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Chapter 433: Han Zhan: Her Appearance Is a Surprise in My Life

With the knot in her heart untied, Song Ci felt much more relaxed. When she faced Jiang Shifeng, her smile also became much more sincere.

Although Jiang Shifeng and Song Ci were uncle and niece, this was the first time they met. Before today, they were complete strangers. They wanted to share their lives with each other and deepen their understanding of each other, but they had so many things to say in their hearts that they didn’t know where to start.

In the end, it was Jiang Shifeng who made the first move.

He took a bite of the macarons and praised. “This tastes good. At that time, your mother especially liked Matcha macarons. She can eat two pieces every time.” The only link between the two of them was Jiang Shiyu. Jiang Shifeng chose to find a topic from his sister.

Song Ci also remembered that her mother favored Matcha’s dessert.

She told Jiang Shifeng, “My father was a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, but he also knew how to bake. At that time, when it snowed in the winter, Father would stay at home and make desserts for us. My elder sister and I were not picky with our mouths and ate all kinds of desserts. So at that time, as long as Father made desserts, he usually only made Matcha desserts.”

When Jiang Shifeng heard this, his lips curled into a gratified smile. “Looks like your parents have a very deep relationship.”

“Yes, they respect each other and care for each other. Occasionally, they would argue, but after that, they would quickly quiet down and apologize to each other. I remember that one time, the two of them quarreled a little fiercely over something. Before sleeping, my father was blocked by my mother outside the door. My father wanted to apologize to my mother, but was embarrassed. It was not until my sister and I pretended to sleep that I heard my father standing in the living room singing to my mother. After singing for more than half an hour, my mother’s anger subsided.”

Jiang Shifeng quietly listened to Song Ci describe the details of her sister and brother-in-law’s interactions. He couldn’t see that scene, but just thinking about it made him feel gratified and satisfied.

Although his sister had a short life, she was fortunate to have met Song Tingyun. Even though her life was short, she was still happy.

Song Ci told Jiang Shifeng many interesting things about her parents like she was a treasure. Every little thing was exaggerated by Song Ci’s words and fascinated Jiang Shifeng.

Unknowingly, they had finished the entire pot of black tea. Song Ci drank too much water and felt like peeing. She stood up and said, “I’m going to the washroom.”


Song Ci went to the washroom to relieve herself. She was washing her hands when her cell phone rang.

Needless to say, it must be Han Zhan.

The moment Song Ci answered the call, she heard Han Zhan ask, “Baby Ci, when are you coming back? I will go and fetch you.” Song Ci had been gone for more than two hours this time and should be back soon. Han Zhan couldn’t resist calling to rush her.

Song Ci was washing her hands and talking with her cell phone between her cheek and shoulder.

Hearing this, she said, “I will be back slightly late today.”

“Why? Did something happen to Coleman?” Han Zhan thought that Coleman had committed suicide again today.

“No, it’s my uncle, Jiang Shifeng.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan said, “I’m here to look for you.” Then, he quickly hung up.

Jiang Shifeng is here!

Song Ci’s parents had long died and Jiang Shifeng was Song Ci’s real family elder! No matter how distant Song Ci and Jiang Shifeng’s relationship was, his seniority was there. No matter what, Han Zhan should visit them personally.

Song Ci stuffed her cell phone back into her bag. When she returned to the rooftop, she saw Jiang Shifeng secretly wiping his tears.

Song Ci stopped in her tracks. She didn’t dare to make a sound, afraid that she would alarm Jiang Shifeng. She hid behind the door that connected the stairs to the rooftop and stood there silently for six to seven minutes. Only when she saw Jiang Shifeng wipe his tears with a handkerchief that he carried with him did she walk out.

Hearing Song Ci’s footsteps, Jiang Shifeng hurriedly put away his handkerchief.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Song Ci pulled out a chair and sat down. Seeing that Jiang Shifeng’s eyes were red, she was considerate and didn’t expose his sadness.

“Do you want some bread? I’ll go get it.” As soon as Jiang Shifeng spoke, his slightly hoarse voice after crying instantly tore apart his perfect facade.

Jiang Shifeng resigned himself to fate and lowered his head. He sighed and said, “I’m really happy today. I cried tears of joy. I’ve embarrassed myself in front of you.”

