zhan asked Long Yu, “How does this shop taste?”

Long Yu said, “It tastes good. Weiwei and I have been here a few times. She can eat until she’s full every time.”

Han Zhan looked at Long Yu with a faint smile and suddenly asked, “Since you two are so close, when are you planning to get married?” He saw that Long Yu’s face was red and said, “If you two get married, I will give you two a house, the kind with three bedrooms and two living rooms.”

Long Yu had more than 6 million yuan in savings. It sounded like a lot, but Wangdong City was an expensive city. It was impossible to buy a three-bedroom apartment in a prime location without 10 million yuan.

Long Yu wanted to marry Zhou Siwei and have children with her. Not only did marriage require money, but he also needed money to hire a nanny to raise the child.

He only had 6 million yuan in his hand. If he bought a house, he would be penniless and would have to continue paying his mortgage. He didn’t want Zhou Siwei to suffer with him. He had planned to get married first, rent a house for a few years, and buy a house when he had more savings.

So when he heard Han Zhan’s words, Long Yu’s face revealed an ecstatic expression. He blinked his eyes and asked Han Zhan in a flattered manner, “You’re not lying to me?”

Han Zhan asked Long Yu, “Do I look like someone who would lie about a house?”

Long Yu remained silent.

Han Zhan raised his brows. “Why? Do you really think I can’t bear to?”

Long Yu’s eyes reddened as he said softly, “Mr. Han, that year, you brought a group of us to Wangdong City and gave me a decent job. Without you, I might have gone to the village long ago.”

“I am already very grateful to you for being able to live like this. I am both happy and unable to accept your sudden offer to give me a house.”

Han Zhan chuckled. “Don’t be so emotional. It’s quite awkward for a man like you to be emotional.”

Long Yu immediately shut up.

Han Zhan stared at Long Yu’s skinny figure. Thinking of how this person had accompanied him through life and death countless times, his heart was filled with gratitude.

“Alright, find some time to find houses with Zhou Siwei. Tell me when you’re done.”

“Aye, alright!”

“Come, Baby Ci, let’s go eat barbeque.” Han Zhan brought Song Ci out of the car and said to Long Yu, “Come and fetch us after we finish our meal.”

Long Yu usually wouldn’t eat at the same table as Han Zhan and Song Ci. Firstly, he didn’t want to be a third wheel. Secondly, how could a driver sit at the same table as his boss every day?

Long Yu found a place to eat himself. As he ate, he called Zhou Siwei to tell her about buying a house.

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci into the barbeque shop, found a private room, and ordered a lot of meat for her. Feeling that it was easy to get constipated just by eating meat dishes, Han Zhan still ordered two vegetable dishes for Song Ci.

After ordering, Han Zhan went to see Song Ci and saw that she was playing games. With Song Fei’s recommendation, Song Ci also started playing Miracle Nuan Nuan. If she didn’t play the piano recently, she usually played this lousy game.

Han Zhan knocked on the table and called out, “Baby Ci.”

Song Ci looked up and stared at him. “Mmm?”

“What do you think when I say I want to buy a house for Long Yu?”

Song Ci instinctively said, “If you want to buy it, buy it. Why are you asking me?”

Han Zhan frowned.

He reminded Song Ci. “We are husband and wife.”

Song Ci was slightly stunned.

Subsequently, she put down her cell phone and looked at Han Zhan seriously. She said, “We are husband and wife. We should indeed discuss things appropriately. I agree with your decision just now. Brother Long, I know that he has risked his life with you and has a close relationship with you. He also has a group of brothers working for you. Everyone else saw you buying a house for Brother Long. They are not stupid and understand that if they are loyal to you, they will not lack their benefits. Naturally, they will be more loyal to you.”

“Moreover, you have a lot of money and don’t lack that bit of money.”

With that, Song Ci picked up her cell phone again and continued changing her Nuannuan.

Han Zhan smiled and said, “You are my wife. I just want to hear your opinion. If I buy a house for my subordinate and make you unhappy, I have to think of a way to make you happy.”

Song Ci said without looking up, “Alright, then I will be happy if you buy me a house.”

“Really?” Han Zhan seriously thought about buying a house for Song Ci.

Song Ci hurriedly shook her head. “It’s fake.”

Han Zhan continued to smile.

He asked again, “Is it fun for you to always play that?”

Song Ci said, “Song Fei is a fool. She looks very smart. Look at what she’s paired with. I feel so old-fashioned just by looking at it…”

Han Zhan smiled and called out, “Baby Ci.”

Song Ci glanced up at him. “What now?” Her tone was slightly impatient.

