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Chapter 398: Distorting the Truth, Playing the Blame Game

Jiang Zhen and Aaron went to the north rural areas to see his orphanage. The construction for the orphanage had already started and it was estimated to finish work at the end of next month. Now, workers had already started to build the artificial grath on the field and plant the greenery.

Jiang Zhen accompanied Aaron until 4pm in the afternoon before driving back to the law firm. He didn’t return to the office but parked the car outside Hongzheng Law Firm.

Jiang Zhen came at the right time.. He had just parked the car when he saw Han Wangwang, who was carrying her bag and preparing to drive home. After Han Wangwang worked, she deceived her parents by swindling them. The entire family had chipped in money to buy her a second-hand Mazda. It was a red one.

She stood by the car and was about to unlock it when Jiang Zhen hurriedly honked.

Han Wangwang heard the sound of a horn and looked up curiously. Seeing that Jiang Zhen’s car was parked by the side of the road, Han Wangwang hurriedly threw the keys into her bag, ran to Jiang Zhen’s car, and sat down.

Once they got into the car, Han Wangwang said to Jiang Zhen, “I’m so angry!”

Jiang Zhen saw Han Wangwang pouting angrily and thought of the goldfish. He reached out and flicked Han Wangwang’s lips. He smiled and asked, “Who provoked our Wangwang?”

Han Wangwang was about to say something when she saw a slender woman walk out of the building from the corner of her eye. She rolled up the window and stared at the woman. She said to Jiang Zhen, “Turn your head to the right.”

Jiang Zhen obediently turned and saw that woman.

The woman was in her early thirties and was wearing a rose-red slim-fit suit with a white tube top. Her curly hair was shoulder-length and her face was only the size of a man’s palm. Her facial features were very beautiful.

Jiang Zhen stared at the woman’s nose and said, “Her nose is fake.” The sunlight shone on the woman’s nose bridge. It was transparent.

“Is that so?” Han Wangwang tilted her head and looked at the woman from Yan Jiang’s direction. As expected, she saw the fake body on the woman’s nose. “It’s really made.” Han Wangwang felt relieved at the thought that the woman’s beautiful facial features had been done under the knife.

“You have a grudge against her?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“She’s Song Yun. Before I came, she was just the number one beauty of our law firm. Now that I’m here, she can’t sit still anymore, so she keeps targeting me.”

Jiang Zhen stared at Han Wangwang’s figure for a moment and said fearlessly, “She’s C, you’re B. The type is different. There’s no need to compare.” Han Wangwang’s chest was small and not as sexy as that woman’s figure. The other party was sexy and charming, while Han Wangwang was lively and beautiful.

Hearing this, Han Wangwang’s eyes burned with anger. She glared at Jiang Zhen and questioned him, “You like big ones?”

Jiang Zhen stroked Han Wangwang’s head comfortingly and smiled. “I like those that are just right.” It was not that the bigger the chest, the better it looked. Han Wangwang had a slender frame and her cheeks were slightly girly. It would be inappropriate if her chest was too big.

Han Wangwang was not cured.

“You men are indeed all visual animals. You are, and so is my little uncle.” Although his little uncle looked like a gentleman, his heart yearned for his little aunt’s body.

Song Ci was well-rounded but not fat. She had everything she should have and nothing she shouldn’t have. Han Wangwang’s ideal figure was like Song Ci’s.

Jiang Zhen saw that Han Wangwang was unhappy and quickly changed the topic. “Did that woman provoke you?”

“She took Gu Qinchuan’s case and became Gu Qinchuan’s lawyer. She wants to challenge me!” When Han Wangwang heard this news this afternoon, she was so disgusted that she felt like she had eaten a fly and couldn’t eat dinner today.

Hearing this, the warmth in Jiang Zhen’s eyes dissipated. “She took on Gu Qinchuan’s case?”


