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Chapter 434: I Deserve to Suffer for You for the Rest of My Life?

Li Li was burning with anxiety and his tone became anxious.

Hearing this, Han Zhan was instantly jolted awake. As he lifted the blanket and got out of bed, he said, “Don’t be anxious. I’ll call the director of the Liberation Hospital now. Quickly contact the hospital and find an ambulance to send Auntie to the Liberation Hospital. Wait for my notice!”


Song Ci was also woken up. She sat up in a daze.

When she was sleeping, Song Ci was only wearing a negligee with straps. When she got up, the straps of the negligee slid down to her arms. She didn’t realize that there was a dark red hickey on her round shoulders.

It was secretly sucked out by a certain beast last night after she fell asleep.

Song Ci rubbed her eyes and looked up at Han Zhan in confusion. Seeing that he had quickly put on his clothes, she frantically buttoned up his shirt.

Song Ci reminded him. “You buttoned the wrong button. Come here.”

Han Zhan looked down and realized that he had buttoned the fourth button up to the third button. He went to the cloakroom to get a tie and walked to the bed with it, asking Song Ci to button it up again.

Song Ci knelt on the bed and buttoned him up as she asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you so flustered? What happened?”

Han Zhan wrapped the tie around his neck and said, “Auntie Li fell last night. The nanny went to cook this morning and realized that she fell to the ground and fainted.”

Song Ci hurriedly asked, “Then what’s Auntie Li’s condition now? Is her life in danger?”

“It’s hard to say. They said that there’s a big clot of blood at the back of her head and she needs a craniotomy. Li Li called me just now and wanted me to contact the director of the Neurosurgery Department of Liberation Hospital. He wanted to transfer Auntie to Liberation Hospital for surgery.”

Song Ci took Han Zhan’s hand away and took the initiative to fasten his tie. She said, “Are you going over? If you are, I will go with you.”


Song Ci wanted to change clothes, so Han Zhan took the opportunity to call the director of the Liberation Hospital. The director told Han Zhan that the director of the Neurosurgery Department had just returned from overseas yesterday night. His call came at the right time and the director was there.

“Thank you, Director. My friend will be arriving at the hospital soon.”

“Alright, let him go to the Neurosurgery Department directly after he comes. How about this, I’ll go over too.” The director and Han Zhan were old friends. Han Zhan needed his help and if he didn’t settle this matter well, he wouldn’t feel at ease.

Han Zhan hung up and turned back to see that Song Ci had already changed clothes. She was standing in front of the dressing table, stuffing the makeup cream and lipstick into her bag.

“Let’s go.” Song Ci quickly packed up and went to the garage with Han Zhan.

Imperial Dragon Mountain was quite far from the People’s Liberation Hospital. There were two districts in between. It would take about an hour to drive there. Moreover, it was rush hour now. It would be even longer if there was a traffic jam.

Sitting in the car, Song Ci took out a small mirror and applied some makeup on her face. Then, she held the mirror with one hand and drew her brows with the other. After settling her beauty, Song Ci put on lipstick and looked better.

Putting away her makeup tools, Song Ci thought of something and said to Han Zhan as she searched for her cell phone, “I’ll call Beibei first and ask if they’ve arrived at Liberation Hospital.”


The phone rang for six to seven seconds before it was answered by Su Beibei. Song Ci hurriedly asked Su Beibei, “Beibei, are you guys at the Liberation Hospital now? We are stuck in a traffic jam here. It might take another half an hour to reach.”

Su Beibei placed her cell phone on the cupboard. She scooped up the egg skin from the pot with the spatula and placed it on the chopping board. Hearing this, Su Beibei was confused. She looked at Song Ci in confusion. “Song Song, what are you talking about? Why are you going to the Liberation Hospital?”

Hearing this, Song Ci felt that something was off. She asked in confusion, “Don’t you know that Mother Li fell and is going for a craniotomy?”

“Mother fell?” Su Beibei hurriedly turned off the fire. She picked up her cell phone, leaned against the counter, and asked Song Ci, “When did this happen? I didn’t hear about it!” Su Beibei’s heart clenched. She hurriedly asked Song Ci, “Is it serious?”