Are young ladies all so impatient?

Han Zhan said helplessly, “Can you not play with your cell phone and look at me more? Can that producer in your phone sleep with you and have children with you?”

Song Ci was speechless.

This little girl’s coquettish tone was indeed not suitable for Brother Han.

Song Ci put down her cell phone and stared at Han Zhan’s face, as if she wanted to see a flower on his face. Han Zhan was very calm and let her look. He said, “Seeing Li Li and Beibei in such a mess, I feel quite uncomfortable. I’m just worried that one day, you will also mess with me.”

Han Zhan added. “You have to look at me more for me remember my goodness.”

Song Ci felt that his words were mushy and hurriedly took a sip of water. She put down the glass and said shyly, “From the looks of it, our Brother Han is still very young and handsome.”

“Nothing good comes out of a dog’s mouth.” Han Zhan poured Song Ci another cup of tea and said, “Shut up and just look at me quietly.”

Song Ci really stopped playing with her cell phone and just looked at Han Zhan. After a while, the waiter pushed the food cart over.

Song Ci immediately shifted her gaze to the meat and stopped looking at Han Zhan. She even said, “Wait until I’m full. Only then will I have the strength to look at me.”

Han Zhan smiled.

“You eat.”

Su Beibei drove all the way to the hospital. She hesitated outside the hospital for a moment before finally entering a fruit shop to buy some soft, tasty fruits.

When she carried the fruits to the ward, Li Li and Dong Yu happened to be there. Dong Yu was preparing to leave today. She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would see an even more maddening scene, so she was prepared to slip away.

Dong Yu was saying goodbye to Mother Li.

It was the second day after the surgery today and Mother Li was much more energetic. Her eyes were very clear and she could recognize people and speak. It looked like two consecutive surgeries had failed to make her mentally retarded.

Perhaps it was because she had killed too many fish and her mental strength had increased so much that even the sickly demon couldn’t defeat her.

“Sister-in-law, rest well and be more open-minded about everything. Ah Li is the child you raised single-handedly. Of course he will side with you. But he has already established a family and career now, so don’t make things too difficult for him. Ah Li is busy with work and has to be sandwiched between you and Beibei to look at his face and do things. He is also very tired these days.”

“Sister-in-law, your heart also aches for Ah Li. In the future, don’t go against Beibei. This family can only be happy for a long time if they are harmonious.”

Originally, when Dong Yu saw that her poor sister-in-law, who used to kill fish, suddenly became rich and raised a son who was much more successful than her own children, she felt slightly unbalanced.

Dong Yu had wanted to cause trouble this time. She wanted to make her sister-in-law uncomfortable so that she could feel better.

But in just a few days, she had seen several big scenes between her sister-in-law and Su Beibei. It scared the middle-aged woman who had yet to have a daughter-in-law. Dong Yu was no longer in the mood to cause trouble. She just wanted to escape from this troublesome place as soon as possible.

Dong Yu’s words were well-meaning and true. But when Mother Li heard this, not only was she not enlightened, she was even more agitated.

She, who had just undergone surgery, was instantly energized. She said in a sarcastic manner, “It’s not that I don’t feel sorry for him, but he really wanted to torture me. He clearly knew that vixen’s identity, but he still married her! Li Li marrying her is equivalent to slapping my face!”

“That year, when Li Deyao hit someone, I sold the house to compensate the two victims’ orphan daughter and give her a stable life! What did I want?! I just wanted to have peace of mind!”

“Those few years, when I didn’t have a place to stay, I brought Li Li to rent a basement to live in. In order to support him in his studies and to support him in his cultivation, I woke up early and worked late at night! In those few years, I seldom rested. Even on the first day of the new year, I waited at the entrance of the market just for that price that was a few yuan more expensive than usual!”

“Even so, I have no complaints! Because I accept my fate!”

“I worked so hard to raise my only son into an adult and he finally became successful. I cried tears of joy. I went back to the temple on the first and fifteenth day to offer incense and thank Bodhisattva for protecting my son!”

“But in the end, I realized that the Su Family couple wasn’t murdered by Li Yaode! At that moment, I felt that my life was a joke! What was my bitter life worth!”

Two streaks of tears streamed down Mother Li’s face. She sobbed and complained. “Of all people, he chose to marry that Su Beibei! I gave up everything to groom Li Li into a talent. Now that he has earned money and made it big, I didn’t enjoy a single day of happiness! It all went to that woman!”


“Why must the Su Family cheat the Li Family forever!”

This was the biggest knot in Mother Li’s heart!

She just couldn’t accept Su Beibei as her daughter-in-law!