“The Gu Family personally looked for her?”


iang Zhen didn’t have any impression of that woman and guessed that she shouldn’t be a famous lawyer. She wasn’t famous, but she was able to take on Gu Qinchuan’s case. It looked like this woman had a very powerful background.

“Who is this woman?”

Han Wangwang pouted and said disdainfully, “Her father is the director of the High People’s Court in Wangdong City. What do you think?”

Jiang Zhen’s eyes turned cold. He stared at the license plate number of that car and murmured with a faint smile, “What a busybody…” The victim cried everywhere but couldn’t find a lawyer, but the victim had the director’s daughter to defend her. This world…

“My Wangwang, you have to work hard. You are Han Yueyun’s daughter. You don’t have a weaker background than her. Don’t get trampled on by her. It’s okay if you lose face, but you can’t lose face for your father.”

Han Wangwang gritted her teeth.

She bared her teeth and glared at Jiang Zhen. She roared fiercely, “Shut up! I will definitely let Gu Qinchuan receive the punishment he deserves!”

“Alright, I’ll shut up.”

Jiang Zhen opened a bottle of iced cola and handed it to Han Wangwang. “Have some to cool down.”

Han Wangwang snatched the cola and took a sip before stopping. She was afraid of gaining weight if she drank too much carbonated drinks.

“Buckle up your seatbelt. I’ll bring you to eat.”


On the night that Gu Qinchuan was locked up, there were police officers who went to interrogate him, but Gu Qinchuan refused to say a word. He insisted that he had to see his lawyer before cooperating with the investigation.

The police couldn’t torture him either. Both parties just wasted their time.

On the third day, Gu Qinchuan finally met his lawyer, Song Yun. Song Yun told Gu Qinchuan some things to take note of and asked him some questions before leaving.

That night, when the police came to interrogate Gu Qinchuan again, he was finally willing to speak.

The police officer who came to interrogate Gu Qinchuan was none other than Yan Jiang’s superior, Captain Lin. Gu Qinchuan’s identity was rather special and ordinary people wouldn’t dare to take over this case. Captain Lin was very experienced in dealing with such tough people.

Gu Qinchuan sat on the stool and waited for a moment before Captain Lin arrived.

When Captain Lin entered, he was still eating dumplings. After sitting down, he first chewed the dumplings into pieces and swallowed them. Only then did he smile at Gu Qinchuan and say, “Second Young Master Gu, I didn’t expect that we would meet in this detention center one day.”

Gu Qinchuan gave him a fake smile, revealing his white teeth. “Captain Lin, we are old acquaintances. Since you asked me, I will naturally tell you everything I know.”

Two years ago, when they were sweeping the city, Captain Lin had brought people to catch them. Fortunately, he had met Gu Qinchuan twice. But regarding matters between men and women, if they were willing, Captain Lin couldn’t care less.

“Second Young Master Gu, what you are doing now is related to a crime. Rape is different from your petty fights in the past. When Second Young Master Gu answers later, please choose your words carefully. You must know that your confessions must be reviewed one by one. If you lie and refuse to cooperate, it will not be good for your sentence.”

Gu Qinchuan smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

Captain Lin stared at Gu Qinchuan’s calm smile and felt a chill in his heart. These people had caused the death of the innocent lady. They could still smile after the matter was exposed. They were really beasts!

“Then please tell me in detail, Second Young Master Gu. What exactly happened between you and the deceased Liu Qing?”

Gu Qinchuan licked his lips, narrowed his eyes, and said slowly, “I am the Second Young Master of the Gu Family, a rock singer, handsome, and more popular among girls. You all know this.”

The young man in charge of recording the statement couldn’t help twitching his lips when he heard this opening statement.

Captain Lin glanced at his subordinate with a sharp gaze. The young man didn’t dare to be distracted and quickly recorded it.

Gu Qinchuan said, “To be honest, if Liu Qing’s family didn’t blow this matter up, I wouldn’t even know that woman’s name.”

It was all nonsensical content. Captain Lin was getting impatient and hurriedly interrupted Gu Qinchuan’s self-explanation. He asked him, “Where are you at, what time, the deceased who was violated?”

