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Chapter 399: Are You Surprised? Are you shocked?

Shengxia Media University was the top media school in the country. It was located in Wangdong City University and was adjacent to Wangdong University and art school.

Liu Qing was considered successful to be able to enroll in this school. Seeing that her child was about to graduate and join a job yet such a thing happened, Old Mr. Liu was naturally heartbroken.

Han Wangwang’s law school was not in the university city but in the eastern suburbs, near Wangdong Forest Park. Han Wangwang was not familiar with the university city, so she called Han Junjun in advance and took some time for Han Junjun to go to Media College when he had no classes.

Han Wangwang drove the car to the entrance of Media College and saw Han Junjun.

Han Junjun had also just arrived not long ago. The weather was hot and he was holding two cans of cola that he had just taken out of the freezer. It was still cold and he was looking around.

Han Wangwang parked the car at the school gate. She alighted and walked towards Han Junjun with an umbrella.

Han Wangwang was wearing a round-collared T-shirt, denim shorts, and a pair of long, slender legs. Han Junjun easily discovered Han Wangwang. He waved the cola in his hand at Han Wangwang and said, “Sister, this way.”

Han Wangwang walked over and took the can of cola from her brother.

Han Wangwang opened the lid of the can and took a sip of iced cola. She clicked her tongue in pleasure. Han Junjun stared at Han Wangwang’s legs and frowned. “Are you so poor that you can’t even afford a longer pair of pants? Who are you showing your legs to on purpose?”

Han Wangwang said, “Don’t be so dirty-minded.”

“I am a man. I know a man’s nature too well.” There was no man who didn’t like to look at beautiful women.

“If I return to university, won’t I dress up younger and more energetic?” Han Wangwang found it hot and handed the cola and umbrella to Han Junjun. She tied up her long black hair with a headband.

After Han Wangwang tied up her hair, Han Junjun refused to return the umbrella to his sister.

“Give me the umbrella,” Han Wangwang said.

Han Junjun raised the umbrella and turned sideways to avoid Han Wangwang’s hand. “Don’t. I’ll help you hold the umbrella and you can hide from the sun too. The sun makes my skin ache.”

Han Wangwang rolled her eyes and retorted. “Are you so poor that you can’t even afford a parasol?”

“I’m a grown man. It’s so embarrassing to hold an umbrella outside.” Han Junjun’s idol burden was as heavy as a hundred pounds.

“Don’t be so shameless. I heard that in your third year of high school, in order to openly hold a parasol, you specially went to find a soft-skinned and tender girlfriend. Every time you went out into the sun, you would hold an umbrella. If anyone asked you, you would say that it was prepared for your girlfriend. Han Che, I feel embarrassed for you.”

This was true. Han Wangwang was not maligning Han Junjun.

Han Junjun’s face darkened when his past was exposed. “Why are you carrying something? Do you still want me to accompany you to find someone?”

After all, she was the one who needed Han Junjun’s help. Han Wangwang didn’t dare to offend Han Junjun anymore. “Let’s go in and take a look.” The siblings held an umbrella together and took out their identification cards to log in to the guard. Only then was they allowed to enter the school.

There were six to seven colleges in Media College. The Broadcast Hosting Arts College that Liu Qing studied was northwest of the school. It took more than 40 minutes to walk there.

“Let’s drive.”


The two of them drove into the campus and parked the car in the parking lot of the School of Broadcast Hosting. Only then did they enter the teaching building.

Along the way, Han Wangwang saw many university students in school. Seeing that these students were all handsome, beautiful, and dressed fashionably, she said to Han Junjun, “As expected of students from the broadcasting department. All of them are like celebrities. Any one of them would be a male god or goddess in our law school.”

Han Junjun glanced at those beautiful girls and handsome boys and snorted disdainfully. “They’re not as good-looking as me.”

“You are so narcissistic.”

As they spoke, the two of them walked to the door of Liu Qing’s class.

There were only about 20 students in Liu Qing’s class and they were having a professional class.

Before Han Wangwang came, she had already asked Old Mr. Liu about Liu Qing’s friends. However, the old man didn’t know much about his granddaughter’s friends after university. He also didn’t know which friends her granddaughter had.

Han Wangwang didn’t have sharp eyes and couldn’t see who was suspicious. After the students finished their professional classes, Han Wangwang called out to a gentle and demure girl.