How could Song Ci laugh at Jiang Rufeng? She said, “It’s human nature to cry from joy at seeing your family.”

Jiang Shifeng felt embarrassed.

He placed his hands on his abdomen and looked up at the blue sky and white clouds.

After a long while, Song Ci heard Jiang Shifeng say, “Child, I always thought that your mother passed away more than 30 years ago. If I knew that she was still alive, I would have searched the entire world for her.”

He looked at Song Ci with tears shimmering in his eyes. His expression was very pained. He blamed himself and felt very guilty. He choked as if he was pleading guilty. “Child, I didn’t abandon your mother.”

Song Ci was touched by his words.

She stared into the man’s teary eyes and felt her heart ache. “I understand. I think Mother didn’t dare to go home to reunite with Uncle back then because she wanted to protect you.” After Jiang Shiyu pretended to die and escaped from Edward, Edward still had people constantly monitoring Jiang Shifeng and Coleman. As long as Jiang Shiyu appeared, she would be discovered by Edward.

In order to protect her brother and Coleman, Jiang Shiyu didn’t dare to go back and reunite with her family.

How could Jiang Shifeng not understand his sister’s protection? He nodded and said, “Yes, your mother has always been a kind and good girl, but kindness has harmed her forever.”

It was because she was kind that she saved the stranger Edward back then.

Her kindness made her suffer.

Jiang Shifeng suddenly realized something and his slightly aged face quickly revealed excitement. He looked up at Song Ci and asked nervously, “What did you call me just now?”

Seeing that Jiang Shifeng finally noticed how she addressed him just now, Song Ci smiled slightly and called out softly, “Uncle.”

Jiang Shifeng’s eyes reddened again.

Gazing at Jiang Shifeng’s mixed emotions, Song Ci said, “You are my mother’s biological elder brother. Shouldn’t I call you uncle?”

Jiang Shifeng hurriedly nodded. “Yes! Of course! I just…” Jiang Shifeng pressed his hand on the bridge of his nose between his brows, and his voice became choked again.” Child, I never dared to dream that I could still be an uncle in this life. ”

Jiang Shifeng cried tears of joy again.

The older one was, the softer their heart would be and the more easily they would be moved.

Song Ci stared at the teary old man. She felt slightly upset and her eyes reddened.

Song Ci had light makeup on today. Afraid that her tears would dirty her makeup, she hurriedly took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped her tears away. Only then did she say to Jiang Shifeng, “Uncle, don’t cry anymore. My makeup is smudged. How can I go home later?”

Jiang Shifeng smiled through her tears.

He stared at Song Ci’s face as if he was looking at his younger sister from back then. He smiled and said, “You look better than your mother. Even if your makeup is ruined from crying, you still look good.”

Song Ci smiled.

“Oh yes, can I visit you guys in China in the future? I haven’t seen your elder sister or your parents.”

“Of course.”

Receiving Song Ci’s affirmation, Jiang Shifeng was instantly relieved. “That’s good.”

As she spoke, Song Ci’s cell phone rang again.

She opened her bag and took out her cell phone. She glanced at the caller’s name and said to Jiang Shifeng, “Uncle, I’ll take this call first.”


Song Ci answered the call and heard Han Zhan say, “I’m outside Coleman’s house.”

Song Ci got up and walked to the fence. She looked down and saw Han Zhan standing on the busy stone road. He was wearing an azure shirt and holding his cell phone as he stood in the middle of the road. He was more dazzling than any passing traveler.

Song Ci took a few more glances before saying, “Brother Han, look up.”

Han Zhan looked up in surprise and saw Song Ci standing on the rooftop waving at him. He said, “I’ll be right there.”

Han Zhan hung up, rang the doorbell, and entered Coleman’s house.

Song Ci kept her cell phone and turned to see Jiang Rufeng smiling at her. Jiang Shifeng smiled and asked, “Your husband?”


After Jiang Shifeng learned of Song Ci’s existence from Coleman yesterday, he rushed over to France to reunite with her. He didn’t have the time to investigate Song Ci’s information and only knew that she had a twin sister.