“I’ve been cheated by the Su Family my entire life. In the end, the money my son earned has to be given to Su Beibei to enjoy! To let her buy branded cars and drive luxury cars! I even have to spend money to raise her grandson in the Su Family. I can’t die in peace!”

Li Li crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. Over the past few days, he had heard such words countless times. As a result, when he heard Mother Li nag again, he no longer felt the initial anger. He just felt numb, powerless, and exhausted.

Dong Yu felt troubled when she heard her sister-in-law’s heartfelt words. She knew that her sister-in-law had entered a dead end and would never understand it in this life.

But there was something that made her feel uncomfortable. She said, “Sister-in-law, your last sentence is very wrong. What do you mean you still have to spend money to raise her grandson in the Su Family?”

“It’s true that Li Ao is the grandson of the Su Family, but he is also the grandson of the Li Family! He is Li Li’s only son! You are so foolish!”

Mrs. Li’s lips quivered as if she was feeling guilty and angry. “I’ll tell you the truth. I won’t acknowledge this grandson at all! In the future, when I die, I won’t allow Li Ao’s name to be carved on my tombstone!”

Dong Yu’s expression changed. She picked up her luggage and said, “I’ll get going first. Sister-in-law, have a good rest.” It looked like Sister-in-law’s brain had been damaged from too many surgeries.

With that, Dong Yu looked at Li Li.

Seeing Li Li’s pained expression, Dong Yu’s heart ached for this child. She carried her luggage and walked to Li Li’s side. She patted Li Li’s arm and sighed. “Ah Li, no matter how much you endure, it will be good for you and your wife. Everything depends on you.”

Li Li nodded and said in a muffled voice, “Auntie, I won’t send you off. I called a car for you and waited at the entrance of the hospital.”

“Alright, I understand. Take good care of your mother and leave.”

Dong Yu carried her luggage and walked out of the ward.

She opened the door and saw Su Beibei carrying fruits outside. She was instantly embarrassed. “Ah, Beibei, how long have you been here?”

Hearing Dong Yu’s words, Li Li suddenly looked up at the door of the ward.

Outside the door, Su Beibei was wearing a red dress. She held her bag in her right hand and fruit in her left. Her eyes were red.

It looked like she had heard everything.

Su Beibei’s ears were buzzing. Her mind was filled with that sentence:

In the future, when I die, I won’t allow Li Ao’s name to be carved on my tombstone!

The buzzing gradually became softer.

When Su Beibei snapped out of her trance, she realized that Dong Yu had already left. Standing in front of her was the nervous Li Li.


Li Li took the fruit from Su Beibei’s hand and placed it on the ground. He held Su Beibei’s hands and realized that her fingers were cold. His heart ached.

“Beibei, why aren’t you saying anything?” Li Li had called out to Su Beibei many times just now, but Su Beibei didn’t reply. Her expression was blank, and Li Li felt uneasy.

Su Beibei said, “Ah?” She didn’t hear what Li Li said.

Seeing that there was finally some light in Su Beibei’s eyes, Li Li felt relieved. He turned to look at the bed. On it, Mother Li realized that Su Beibei had arrived. She turned to look out the window and even closed her eyes, obviously not wanting to see Su Beibei.

Li Li carried the fruits into the ward and placed them on the bedside table. He said to Mother Li, “I’ll go out for a while.”

With that, he pulled Su Beibei out of the ward and went to the fire escape route to speak.

Su Beibei leaned against the wall with her arms crossed and her head lowered. Her long hair covered half her face, naturally covering her true expression.

Li Li pressed her shoulder and tried to speak as gently as possible. “Beibei, you heard everything?”

Su Beibei shook her head and said, “I didn’t hear much.” Actually, she heard everything.

Li Li grabbed Su Beibei’s chin and forced her to look up.

Su Beibei was forced to look up, revealing her tear-streaked face.

Seeing Su Beibei’s tear-stained face, Li Li’s heart ached. He pressed Su Beibei into his arms and hugged her very tightly.

“Beibei, it’s my fault. It’s all my fault.”

Su Beibei leaned against his shoulder and cried as she asked, “What’s your fault?” She touched the bandage on Li Li’s head and said with heartache, “You’re already very good. Ah Li, you protected me very well.”

Li Li felt even worse. “No, I’m not good enough. If I were good enough, why would you cry from being wronged?”

I was not good enough to settle the conflict between my mother and wife.

But God, what could I do?

Su Beibei gently touched the back of Li Li’s head and asked, “Ah Li, does it hurt?”

Li Li shook his head. “Not really.”