“Hello, classmate.”

The girl stopped and hugged her book. She looked at Han Wangwang and Han Junjun in surprise. She recognized Han Junjun and smiled. “You are Han Che from the business school?”

Han Che was very famous in university. The reason why he was famous was not because he was handsome, had a deep background, and had good grades, but because of his reputation as the ‘blue-faced troublemaker’.

Han Che was a second-year student at the business school. He had been in school for two years and had already dated three school belles. It was fine if he had dated before, but after breaking up, he could still be friends with them peacefully.

Han Che had a well-known nickname in the university city. People called him—

Kill women!

Han Wangwang had more or less heard of the scandals her brother had caused in university. She turned and glanced at Han Junjun, her eyes like she was looking at a pustule.

Han Junjun rubbed his nose awkwardly, not daring to be smart in front of Han Wangwang.

The girl who was called saw that the two of them had an unusual relationship and thought that Han Wangwang was Han Junjun’s new girlfriend, so she treated Han Wangwang as someone of the same age. “Hello, why are you looking for me?”

Han Wangwang handed her name card to the girl and introduced herself. “I am Han Xi from Hongzheng Law Firm. I called you because I wanted to ask you something.”

This lawyer’s surname was also Han. In that case, she shouldn’t be Han Che’s girlfriend. They should be relatives.

The girl hesitated for a moment before taking the name card. The girl nodded and asked, “What do you want to ask?”

Han Wangwang said, “I want to ask about Liu Qing.”

Hearing this, the girl’s expression changed slightly. She said thoughtfully, “About Liu Qing… is it about her and Gu Qinchuan?”


The girl handed the name card back to Han Wangwang and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with Liu Qing. I might not be able to help you.”

The girl hugged her books tightly and walked away quickly.

Han Wangwang and Han Junjun looked at each other, feeling troubled.

Han Junjun said, “There’s a joke about the Media College. It said that the ceiling in the school building collapsed and hit ten people. There were seven rich second-generation heirs, two official second-generation heirs, and the remaining one fought against the first generation.”

“The people in this academy more or less have some background. They are all smart people. They know who they can afford to provoke and who they should avoid.”

“It’s not worth it to offend the Second Young Master of the Miso Group for an ordinary classmate. Sister, I’m afraid we won’t be able to get any information.”

Han Junjun’s analysis was spot-on. Hearing this, Han Wangwang’s heart was filled with sorrow. “There will always be someone who isn’t afraid of Gu Qinchuan. I don’t believe it.”

They asked a few more people, but those students either avoided or stammered and refused to tell the truth.

Han Junjun was sweating profusely from the heat. He pulled Han Wangwang to the supermarket to buy a bottle of water and said, “Let’s go to the canteen for a meal. We’ll go to her dormitory later to ask. If there’s no other way, we’ll ask the form teacher.”

“University is not a junior high school. The form teacher will not care about small matters like making friends. After dinner, I should go to the dormitory.”

There were seven cafeterias in Media College, so the siblings had dinner in the cafeteria. After dinner, Han Wangwang asked Han Junjun to wait downstairs. She explained the situation to the dormitory manager and went to Liu Qing’s dormitory.

Liu Qing’s dormitory had a total of four beds. After Liu Qing’s death, there were only three people living in the dormitory.

It had been some time since Liu Qing passed away, but Old Master Liu had been busy trying to clear his granddaughter’s name and didn’t have the time to come to school to take her belongings.

There were two girls in the dormitory. Seeing Han Wangwang standing at the door sizing up their dormitory, they stood up warily and walked to the door to block Han Wangwang. “Who are you looking for?”

Han Wangwang took out her identification. “Hello, I am a lawyer. I am the lawyer hired by Liu Qing’s grandfather to fight the lawsuit for Liu Qing. I came today to check Liu Qing’s belongings.”

Hearing this, the two girls took the lawyer’s certificate and looked at it carefully. After confirming that this thing was not fake, they let Han Wangwang in.

Han Wangwang stood in front of Liu Qing’s desk and stared at the things on it.

On Liu Qing’s desk were some broadcast major books, a few classic romance novels, a few serial comics published in Japan, and a merry-go-round framework.