Only after seeing Song Ci today and seeing her big tummy did Jiang Shifeng know that she was already married.

Jiang Shifeng was also curious about his niece’s husband and wanted to meet him. He lowered his head and tidied his clothes. Shortly after, he heard Song Ci say, “He’s here.”

Jiang Shifeng hurriedly stood up and turned around curiously.

Turning back, Jiang Shifeng saw an extremely tall man standing behind him. He was about 1.9 meters tall, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His black pants wrapped around a pair of strong long legs. The man’s eyes were deep-set and gray-blue. His pupils were deeper and his pupils were especially beautiful.

This man was handsome and imposing. In terms of appearance, he was very compatible with his beautiful and outstanding niece.

“Uncle, this is my husband. His name is Han Zhan.”

Hearing Song Ci’s introduction, Han Zhan quickly walked up to Jiang Shifeng, nodded slightly, and said respectfully, “Hello, Uncle. I am Han Zhan.”

Jiang Shifeng said, “Raise your head and let me take a good look.”

Han Zhan looked up obediently.

The 1.75m Jiang Shifeng had to look up to meet Han Zhan’s eyes. Jiang Shifeng looked up silently. After a moment, he said, “Sit down. It’s tiring to look up at people.”

“Uncle, you must be joking.”

Han Zhan pulled out a chair and waited for Song Ci to sit down before sitting down on the chair on Song Ci’s right.

Jiang Shifeng sized Han Zhan up closely.

Han Zhan’s outfit was simple and low-profile. His extremely simple black shirt looked ordinary, but it hid a secret. That material was top-grade with a good texture and soft skin. Every dark golden button on the shirt had the letter H on it. It was obviously custom-made.

This was called low-key luxury.

Jiang Shifeng looked at Han Zhan calmly and asked curiously, “How old are you this year, Mr. Han? What do you do?”

Han Zhan said, “I’m 35 years old this year. I used to be a soldier, but I retired from the military and became a businessman. I have some achievements now.”

Jiang Shifeng understood that ‘small achievements’ were just a way of saying modestly. Anyone who said that they were ‘small achievements’ were usually big shots from all walks of life.

“35 years old?” He seemed to have just reacted and asked about Han Zhan’s age. “Mr. Han is 10 years older than Song Ci?”

Han Zhan’s smile gradually stiffened.

Song Ci saw Han Zhan’s extremely uncomfortable expression and hurriedly controlled her laughter to tell Jiang Rufeng, “Uncle, don’t ask anymore. If you ask our Mr. Han again, he will be sad.”

Jiang Shifeng also felt that he was making a fuss over nothing. He looked at Han Zhan and comforted him. “Don’t worry about age. You two are only 10 years apart. When your mother and Coleman fell in love back then, the difference was not just 10 years.”

Song Ci hurriedly nodded. “Yes.”

Seeing that Jiang Shifeng had skipped the topic of age, Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief.

“How long have you two been married?” Jiang Shifeng asked again.

Han Zhan replied, “Three years.”

Jiang Shifeng was shocked. He tilted his head and looked at Song Ci. “You got married at 22 years old?”

Song Ci blushed and said softly, “I got married early.”

Jiang Shifeng’s gaze darted back and forth between the two of them before he smiled and said, “If you have a deep relationship, it doesn’t matter if you get married early or late.”

“Uncle is right.” Han Zhan started to flirt. He said, “The first time I saw Song Ci, I fell in love with her at first sight and couldn’t wait to marry her. If I really like someone, I will always think of how to marry her.”

Jiang Shifeng had grown up overseas and was not surprised by Han Zhan’s confession.

He nodded in agreement. “You’re right.”

Seeing that Song Ci and Han Zhan were truly loving and harmonious, Jiang Shifeng was also relieved. At this moment, his assistant walked upstairs and stood behind Han Zhan and the rest. “Three guests, dinner is ready.”

“Let’s go and eat.”

The Coleman family’s dining table was rectangular with a white tablecloth. In the middle of the table was a blue vase with flowers planted by her own family.

Jiang Shifeng told Song Ci, “This dining table has some history. It’s almost as big as Coleman. Coleman is very nostalgic. This dining table should have been changed long ago, but he couldn’t bear to. Even this tablecloth was chosen by his mother when she was alive.”