“Violate?” Gu Qinchuan seemed to have heard some ridiculous words. He shook his head exaggeratedly and said, “You are very wrong. I didn’t violate her. She volunteered.”

Captain Lin frowned and thought to himself that this dog was spouting nonsense again. “Gu Qinchuan, we will investigate what you are saying now. You better tell us the truth.”

“Captain Lin, everything I said is true.” Anyway, Liu Qing was already dead. How could a dead person come back to life and retort him?

Captain Lin’s eyelids drooped. “You said she was willing. Since she was willing, why did she swallow medicine and commit suicide?”

“Who knows? I was still puzzled. At that time, I clearly told her to buy contraceptive pills herself, but she actually didn’t buy them. She even got pregnant on the first try!” Gu Qinchuan crossed his legs and said frivolously, “Perhaps she realized that she was pregnant and was afraid that her family would feel embarrassed if they found out. In a moment of fear, she couldn’t think straight and committed suicide by taking the pills.”

Gu Qinchuan’s analysis sounded like it, but Captain Lin didn’t believe him at all.

He took out Liu Qing’s cell phone and handed the Weibo record that Liu Qing had sent to Gu Qinchuan. Worried that his Second Young Master Gu’s eyesight was bad, Captain Lin even considerately read out the three messages one word at a time—

[That person is you, it’s you, right! Don’t think I won’t recognize you just because you’re wearing a mask. I remember very clearly that the masked man has a black mole above his Adam’s apple. You also have it!]

[I will sue you. This is rape!]

[I didn’t take any contraceptive pills. I just want to give birth to that child. When the child is born, I will use the child’s blood for a paternity test. By then, can you still deny it?]

When Gu Qinchuan heard those words, his expression didn’t change at all.

Captain Lin put down his cell phone and sneered. “Liu Qing said in the message that you were wearing a mask and wanted to sue you. She said that you were cheating! If she was willing, how could she not recognize you! How could she sue you!”

Captain Lin was already enraged by Gu Qinchuan’s shameless and heartless manner. “Gu Qinchuan, think carefully about whether you want to tell the truth or not!”

The words that his lawyer, Song Yun, had told him flashed across Gu Qinchuan’s mind. The corners of his lips curled up as he said, “She’s the one who’s vain. Who can she blame? She’s from the broadcasting major. Her family is ordinary, and she has no background or support. She knows very well that if she doesn’t find a sugar daddy to support her, she won’t be able to have a good future!”

“She took the initiative to find an intermediary in the industry and wanted to let the intermediary introduce her to a powerful person as her lover. Everyone in the industry knew that I liked girls who looked pure, so the intermediary gave her to me.”

“Captain Lin, you also know that I am an unruly person. There’s no reason for me not to open my mouth and eat this delicious food that has come knocking on my door. It’s our first time meeting, I definitely can’t expose my identity, right? That’s why I wore a mask.”

]”That time, I tried and realized that that girl’s skills were really bad. After I gave her a sum of money, I didn’t contact her again. I asked her to remember to avoid pregnancy after the incident. Who knew that she would actually be disobedient and even secretly get pregnant?”

Gu Qinchuan’s expression turned aggrieved. He actually said, “Captain Lin, I now have reason to suspect that I have encountered a cactus! That girl must have deliberately gotten pregnant. She wanted to use the existence of the child to extort money from me. But for some reason, she swallowed medicine and committed suicide. I reckon that her pregnancy was discovered by her grandfather. Perhaps her grandfather scolded her a little and the young man took the medicine and committed suicide.”

“I am actually also a victim!”

Gu Qinchuan’s “victim” words completely shocked Captain Lin.

Captain Lin narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Gu Qinchuan seriously.

Gu Qinchuan was still crossing his legs and wearing handcuffs, but his expression was calm and composed. He was very unrestrained and fearless, as if he was sure that he would be fine. Perhaps money had given him confidence and made him overestimate himself.