Song Ci said, “It’s quite serious. I heard that no one discovered it the entire night. She has a cerebral hemorrhage and needs surgery. Are you going to the hospital to take a look?”

Su Beibei hurriedly said, “Of course I’m going. Liberation Hospital, right? I’ll go now.”

“Okay.” Song Ci reminded Su Beibei again. “Beibei, don’t be anxious. Settle Li Ao down first before coming to Liberation Hospital. We will contact each other when we reach Liberation Hospital.”


Song Ci hung up and turned to look at Han Zhan. She suddenly asked, “How are Li Li and Beibei recently?”

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci’s expression was off. He thought about it seriously before saying, “I can’t tell what’s wrong. He either goes to work or goes home to accompany his wife and children.”

Song Ci was even more puzzled. She said, “Since there’s no problem, if something happened to Auntie Li, Li Li should also inform Beibei. No matter what, Beibei is still the daughter-in-law of the Li Family. Could it be that just because Auntie Li and Beibei didn’t come, Li Li hid it from her?”

Song Ci felt that Mother Li’s fall would cause a lot of trouble. She hoped that she was just too sensitive and thought too much.

Han Zhan didn’t think of this at first. Hearing Song Ci’s words, he also felt that Li Li didn’t do it well. But on second thought, perhaps Li Li had forgotten to call Su Beibei because he was too busy.

“Li Li might be busy and forgot to call Beibei.”

Song Ci felt that this matter was not as simple as they thought.

On the other end, after Su Beibei hung up on Song Ci, she leaned against the cupboard in a daze.

His mother had fallen and needed surgery, but Li Li didn’t tell me anything. Why? Was he worried that his mother would see me when she woke up and worsen her condition in a fit of anger? (italics)

Or did he despise me for being a burden? (italics)

Su Beibei couldn’t help thinking too much.


Li Ao walked out of the room in a pair of shorts. He was holding a T-shirt and rubbing his eyes. He had obviously just woken up.

Li Ao stood in front of Su Beibei and raised the T-shirt in his arms. He said to Su Beibei, “I wore pants myself. I don’t know how to wear clothes.”

Su Beibei hurriedly squatted down to help Li Ao put on his t-shirt. She looked at her son’s fair and tender face and said to him, “Li Ao, Grandma is sick and Mother needs to go to the hospital to visit her. You can play with Auntie today, alright?”

The auntie was the nanny at home and had been working at Su Beibei’s house for almost two years. She was quite a nice person and Su Beibei trusted her. But when Li Ao heard Su Beibei’s words, he tilted his head and asked, “Can’t you bring me along?”

Su Beibei said, “The hospital is not clean and there are many bacteria.”

But Li Ao pouted and said disappointedly, “I know. Grandma doesn’t like me.”

Su Beibei was stunned.

This was the first time she heard such words from Li Ao. She was truly shocked. She grabbed Li Ao’s shoulder and asked him, “Neil, why do you think so?”

Li Ao said, “Grandma doesn’t like me. She never hugged me and doesn’t welcome me to his house to play.” Li Ao also told Su Beibei, “The last time Father brought me to Grandma’s house to play, Grandma even asked Father when he would divorce you.”

Li Ao shouted at Su Beibei, “She’s a baddie!”

Su Beibei was rooted to the ground by Li Ao’s words. “Grandma really asked when your father will divorce me?” Su Beibei knew that Mother Li didn’t like her, but she didn’t expect Mother Li to always look forward to her divorce with Li Li!

How could there be a mother in this world who couldn’t wait for her son to get a divorce? (italics)

Li Ao nodded. “Mmm, she asked.”

Li Ao frowned and said to Su Beibei, “Mother, you’re hurting my shoulder.”

u Beibei hurriedly released her hands.

She stood up and turned to cut the egg skin on the chopping board. As she cut the egg skin into silk, she asked, “What did your father say?”

Li Ao didn’t hear clearly and asked, “What? What did Father say?”

Su Beibei snapped out of her trance and realized that she shouldn’t have told Li Ao about this. Su Beibei shook her head and said, “It’s okay. Mother will make egg noodles for you. When Auntie comes over, Mother will go to the hospital.”