Coleman couldn’t accept the huge changes in his life. He loved using old things. He couldn’t bear to change pots, bowls, ladles, dining tables, chairs, and even the old landline at home.

Actually, there was nothing bad about this.

Coleman ate very quietly and definitely wouldn’t take the initiative to speak. As he couldn’t see anything, his food was prepared by his assistant in advance.

Song Ci noticed that Coleman barely ate meat and his plate was filled with vegetables.

Jiang Shifeng also noticed it.

Even though it had been 15 years since they last met, Coleman still knew his old friend’s habits very well. Jiang Shifeng cut a piece of sausage and secretly placed it on Coleman’s plate.

Song Ci happened to see this scene. Song Ci felt that after Coleman tasted the sausages, he would most likely vomit them out. But unexpectedly, after Coleman realized that the food in his mouth was sausages, he just frowned helplessly in Jiang Rufeng’s direction.

Jiang Shifeng knew that Coleman was resistant to the taste of sausages. He hurriedly said to him, “You need to eat some meat. If you’re picky, your mother will be unhappy.”

When Coleman heard this, he murmured repeatedly, “Mother said it was wrong to be picky. Mother said it was wrong to be picky.” After muttering this twice, Coleman forced himself to swallow that sausage.

Song Ci saw that Jiang Shifeng easily convinced Coleman to eat the sausages and was instantly impressed. As expected of a long-time friend, Jiang Shifeng could always find the best way to deal with Coleman.

After dinner, Coleman locked himself in the piano room to practice and refused to see anyone.

It was also time for Song Ci and Han Zhan to return. Jiang Shifeng personally sent them off.

Standing in front of Coleman’s house, Song Ci asked Jiang Shifeng, “When are you going back, Uncle?”

Jiang Shifeng smiled and said, “I’ve already retired and have nothing on recently. I intend to stay here for a while longer.” Like Song Ci, Jiang Shifeng was also worried about his old friend Coleman. He planned to just live with him like this.

Song Ci asked curiously, “Won’t Auntie have any objections?”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Rufeng said, “I’m divorced.”


Jiang Shifeng was already relieved of his failed marriage, so he was very calm when mentioning it.

He told Song Ci, “Your aunt is a cellist and my first love. After we got married, we also had a very blissful married life. Later on, because of me, our relationship gradually drifted apart and we ended up in a divorce.”

“Then… do I have cousins?”

Jiang Rufeng still shook his head. “No, we are a dink family.”

Hearing this, Song Ci stopped asking. “Alright, Uncle. I will be participating in Queen Elizabeth’s violin competition in two months. I hope you can cheer me on then.”

“I wish you the best in advance!”

“Thank you, Uncle. We are returning to Rome tomorrow. Uncle, I look forward to our next meeting.”


Jiang Shifeng and Song Ci hugged and watched as they walked away along the narrow stone path before returning to Coleman’s house.

He stood at the door of Coleman’s room and heard the sound of the zither coming from inside the house. He instinctively stopped in his tracks. Coleman was deaf and blind now, and the tune he played was intermittent, like a child learning the zither.

Thinking that the world-renowned pianist could only hide in the piano room and play like a child learning the piano, his heart felt like it was being grabbed tightly by an invisible hand. It was extremely painful.

He looked down at his stiff fingers, deep sorrow in his eyes.

After Song Ci and Han Zhan returned to Rome, they brought the two children and Yan Qingxiu for a trip to Switzerland.

They only hurried back to Rome the day before Sicilio and Su Huanyan’s wedding.

Yan Jiang, his wife, and Aaron arrived today. Their flight was 40 minutes later than Song Ci’s. After Song Ci’s family arrived at the airport, they found a cafe and sat down, waiting to meet Song Fei and the rest.

Han Miao was slightly dizzy and fell asleep in Han Zhan’s arms. Han Zhan also fell asleep.

Han Jun and Yan Qingxiu were sitting together and spinning the Rubik’s Cube. Song Ci looked up and saw Song Fei and the rest.

“They’re here!”

Song Ci’s voice woke Han Zhan up.