Han Wangwang picked up the photo frame and stared at the photo. The four girls took a few photos. On each photo, they smiled intimately. Han Wangwang turned and said to Liu Qing’s roommates, “Looks like the four of you are very close.”

“Mmm, although we are from different classes, we are all from the same major and are very close.”

Han Wangwang walked around the school for a few hours and realized that the students in this school were really not short of money. Of the ten students, six to seven were wearing branded clothes.

Liu Qing’s two dormitory mates had obviously just returned from the school building. They were not wearing pyjamas but beautiful dresses. The dresses were fashionable but not luxury goods.

It looked like Liu Qing’s two dormitory mates were not the rich second-generation heirs or the official second-generation heirs. A few children with ordinary family backgrounds lived together and it was only right for them to have a good relationship.

Han Wangwang asked them, “There should be four people in your dormitory. Where’s the other student? Did she go out?”

This was the first time the two girls were questioned by a lawyer. They were nervous and didn’t dare to be perfunctory. They hurriedly explained. “Tong Xue went out and found a job. She comes back less often.”


Han Wangwang looked down at the photo frame again.

In the photo, Liu Qing was wearing a birthday hat and was surrounded by her three other roommates. The four girls were all smiling. The girl who didn’t come back was the girl in the photo with curly hair and a bow on her head.

Han Wangwang pointed at Tong Xue’s face and asked, “Is she Tong Xue?”

The two girls nodded. “Yes, she is Tong Xue.”

Han Wangwang smiled. “The children of your Media College are all very beautiful.” Tong Xue’s facial features were obviously slightly adjusted. She looked exquisite and flawless. After putting on makeup, she looked like a mixed-blood beauty.

“Lawyer Han, you must be joking. We are just average-looking. In terms of looks, Liu Qing and Tong Xue are famous beauties in our specialization.”

“You all look good.”

“Lawyer Han, Liu Qing’s things are all here and there are some in the cupboard. She doesn’t have the habit of locking the cupboard. You can look if you want.”

“Alright, sorry to disturb you then.”

“No, no.”

Han Wangwang started to check Liu Qing’s things. The two girls put on their earphones and used their computers. One was playing games and the other was watching a television drama.

Liu Qing had quite a lot of things. As a girl, she always liked to buy some pretty little things. Liu Qing knew the situation at home and was sensible. The skincare and cosmetics she used were not luxury brands, but they were not third-rate products either. They were all high-quality products of medium price.

She knew very well how important a face was to a host. She didn’t dare to misuse any products.

Liu Qing was a girl who loved cleanliness. Her makeup was neatly packed in a makeup bag. When Han Wangwang looked through those things, she realized that there was a carrot lipstick in Liu Qing’s lipstick.

Anyone who frequently put on makeup and knew about cosmetics knew that carrot lipstick was hailed as the queen’s scepter. The price of a single lipstick was as high as 700-800 yuan, making many young ladies who loved beauty flinch.

Liu Qing couldn’t bear to buy such an expensive lipstick. Someone must have given it to her.

The girl who was staying beside Liu Qing was called Dong Xiaoyue. She was wearing earphones and chasing variety shows. She saw some hilarious scene and kept laughing. But she didn’t dare to disturb Han Wangwang’s work. She covered her mouth and laughed until her shoulders trembled.

As she was laughing, someone suddenly patted her shoulder.

Dong Xiaoyue hurriedly looked up and saw that it was Han Wangwang. She thought that her laughter had disturbed Lawyer Duo Han’s work. Dong Xiaoyue hurriedly took off her earphones and said apologetically, “Sorry, did I disturb your work? I’ll change the show now.”

“No.” Han Wangwang took out the lipstick and asked Dong Xiaoyue, “Who gave this lipstick to Liu Qing?”

She was also testing Dong Xiaoyue.

Dong Xiaoyue said, “Tong Xue gave it to me. They have the best relationship. On Liu Qing’s 20th birthday, Tong Xue gave her a lipstick.” Afraid that she remembered wrongly, Dong Xiaoyue called another girl. “Cen Cen, this lipstick was given to her on Liu Qing’s birthday, right?”

That girl called Cen Cen was playing games and didn’t hear Dong Xiaoyue’s voice.