Li Ao sat by the coffee table in the living room and played with the puzzle for a while. Su Beibei prepared egg noodles.

The mother and son had just finished their noodles when the auntie arrived. Su Beibei explained the situation to the auntie, who said that she would take good care of Li Ao and let her go to the hospital without worry.

“Thank you, Auntie.”

Su Beibei returned to her room and hurriedly changed her clothes. She hurriedly drove to Liberation Hospital.

When she arrived at the liberation hospital, Mother Li had already been pushed for a checkup. Su Beibei called Song Ci and found out that they were waiting outside the checkup room. She went upstairs to look for them.

It needed a while for Mother Li to be pushed into the examination room. The process of waiting for the report was also a torture for Li Li.

Li Li had a messy morning and his hair was all messed up. He leaned against the wall, massaged his brows, and said to Han Zhan in a low voice, “It’s all my fault. I didn’t take good care of her and let her lie on the ground for the entire night…”

Li Li was raised by his mother by killing fish. Li Li naturally respected and loved his mother.

Back then, when she got married to Su Beibei, Mother Li still didn’t know Su Beibei’s identity and was rather fond of her. At that time, Li Li thought that she finally had a happy and perfect family.

But who knew that his mother would hate Su Beibei so much after knowing her true identity?

But what wrong did Su Beibei do? (italics)

Even if Su Beibei’s parents had been murdered by Mu Mian, it was a fact that his father had knocked someone over when he was drunk! His father was not innocent at all!

But Li Li understood such a simple logic, but Mother Li couldn’t.

Mother Li had led a bitter life. Unable to find a way to vent, she pushed all her hatred and resentment onto Su Beibei.

Mother Li kept going against Su Beibei, and it was very difficult for Li Li to be in the middle. One was the woman he loved, and the other was the mother who had given him his life and raised him. He couldn’t bear to hurt either one of them.

In order to have a harmonious family, he had no choice but to move out with his wife and children. But now that such a thing had happened to his mother, he really felt helpless and didn’t know what to do.

Han Zhan could understand Li Li’s pain. No one would feel good about this. He patted Li Li’s shoulder and said, “It’s not entirely your fault.”

Li Li shook his head and sighed softly. “It’s my fault. I didn’t manage her relationship with Beibei well. I was useless.” Li Li could call the shots in the business world. When he returned home, he couldn’t settle the conflict between his mother and wife.

He felt very helpless.

Han Zhan suddenly asked, “Have you told Beibei about your mother?”

Li Li looked up at Han Zhan. His lips moved and he was speechless for a long time.

Han Zhan raised his brows and said, “You didn’t call to inform her?”

Li Li nodded and explained, “I thought that my mother and Beibei didn’t get along and was worried that she would be even angrier if she saw Beibei, so… I didn’t inform her.”

Han Zhan sneered. “Li Li, are you taking Beibei seriously by doing this? She is your wife. No matter how bad her relationship with your mother is, at this time, as husband and wife, she should stand by your side. What will she think if you do this?”

At first, Li Li didn’t realize that his actions were inappropriate. Han Zhan’s words woke him up like a blow to the head. “I’ll call her now…” Before Li Li could finish speaking, he saw Su Beibei squeeze through the crowd and walk over.

Su Beibei was wearing a burgundy V-neck dress. As she walked over, countless men were secretly looking at her. Even after getting married and becoming a mother, Su Beibei was still dazzling and eye-catching.

Li Li saw Su Beibei and suddenly felt guilty. He waved at her and shouted, “Beibei…”

However, Su Beibei acted as if she didn’t see him. She walked up to Song Ci and asked, “Song Song, what’s the situation now?”

Song Ci sensed that the atmosphere was off. She glanced at Li Li first and saw that he looked helpless. She thought to herself: You deserve it! (italics)

Song Ci told Su Beibei, “Auntie is still doing a full-body checkup inside. We have to wait a little longer.”


Su Beibei stood beside Song Ci, not giving Li Li a single look. Li Li knew that he was in the wrong first. He walked up to Su Beibei and called out, “Beibei.”

Su Beibei looked up at him and remained silent. She lowered her head again.

Li Li instinctively reached out to hold her hand, but Su Beibei slapped it.