Han Zhan hugged Han Miao tightly in his arms. He looked up and saw Song Fei and the rest. He stared at that group of people and realized that there was someone missing. He asked Song Ci, “Cheng Yanmo didn’t come this time?”

Song Ci rolled her eyes at Han Zhan and made an analogy. “If we get a divorce, will you attend my wedding with my new lover?”

This analogy instantly made Han Zhan’s face darken. “Nonsense.”

Song Ci hurriedly slapped her own mouth and said, “He didn’t come, but the present was delivered.”

Song Fei and the rest arrived at the cafe very quickly. Song Fei stood outside the door and waved at Song Ci. “Let’s go, Song Ci.”


His siblings and family were gathered together. Sicilio’s manor had never been so lively. He looked at his siblings and felt happy.

In the corner of the living room, Han Zhan was settling old scores with Aaron for throwing Song Ci into the sea and dragging her along.

Aaron knew that he was in the wrong. He knew that a simple apology couldn’t calm Han Zhan’s anger or compensate him for the harm he had done to Song Ci back then.

“Hoff, come with me.” Aaron pulled Han Zhan’s hand out of the living room and went to the pool.

Aaron released Han Zhan’s hand, took off his clothes, and jumped into the pool of the manor. Aaron emerged from the water, flicked his blonde hair, and revealed his adorable face.

He even floated in the water and said to Han Zhan, “That year, I threw Song Ci into the sea and dragged her for half an hour. I am willing to soak for half an hour under the water as an apology to her.”

Han Zhan snorted. “Dream on!”

Han Rang’s jump attracted the attention of the others in the room. Everyone chased after him.

Seeing Aaron soaking in the water and Han Zhan standing by the pool, everyone was puzzled. “What?” Sicilio frowned at his two younger brothers.

Han Zhan explained the truth in a concise manner. He said, “That year, when Aaron secretly transported Song Ci from America to Italy, he knew that Song Ci was afraid of the deep sea, but he still purposely threw her into the sea and let her follow the boat for half an hour. She nearly lost her life.”

Hearing this, Sicilio glared at Han Rang unhappily and scolded. “Your brother is a hooligan!”

When Nan Yanyan heard about this, she felt incredulous. She looked at Aaron like he was a stranger.

Aaron was hurt by Nan Yanyan’s gaze. He didn’t dare to look at Nan Yanyan and said to Sicilio directly, “I know that I was a jerk back then and what I did was very foolish. So I am willing to apologize now. I am willing to soak in the water for half an hour.”

But Han Zhan said, “That’s not enough.” He asked Sicilio, “Is there a rope at home?”

Sicilio guessed what Han Zhan wanted to do. Without a word, he returned to the house and found a rope.

Han Zhan tied Aaron’s wrist with a rope. He tied the other end of the rope to a tree and made Aaron float in the water, but his head was exposed.

Han Zhan got the servant to bring out the pump. He held the soft tube of the pump and told Han Rang,

“Aaron, it’s not a small prank to throw your sister-in-law into the sea. You nearly killed her. She has been hiding this from me. It’s fine if I don’t know, but now that I do, I will definitely give your sister-in-law an explanation. Aaron, if we don’t settle this old score today, we brothers will have a knot in our hearts.”

Han Zhan’s expression was very serious. He was not joking but was serious. Song Ci had endured too many grievances in silence for the sake of their brotherhood. Han Zhan naturally had to give Song Ci an explanation.

Aaron actually felt guilty about the things he did to Song Ci back then. But for the sake of his face, he had never formally apologized to Song Ci.

Now that Han Zhan was pursuing this matter, Aaron heaved a sigh of relief. He said, “Alright, come on.”

Song Ci felt that Han Zhan’s method was too much. She instinctively wanted to walk over to Han Zhan to stop him.

But Nan Yanyan reached out and stopped her. “Sister-in-law, forget it. If Aaron made a mistake, let him apologize. Second Brother is right. If we don’t get over this, we can’t continue being a family calmly.”

Aaron threw a woman with deep-sea phobia into the sea to drag her along was basically asking for Song Ci’s life. It was unfair to Song Ci to pretend that nothing had happened. Moreover, Han Zhan was very protective of Song Ci. If this went on, he would definitely have a grudge against Aaron.