Dong Xiaoyue walked over and knocked on Cen Cen’s head. Only then did Cen Cen take off her earphones and turn back. She stared at that lipstick and knocked it before saying, “That’s right. This lipstick was indeed given to Liu Qing by Tong Xue. I remember that she got someone to buy it for her several days in advance and sent it back from overseas. It cost more than 700 yuan.”

“Then they are really close.” Han Wangwang put her lipstick back into her makeup bag and heard Dong Xiaoyue say, “Yes, Tong Xue and Liu Qing were high school classmates. They entered the same university and the same major. Now, they are staying in the same dormitory. The two of them are naturally close.”

“Oh? They were high school classmates…”

Han Wangwang stayed in Liu Qing’s dormitory for half an hour before leaving.

Han Junjun saw that she came down empty-handed and walked over with an umbrella. He asked Han Wangwang, “Sister, did you get anything?”

“I gained something.”

Han Wangwang drove Han Junjun to the entrance of the campus. Before Han Junjun got out of the car, he asked Han Wangwang, “Do you still have money this month? If not, I can lend you some.”

Han Wangwang’s heart was warm. She reached out and grabbed Han Junjun’s wrist. She said happily, “Brother, you’ve grown up. You already know how to dote on me. When I become rich in the future, I will never forget your kindness.”

Han Junjun snorted and pulled his hand out. “Firstly, you have to have money first. Win this lawsuit in your hand first. Don’t lose the first battle.”

“Shut up if you don’t know how to speak.”

Han Junjun saw that Han Wangwang was about to get angry and hurriedly got out of the car.

Han Wangwang put down the car window again and shouted at Han Junjun’s back, “Be more self-respecting and stop fooling around. Let me tell you, the love debts you committed when you were young will be repaid in the future!”

“Got it! You’re so naggy!” Han Junjun waved his hand and left gracefully.

Han Wangwang knew that Jiang Zhen was working overtime, so she went straight to Jiang Zhen’s office. The secretary in Jiang Zhen’s office was still working. When she saw Han Wangwang, she said, “Miss Han, you’re here. Do you want coffee or tea today?”

She was also preparing to get off work and had packed her bag. Han Wangwang didn’t want to delay her from getting off work, so she said, “Don’t worry about me. Go home quickly. I can pour whatever I want to drink.”

“I’ll get going then.”

Han Wangwang pushed open Jiang Zhen’s office and went straight to the pantry to get a cup. She took a glass of cold water and finished it in one gulp, before walking to Jiang Zhen’s desk and sitting down.

Jiang Zhen’s fingers were tapping on the keyboard at an extremely fast speed.

Han Wangwang asked him, “Are you playing games?”

Jiang Zhen didn’t stop. He smiled and said, “We’re attacking a company’s firewall.”

“You’re joking again.” She didn’t believe him.

Jiang Zhen looked up at her and lowered his head to work again. “Give me a few minutes. I’ll chat with you when I’m done.”


As Jiang Zhen worked, Han Wangwang played with her cell phone. Seven minutes later, Jiang Zhen turned off all the computer pages and returned to the main page.

He took out a box of coconut candy from the cupboard on his desk and asked Han Wangwang, “coconut candy, do you want it?”

Han Wangwang was playing the King. Hearing this, she nodded. “Eat.” She reached out her left hand to take the candy.

Jiang Zhen peeled the coconut candy before handing it to Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang didn’t even look at the candy in her hand and threw it into her mouth.

Jiang Zhen supported his chin with the back of his hand. He smiled as he looked at Han Wangwang’s slightly puffed-up cheeks. He couldn’t help asking, “Are you so assured of me? Aren’t you afraid that the thing I gave you will be poisonous if you throw it into your mouth without even looking at it?”

Han Wangwang was focused on playing games. She said without looking up, “What poison? Yearning poison?”

Jiang Zhen was amused by her success. “You seduced me again.”

“I’m innocent. I’m focused on playing games. How did I seduce you?” Han Wangwang said as she played games. “Find someone to help me check on Liu Qing’s friend, Tong Xue. See what background this person has.”

Jiang Zhen said, “Wait.”

Jiang Zhen directly hacked into the Media College’s database, found Tong Xue’s enrollment form, and searched her family background.