Li Li’s face darkened. “Are you going to throw a tantrum at me now?”

Su Beibei gave him a cold smile. She said, “Since you despise me for being an eyesore here, why are you still talking to me?”

“I didn’t…” Li Li instinctively wanted to defend himself, but Su Beibei interrupted him. She stared into Li Li’s eyes and said,” Look into my eyes and tell me why you didn’t call to inform me previously. ”

Li Li opened his mouth to say that he had just forgotten. He wanted to say that he had planned to call her after his mother’s checkup results were out, but looking at Su Beibei’s penetrating eyes, Li Li realized that he was at a loss for words.

He had nothing to say.

Su Beibei snorted meaningfully.

At this moment, the door to the examination room was opened. The nurse pushed Mother Li out and the doctor followed behind. A group of people surrounded the doctor as they walked towards the ward and listened to the doctor describe Mother Li’s condition.

“The patient’s intracranial blood clot is rather large and is pressing against her nerves. It has to be removed. In addition, the patient’s left calf fibula must have hit something hard when she fell last night. It shows signs of bone fracture and needs to be operated on.”

Li Li’s heart trembled as Su Beibei frowned.

“We will perform the surgery, doctor.” Li Li didn’t hesitate and decided to perform the surgery for his mother.

The doctor nodded and said to Li Li, “I’ll go and write the surgery notice first. You can come and sign it later. If the surgery is confirmed, it will start at 11am.”

“Alright, doctor.”

The doctor returned to the office. Li Li, Han Zhan, and the rest carried Mother Li to the bed.

“I’ll go to the doctor. Mr. Han, help me look after my mother.”


Mother Li had already woken up. Her eyes reddened at the sight of Song Ci and the rest.

Mother Li sobbed and complained to Han Zhan, “Han Zhan, Auntie’s life is tough. My son only wants his wife and doesn’t want me as his mother. Last night, I fell to the ground and couldn’t do anything…”

Hearing Auntie Li’s words, Han Zhan and Song Ci felt a headache coming on.

Han Zhan grabbed Auntie Li’s hand and said, “Auntie, don’t say that. You raised Li Li single-handedly. He knows that it’s not easy for you and is naturally filial to you.”

“He’s filial to me?” Auntie Li suddenly became agitated. Tears rolled down her face and fell behind her ears. She held Han Zhan’s hand tightly and said, “You don’t know. He only has that wife in his heart. In order to make his wife happy, he had already moved out and left me alone. Even so, you still say that he’s filial to me!”

“Han Zhan, you don’t know. Back then, for him, I woke up early and worked late at night. I even had to stand under the shed to kill fish and sell fish in the snow and rain! I raised him up. Now that he’s successful, he forgot about me, his mother! The key is that Su Beibei. You guys don’t know her true colors!”

The more Auntie Li spoke, the more aggrieved she felt. She cried even harder. Her fingers trembled as she pointed at the door and said hatefully, “That woman used the compensation money from our house to go overseas to have fun. She lived the life of driving luxury cars and wearing branded clothes! Meanwhile, us mother and son lived the life of having one meal and not having another! Even so, she still has the cheek to marry our Li Li!”

“Li Li is such a good child. How did he get seduced by that vixen!”

When Song Ci heard these words, she felt indignant for Su Beibei. Her man had crashed into Su Beibei’s parents and caused them to fall into the river and die. She still had reason! As the orphan of the victim, shouldn’t Su Beibei receive compensation? (italics)

If not for Mother Li’s injuries today, Song Ci would have really pointed at Auntie Li’s nose and scolded her. She took a deep breath, turned around, and walked out. She had to go out for a walk to take a breather.

Song Ci walked to the door of the ward and found Su Beibei standing outside.

Su Beibei leaned against the wall of the hospital corridor, her head lowered, her face filled with grievance. She didn’t know how long she had been standing there.

Song Ci’s expression changed slightly and she asked softly, “Beibei, how long have you been standing here?” Song Ci and Han Zhan both thought that Su Beibei had gone to the doctor with Li Li.

Su Beibei looked up at Song Ci and smiled sadly. She said, “Song Song, have a chat with me.”