So today, Aaron had to be punished.

Hearing Nan Yanyan’s words, Song Ci naturally understood her painstaking efforts. She wanted to say that she had long let go of that grudge, but looking at Aaron’s face, Song Ci realized that she still couldn’t forget what Aaron had done to her.

She blamed Aaron in her heart.

Song Ci sat back down.

Han Zhan turned on the pump and aimed the soft tube at Aaron. A gush of high-pressure water sprayed out and hit Aaron’s face, making it difficult for him to breathe. But this feeling was not as painful as when Song Ci was soaked in the sea and dragged along with the ship.

Half an hour later, the torture ended.

Han Zhan turned off the water pump. Sicilio jumped into the pool immediately and brought the half-dead Aaron to the shore. Aaron laid on the ground coughing wildly, coughing his lungs out.

After a long while, Aaron felt alive again.

Han Zhan walked up to Aaron and looked down at him. After a few seconds, he reached out his right hand. “Get up.”

Aaron grabbed Han Rang’s hand and was pulled up to sit up by him. The two brothers smiled at each other, feeling like their grudges were gone with a smile.

The next day, Sicilio and Su Huanyan’s wedding was held as scheduled in the castle of Odscalci-Castle.

The bridesmaid at Su Huanyan’s wedding was her designer partner, Su Weiya. They had jointly founded the lingerie brand and were also good friends from the design institute.

Sicilio’s best man was Earl Ace. Earl Ace was delayed by something yesterday and couldn’t reach the town. He arrived at the town on the morning of the wedding in a helicopter.

Earl Ace didn’t come alone. He even brought his girlfriend, Du Xueyan, along this time.

Song Ci accompanied Su Huanyan to put on makeup before feeling hungry. “I’m going to eat something.”

Hearing that Song Ci was going to eat, Su Huanyan grabbed her hand and said, “Bring me some food too. I’m hungry.”


This castle was designed by Sherlock. The main hall of the castle was perfectly preserved with the mural of Anthony Yazzo Romano. Song Ci admired the mural as she walked towards the dining room.

Suddenly, a melodious female voice called her name. “Song Ci?”

Song Ci looked up at the sound and saw a woman in a white, diagonal fishtail dress standing at the entrance of the main hall. It was Du Xueyan. Du Xueyan’s long hair draped over her shoulders, and she had bright eyes and white teeth. She was holding a cream-colored banquet bag and looked very domineering.

The last time Song Ci saw Du Xueyan was at the American convalescent hospital. At that time, she had just woken up after sleeping for a few months and was very weak.

In the past half a year, Du Xueyan’s acting career had gradually gotten on track. She had taken on an American drama and was the female lead. That American drama’s viewership ratings had exploded. Now, Du Xueyan had already become a well-known new actress in America.

From singer to actor, Du Xueyan’s transformation was very successful.

With her career and love, Du Xueyan was naturally glowing.

While Song Ci was sizing up Du Xueyan, Du Xueyan was also sizing her up. Song Ci was wearing a black tube dress today. The loose skirt couldn’t cover her bulging abdomen. She had tied up her hair today with a black wooden hairpin.

Her simple style didn’t hinder Song Ci’s beauty. Her eyes were curved and her cold white skin seemed to glow. Standing in the middle of the hall, she looked like a medieval princess.

Song Ci walked up to Du Xueyan and greeted her normally. “Long time no see, Du Xueyan.”

“Long time no see.” Du Xueyan looked at her stomach and smiled. “You’re pregnant with your second child? How many more months till you give birth?”

“Three more months.”

“That’s soon.” Du Xueyan stared at the black wooden hairpin on Song Ci’s head and asked curiously, “Where did you buy this hairpin on your head? It’s quite unique.”

Song Ci smiled mysteriously and told her, “You can’t buy this. It’s unique.”

Du Xueyan was slightly stunned before understanding what Song Ci meant. “Oh? CEO Han gave it to you?”

Song Ci smiled so widely that her eyes narrowed. “Yes.”

Du Xueyan also raised her left hand and waved it at Song Ci. Song Ci had good eyesight and could clearly see that Du Xueyan was wearing a purple diamond ring on her middle finger.