After Han Wangwang finished a round of games, she heard Jiang Zhen say, “Tong Xue, from Wangdong City, 20 years old. In her second year in high school, she transferred from experimental high school to No.1 Middle School and became Liu Qing’s classmate. Tong Xue’s parents divorced when she was 6 years old. After the divorce, her father married another stepmother and her mother married someone else.”

“Tong Xue grew up with her grandmother. Her family is very close to Liu Qing and from the same village. After graduating from the college entrance examination, Tong Xue and Liu Qing were admitted to Media College together. The two of them were classmates and in the same dormitory.”

When Han Wangwang heard this news, she was not most concerned about Tong Xue’s family background, but—

“How did you find out about Tong Xue’s family in such a short time?” Han Wangwang was sure that Jiang Zhen didn’t call anyone to help investigate Tong Xue’s background. He had been sitting here and playing computer games!

“You…” Han Wangwang stared at Jiang Zhen’s half-smiling face and guessed at a possibility. She instinctively covered her mouth with her hand. She glanced at the office door and confirmed that it was closed and soundproof. She lowered her voice and asked Jiang Zhen,” Are you really a hacker? ”

Jiang Zhen said, “Are you surprised? Are you shocked?”

Han Wangwang’s expression changed. “Jiang Zhen, don’t commit cyber crimes. I’m really afraid that I will fight the lawsuit for you one day.” Han Wangwang’s heart trembled at the thought that Jiang Zhen might be arrested for cyber crimes.

Jiang Zhen stood up from the chair and reached out to stroke Han Wangwang’s head. He told her, “Your boyfriend is very capable. Most people don’t even think of catching me.”

“There is always someone better.”

“I promise I won’t do anything illegal.”

Jiang Zhen’s promise was nothing to Han Wangwang.

“You’re on your own.” Han Wangwang took a sip of water and shook her head. She temporarily suppressed the fact that Jiang Zhen was a hacker and focused all her attention on Liu Qing’s lawsuit.

“So, Tong Xue’s family isn’t rich. It’s even worse than Liu Qing’s family.”

“Mmm, she and her grandmother depend on each other. Her parents don’t care much about her. How much money can she have? Her tuition fees are from the bank.” Knowing that Han Wangwang was investigating Liu Qing’s friend these few days, Jiang Zhen asked, “Is this Tong Xue very suspicious?”

Han Wangwang indeed suspected Tong Xue. He told Jiang Zhen, “On Liu Qing’s 20th birthday, Tong Xue gave Liu Qing a carrot lipstick.”

Jiang Zhen had been pretending to be a woman for a few years and knew quite a bit about the cosmetics brands used by girls. He said, “Any one of Radish Ding’s lipstick costs 700-800 yuan. She is really generous to Liu Qing.”

Perhaps the two of them are very close. Tong Xue scrimped and saved to buy such a lipstick for Liu Qing. “Han Wangwang didn’t want to think too badly of others. She wanted Tong Xue to be a good girl.

Thinking that Liu Qing might have been sent to Gu Qinchuan by her good friend, her heart ached for Liu Qing.

Jiang Zhen could tell what Han Wangwang was thinking and said, “I understand your concerns. I will get someone to investigate this Tong Xue.”

Han Wangwang finished her coconut candy and reached out. “I want more.”

Jiang Zhen gave her another one. “You can’t eat too much. You will get cavity.”


At night, Jiang Zhen sent Han Wangwang to her apartment. He didn’t go to Han Wangwang’s apartment to sit and just left.

Jiang Zhen drove to the entrance of an entertainment club. Getting out of the car, he had already changed back into a male outfit, tied up his hair, and changed his face with a disguise technique. No one could associate him with the Jiang family’s young lady, Jiang Bi.

The subordinate saw Jiang Zhen and hurried over to tell him, “Boss, the person you want me to find is inside.”

“Good job. This is for you.” Jiang Zhen handed the two coconut candy to his subordinate and strode towards the entertainment club.

The subordinate stared at the two coconut candy and suspected that the bread in the candy was a cannonball. How could a serious and cold person like Boss carry candy with him? =

Jin Jue Entertainment Club was a large-scale entertainment venue. KTV, chess room, and high-end entertainment venues were all gathered together. Jiang Zhen had one hand in his pocket and a lighter in his other hand was spinning. That lighter seemed to have grown legs and danced between his fingers at a dazzling speed.