Song Ci knew that Su Beibei must be feeling aggrieved and naturally wouldn’t refuse. She pulled Su Beibei to the vending machine and bought two bottles of mineral water. Only then did she bring Su Beibei downstairs to the leisure garden to have a heart-to-heart talk.

The sun was rather high now and there was no one outside. The two of them sat down under a large tree. Song Ci handed Su Beibei a bottle of mineral water. “Have some water. I see that your lips are quite dry.”


Su Beibei unscrewed the cap and took a sip of water. She hugged the bottle and turned to Song Ci. “These days are too different from the married life I imagined. Song Song, sometimes I even want to give up.”

Give up what? (italics)

Song Ci naturally understood.

She told Su Beibei, “It’s normal for an unsatisfactory marriage to make one feel tired. But Beibei, Li Li loves you.”

Su Beibei thought of Li Li and was momentarily speechless.

Song Ci guessed that Su Beibei had already overheard Auntie Li’s words. She didn’t know how to comfort Su Beibei and could only say dryly, “Auntie is biased against you and doesn’t speak well. Just treat it as if she’s confused and isn’t smart enough. Don’t lower yourself to her level.”

But Su Beibei said, “We’ve been married for less than three years and I’m already starting to feel very tired. Song Song, Li Li’s mother is only 55 years old this year. If nothing goes wrong, she will at least live to 70 years old. Song Song, my youth will be spent fighting with Li Li’s mother.”

Su Beibei leaned her head on Song Ci’s shoulder. She felt very pained and said, “I’m tired, Song Song.”

Song Ci’s heart nearly broke when she heard this.

“Beibei, don’t say that. I feel terrible hearing you say that.” Song Ci couldn’t empathize with Su Beibei’s current life, but hearing Su Beibei say that she was tired, Song Ci’s heart ached.

“Did this marriage really make you so unhappy?”

Su Beibei nodded.

She said, “In the past, I could still deceive myself and myself. As long as we live separately, our family will be happy. But you also saw what happened today. If we continue to be separated like this, Li Li’s mother will definitely have another accident. You also saw that Li Li is very pained and guilty about his mother’s injury. If this goes on, Li Li will also feel tormented if he is sandwiched between his mother and me.”

She hugged Song Ci’s arm and recognized the reality. She sighed. “No matter how strong your feelings are, they will be exhausted.”

The more Song Ci listened, the more shocked she became. “Beibei, what are you trying to do?”

The word “divorce” lingered on Su Beibei’s lips for a long while before she finally swallowed it. “Let’s see again.” Su Beibei couldn’t bear to give up this marriage just like that. She would wait a little longer and see if there was still a chance.

The two of them chatted for a long time outside. It was almost time for the surgery, so they returned to the ward.

Li Li had already heard what his mother had said in the ward from Han Zhan. He felt even more guilty towards Su Beibei.

Seeing that Su Beibei had returned, Li Li heaved a huge sigh of relief. He pulled Su Beibei’s arm and said, “Beibei, let’s have a good chat after my mother’s surgery.”

He had to explain everything to Su Beibei today. Otherwise, it would become a huge knot in their hearts.

Su Beibei also knew that the priority now was to operate on Mother Li, so she naturally wouldn’t argue with Li Li. She acknowledged and agreed.

Mother Li was pushed into the operating theater. The four of them sat outside the operating theater and waited for a long time. The surgery took a long time. After midnight, Su Beibei said to Li Li, “Stay here and accompany me. I’ll bring Mr. Han and Song Song for dinner.”

Li Li asked, “What time is it?”


“Alright, you bringt them to eat. The restaurant next to the hospital is not bad. Bring them there.”


Su Beibei stood up and said to Han Zhan and Song Ci, “Mr. Han, Song Song, let’s go eat first.”

Han Zhan was not hungry, but he knew that Song Ci must be. “Alright.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci got up and left. Su Beibei said to Li Li, “You have to eat too. I’ll bring some back for you later.”


Just as Su Beibei was about to leave, Li Li suddenly grabbed her wrist.

Su Beibei looked down at him and remained silent.

Li Li looked up and asked her, “Who is Li Ao with now?”

“With Auntie.”

Li Li was relieved and said, “Remember to call him and tell him to eat well. He will listen to you.”