Su Beibei said, “But I hurt.”

Li Li instinctively wanted to ask her where it hurt, but he heard Su Beibei say, “I’m in so much pain. I really am in so much pain. It hurts everywhere. Ah Li, I can’t take it anymore.”

Hearing this, Li Li’s heart ached.


Li Li cupped Su Beibei’s cheek, lowered his head, and carefully kissed her forehead and the tip of her nose. He kissed Su Beibei’s tears away again and told her, “Beibei, when Mother is discharged, I will send her to an old university or a nursing home and hire someone to take care of her 24 hours a day.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you two meet again. We will be like before, not disturbing each other and living our own lives.”

“Give me a little more time. Wait for me to arrange everything, alright?”

Su Beibei grabbed Li Li’s shirt tightly. She didn’t agree or refuse.

At this moment, the day shift doctor started his ward rounds and was about to knock off. Li Li saw the doctor and the nurse walking down the corridor. He wiped Su Beibei’s tears and said, “Beibei, go back first today. Be good. The doctor is here for ward rounds. I have to go to the ward to accompany our mother.”


Su Beibei watched Li leave the ward before turning the corner to the toilet. She took out a small mirror and saw that her makeup was all smudged from crying. She took out a wet tissue and simply removed her makeup in the toilet.

After removing her makeup, Su Beibei left the hospital.

As she drove home, Mother Li’s words kept replaying in her mind. Unknowingly, tears streamed down Su Beibei’s face again.

The phone suddenly rang.

Su Beibei answered Bluetooth’s call and wiped her tears. “Auntie?”

“Mother!” Li Ao’s voice came from the phone, followed by the auntie’s voice. “Madam, Neil misses you and asked me to call you.”

Afraid that Li Ao would hear her crying, Su Beibei hurriedly swallowed her tears. She sniffed deeply and asked Li Ao, “Neil, did you go to the children’s playground with Auntie today?”

“I went, played with zombies, played with diving beds…” Li Ao muttered before asking Su Beibei,” Mother, are you coming back for dinner? I want to eat with you. ”


Su Beibei asked Li Ao, “What do you want to eat? Mother will bring it back for you.”

Li Ao said, “I want to eat kiwi and mangoes. Mother, don’t write novels tonight. Come back and make mango pudding for me!”


Su Beibei looked up at the traffic lights and saw that there were still two seconds left before the green light lit up. Thinking that there were still three seconds left, she didn’t stop the car and drove over.

But the dazed Su Beibei didn’t realize that the green light was not a direct route but a turn!

She had just driven into the middle of the road when she saw a car rush out from the right. Su Beibei instinctively stepped on the accelerator, but the front part of the car was inevitably hit by the other party.



Su Beibei’s cell phone was flicked out. Her head bumped along with the car. When she stopped, the airbag popped out and exploded!

“Mother!” Li Ao was so scared that his voice broke when he heard his mother’s scream.

“Mother! Mother!” Li Ao didn’t hear his mother’s voice and hurriedly asked the auntie, “Auntie, why isn’t my mother saying anything?”

The auntie hurriedly snatched her cell phone away to listen. She vaguely heard Su Beibei calling Li Ao’s name. The auntie hurriedly asked loudly, “Madam! Madam, what happened to you? Madam!”

Su Beibei’s forehead was covered in blood. She unbuckled her seatbelt, picked up her cell phone, and said to the auntie, “I had an accident… Auntie, don’t let Li Ao go to the hospital…”

With that, Su Beibei hung up. She pushed open the car door and alighted.

Su Beibei stood in the middle of the road and looked up at the blinding sunset and the cars coming and going. Sensing the heat between her legs, she looked down at her legs.

She looked down and realized that her red dress had turned dark red. Blood was flowing down her legs…

Su Beibei stared at the blood and was stunned. Then, she collapsed to the ground.

The moment she fell to the ground, Su Beibei heard someone say, “Why did she run the red light!”

“Stop talking, call the ambulance! There’s so much blood on her legs. Is her thigh injured?”

“Hello! 120!”

The ambulance arrived quickly. The accompanying doctor and nurse moved Su Beibei onto the stretcher. Realizing that her legs were bleeding, the nurse hurriedly lifted her skirt.

She looked up and looked at the doctor strangely. “Doctor Liu, the patient’s thigh is not injured.”

Doctor Liu was slightly stunned. He walked over and lifted Su Beibei’s skirt. Without caring about the gender difference, he took Su Beibei’s underwear. Realizing that the blood was coming from Su Beibei’s abdomen, Doctor Liu immediately made a judgment and said, “The patient is pregnant!”

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