Song Ci couldn’t conceal the surprise on her face. “You are engaged?”

Du Xueyan smiled and nodded. She said mysteriously, “Guess who my groom-to-be is?”

Song Ci raised her brows. “Is there a need to guess? It must be Earl Ace.”

Du Xueyan nodded graciously. “Mmm, he proposed to me yesterday.”

“No wonder he couldn’t come yesterday because he had something on. So he was proposing to you.” Song Ci stared at Du Xueyan’s suddenly gentle eyes and sincerely instructed her. “Congratulations on receiving true love, Du Xueyan.”

Du Xueyan suddenly patted Song Ci’s arm. “Thank you too.”

Song Ci asked, “Why are you thanking me?”

Du Xueyan said, “I already know. I was able to successfully clinch the female lead role in the television series thanks to your recommendation.”

The producer who made Du Xueyan’s blockbuster was Du Junfei’s good friend. At the beginning of the year, Song Ci recommended Du Xueyan to that producer through Du Junfei.

Of course, Du Xueyan was also the one who was capable of clinching the role of the female lead in the end. But Song Ci introducing Du Xueyan to that producer in front of Du Junfei attracted the attention of the producer.

Du Xueyan only heard the drunk producer tell the truth when she attended the celebration party after filming.

Song Ci blinked at Du Xueyan and pretended to be mischievous. “I just want you to focus on your career. The more popular your career is, the less interested you are in romance. Then I will have one less love rival.”

Du Xueyan looked at Song Ci with a complicated expression. She sighed. “You just don’t mean what you say. Anyway, I have to thank you for this.”

Earl Ace walked in from outside. “Sherry.” Earl Ace walked over and hugged Du Xueyan’s waist. He asked her, “What are you guys talking about?”

Song Ci nodded slightly at Earl Ace. “Earl Ace, long time no see. Congratulations on successfully earning the beauty.”

“Thank you, Madam Han.” Hearing this congratulations, Earl Ace couldn’t help smiling.

“Baby Ci!”

Han Zhan also came over.

When he saw Du Xueyan and Earl Ace, his expression didn’t change. “Earl Ace, we meet again.”

Reynolds Ace glanced at Han Zhan indifferently and suddenly coughed. He then lowered his head to hold Du Xueyan’s left hand.

He patted the back of Du Xueyan’s hand lovingly and said, “Your hand is a little cold. Are you wearing too little? Let’s go back and add some clothes.” Reynolds Ace loved Du Xueyan so much and kept patting the back of her hand. It was difficult for Han Zhan to not see that proposal ring.

He found it funny and simply laughed. “Oh, Xueyan, are you engaged?”

This Xueyan sounded especially ear-piercing to Reynolds Ace.

Reynolds Ace stared at Han Zhan coldly and said, “Mr. Han, Xueyan is already engaged to me. From now on, I hope you can call her Madam Earl when you see her. It’s impolite to call her by her name.”

What a sour vinegar smell!

Song Ci, Han Zhan, and Du Xueyan chuckled in their hearts.

Han Zhan nodded seriously and acknowledged. He corrected himself. “Future Countess, congratulations on receiving true love.” Han Zhan said this congratulations sincerely.

Du Xueyan glanced at Han Zhan with a complicated expression. She thought of how she had abandoned Han Zhan to pursue her career back then and felt very upset.

“Alright, my wife and I are going to eat. Earl Ace, excuse me.” Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to breakfast.

After breakfast, on the way back, Song Ci and Han Zhan met Du Xueyan again. Du Xueyan was still wearing that dress, but she had an additional sapphire blue suit jacket.

Du Xueyan was obviously waiting for them on the way. Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “I’ll give you five minutes. You guys chat.”

Han Zhan instinctively grabbed Song Ci’s hand and said, “What’s there to talk about between me and her?”

Song Ci said, “We should part on good terms. Since she came to look for you, you should go and listen.”

Song Ci left after saying that. She walked to a chair and sat down. She gestured at Han Zhan’s watch, meaning to remind him to finish his conversation with Du Xueyan as soon as possible.

Han Zhan smiled helplessly and walked towards Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan had already seen Song Ci and Han Zhan’s every move. Seeing Han Zhan walk over, Du Xueyan smiled and said, “Song Ci is really a girl who keeps giving people surprises.”