After dinner, Su Beibei handed the bento box she had brought back to Li Li. “Go eat first. We will guard here. If Mother comes out, I will call you.”

But Li Li said, “Stay with me.”

Su Beibei saw that he looked exhausted and agreed in the end.

Li Li brought Su Beibei into the fire escape and pulled her down the stairs.

Li Li opened the lunch box and saw that Su Beibei had brought him a set of cured meat and dried radish rice. Li Li liked stir-fried bacon and dried radish. Not only was it fragrant, it was also very tasty. He stared at this dish and sighed. “I haven’t eaten this in a long time.”

u Beibei smiled slightly. She said, “Actually, the last time we sat together for dinner was last Saturday night.”

Li Li was stunned. The dried radish in his mouth instantly lost its fragrance.

Li Li was very busy with work. From Monday to Friday, he was at work and on business trips. He would occasionally rest on Saturday weekends and had to go back to visit his mother. He could only give Su Beibei and her son very little time.

If Su Beibei didn’t mention this, Li Li wouldn’t have realized that he and Su Beibei had spent so little time together.

Li Li’s heart ached. He turned and stared at Su Beibei’s face. He asked softly, “Has it been so long?”

Su Beibei acknowledged and said accurately, “25 days have passed in this month. Our family ate three meals together. You slept with me for 12 nights and had sex with me three times.”

Hearing this, Li Li felt like he had eaten a fly and felt very uncomfortable.

Su Beibei picked up the chopsticks in the lunchbox and handed it to Li Li. “Eat quickly, otherwise the food will be cold.”

Li Li stared at the bento box in his hand and had already lost his appetite. Li Li’s vision was covered in a layer of fog and he could barely see the color of the dishes in the bowl. “I’m sorry, I neglected you and your mother.”

Su Beibei saw the tears in Li Li’s eyes and felt mixed emotions.

“Hurry up and eat.”

Li Li shook his head. “I have no appetite. I don’t want to eat anymore.”

Su Beibei didn’t persuade him anymore.

Her WeChat rang.

Su Beibei took out her cell phone. She didn’t know who she saw, but the corners of her lips suddenly curled up. Li Li looked at her smile in a daze, feeling jealous of the person on the cell phone who easily made Su Beibei feel better.

“Who texted you?” Li Li asked casually.

Su Beibei said, “An old friend.”

Li Li asked again, “Male?”

Su Beibei could hear the jealousy in Li Li’s voice. She glanced at him and explained, “Mmm, it’s a child I know overseas.”

“A child?” Li Li asked curiously, “How young?”

Su Beibei said, “When I met him, he was only 9 years old. When I returned to the country, he was only 15 years old.”

Su Beibei had been back in China for six years. She was 26 years old this year, so the child she mentioned was 21 years old.

“He’s already 21 years old. Is he still a child?” Li Li suddenly felt angry. He had already tried his best to control his anger, but when he spoke, his tone was still very aggressive.

Su Beibei frowned. She probably felt that Li Li was being unreasonable. “What do you think I am doing?” Su Beibei gave a faint smile and asked him, “When you ignored me, I was lonely and cold, so I flirted with someone?”

Su Beibei’s words rendered Li Li speechless.

“…I am not…” Li Li was very flustered and very uneasy. He said,” I just, just the thought of other men surrounding you makes me feel uncomfortable. ”

Su Beibei sneered. “Ha…” She didn’t want to speak to Li Li anymore. She got up and left.

Li Li looked at her back view and thought of how he had neglected Su Beibei for the past two years. He suddenly felt that he was not human. He couldn’t remember the last time he went out with Su Beibei and went on a date with her.

Li Li threw the lunchbox into the dustbin and returned to the operating theater. He was relieved to see that Su Beibei was still sitting outside the operating theater.

Mother Li was sent out of the operating theater at 3pm in the afternoon. She was still under anesthesia and was in a daze. When she saw Su Beibei, she instantly perked up.

Mother Li pointed in Su Beibei’s direction and said weakly, “Let her go, let her go.”

Li Li felt a headache coming on. “Mother, don’t be like this!”

Su Beibei couldn’t stand it anymore. She couldn’t be bothered to listen to Li Li’s advice. She said coolly, “Alright, I’m relieved that she’s fine. Li Li, I’ll get going first.”