Jiang Zhen slowly walked into the clubhouse and went straight to the fourth floor.

The fourth floor was a card room. Many young masters liked to come here to gamble. Jiang Zhen walked into the fourth floor and saw a few familiar faces, but none of them recognized Jiang Zhen in disguise.

Jiang Zhen was wearing a silver-black suit with dark golden threads on it. The light shone like stars on it, attracting everyone’s attention. He threw the lighter into his pocket and walked to the chips exchange area to exchange for a million chips. He then walked to the largest table in the hall and sat down.

After he sat down, he kept betting on his cards. Regardless of whether he lost or won, he looked cold and calm.

In just two hours, Jiang Zhen had lost a million yuan.

After losing the money, he didn’t continue fighting. He got up and went to the casual tea area beside him. Jiang Zhen asked for a cup of bitter coffee and sat in the corner to send voice messages. They were talking about business.

Before long, a little beauty with exquisite makeup walked over.

The little beauty was wearing a silver sequined dress and a pair of black butterfly tie high heels with a rose tattoo paper pasted on her ankle. That girl stood beside Jiang Zhen with a glass of wine and asked politely, “Sir, is there anyone here?”

Jiang Zhen looked up at the other party. His pitch-black eyes were like an endless abyss that pulled one’s soul into it.

The girl’s breathing froze as she thought to herself, How can there be such a good-looking person in this world? (italics)

“No, sit down.”

Hearing Jiang Zhen’s reply, the girl sat down.

The girl was sitting very elegantly. When she leaned over to put the glass down, a deep cleavage was squeezed out of her chest.

His girlfriend had small breasts, so Jiang Zhen couldn’t stand seeing other women with big breasts. He glanced at her, looked away, lowered his head, and continued talking to the person on the phone.

Suddenly, Jiang Zhen felt a foot rubbing against his pants.

Jiang Zhen looked down and saw a slender, fair leg with a pair of high heels. He grabbed that leg and touched that slender ankle with his fingers. He suddenly said, “Miss’s legs are so beautiful.”

When Tong Xue saw Jiang Zhen’s attitude, she knew that this man was easy to get close to. She had long noticed Jiang Zhen’s big spending at the mahjong game. He lost a million yuan in two hours without batting an eyelid. Such a person was definitely rich!

Tong Xue smiled charmingly. She leaned slightly closer to Jiang Zhen and whispered in his ear, “Sir, my legs are not the only thing beautiful on me.”

A smile appeared on Jiang Zhen’s cold face. “There’s my room upstairs. We can go to the room and explore how beautiful you are all over.”

Tong Xue’s heart was racing. She stared at the bewitching smile on the man’s lips and instinctively nodded.

Jiang Zhen got up and walked towards the lift to the room upstairs.

Tong Xue sat there and finished her drink. Only then did she get up and look around. Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, she lowered her head and walked out, entered the lift, and headed for the room upstairs.

Knock knock.

Jiang Zhen heard a knock on the door and opened it.

Tong Xue walked into the room in her high heels. The tips of her shoes stepped into the soft carpet, making her feel like she was sinking into the clouds.

Tong Xue smiled charmingly at Jiang Zhen, then raised her hand and hooked it around Jiang Zhen’s neck. “Sir…” Tong Xue wanted to look up and kiss Jiang Zhen, but Jiang Zhen pressed her forehead.

“Don’t be anxious. I have a present for you.” Jiang Zhen’s voice was very low and very lustful. It made Tong Xue’s heart tingle.

Tong Xue was really flattered this time. “Present?” Tong Xue had also met many young masters, but it was Jiang Zhen’s first time giving her a present on their first meeting.

She cupped her red lips in surprise and looked overjoyed. “You even prepared a present for me? What is it?”

Jiang Zhen took out a present from his pocket and said to Tong Xue, “It’s just a small present. I hope you will like it.”

Tong Xue said, “No matter what it is, I will like it.”

Jiang Zhen pressed a photo onto Tong Xue’s chest. “For you.”

Tong Xue curiously picked up the photo on her chest, but what she saw was the back colloid of the photo. Tong Xue turned the photo over and saw that the thing on it was—

A rotting corpse!


Tong Xue threw the photo aside. Her legs went limp and she fell to the ground in shock.

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