Han Zhan said without thinking, “Her appearance is a surprise in my life.”

Du Xueyan was momentarily stunned by his words, but she quickly smiled in relief.

Du Xueyan tightened her suit jacket and said to Han Zhan, “I came to look for you because I have nothing else to say. I just want to tell you something.”

Han Zhan looked like he was listening intently.

Du Xueyan mustered up her courage and said, “Han Zhan, I’m sorry.”

Han Zhan guessed that she would say this.

In fact, before this, Du Xueyan had already apologized to him. Han Zhan sighed and said, “To be honest, I don’t really remember what happened between you and me back then. Du Xueyan, your actions have indeed let me down, but at least you didn’t let yourself down.”

Du Xueyan’s eyes reddened slightly when she heard the last sentence.

Han Zhan suddenly asked, “Do you know what I will do if Song Ci dares to dump me?”

Du Xueyan frowned and shook her head. “What will you do?”

Han Zhan smiled slightly and said, “If she runs away, I will go and look for her. Whether she lives or dies, she is mine.” He glanced at Du Xueyan and said, “Do you understand? If I believe that someone must be her, I will never give up on her.”

In other words, when you kicked me back then, I didn’t cry, kick up a fuss, or ask you to stay. It wasn’t because I was rational and magnanimous, but because I didn’t love you that much.

To be honest, Han Zhan’s words hurt Du Xueyan slightly, but she quickly felt relieved. “I understand. She’s very good. You two will be happy.” Du Xueyan turned and left, her footsteps hurried, as if she was fleeing.

Han Zhan returned to Song Ci’s side and said, “It was settled in four minutes. How efficient am I?”

Song Ci stood up with a smile. She looked up and reached out to touch Han Zhan’s handsome face. She said in the gentlest tone, “Then from tonight onwards, you are not allowed to enter my room for the next four nights.”

With that, Song Ci picked up her dress and left gracefully.

Han Zhan was speechless.

“You asked me to go!” Han Zhan felt very aggrieved and complained to Song Ci. “You asked me to go. Why are you angry now?”

Song Ci sneered. “I am temperamental and turn against you like a book. I was happy previously but now I am not. What can you do to me?”

Han Zhan felt like doing domestic violence.

Sicilio and Su Huanyan’s wedding was held at 10am in the morning. After the wedding, the two of them brought their siblings to take wedding photos in the castle. At night, they even held a thank-you banquet.

The next day, the group set off for Wangdong City.

It was already late at night when they returned to the Imperial Dragon Mountain Manor. Song Ci sent the children back to their rooms and returned to her own master bedroom while yawning. Han Zhan followed behind her silently. Seeing that Song Ci didn’t chase him away, he thought that she had already forgotten what she had said.

He was secretly overjoyed. Just as he was about to step into the bedroom, Song Ci turned around and said coldly, “You can sleep in the small living room outside tonight. You can sleep on the floor or on the carpet.”

With that, Song Ci closed the door.

Han Zhan stood outside the door and asked indignantly, “You really don’t want me?”

“No, I want a refund.”

Although Song Ci said that she wanted to sleep separately from Han Zhan, she didn’t really lock the door. She climbed into bed and fell asleep. Han Zhan sat outside for a while and thought that Song Ci should be asleep. Only then did he push open the door, sneakily climbed into bed, hugged Song Ci, and fell asleep peacefully.

Han Zhan was slightly tired from the flight yesterday and took a rare nap the next morning. He buried his head in Song Ci’s hair and was sleeping soundly when his cell phone suddenly rang.

Han Zhan immediately sobered up. He picked up his cell phone and saw that it was Li Li calling. He hurriedly answered it. “Li Li, so early?” It was only 7.30pm and not yet time for work.

Li Li shouted anxiously over the phone, “Mr. Han, my mother fell at home last night. No one noticed her the entire night. When the nanny went to her house this morning, she had already fainted.”

“I am at the hospital now. The doctor said that my mother has a clot in the back of her head and needs a craniotomy. They said that the neurologist at Liberation Hospital is the best. Do you know the doctor at Liberation Hospital? Can you help me contact an authoritative neurologist?”

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