Su Beibei picked up her bag and left without hesitation.

Li Li instinctively chased after her.


Li Li called out to Su Beibei. “My mother just finished her surgery. Don’t be angry at her.”

Su Beibei turned to look at him. She suddenly said, “Li Li, have you thought about it? You made me suffer today, and you will definitely continue to make me suffer in the future. Do you think that just because I married you, I deserve to suffer for the rest of my life?”

Li Li’s expression changed. “Beibei, you…”

Su Beibei turned and left, ignoring Li Li.

The nurse said to Li Li in the ward, “Mr. Li, you have to talk to your mother. She can’t sleep now.”

“Oh, I’m coming.”

Li Li returned to the ward and smiled bitterly at Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, Madam, it’s been hard on you guys today. You guys can go back first.”

“Alright, accompany Auntie these few days. Leave the company to me.”


Song Ci looked at Li Li hesitantly. She really wanted to tell Li Li about Su Beibei’s grievance, but seeing that Li Li was frowning because of Auntie Li, she controlled herself.

“Auntie Li, have a good rest and recover as soon as possible. We will come visit you another day.” Song Ci greeted Auntie Li and left arm in arm with Han Zhan.

After leaving the hospital, Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “Find a time to have a good chat with Li Li. I think if this goes on, his marriage with Madam Beibei will go wrong.”

Han Zhan felt that Song Ci was overthinking this matter. He said, “I don’t think so. I think their relationship is alright.”

“Beibei told me this afternoon that she was very tired and didn’t want to continue.” Song Ci fastened her seatbelt and rolled her eyes at Han Zhan. She said, “Don’t you think the problem is serious?”

Han Zhan frowned. “Did Beibei really say that?”


“Then I really have to find a time to tell Li Li about this.”

“Just don’t forget.”

Mother Li was going to be hospitalized for a month for this surgery. Li Li took care of Mother Li for three to four days in the hospital. He did everything himself and didn’t rest well. He couldn’t even hide his dark eye circles.

Seeing that Li Li was really tired, Mother Li couldn’t bear to see him like this. She said, “Go and find me a nurse. Go back to work and come to my place after work. Don’t collapse.”

With Bei Zhan and Han Zhan guarding the company, Li Li didn’t need to remember much. It was mainly because he hadn’t rested for a few days. Not only had he lost a lot of weight, but he also couldn’t hold on to his spirits.

“Alright then.”

When Li Li returned home, it was past 9pm.

The lights were on at home, but no one was there.

Li Li stood in the living room for a while before hearing Su Beibei’s voice from Li Ao’s room. Li Li gently pushed open the door and quietly walked in.

The mother and son were reading a story and didn’t notice Li Li’s arrival.

Li Li stood behind the door and coughed. “Ahem!”

Su Beibei was shocked. She and Li Ao looked up at the door at the same time. Seeing Li Li, Su Beibei’s eyes were filled with surprise, while Li Ao jumped off the bed.

He ran up to Li Ao, kicked his legs, and jumped onto Li Li’s waist. Li Li hugged Li Ao and the father and son touched faces. Li Li asked Li Ao, “Neil, did you miss Daddy?”

Li Ao nodded vigorously. “I miss Daddy every day!”

Li Li carried Li Ao back to the bed. He laid on Li Ao’s bed and said, “Let Mother continue telling us stories.”


Li Ao laid obediently in the air-conditioning blanket and said to Su Beibei, “Mother, continue. It’s time to tell the story of the second murderer.” Li Ao was different from other children. He didn’t like to listen to Grimm’s fairy tales or fables. He just liked to listen to Su Beibei’s novels.

Su Beibei picked up the book and continued. “It’s a man in a jacket. In the middle of the night, he’s carrying a hoe as he walks along the road with a dog beside him. The man’s hair is slightly long and his back view looks dispirited and…”

Su Beibei had just finished speaking when she heard snoring. Her gaze shifted from the novel to Li Li’s face.

Li Li fell asleep almost instantly and snored like thunder.

Li Ao pointed at his father’s mouth and said to Su Beibei, “Father is snoring.”