Captain Lin suddenly smiled. “Hehe, interesting.”

Hearing Captain Lin’s laughter, Gu Qinchuan tilted his head and looked at Captain Lin with a smile. “Captain Lin also feels that this matter is very funny, right? I also feel that it is funny. Say, why do you not know the rules when you are out to play?”

Captain Lin shook his head and felt very emotional. “Second Young Master Gu, they all say that you sing well. In my opinion, your acting skills are not bad either. It’s a big loss to lose you in the entertainment circle.”

After saying this, Captain Lin got up and left.

Gu Qinchuan’s expression remained unchanged. Seeing that Captain Lin had left, he even smiled charmingly at the juror.

The juror frowned and handed the record form to Gu Qinchuan. “After confirming that the confession is correct, sign it and print it.”

Gu Qinchuan took the paper and read it carefully. After confirming that there was no problem, he signed his name.

The juror walked out of the interrogation room with the confession. Seeing Captain Lin standing in the corridor smoking, he quickly walked over and said with a black face, “This Gu Qinchuan is simply spouting nonsense! I’ve investigated that Liu Qing. She’s a good lady. She doesn’t fall in love in school and never flirts with boys. I don’t believe that she would go out to make deals.”

Captain Lin also felt very aggrieved. “The lawyer that the Gu Family found for Gu Qinchuan is a smart person.” Knowing that Liu Qing was dead, she taught Gu Qinchuan to distort the truth and smear Liu Qing. Anyway, Liu Qing was already dead and wouldn’t speak anymore.

No one knew what happened that day.

Gu Qinchuan was originally a detestable rapist, but after his confession, he went from an detestable rapist to a victim of a “sexual deal.”

Damn it!

Yan Jiang had been staying in Wangdong City the entire time to keep an eye on the progress of the investigation. Captain Lin knew about the feud between Yan Jiang and Gu Qinchuan. After he received Gu Qinchuan’s confession, he told Yan Jiang everything.

When Yan Jiang found out that not only did Gu Qinchuan not plead guilty, he even accused Liu Qing of selling herself. He was instantly enraged by this person’s shamelessness.

How can there be such a disgusting face in this world!

Yan Jiang told Han Wangwang about this. After Han Wangwang received the news, she couldn’t fall asleep.

She called Jiang Zhen and told him what Gu Qinchuan had said in the interrogation room. Hearing this, Jiang Zhen sneered. “That competitor of yours is really a smart person.” Gu Qinchuan had obviously received instructions from Song Yun to say such things.

Han Wangwang had mixed feelings. She said, “Not every lawyer is upright and kind. The law is a knife. If someone uses it to save someone, someone will use it to kill someone.”

In order to minimize Gu Qinchuan’s sentence, Song Yun instigated him to fabricate a fake confession. She tried her best to help Gu Qinchuan, but she was actually murdering the victim’s family!

It was still uncertain who would win this battle.

Jiang Zhen thought for a moment and suddenly asked Han Wangwang, “Liu Qing is a clean girl. She usually only goes shopping with her dormitory mates. How did a low-profile girl like her get discovered by Gu Qinchuan? How did Gu Qinchuan get her?”

“A good girl can’t be brought to the bed of a bad person for no reason. Someone has to send her over…” Jiang Zhen’s eyes lit up. He said,” Wangwang, go and find out if Liu Qing has such a person by her side. ”

Han Wangwang hurriedly sat up straight and asked tightly, “What kind of person?”

Jiang Zhen said, “A woman who looks good, likes to dress up, pursues branded clothes, and is close to Liu Qing!” After a pause, Jiang Zhen added, “Most likely, she’s someone who has half a foot in the entertainment circle.”

Han Wangwang understood what Jiang Zhen meant. She said, “Are you suspecting that Liu Qing was sold?”


Han Wangwang was enraged at the thought that Liu Qing might have been sold to Gu Qinchuan by a close friend.

If such a person really existed, then she was truly vicious!

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