Su Beibei thought for a moment and said to Li Ao, “Neil, can you sleep with me tonight? Let’s let Father sleep in your bed. Father has been too tired taking care of Grandma recently.”

Li Ao hurriedly nodded. “Alright.”

Li Li slept until 9am the next morning.

When he woke up, he saw the sunlight filling the room. He jolted awake and hurriedly sat up. Li Li picked up the clock on Li Ao’s bedside table. Seeing that it was already 9am, he felt ridiculous.

I actually slept for so long? (italics)

Li Li folded the blanket and walked out of the room.


Li Li called out Su Beibei’s name, but there was no response. Instead, the nanny at home walked out of the toilet with a piece of linen. She told Li Li, “Madam brought Neil out for a physical examination. Come back at noon.”

Li Li pouted. “Why didn’t you call me?”

The auntie said, “Madam said that you were sleeping soundly and asked me not to wake you up. Moreover, Madam is the one bringing him for every Neil checkup. She’s used to it.”

The speaker might not mean it, but the listener was attentive. Li Li once again realized his shortcomings. He told the auntie, “Auntie, I am hungry. Please cook something for me.”


The auntie cooked a bowl of shredded meat noodles for Li Li. Li Li was eating noodles when the house phone rang. Li Li picked it up and heard the guard say, “Madam Su, your package is here.”

“Oh, I’ll come to get it.”

The guard was slightly surprised to hear Li Li’s voice. He said, “Is Mr. Li resting today? Please come and take it down.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Li Li ate a few mouthfuls of noodles, washed his face, and went downstairs to the guardhouse to get the package.

The package was from a certain treasure. It should be something Su Beibei had bought online. Li Li carried the package and was about to leave when he heard the security guard say, “Mr. Li, wait a minute. There’s also an international package.”

“Is that so?”

The security guard handed Li Li a small package box. Li Li carried the package back to the house. Curious about what Su Beibei had bought, he opened the package the moment he got home.

Inside the big package was a pair of sneakers. Li Li placed the sneakers in the shoe cabinet and opened another package.

This time, the package contained an authentic CD. There was also a card with the words: [Bei’er, happy birthday. Will you like the present?]

– Cong Nuo.

Cong Nuo. (italics)

This was obviously a man’s name. He called Su Beibei Bei’er. Who was he? (italics)

Li Li picked up the CD and saw that the singer who produced the album was called Cong Nuo.

A new singer? (italics)

Li Li turned on his computer and searched for Cong Nuo’s name curiously.

Su Beibei brought her son home in the afternoon.

Li Ao had been vaccinated today and cried. He was still listless when he reached home.

But when he saw his father at home, he instantly became happy. “Father! Didn’t you go to work today?” Li Ao ran to the sofa and hugged Li Li. He affectionately rubbed his face against Li Li’s.

Li Ao hugged Li Li’s neck and said excitedly, “Can we go to the zoo today?” Li Li had promised Li Ao a long time ago that he would bring him to the zoo.

Li Li hugged his son and said, “Shall we go in the afternoon?”


“Go and play with the puzzle for a while. Father has something to say to Mother.” Li Li carried Li Ao into the toy room and found a brand new puzzle for Li Ao to play with himself.

After comforting Li Ao, Li Li went to the master bedroom.

Su Beibei was sweating and wanted to take a shower. When Li Li entered the house, Su Beibei was lifting her dress to take it off. She was still slim and her waist was so thin that she didn’t look like she had given birth.

Li Li walked over and hugged Su Beibei from behind. He said, “Why are you so beautiful?”

Su Beibei placed her dress on the sofa. Sensing that Li Li was kissing her neck, she said, “I’m sweating.”

Li Li said, “I’ll help you shower.” He hugged Su Beibei and entered the bathroom. He turned on the shower and let the water drench their bodies.

Li Li leaned his nose against Su Beibei’s forehead and asked, “How long has it been since I last touched you?” With that, without waiting for Su Beibei to answer, Li Li kissed Su Beibei’s cheek, nose, and red lips.

The hot water drenched her. Su Beibei’s mind was in a mess. She hugged Li Li and said, “Nine days.”

Li Li clicked his tongue and pulled her into his arms. “I’ll make up all for it today.”

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